V2C8 – II : The Twin Monarchs

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Translators: Ash
TLC : ( WYN — a friend of mine who doesn’t want to be credited)
Editors: Vanagandr
NOTE: the magical skills are classified and ordered as per power as  standard skills, direct hit skills, critical strike skills, sure-kill skills, and ultimate skills.

The price of magic skills was frightfully high. This was also an important reason why Yang Bing Tian said he would not casually take in a disciple. If a Yin-Yang Wizard could pay his respects to a strong teacher and learn magic skills, then there is no doubt about the benefits he would receive.

As for the even more advanced critical strike skills, Li Huo Academy’s teachers had only given a simple comment as explanation for them: it was something that one could encounter but cannot seek for and that it was incomparably powerful. The Yin-Yang Wizards who possessed critical strike skills were the focal points within the continent.

This was all of Ji Dong’s understanding regarding magic skills. Upon hearing what Lie Yan had now said, he knew that the Li Huo Academy’s teachers’ knowledge was lacking. The magic skills not only consisted of standard skills, direct hit skills and critical strike skills, there was actually higher levelled skills such as sure-kill skills and ultimate skills. With regards to the ultimate skills, from the way Li Yan said these words, it could clearly be seen how very powerful they were.

“Lie Yan, are you saying that I already have the fiery-flame sovereign king’s and the gloomy-flame devil king’s skill memories?” Ji Dong’s heart twitched slightly; he knew without a doubt what kind of gift this was.

Lie Yan nodded and said, “From the point of view of strength, the two Monarchs were the most powerful experts of the fire element. If they were not too prone to fighting, they wouldn’t have ended up like this. In the future, if you are able to grasp all of their skills, you would be unhindered across the human world.”

Ji Dong looked at both his hands, and contrary to Lie Yan’s expectations, he did not look too happy and excited and rather forced himself to smile as he said, “Lie Yan, you have even such magnificent gifts, in the future how do you expect me to reciprocate? If I had known earlier that you would give me such precious items, I would have never have accepted them.”

For Yin-Yang Wizards, if there was no need in the future to exhaustively seek out magic skills, then this was a huge advantage, not to mention that these were magic skills that had once belonged to the two Monarchs of the geocentric world.

Lie Yan gently laughed, and said, “A human can live for 80-100 years. And the powerful Yin-Yang wizards could live upto 200 years and above. I did not give you these two magic souls without a reason. The price you have to pay for this is to brew liquors for me for 99 years. Are you willing to do so?”

Lifting his head towards Lie Yan, Ji Dong said on an impulse, “Even if you did not give me anything, as long as I am alive, I am willing to be your exclusive bartender.” Actually, he still had a few more words to add, but said them silently within his heart, Lie Yan, you know what? If I can just see you each day, I would already be satisfied with that.

Listening to those sincere words from Ji Dong, Lie Yan at first stared blankly, and a trace of not-easy-to-detect of emotional waves flashed past in her eyes, and then she giggled as she said, “Little Ji Dong, I do not require you to be my exclusive bartender. You have such good skills in mixing cocktails, if only I were to sample them would that not be a pity? Ah, I just remembered, for altogether 99 years you have to mix cocktails for me, and just recently four years have gone by, so you still have 95 years remaining.”

Ji Dong solemnly nodded his head, “Okay, then 95 years it is.”

Lie Yan changed the topic, and said while looking at Ji Dong’s moving hands,: “The two Monarch’s skills are not so easy to use. Your magic power needs to reach the appropriate level and when you undertake to learn a skill you must incite the memories and obtain the right to use that skill. Currently you can use only one standard skill of each fire element. By using your thoughts and sense the fiery sun and dark moon in the hollows of your palms you can access these memories. However you must never look down on these two standard skills. They are the foundations of all the skills of the two Monarchs. If you use them properly they would be comparable to the terror of direct hit skills. If you train in them well, when your own yin-yang magic power advances, you can get a step further in your skills. Alright, you can go back now, by my calculations you have been here for 3 days. The academy already believes you are missing and today must be your fourth year end-of-term exams. Three years ago they deprived you of the status of being an official student, now is the time that you should amaze them.”

“I have been here for 3 days?” Ji Dong was startled. He only then came to know that from when he came here to condense his Yin-Yang Crown, so much time had unconsciously passed by. After bidding farewell to Lie Yan, wrapped within the red lotus, Lie Yan prepared to return back to the academy.

The red light flickered and when the red lotus petals withdrew, Ji Dong had already returned to his room. Outside, the daylight was bright, and upon seeing the time, he noticed that it was already approaching noon. He did not dare to dally long and after changing into a clean Bing-fire Department’s uniform, he hurriedly ran downstairs.

When Ji Dong just arrived on the sports field, he saw three groups of students standing in a matrix form. And then he knew that it was as Lie Yan had said; today was really the day of year-end exams. And these matrixes of students were arranged as per the year — the group that was the front was his own fourth year and behind them are the fifth year students and then the about-to-graduate of sixth year students. And the preceding third year students had clearly finished taking their exams.

According to the rules of Li Huo Academy, during the year-end exam, from the lower year onwards all the years’ students should wait in the sports field. Before the examination is over, a student is not even permitted to eat lunch. This was also a way to temper the students and the sixth year students had been tempering themselves for the longest period.

Ji Dong quickly trotted towards the fourth year queue and then gave a short glance towards the people standing at the front of the two separate lines for the Bing-fire element and the Ding-fire element — Karl and Bi Su.

It seemed as if the two men’s personal traits had changed somewhat. Fourteen-year-old Karl’s height had exceeded 1.8m and though his stature did not resemble that of Teacher Xia Tian’s, but is also almost as firm and stout as his, with wide shoulders and a broad back. Karl’s school uniform did not hide his muscles and on his hair were like short steely needle-like bristles. Ji Dong could faintly see that there was a red-coloured layer of light faintly flickering about Karl’s build.

Bi Su was no longer the sissy that he was in his childhood. He was fair-skinned and exceedingly handsome and although he had a somewhat delicate appearance but his two eyes shining like stars indicated that his strength was in dire contrast to his appearance.

Ji Dong was inwardly happy; it was clear to him that they had also already made their breakthroughs.

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