V2c13 – I : Evolutionary Opportunity after 1000th Practice

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Translators: Raltzero,  Ash
TLC : Ash, Miki
Editors: Los Thanatos, Narutokurosaki, Vanagandr


With his consciousness gradually recovering, Ji Dong felt that his body was being wrapped within a scalding energy as if he was immersed in a hot spring with very high temperature.

Slowly opening his eyes, he was surprised to discover that all he could see was a fiery red color. The inside and outside of his body were being baked as if he was in an oven, but the burning sensation around his body was very comfortable. His consciousness gradually cleared up and everything that had occurred just before he lost consciousness was still vivid in his mind.

Abruptly, as if he was being pulled by some force, Ji Dong felt his body moving upwards and with a crash, he seemed to have broken out of something and the fiery red color in his sight faded.

Ji Dong was startled to find that he had not been soaking in a hot spring, but that he had been within the golden red lava lake. And his body was shielded by a red radiance enveloping him and it was only due to the protection of this light shield that the lava hadn’t melted him.

“Are you feeling okay?” Lie Yan’s gentle and pleasant voice echoed out and upon hearing her voice, Ji Dong felt as if his whole body had powered up.[LosThanatos: Powered up?Pervert!]

[LosThanatos: Powered up?Pervert!]

He couldn’t help but shout out, “Lie Yan, where are you?”

Having had a near death experience, he longed to see Lie Yan like never-before. The current him was not that former, carefree, Lee Jie Dong who would risk his life to sample wine. In his heart, Lie Yan was now the first existence that had ever ranked above wine.

A red light quietly appeared and Lie Yan’s familiar silhouette seemed to have emerged from a void as she stepped in front of Ji Dong, waving her hands lightly as a gentle energy seemed to prop up Ji Dong’s body.

Seeing the figure of Lie Yan that was still half a head taller than him, Ji Dong’s mood surged, he subconsciously grabbed both her hands and said, “I thought I would never see you again!”

Lie Yan, with no signs of struggle, freed her hands and stroked Ji Dong’s head, “This time it was really dangerous. If it was not for your luck, coupled with your strong fighting awareness, I’m afraid you wouldn’t be before me. Your human race’s heart really is vicious, it seems that you need to increase your combat ability as soon as possible.”

As Lie Yan freed her hands effortlessly, Ji Dong couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss. Once again the shame at being inferior to her welled up in his heart and the previous surging emotions also faded away quietly. “Lie Yan, how did I come to be here within the magma lake?”

Lie Yan said, “Although you defeated that person, your body had still been seriously depleted of its magic power and the after effects have caused you to gain injuries to your origin. I had placed you in the warmth of the geocentric lake to recuperate so that your origin Yin-Yang Crown would not show signs of degeneration because you overused your power.”

Ji Dong, looking at the golden sun and black moon in his palms, said, “You saved my life. If I did not have Bite of the Scorching Sun and Dark Moon Claw and if I did not have those two ultimate flames, I would have been unable to see you again. I wonder how Liu Jun fares now.”

Lie Yan said with indifference, “The crucial point being that under the effect of the combination skill of using those two flames breaking his protective shield, how can that person have any other ending? The Ding-Si-Ming-Yin-Spirit-Flame fire has completely cremated his body so it would be the same as when he had planned to leave no evidence after killing you!”

“He is dead?” Ji Dong looked at Lie Yan in astonishment.

Lie Yan chuckled, “Why? Are you that nervous for having killed someone for the first time, Little Ji Dong?!”

Ji Dong shook his head, “Liu Jun was already mad, the death of such a person is for the best. It is only that I didn’t expect that the result of using those two ultimate flames would be like this. After all, his magic power exceeded mine by a whole 16 levels!”

Lie Yan’s complexion immediately turned grave and she said, “If that’s what you think then you are mistaken. Although Bing-Wu-Yuan-Yang-Sacred-Flame and Ding-Si-Ming-Yin-Spirit-Flame are both ultimate flames and they can only exert elemental suppression on flames that are lower in level when compared to them, however, the maximum it can help you is to contend against those opponents whose Yin-Yang Crown is of the same level or less that yours. The fact that you killed him is largely due to luck.”

While saying this, Lie Yan waved her hand and a red shining mist appeared in midair and condensed into a disk. The center of the disk shone brightly and within it appeared an image — it was the previous scene of Ji Dong battling with Liu Jun! It replayed everything, very slowly, from when Liu Jun began by using Corroding Fireball.

Lie Yan pointed at the blue colored flame and said, “This attack did not have all his strength behind it., he used only 30%-40% of his magic power. It is clear that he did not want to kill you. Otherwise, even if you could counter the attributes of the Ding-fire, with his energy exceeding yours by several folds, you would have been torn to shreds. His rank is higher than yours by one, but you must know that every level advancement in magic power is not a constant. In other words, his level 29 is at least 4-5 times greater than your level 13 magic power. This is not something that can be complemented by having an advantage in the superiority of one’s element. You were able to get such an opportunity because he planned to torture you to death.”

The images continued to play on the disk and when Ji Dong was blasted away by the explosion, the scene switched to Liu Jun and his face was magnified under Lie Yan’s control. “Do you see this? Your Bing-Wu-Yuan-Yang-Sacred-Flames’ elemental suppression caused him a huge shock. This man clearly did not have a lot of combat experience and it placed him in a situation where he allowed you to attack him and at this moment he had also become timid, so he put up a passive shield. And when you used the two great monarchs’ standard skills simultaneously, I did not expect that the result of this combination would be so powerful. After breaking the magic power shield,  you still used a high-speed combination that exceeded your own normal attack power, this is only called success at first attempt. During this whole time, if he had only had some courage to attack you once with all his might, you would have died. Not only were you extremely lucky to survive but you managed to kill him, I too rejoice at your lucky break. If at that time I had faced both those monarchs simultaneously and experienced this same combination, maybe we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet.”

Having said so, Lie Yan wiped her left hand in the air and the image disk vanished. She lowered her voice and said, “Before you leave the Li Huo Academy, you must stay here and practice the two magic skills to the first stage. I did not tell you previously, but you must practice these two standard skills a thousand times. If you can do that, then you would have learned two skills that are each equivalent to an evolved form of the two monarchs’ magic skills. Do you still remember how many times you have practiced till now? ”

Ji Dong said, “Before I ran into Liu Jun, I had practiced each skill 512 times. I practiced it daily while in the academy. Every time I successively finish one round of Bite of the Scorching Sun and Dark Moon Claw, I have only 30% magic power remaining, it is not enough to have another go at them. Only after I increase my cultivation and condense more magic power would I be able to practice the skills continuously. Therefore, I can only practice 8-9 times every day. Here in the evenings, I do not want to waste time training magic skill, but I want to continue to absorb the dual fire elements to enhance my magic power.”



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