V2C11 – II: The Sly and Sneaky Villain

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Translators: Ash
TLC : Miki
Editors: Los Thanatos, Jennifer Liu

“The Ding-fire elemental totem is the Winged Serpent.” Ji Dong indifferently replied. Yin-Yang WIzards can be classified into ten departments and each department has its own totem. The Bing-fire elemental totem is the Vermillion Bird, i.e, a phoenix. And for the Ding-fire element, Ji Dong had already seen the appearance of a huge blue-coloured winged snake behind Qiu Tian and that was a Winged Serpent.

Liu Jun nodded and said, “Correct! It is a Winged Serpent! We Ding-fire elemental Wizards are not as impulsive as those Bing-fire Wizards who immediately erupt when they run into problems. We can endure and be as patient as a snake. We wait for an opportunity before striking. We are the coldest and accurate killers.”

Hearing this, Ji Dong understood that today there wouldn’t be any room for salvage the situation. “Speaking so much, did teacher Liu Jun get me here after I left the academy only to teach me a lesson? It seems that at that time, what I spoke was not at all wrong, you are really not qualified to be a teacher.”

“A lesson? You’re underestimating the situation.” Liu Jun coldly stated, “That wretch, Xia Tian, stole my Qiu Tian, his disciple also made me lose face at the annual exam, disgracing me, making it hard to keep my head raised. You’re indeed a talented cultivator . But, though there are many talents within the content, how many of them grow up and mature?Today, first I will deal with you to finish you off while you have just started cultivating. Then, I will look for an opportunity to eliminate that scoundrel Xia Tian.”

Hearing all this, Ji Dong was finally clear on some facts: originally, this Liu Jun and Teacher Xia Tian were rivals in love, with both of them pursuing Teacher Qiu Tian. It was obvious that Qiu Tian prefered Xia Tian. Liu Jun always opposed Xia Tian due to converting his love to hatred towards Xia Tian. At the graduation ceremony, he coincidentally managed to help Xia Tian in destroying Liu Jun’s self-confidence. Thus, he harbored hatred and was seeking for an opportunity to exact his revenge.Furthermore, looking at his appearance, there was no way that he was just here to teach him a lesson.

A thought flashed past and while he was assessing the current situation, Ji Dong continued to mock him; “Liu Jun, due to the previous matter between you and Teacher Xia Tian, you are taking it out on a student like me. Is this your bravery? It is no wonder that Qiu Tian did not fancy you. How are you going to kill me? Do you really want to kill me? ”

“Hee hee hee hee hee hee……..” Then, Liu Jun hysterically laughed as he continued, “Why do all good things happen to him? With his pig-headed mind, how come he is a direct subordinate of Dean Yang and broke through to the third corona realm? What qualifications did he have to snatch my Qiu Tian away? That is right, I am unable to compete with Xia Tian, But today I will kill you and then I would get someone to send your body to him. Can you guess what expression will he have then? If I do it all secretly, nobody will be able to guess that I was the perpetrator. Also, I could also take a revenge of you insulting me during the annual exam. This is killing two birds with one stone.”

“You are already a lunatic.” Ji Dong said coldly. Meanwhile, he released a red and blue colored light from within his body and condensed above his head into that black and white Yin-Yang Crown that was exclusive to him. But what was different compared to now and during that annual exam two months ago, is, the number of crown stars on his crown ring was not one, but rather one and a half. This implied that his magic power had again increased due to his two months of hard work and his level had increased by one, making him now a level 13 Scholar.

With his laughter vanished, Liu Jun glanced disdainfully at the crown above Ji Dong’s head and said, “Good, very good, you are really a genius to be able to make another breakthrough in these two short months. That’s wonderful, I can have more pleasure in killing you this way. Do you believe that relying on one corona and 10+ level of power, you can contend with me? Even if I haven’t broken through the third corona boundary, killing you will be as easy as squashing an ant to death.”

Having said this, a cold light flashed in Liu Jun’s eyes, and a blue light hurriedly poured out from his body and it condensed above his head to form a black colored Yin Crown. On his Yin Crown, two crown peaks were marked with a blue flame and on the crown ring there were four and a half crown stars. Having two coronas meant that he was level 20 and having four and a half crown stars meant that he an impressive, level 29 Ding-fire Master.

Four years ago, Xia Tian had already broken through to the four corona realm and according to Ji Dong’s memory, this Liu Jun already had then a two corona strength but hadn’t been able to make any breakthrough. The three corona realm was the second great bottleneck for Yin-Yang Wizards, obstructing his advancement. Without any breakthrough for four years, it could be said that Liu Jun’s future prospects were dim. It is no wonder that his heart is in turmoil and his emotions were so unbalanced.

A level 13 vs a level 29, there was a difference of 16 levels between them. There also wasn’t any doubt in the disparity of fighting experience. From any angles, Liu Jun has an overwhelming advantage. This was the disparity between a teacher and a student.

The cold and gloomy Ding-fire circulating about Liu Jun’s body suddenly flared up. Since he had not broken to the three corona realm, there was no totem appearing behind him, but the magic power of a level 29 Wizard was sufficient to bring about a great pressure on Ji Dong.

He raised his right hand and in his palm there was a blue colored flame. Under the glow of the sinister flame,it made his light rays from his eyes looked increasingly venomous.

“If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for being that scoundrel Xia Tian’s disciple. If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for being an outstanding genius.What I can’t stand to see are your talents. Everyone is human, but why were you given the opportunity to become a strong expert while I am incapable of breaking through to the third corona realm?” Liu Ju walked forth towards Ji Dong, step after step; all the plants and weeds he had stepped on withered, leaving behind the traces footprints from scorching the ground by that blue colored flame.

Ji Dong did not retreat; he just stood where he was. He coldly gazing at the nearing Liu Jun and sneered as he said, “You are not willing to put in the effort, thus you can only blame the gods and others. In my eyes, the gap between you and Teacher Xia Tian is so wide that it need not be even calculated. You are just trash!”

“Then this trash will finish off this genius that is you. Go to hell!” Liu Jun said sinisterly. With a violent brandish of his hand that was covered with flames, a lump of blue Ding-fire momentarily shot towards Ji Dong. Just when the flame flew out from Liu Jun’s hand, it was still only the size of a fist, but in mid air, it expanded after being in contact with the wind, the blue flame expanded to become the size of a washbowl in a blink of an eye. That flame was aimed towards Ji Dong’s body.

He did not retreat, neither did he flee. Ji Dong performed a movement that made Liu Jun stare dumbstruck. With his left foot, Ji Dong quickly took a big step forward. With this huge forward step, his whole body flashed forward and with his arm, he completed a half turn movement of his body in an instant before directly extending his right fist straight to meet head on against Liu Jun’s attack. And at this moment, when he was brandishing his fists, his fist simultaneously turned golden.

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