Chapter 8

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Volume 1 Chapter 8: Showing Off Godly Power

Translated by: Demenious, GX, Ash

Edited by: M2t5, Hydramon, Vangandr, Editor-San,

“Qi-er! Wasn’t your dantian crippled?”

Yang Zhan’s face finally regains some color, and his eyes show pleasant surprise. Never in a million years would he have thought that there would be such a comeback from this desperate situation.

Yang Qi respectfully says: “Father, your son’s Qi Ocean was broken, but due to the thunder that day, my body has changed. The meridian channels of the Qi Ocean were repaired and my body was strengthened. My Qi Gong advanced by leaps and bounds, reaching the fifth tier, the Qi Explosion realm.”

Now that big brother and second brother are heavily injured and poisoned by Shadow Poison, he can no longer hesitate. Luckily, he did not display the true power of the “Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell”; he only used the Yang family’s fist martial art. Since the event occured within the Yang Family, there was no risk of Yang Qi’s condition spreading beyond the clan.

If what he displayed just now was the power of “the Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell”, then Yang Feng would have been broken into pieces by this punch just now.

“Qi-er, Yang Feng has long since entered the Qi Explosion realm. Being able to easily defeat him after entering this realm just recently, your true strength is far from what you just said.” said Yang Zhan, smiling gratifyingly.

“Yes, because my body was tempered by lightning, the strength of this son’s fist has greatly increased, far surpassing an ordinary expert of the Qi Explosion of the fifth tier.”

Yang Qi knows that he must give father the best possible support at this moment, so he did not hesitate to reveal his true strength: “Even if it was an expert of the sixth tier, ‘Qi Armament’ realm, this son will be able to go against two of them.”

“Hahaha…… Heavens did not end my, Yang Zhan’s, lineage.” Listening to this, Yang Zhan laughed heartily; he was extremely carefree. “I must think of a way to dispel your big brother’s and second brother’s Shadow Poison.”

“What a bastard animal!” Yang Shi, who was checking his own son’s body, suddenly raised his head, rigidly staring at Yang Qi. “You are of the same Yang family, how dare you do such a thing?!”

Yang Qi clapped his hands.

“Everyone saw it: he acted first; his lack of skill shouldn’t be blamed on others. You guys asked him to teach me a lesson, but I taught him one in return. He only brought humiliation upon himself.”

“Why? Yang Shi? Do you want to defend your son?”


Yang Shi’s mind is nearly blank from rage, but with his status, it was indeed inappropriate to act against Yang Qi. Furthermore, Yang Zhan is eyeing him like a tiger glaring at its prey. Yan Shi was intimidated, just now, Yang Zhan had displayed the skill of “Humanoid Genuine Qi”. He is already close to stepping into the realm of a Qi Master.

“Boy, Yang Shi is your uncle, do you talk like this to your elders? After wounding your cousin, you still dare to talk back?” Suddenly, a martial practitioner uncle stands up.

Presently, there are more than 30 uncles that were experts; Yang Shi, Yang Zhen and Yang Xu have the finest skills among them- their Qi Gong is at the eighth tier.

The others are at the sixth, seventh, or even the fifth tier. Nevertheless, they are considered to be reasonably powerful if they go out into the world. On the Feng Rao continent, someone with the skills of the fifth tier is considered fairly powerful; they can rival 100 enemies alone.

The Yang family has a rule: those who reached the fifth tier can go out and start their own business, thus establishing their own family and carrier.

The expert who is criticizing Yang Qi is his uncle Yang Kui; his QiGong is at the sixth tier. In the family, he is considered a great expert; he is able to condense weapons means from his Qi. He also runs the Yang family business in the east Red Leaf City.

“What? This was a fair fight. Do I need to hesitate about using my own power? I will not be the least bit considerate towards anyone that wants to seize my father’s position as the family head. Uncle Yang Kui, don’t you think so too? Since you stood up like this, does that mean you also want to fight with me? Very well, I very much welcome the spar with uncle Yang Kui. I hope that you can teach me a few tricks.”

Yang Qi dismissed Yang Kui’s rebuke lightly, but he was neither too cold nor too heated, causing Yang Kui’s face to turn green and red.


Yang Kui moved, and arrived at the center of the meeting hall.

“Very well, I shall teach this disrespectful boy a lesson.”

“Please do as you wish.” Yang Qi stands perfectly straight, as he really intends to fight Yang Kui.

Yang Zhan’s eyebrows move, he wants to speak, but he decides not to and instead watches quietly. He wants to see just what surprise his “unfilial son” will bring him today.

“This Yang Qi really wants to fight against a sixth tier Qi Armament realm master?”

“Where did his guts come from? He must know that the gap in power between a sixth tier expert and a fifth tier expert is vast. Even if 15 fifth tier experts join hands to fight, they will not be able to beat a single sixth tier master. Is he seeking death?”

“How can there such a miracle?! He was clearly crippled due to being struck by lightning, but instead he gained from his misfortune! His QiGong has greatly improved. But he is a little too arrogant. He actually dares to challenge someone that greatly surpassed him.……”

Some experts of the Yang family are discussing lively. Among them, a few powerful and skilled youths are emitting curious airs, as their interest in Yang Qi has risen greatly.

Among the experts of the older generation of the Yang family, Yang Zhan is the number one.

However, in the younger generation, Yang Qi and his brothers have only reached the middle tier of the group in terms of Qi Gong cultivation, since the branch families had also produced several geniuses in recent years.

“Yang Zhan, your son has asked to fight with me, what do you have to say about that?” Yang Kui is eager to have a spar with Yang Qi, but his eyes are vigilantly looking at Yang Zhan searching for an answer.

“You might as well give him some pointers on his Qi Gong.” Yang Zhan calmly gives his approval.

“Good. Fists and feet have no eyes, so if I hurt your son, don’t blame me if your heart aches later.” Yang Kui clenches both his fists, circulating his QiGong, and with only one palm strike, a razor-sharp Qi immediately burst forth and condensed above his head into an illusionary image of a long handled blade. It seemed to chop the air while turning to face Yang Qi; it was the “Wild Demon Qi Blade!”

What Yang Kui practises is the Yang family’s “Wild Demon QiGong” its best points are its power and violence. When Wild Demon Qi Blade is used, it will seem like a Demon Blade that has gone mad, randomly chopping and killing anything in its’ path. The aura of madness emanates from the edge of the blade can wreak havoc in one’s heart. Those who do not possess good mental fortitude will be frightened out of their wits by the sight of it.

However, Yang Qi keeps calm.

He moves a step, so the blade misses! His body wriggles like a snake, seeming like a fish shuttling in a river, using only the traditional Yang family’s martial arts movement technique “Hundred Transformations of Dragonfish”.

The Yang family’s martial arts has many techniques and each one of them is very profound. If one cultivates to the most profound level, then they can turn something ordinary into something mystical.

Yang Qi used the supreme QiGong of “Power of Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell” to raise his cultivation of the Yang family’s martial arts to the pinnacle of perfection, and this resulted in his capability of dodging with just one millimeter to spare. Moreover, he himself is an outstanding talent and he isn’t a spoiled brat, so his cultivation is also outstanding. In the past few days of cultivation, he matured greatly, causing his martial fortitude to improve greatly.


When Yang Kui saw that Yang Qi is surprisingly able to dodge and move past the Wild Demonic Qi Blade, Yang Kui once again made a fist. Immediately, a violent burst of Qi Energy, measuring 3 feet long, appears at his fingers. It looks like a very sharp throwing knife. This kind of Qi Armament can cut through iron as if it was mud; in a single instant, it can cut a man into two pieces.

Everyone immediately knows that Yang Qi’s situation turned from worse to worst; this skill of Yang Kui is called “Five Petals of Flower Blossom ”, his trump card. Five Qi Armament knives will “blossom” from his fingers; despite it consuming a lot of one’s own Genuine Qi, it is secretive and hard to predict.

“Hundred Step Divine Fists!”

Yang Qi let out a growl, while quickly withdrawing…

Hong! Hong! Hong!

He punched ten times in a row, every punch producing a spiral wave of Qi in the air to clash with the five Qi knives.

It goes without saying that there was a huge difference between the fifth stage Exploding Qi realm and sixth stage Qi Armament realm; the concentration of QiGong is like heaven and earth. However, even a ferocious tiger can be held back by a pack of wolves.

Yang Qi was incredibly fast, and in a split second he had sent out dozens of “Hundred Step Divine Fists”, sniping unceasingly. Spiraling Qi waves bombarded the Qi swords, and eventually the Qi Armament Flower Blossom Five Petals could not resist and began to collapse with a buzzing noise.

Unexpectedly, they were all dissapated by the Hundred Step Divine Fists.

“What?! How was he able to make so many Divine Fists in a split second? The Exploding Qi realm is not capable of providing this kind of prolonged support for the Qi costs.”

Seeing this scene, Yang Shi, Yang Zhan, Yang Xu, the three major expert’s eyes almost fell out of their sockets. Yang Qi had violated their general knowledge of cultivation, his density of Qi should not be possible.

Even if the quality of his Qi is not comparable to Yang Kui’s, he just has too much Qi. If several tens of spiraling QiGong blasts from the Hundred Step Divine Fists were layered continuously, then even the Qi Armaments would not be able to withstand.

Besides, Yang Qi’s Hundred Step Divine Fists was already ten times more violent than most fifth stage Qi Exploding realm practitioners’ attacks.

“Such a powerful Qi!”

The moment Yang Kui’s Qi Armaments break, his complexion changes and his body trembles again and again as if it was hit by bullets. He immediately erects a Qi shield in front of him.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!…..

As soon as he erects his Qi shield, a tempest of Hundred Step Divine Fists bombard the Qi shield; the whole Qi Shield fluctuates as it gets hit repeatedly, producing metallic screeches.

Yang Qi grabs this opportunity and sends out a barrage of fists. The waves of Qi are surging violently and continuously attack Yang Kui without any breathing space left to counter. Within a single breath, he shot out more than a hundred fists.

Every punch brought huge waves of Qi, and the air surrounding his body looks like fluctuating flowing water. Within the whole hall, a strong wind is blowing. There is franticness everywhere, as everyone is able to sense an ancient ferocious beast going crazy.

“This…He is a monster! He is not a human! Even if he has enough Qi, his meridian channels should not be capable of supporting such high-speed-Qi-Explosions. Is he not worried about fracturing his meridian channels?”

“These are not a human’s meridian channels! He has produced hundreds of fists in one breath, and every fist is exploding with Qi; This is impossible, even demonic beasts can’t produce such a feat!”

“How tough and endurable must one’s meridian channels and Qi Ocean be to support an attack like this? Even with a body forged from steel, one would not be able to support this! Can lightning truly make you this strong?”

The surrounding people are unable to restrain himself, and his body starts trembling. Just now, Yang Qi sent out “Hundred Fists of Qi Explosion” consecutively; it was truly shocking. Even if one sees it with one’s own eyes, one would think it is fake.

Yang Kui is repeatedly pushed back.

Under the high speed blows, he is simply unable to strike back. He can only maintain his Qi shield . To avoid being hit by Yang Qi’s bombardment, his internal Qi is being consumed rapidly.

“This youngster…….is he for real? Using so much violent exploding Qi: the average person would have already died from expending so much. How is he still as lively and vital? I am at the sixth stage of QiGong, but I have less Qi than him. If this continues, I’m really going to exhaust all my Qi and be defeated by him.” Yang Kui refreshes his Qi shield, repeatedly thinking. He is also a veteran expert, so how can he be defeated so easily? Yang Kui’s vision starts to narrow as he focuses more and more on Yang Qi!

Wild Demonic Explosion!

Suddenly, in a desperate move, all of his Genuine Qi is poured into his Qi shield. In an instant, this Qi shield expands and his QiGong transforms into a gigantic Qi sphere. The sphere explodes mid-air, and the vibration scatters all of Yan Qi’s fist energy.

Yang Qi cannot help but to repeatedly withdraw due to the quake. The Qi waves of Wild Demonic Explosion cause him to repeatedly step back and he is unable to stand properly, let alone to continuously attack using the Hundred Step Divine Fists.

“Boy, fall!” Yang Kui’s body is flying like a big bird, fluttering down from above. His five fingers are coated with Qi and reach out like hooks. The spectacle looks like a falcon’s claw that strikes a wolf.

(To be continued)


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