Vol. 2 Chapter 5: Level 10 Bing-Ding Double-Fire Department Apprentice

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[EN: FLameT0ngue: Tai Chi Yin Yang should be familiar to everyone- some pictures for fun.]

Kaifeng Tai Chi
Gold Yin Yang
Tai Chi Fish


[EN: FLameT0ngue: again, a picture’s worth a thousand words. This hand placement is apparently called Venus Hands, or Venus Seal (most LN refer to hand placements as various hand seals)- don’t know if this hand seal has the same name/implications in Chinese as is does in English- or if it even has a name in Chinese]
Venus Seal
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Three years later. Night.

Ji Dong sat on his bed, silent. He seemed to have grown up; his height had stretched to 1.70 meters, and maybe because of his past life, his demeanor seemed to be unusually calm and steady.

These past three years as an audit student left Ji Dong’s life truly free and unfettered. Yang Bing Tian’s decision to let Ji Dong stay wasn’t without his own selfish reason: if Ji Dong stayed then he could continue to taste fine liquors!

Studying as an audit student had certain benefits. Ji Dong could decide his schedule; he could choose how to spend his time, training or gaining knowledge from either of the Bing-fire or Ding-fire departments.

After incessant wheedling, Ji Dong convinced Lie Yan to allow him to increase the duration of his stay at the magma lake by two hours. He didn’t waste a second of his time during these three years.

It was now the end of Ji Dong’s fourth year at the Li Huo Academy, and nobody knew how strong Ji Dong had become.

His body was like an unending abyss. The surface of his skin flickered with red and blue lights as Bing and Ding fire elements relentlessly entered his body. Five complete crown stars rested upon his forehead. The central crown star flickered both red and blue while it was flanked by half-blue half-red crowns on the left and right; however the crown stars were distinctly different. The two crown stars on the left were blue on top and red on bottom, while the right two crown stars were red on top and blue on bottom. Clearly the main element on the left side of his body was Ding-fire while the main element on his right was Bing-Fire. This arrangement of elements was the reason for Ji Dong’s weird crown stars. But regardless of color, having five complete stars could only mean one thing.

He was a level 10 Bing-Ding Double-fire Element Apprentice.

That’s right, with three years of hard training, and the time he spent at the Earth’s Core Lake, Ji Dong’s strength had grown tremendously. With the help of the two fire seeds given to him by Lie Yan, the Bing-Wu-Yuan-Yang Holy Fire and the Ding-Si-Ming-Yin Spirit Fire, he had recently become a level 10 apprentice.

Additionally, as per their agreement three years ago, BiSu and Karl, who were originally talented, had also arrived at this stage, and had begun to condense their Yin-Yang crowns. Due to their outstanding performance, they were currently training behind closed doors, attempting to condense their Yin-Yang crowns under the guidance of their respective teachers, Qiu Tian and Xia Tian.

Zhu Gui, however, had already condensed her Yin-Yang Crown in her third year. She chose not to stay at Li Huo Academy, but instead was directly recommended to a higher education establishment. Rumor has it that she went to the same Yin-Yang Wizard Academy has her brother Zhu Tian, but nobody knew exactly where she went.

BiSu and Karl had become the stars of Li Huo Academy after Zhu Gui left. Who would take notice of an audit student like Ji Dong? Even Yan Bing Tian would rarely ask Ji Dong about his training. However the old headmaster was anything but insincere, and he often talked to Ji Dong about taking him to the Bartender’s Guild, but Ji Dong always declined his offer.

At the end of Ji Dong’s half hour of balanced Ding-Bing Fire Element training, he opened his eyes, and a golden light flashed in the depths of his pupils as his gaze landed on his hands. With a thought, two fires emerged from the palms of his hands.

The fire in his left palm was blue Ding-Fire, while the fire in his right palm was red Bing-Fire. It was very bizarre sight to see, a blue fire and a red fire being raised by same person.

Ji Dong’s eyes changed. His left pupil darkened, becoming an extremely deep black, while his right pupil brightened, becoming golden. In that moment, Ji Dong’s aura changed, exuding an oppressive aura. It was as if he had become a ruler who pitied his realm.

Ji Dong’s five crown stars also changed. The red lights were replaced by gold while the blue lights were replaced by black. While the central crown alternated between gold and black light.

A strong majestic aura came from the gold colored eye and crowns. This gold color actually came from the Bing Wu Yuan Yang Holy Fire, and were filled with the purest Yang energy.

An abstruse aura could be felt from the black eye and crowns. This black color came from the Ding Si Ming Yin Spirit Fire and was permeated with the purest Yin energy.

The light flashed once and then the gold and black faded, Ji Dong’s eyes and crowns once again becoming normal. The Goldy Yin-Yang Seal quietly hid inside Ji Dong’s ultimate fires.

The Goldy Yin-Yang Seal was a technique to use your thoughts to control the element of one’s magic power. While it didn’t change the origin of Ji Dong’s magic power, it decreased the Yin-Yang property, making it seem as though he was releasing flames equal to those of a normal Bing Ding Double Element student without a trace. This was without question a very useful ability, the best method to conceal one’s true strength.

Not only could it control the attribute of Ji Dong’s flames, but it could also control his apparent magic power. He could appear to be at any level of power he wished, as long as it was under his current cultivation. Not only would his aura become thinner, but the crown stars on his forehead would also change. Even after condensing his Yin-Yang Crown, he could lower his magic power output to baffle his enemies.

Putting out his flame, a pleased smile appeared on Ji Dong’s face. After staying here for four years, he could finally take a step towards becoming a true Yin-Yang Wizard. ‘Yesterday, Lie Yan said that I could start condensing my Yin-Yang Crown this evening.’ A feeling of excitement arose in his heart, but before he could go to the Magma Lake, he had to mix a glass of liquor for Yang Bing Tian. To this day, he had fulfilled his promise. For Ji Dong, fulfilling a promise was not a standard of honesty, but the basic standard of being human.

Ji Dong arrived outside of Yang Bing Tian’s office and knocked, in his hand was a glass of fine liquor.

“Ji Dong, come in.” Yang Bing Tian’s deep and heavy voice came from inside. Only after he was invited did Ji Dong enter, he walked up to Yang Bing Tian’s desk and set down the glass.

Yang Bing Tian couldn’t help but be a little stunned when looking at Ji Dong. This kid who had been in rags four years ago had now grown into a good-looking youth. These four years had gone by in a flash, but no matter what, each day, regardless of how sick or tired, Ji Dong would unfailingly come at the same time to deliver a new glass of fine liquor to his room. This toughness and persistence displayed was beyond far beyond the youth’s years.

“Head master Yang, I will leave now.” After putting down the glass, he greeted Yang Bing Tian as usual and was about to leave.

“Ji Dong, wait for a moment.” Yang Bing Tian looked like he had come to a decision.

Ji Dong asked, puzzled, “Is there something else?”

Yang Bing Tian sighed, “Ji Dong, you have already attended my academy for four years. Throughout these four years you have mixed amazing liquors for me, but I couldn’t fulfill my promise to help you become a Yin-Yang Wizard. You can’t afford to waste any more time here. Pack your things, at the end of the semester I will bring you to the Bartender’s Guild. Don’t ruin your future for my selfish desires.”

Ji Dong was startled for a moment before smiling, “It has been my own decision to stay here. I enjoy being here.”

Yang Bing Tian said, “I know that you, Bi Su and Karl are good friends, but they will shortly condense their Yin-Yang Crown. Geniuses like them will continue to advance, and to complement their growth, I will directly recommend them to higher academies. If they are leaving, why should you stay? While you are young, this age is the most important time to develop, you can’t waste it.”

Ji Dong nodded, “Thank you, Headmaster Yang. But let’s talk about this after the end of this semester, I must think about this a little more.”

Yang Bing Tian took the cocktail and smiled, “Be at ease, even if I can’t bring you to the general headquarters of the Bartender Guild, I can at least give a recommendation for the Bartender’s Guild in the Southern Fire Empire where I have some influence. I think you will have a bright future there.”

After taking his leave from Yang Bing Tian, Ji Dong returned to his room. He thought to himself, ‘Headmaster Yang, I will give you a pleasant surprise this end of term exam. I will leave with Karl and Bi Su. Zhu Gui, even if I couldn’t face you here in the Li Huo Academy, I will catch up to you in the higher academies.”

Standing behind the bar, a smile slowly spread across Ji Dong’s face. The gentle smile was filled with the steadily growing feeling from the past four years. Even if it was a secret love, in his heart it was deeply engraved. Not knowing when, the shaker had jumped into his hand, and a liquor bottle, without even looking, was already toppling over in his palm. The shaker started dancing in his hands, flying around with dazzling colors. His concentrated feelings were freed without holding back.

The liquor entered the glass, then, right hand over his heart, he silently called the name he could never forget. The red lotus rolled up and surrounded Ji Dong, and enveloped by that red light, he slowly disappeared.

The familiar surge of heat imbued with Bing-Ding fire element surrounded Ji Dong’s body. He has never entered nor had he the ability to enter the lake, but he understood the surrounding area like the back of his hand. After all, he had spent more than thousand nights here.

“Are you prepared?” the gentle voice of Lie Yan sounded. Like a condensation of light, she appeared out of the air and took the glass from him.

Looking at Lie Yan deeply, as was his habit, it was almost as if he want to engrave Lie Yan’s figure even more deeply into his heart.

It has already been four years, but he never asked Lie Yan where she came from. Also these four years did not leave any sign of aging on Lie Yan. She was just as captivating as the first time Ji Dong met her, still so perfectly beautiful.

“I think I am ready.” Ji Dong lifted his two hands. Here, he doesn’t need to hold back. At the same time, the golden Bing-Wu-Yuan-Yang Holy Fire and the black Ding-Si-Ming-Yin Spirit Fire rose several meters from both of his hands. Five gold and black colored crown stars appeared on his forehead and became very dazzling.

Lie Yan nodded, “Since you are prepared, then let’s begin. This is the most important time for your training. No matter what you are feeling, your attention must not waver. I can only be the guide, and you can only rely on your own strength to genuinely condense the Yin-Yang Crown.”

JI Dong clenched both of his fists -puff- the flame on both of his hands extinguished, “I will be successful.”These four simple words were filled with incomparably steadfast conviction and perseverance; furthermore it contained the pride from his past life.

As Lie Yan slowly tasted the liquor, her foot lightly moved. Ji Dong could only sense a flash in front of his eyes and Lie Yan had already circled around Ji Dong. Immediately adjacent, Ji Dong could clearly see that in the magma lake, right under their feet, the lava was bubbling up. A big column of flame with a diameter of five meters rose up.

Ji Dong was not surprised at this kind of change, and he wouldn’t let his thoughts waver in the slightest. He believed that Lie Yan will not harm him.

The lava column stopped right under their feet as Lie Yan freed one of her hands. As if she consciously pressed down on the fire column, it immediately consolidated into something with substance. The very top turned into a round platform. A very familiar pattern appeared in front of his eyes. It was impressively the Tai Chi Yin-Yang fish. But the difference in this one was that the normally white part was replaced with gold.*

Tai Chi is divided into two aspects, Yin and Yang . Why does Lie Yang also know about this pattern in this world?

Before Ji Dong could think more about it, Lie Yan said, “Sit down cross legged, you can start now. No need to think much about it, I will stay by your side.”

Without needing Lie Yan to explain, Ji Dong sat down on the middle of the Yin-Yang fish. He was surprised to discover that the Double-fire element was not the normal Bing-Ding fire element, but it was the same as his core attribute: the ultimate Yang Bing-Wu-element and the ultimate Yin Ding-Si-element. Lie Yan had clearly created the best environment for him to condense his Ying-Yang crown.

Closing his eyes, Ji Dong placed his hands on his legs palms up, crossing the fingers of his left hand with the fingers of his right hand, except for his thumbs which were placed one on top of the other. Like the yin-yang of his body, he also kept himself in the state of balance.

The double element magic power lit up, and the five crown stars on his forehead became especially distinct. After four years of tough training, he was finally about to condense his Yin-Yang crown.

Over the past four years, he acquired a lot of knowledge. The Yin-Yang Crown is the symbol of the Yin-Yang Wizard, at the same time it also represents strength. The human body’s capacity is limited, and after a certain concentration of one of the five elements, even the most mellow earth element, the body couldn’t bear any more elemental energy. In order to continue advancing, the energy had to be condensed into the Yin-Yang Crown. That is why the Yin-Yang Crown is the origin and foundation of the magic power of the Yin-Yang wizard.

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