Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Raiding

Translated by: Ash
TLCed: Miki

Edited by: Vangandr, M2t5

Yang Qi’s loud shout woke the Chen Families soldiers from their shock. Hearing Yang Qi’s shout their morale hit rock bottom and their willpower to resist evaporated.

Dang! Dang dang!

The remaining 600-700 soldiers threw down their spears and crossbows; some even threw down the armor they wore. Simultaneously, they pleaded, on all fours, “Please spare our lives. Noble people of the Yang Family, please spare our lives. We are only soldiers.”

“Please just spare our lives. We’re willing to enter the Yang Family.”

“I possess martial skills and have reached the fifth their, Qi Exploding ream. If you spare my life, I am willing to work for the Yang family for eternity.” Even the leaders of squads, whose Qigong had reached the fifth tier were constantly kowtowing.

After reaching the fifth tier of cultivation, one could be considered a talented person. Every influential family would want to employ as many of these practitioners as possible.

“All of you! Come here and listen to our arrangements. Yunchong, Hualong, you two will guide these soldiers. First take all those who surrendered into custody. After that, there will be a selection. Choose only those who are really sincere about serving our Yang Family to remain. As for the rest and those who are obstinate, you can just kill them or cribble their cultivation and send them home.

Yang Zhan’s loud voice rung throughout the public square, but nobody dared to go against what he said.

That was the power of a Qi Lord.

Immediately, the two brothers, Yang Yunchong and Yang Hualong, led the Yang family’s soldiers. They first surrounded the few higher-ups of the Chen Family so thoroughly that even water wouldn’t be able to pass through their enclosure. They then ordered people to start receiving the Chen Family’s soldiers.

One soldier refused to yield to the Yang family. He was probably a disciple from a branch of the Chen family, but regardless of his position, he rebelled and struggled against the Yang family’s soldiers. Yang Qi, seeing that the soldier wouldn’t comply, shot out a ball of spiralling Qi from his fingertip towards the soldier, drilling a hole through his head, instantly killing him. Seeing that resistance would only lead to death, the remaining soldiers behaved extremely well.

In just a few moments, The Chen Family’s weapons had been confiscated and escorted into the Yang Family’s manor. The remaining soldiers and experts followed Yang Zhan and Yang Qi to surround the remnants of the Chen Family.

“We, the Chen Family, have other branches and also have a circle of Elders. We will definitely take revenge for what you have done today. Yang Zhan, if you really hurt our patriarch today, you should make preparations for an all out battle.”

An elder of the Chen Family sternly said.

“What nonsense are you spouting?! After everything that has transpired today, are you guys not going to cry until you see your coffin?!”

Yang Zhen’s eyebrows straightened, and a dozen or so humanoid Zhen Qi forms instantly shot out from his body. They twinkled like ghosts as they charged at the elders of the Chen Family.

The Chen elders tried to resist those humanoid Zhen Qi with their QiGong. However, when they came into contact with those humanoid Zhen Qi forms, their bodies were infiltrated, the invading Zhen Qi broke their meridians, and caused their dantians to explode.

In a split second, their cultivation had been destroyed.

Their faces turned deathly pale as they fell to the ground.

Seeing this, Yang Qi realized something.

He had clearly seen what the cultivation of a Qi Lord could reach. The standard of powers that Yang Zhan displayed was already beyond Yang Qi’s. Furthermore, the method Yang Zhan used to manipulate Qigong was more exquisite than his own.

“So that is a Qi lord? When you cultivate to the realm of a Qi lord, the quality of your Zhen Qi and usage method will have great changes. It seems that the peak 8th tier of qigong is completely different from the realm of a Qi lord. I can kill experts of the 8th tier of QiGong but it is insufficient to deal with Qi Lords. I must further improve my strength. ”

Killing so many experts from the Chen Family would certainly alarm Yan Gufeng. He wouldn’t hold back against the Yang Family anymore, and when the two families eventually came into conflict, the weaker party would fall like the Chen Family did today—- crushed into fine powder.

“Qi-er, lead our family’s soldiers to the Chen Family and raid them! Today, I will completely eradicate the Chen family from Yan Capital City.”

Yang Zhan had already destroyed the Qigong of all the elders of the Chen Family.

“Yes, Father.”

Yang Qi, who had Chen Dalei in his hand, said, “I will bring the Chen Family patriarch with me. There must be some treasures which are hidden within the Chen Family. The location of those treasures should only be known by Chen Dalei. Let’s go. All soldiers, move out.”

Crash! crash!

All of the Yang Family’s private soldiers, and even some servants, immediately set out, charging towards the Chen Family Manson. Currently, all of the Chen Family elders’ martial arts had been destroyed. Their family could already be seen as exterminated. It would really be a pity not to raid an ‘exterminated’ family.

“To all influential families in Yan Capital City, listen carefully. What happened today is a matter of personal grudges between my Yang Family and Chen families. Nobody is to meddle in this. Whichever family meddles in this matter or plans to take advantage of the Chen Family’s misfortune, if I get my hands on you, you will be killed without mercy!”

Yang Qi was leading the charging of his soldiers, while holding onto the Chen Family’s patriarch, Chen Dalei. A thunderous roar could be heard from the street.

All the traders and common people on the street, who had heard that roar, momentarily dodged out of the way. However, those people who were enjoying within pubs and tearooms looked outwards to see what was going on. They saw the madly hurrying army of the Yang Family.

“The struggles between families is as bloody as expected. Who knows how many people will be killed this time?” Some customers within a nine-storied restaurant were discussing the events going on outside.

This was a restaurant within Yan Capital city, called “The Four Seas Restaurant”.

This was a restaurant set up by The Four Seas Chamber of Commerce, a huge commercial group within the continent. It couldn’t be classified as a power of Yan Capital City as there were branches of this restaurant in numerous cities. It engaged in serving beverages and food that could provide supplements to replenish Qi, including nourishment for the blood. There were also unique-tasting spiritual medicines or Demon beasts. However, these were all extremely expensive. Those who came to the restaurant were solely high social status nobles.

There was a table within the restaurant that only comprised of youths — they were 3 men and two women. Each of the men looked handsome and unrestrained and gave off an extraordinary aura, while the women were as beautiful as flowers and had noble looks.

This group was extremely attention grabbing.

There were even some immoral disciples who were secretly sizing those two females up. They seemed to have some bad intentions towards them, but those with sharp eyesight could notice that this group was not to be trifled with. They could tell that these people were definitely from some large sect.

Moreover, all the things in front of them were excellent, be it wine or the delicious food. There were the demonic beast [Dragon Pool Jade Water Fish]’s meat, the [Ocean Floor Four Clawed Dragon]’s claws, varieties of Lingzhi wine, premium ginseng soup,. . .etc. The total cost for all of them should be at least 5000-6000 [Qi Gathering Pills], which was the average annual income of a small household.

“Junior apprentice sister, it seems that an unexpected event has occurred. The Yan Capital City’s Yang Family has defeated the Chen Family in battle and is currently heading to raid the Chen Family’s house.” A young male said as he poured some Lingzhi wine into a goblet. He slowly sipped as he said, “It is a pity that we were unable to see this battle, if I had known earlier, I would have run and taken a look.”

“That strange phenomenon that occurred earlier? Senior brother apprentice has also seen that. It’s [Qi Transmitted to the Clouds]. This extremely small aristocratic family has surpassed my expectations, it was able to produce an expert of the Qi Lord realm. Additionally, look at that Yang Qi, the one leading troops to raid the Chen Family. It seems that his martial arts aren’t that superficial.”

One of the woman said, as she pointed her finger at Yang Qi, who was passing the restaurant.

“Hmph! He is just a frog at the bottom of a well that doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth.” A man showed a contemptuous expression before continuing, “I can instantly kill a bunch of fellows like him. What we see is only a battle between two rich families in the rural districts. They are not worthy of our attention.The purpose of coming here this time is to inspect and investigate the Southern 9981 cities. These cities are beginning to stir and are forming countries. It seems that the Sheng Zu dynasty’s control over the continent is gradually weakening. The era for war is imminent.”

“Our Four Seasons Sect’s opportunity will also come. Throughout history, whenever a dynasty undergoes a turmoil, the vassals will rebel and outstanding heroes will participate in a struggle for power. This will be the time for our sect to rise in power. Currently, there are already four academies within the continent. However, this is only a facade, for our Four Seasons Sect’s power is not inferior in the slightest to these academies. The time is ripe for our Four Seasons Sect to become an academy.” The other female in the group also nodded.

“Shall we take advantage of this opportunity? Even if the Chen Family is an aristocratic family from a rural area, they should definitely have some treasures. As they say, even rotten boats have three pounds of nails. Why don’t we go to the Chen Family’s house before the Yang Family’s youngster gets there and thoroughly raid the house?”

A youth proposed.

“It’s a good suggestion. No matter how bad the Chen Family is, they should be extremely wealthy. If we can get that money, we can increase our own wealth. Within the Four Seasons Sect, we can use this money to win over a lot of people.”

“Good. It’s decided then. Proprietor, settle our bills!”

The three men and two women left some banknotes of [Qi Gathering Pills] on the table before leaving the restaurant.

“But, if we meet that Yang Qi, what should we do?”

“Very simple. If he dares to disobey our Four Seasons sect, kill him! Dealing with the small Yang Family should be as easy as smashing an egg with a stone.”

At this moment, Yang Qi had already arrived at the entrance to the Chen Family’s Manor.

The Chen Family’s Manor occupied a lot of area. It had tall walls and a huge iron gate; it was very well-fortified. The experts from the Chen Family that were left behind had probably gotten the news of their family’s loss. They had locked the entrance gate and had archers stationed at the battlements on top of the perimeter wall. Numerous pigeons and eagles were flying out from within the manor. They seemed to be conveying the news.

The Chen Family was just like the Yang Family; they had several business outside their manor and home city. Additionally, they also had a Circle of Elders who were cultivating in a hidden area. When facing this crisis where their clan’s survival was at stake, they had to get external help.

However, Yang Qi didn’t give them this opportunity. He held Chen Dalei, their patriarch, up in his hand, and said, “Men of the Chen Family listen to me! Your patriarch is in my hands. If you do not surrender, I will kill your patriarch before breaching your walls and door, killing everyone within, not sparing even the fowls and dogs. ”


From inside, someone fumed, “Chen Family won’t be exterminated by the Yang Family. We have already notified our family’s circle of Elders. They will come within few days. You Yang scoundrels can just wait to be massacred.”

“Stubborn fools.”

Yang Qi, who was standing in front of the army, suddenly made a grabbing motion. The big lion statue, which stood in front of the Chen Family’s plaza, was lifted up by his QiGong. Under Yang Qi’s strong Qigong power, it shook.


The 500kg lion statue, which stood taller than 3 men, flew at the manor’s iron doors, like a comet striking the moon. The iron door was immediately sent flying from the impact, while the surrounding walls also collapsed. Any defensive mechanism was useless.


With one hand holding Chen Dalei, Yang Qi led the Yang family’s private soldiers and experts inside to commence the killing, sweeping away any resistance. The dozen experts of the QiGong 6th tier, who had been left behind to protect the Chen Family Manor, were killed instantly!

There were still hundreds of personal soldiers and servants inside the manner that had dispersed due to the confusion.

All of those who resisted were instantly slaughtered, one after another. In the time it took for a few incense sticks to burn, the Chen Family’s Manor was like scattered sand. The women and children cried and screamed.

“Seal the entrance. Strictly prohibit anyone from entering or exiting. Everyone must stay within the mansion. Begin the raid! ”

Yang Qi ordered.


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