Chapter 10

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Volume 1 Chapter 10: The Fight in Three Months’ time

Translated by: Ash, GX, Demenious

Edited by: Vanagandr, LosThanatos, Octavian, John Doe

When Yang Qi said “3 months later”, he once again stupefied everyone.

Yang Hong Lie’s eyes lit up: “Yang Qi, do you really mean what you said?” He was not convinced, because to catch up to him in three months; with Yang Qi’s current cultivation; it is simply a fairy tale.

Even if an absolute expert forcefully imbue his own QiGong, it’d still be impossible to achieve. If it was as easy as this, people would need not cultivate. The realms could only be comprehended stage by stage, and not be achieved in one try.

“I am serious.” Yang Qi, resolutely and decisively said, “Today in front of so many elders, we can make a promise: during the Autumn Hunt in 3 months we will fight. Regardless of victory or defeat, we shall give it our best. What do you say? Do you dare to take it?”

“Haha.” Yang Hong Lie heartily laughed, ”Cousin, you are too arrogant, however since you yourself came personally, how can I refuse?”

Immediately, with the elders of the Yang family as witnesses, the both of them made a promise to settle the outcome of their competition at the Yang family Autumn Hunt 3 months later.

Yang family’s Autumn Hunt was an imitation of the continent’s royal Sheng Zu dynasty’s hunt; when the clan experts gather together to hunt demons, and practise their martial arts to keep their family prosperous.

Status on the Feng Rao continent was measured in material-might; all the powerful and rich families respect whoever has powerful QiGong, and thus that individual will obtain fame, prosperity, power, status,…. everything.

At almost every Yang family gathering the younger generation would more or less arrange a competition, to see which family has a better next generation, thus adding face and fame to the parent.

“Qi-er, are you really sure about this?” Seeing this pact, Yang Zhan could not bear being silent anymore, he was visibly concerned as his eyelids had started fluttering wildly. Only Yang Qi could hear what he said because the voice was transmitted to Yang Qi’s ear through a strand of QiGong.

“Father, please rest assured, I am absolutely certain of success.” Yang Qi also gathered his voice to become Qi, and transmitted it with his father.

“Very well, as soon as this family meeting has ended, we father and son will talk in detail, and plan for the future. We need to discuss the matter of helping your older brothers recover.” Yang Zhan nodded. With his gaze sweeping over the crowd in the conference Hall, he slowly said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, all of you came to this gathering in order to discuss the major events concerning our family. As of now, of the three matters, two have already been settled. Firstly I, Yang Zhan, will compensate for the loss of the Hidden Dragon Pill. Secondly my son obtained great fortune due to his misfortune, thus has greatly advanced in his QiGong. He is not a useless person but a genius within this family. So no one should want to punish him, right? The only thing left is the matter concerning the family head position. Regarding this we should quietly wait for the news from the council of Elders.”

Screeaeeeaee!! (TL: high-pitched eagle-sound)

As soon as his voice had barely faded, the sound of a huge eagle was emitted from the sky and a golden eagle that was larger than a horse appeared. Its whole body, that was bathing in the sunlight was similar to a golden sculpture, as it landed in the courtyard causing a huge gale.

“The golden eagle of the family.”

A few of the older generation experts stood up one by one, and came to the courtyard, this Golden Eagle had an unusual origin; it was a mount of the  ‘antique’ of the Yang family.

TL: ‘antique’ is a name given for the people of the elders council

Qi flowing in a wave like motion, from above the Golden Eagle and a man descended by himself, his hair and beard was all white, he appeared to be 90 years of age; an elderly man that was almost a hundred years old.

“Great uncle.” Upon seeing this man, all including Yang Zhan immediately saluted.

TL: Great uncle is grandfather’s younger brother

This man was known as Yang Zhou Gong, and was a member of the elder council, although he was not of the Qi Gong 9th stage “Qi Lord” cultivation, he too was a powerful master at the peak of the 8th stage, which was about the same level as Yang Zhan’s cultivation, additionally he was representing the council of elders, so he was extremely influential.

“En, I represent the elder council. I heard your son has stirred up a big disaster Yang Zhan. Your cultivation has become much more exquisite, it is very likely that within 8 to10 years you could enter into 9th stage, and become a Qi Lord.”

Yang Zhou Gong descended, patted the Golden Eagle, looked at Yang Zhan, and with just a twitch of his eyebrow, became aware of Yang Zhan’s cultivation.

“Great uncle, although my son brought forth a huge disaster, but as a result, he has matured and profited from it.” Yang Zhan explained the what had just happened. After listening the great uncle of the elder council was greatly surprised, looked at the defeated Yang Feng, and Yang Kui, and soon after, his gaze stopped on Yang Qi.


He grabbed the air, suddenly a portion of azure colored Genuine Qi transformed into a palm with the size of a water jug and grabbed Yang Qi.

Yang Qi had practically no chance to react before he was grabbed. He then sensed the opponent’s vast QiGong rushing into his meridians.

His expression remained composed, as he had long started to activate the power of Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell, hiding it in the depth which was as abstruse as hell, the thunderous Elephant had also vanished without a trace, allowing Yang Zhou Gong to inspect however he wanted.

“The body is very tough and sturdy; its vitality is as tyrannical as that of an ancient beast; it is absolutely not that of a human….” Yang Zhou Gong muttered.

“Great uncle, that day Qi-er experienced a lightning strike, only then he was able to become like this. The lightning passed through his meridians and refined them.” Yang Zhan explained.

“Even if it was an expert of the Fate Stealing realm, one still could not survive being struck by lightning. Him even profiting from the disaster is simply a miracle.” Ultimately Yang Zhou Gong really could not find out what had happened, however he already understood that Yang Qi possess huge potential.

Releasing Yang Qi, this elder swept everyone present with a glance, “Yang Zhan’s family head position cannot be swayed, currently the family is facing a difficult situation, at this moment we should be united and not make internal strifes. It is only a compensation for the loss, as long as one still lives, one can rebuild everything. Yang Zhan, educate your son properly, let him know that he made a mistake, that he must take responsibility and contribute to the family in the future.”


All people’s heads were lowered. The elder council has spoken, so those experts with wild schemes can only suppress the greed within their heart.

They knew, this time Yang Qi emerged as a force to be reckoned with. So in the end he won Yang Zhan’s honour back. Otherwise if not for this son’s unlimited potential, it was uncertain whether he could preserve his position of Family Head or not.


Yang Zhou Gong once again leapt onto the back of the golden eagle, and soared into the sky; looks like he comes and goes quickly.

The family internal crisis was thoroughly resolved.

“Humph! I will take my leave now, everything will be decided in three months, we shall meet again at the Autumn Hunt.” Yang Shi flung his cape and stormed out leading a horde of disciples.

Soon after, the experts of the Yang family took their leave one after the other.

Some time later, the whole Yang family mansion had become peaceful. Within the main hall, the only ones that remained, were Yang Zhan, the old butler, Yang Qi and also the two brothers with the “Shadow Poison” in their bodies.

“Qi-Er, I couldn’t imagine that you got so lucky in a disaster. I am very grateful.” Coldness flickered within Yang Zhan’s gaze. “But this time even your first and second brother got poisoned. It seems that somebody wanted to take care of me, Yang Zhan, while taking advantage of your situation. I must uncover the culprit.”

“Right, we must take revenge, and also properly treat eldest brother and second brother.” Yang Qi crouched down, gathered his powerful QiGong and transmitted it into his two brothers’ bodies, as expected he detected that the Poison Qi had been accumulated instead of dispersing. Unexpectedly it was derived from the blood and Qi circulation, as if it became a part of the body and took part in the body’s metabolism.

The “Shadow Poison” was like sweat, there was no way for it to be expelled.


Just at that moment, Yang Qi’s eldest brother felt the input of Genuine Qi within his body, trembled all over, sighed deeply :“Third brother, your Genuine Qi  seems to have a kind of special comfortable effect to me, it doesn’t feel the same as father’s Genuine Qi.”

“Is that so?” Yang Qi delightfully thought, ‘Could it be that my power of Divine Elephant that suppresses hell has the ability to restrain Shadow Poison? Now that my Genuine Qi is not very strong, the restraining effect is not very strong, looks like my cultivation should advance further, for it to have a greater effect.’

“Qi-er, your Genuine Qi apparently is strange, having undergone the refinement by thunder and lightning, its nature has changed. Starting from today, I shall teach you our Yang family’s secret technique, Undefeatable King Fist.” Yang Zhan proudly said: “Since you have pledged to defeat Yang Hong Lie in 3 months, I will fulfill your wish.”

“The Undefeatable King Fist”

Yang Qi was mentally excited, he had already heard that within the Yang clan there is a secret technique that is extremely well hidden even from family members, it is close to that of a King level QiGong.

Between heaven and earth, the types of Qigong are divided into : low-level, medium-level, high-level, King-level QiGong, Emperor-level QiGong, Saint level QiGong, Divine-level QiGong, God-level QiGong.

“Undefeatable King Fist”, is somewhere between high-level and King level QiGong cultivation methods.

If an ordinary family had a high-level QiGong cultivation method, that would already be enough to be able to support a noble family for several hundred years or even for thousands of years without being wiped out.

The King level QiGong – with it one could start a dynasty.

Emperor level QiGong, Saint level QiGong, and Divine level QiGong were all just heard from in legends.

God-level QiGong, as the name implies, does not belong to the human race, it is a part of the cultivation methods of the Gods, even Gods needs to cultivate QiGong.

Yang Qi could almost be sure, that his own “Power of Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell” was at least of the Divine-level QiGong. There was also the possibility that it was a God-level QiGong, because this QiGong cultivation could achieve huge accomplishments, a body with 840 million particles, each one having the power of a Mammoth all combine to become a Divine Elephant, naturally this is the power of a God, it does not belong to the human world.

The appearance of God-level Qi Gong on the continent would be a disaster, therefore he did not tell his father about this.

This kind of cultivation method, would be more dangerous the more people know about it, that is why even if hundreds of thousands were killed, or even if his whole family would be killed, this could not be leaked to the outside. Yang Qi knew that only when he had the power to protect his family, would he be able to tell his father.

“Master, since you want to teach the cultivation method to young master, this servant shall go out and keep watch.” The old butler humbly bowed, and walked out.

“Qi-er, watch carefully, Undefeatable King Fist QiGong, first move – Unbeatable”


A fiery flow of Qi rose from behind Yang Zhan and in an instant six long arms made from Genuine Qi condensed, they were poised like the legs of a crab.

The Genuine Qi arms, were thick and grand, the imitation of muscles were vivid and realistic. Each arm formed an odd cultivation seal and every seal produced the sound of rushing water, emitting a threatening presence. Yang Qi was suddenly startled, realising that 6 more hands had emerged from his father.

“The Undefeatable King Fist at its peak level has the form of three heads and six arms, your father can only condense to produce 6 arms, the 3 heads have not been cultivated, once successfully cultivated then I will become a 9th tier Qi Lord. See, this technique has 6 different moves: Unbeatable, Unfailing, Unstoppable, Unconquerable, Undefeatable, Lord of Nature.”

Yang Zhan let out a huge roar, on his back the 6 long life-like arms jolted, 6 moves were repeatedly executed, the attacks rushed out of the hall, through the door and straight into the distant misted lake of the vast garden.

It was as if a meteor fell into the lake, it exploded violently and an unknown amount of water droplets shot up from the lake, evaporated in the sky, within a short period of time the entire Yang family mansion, was besieged by a downpour.

“What an amazing power.”

Even Yang Qi’s face started to pale slowly. Although the strike of his father couldn’t make the river flow backwards or the sea go wild. But one could say that he can make a lake explode with his bare hands. With such power, perhaps he will be able to destroy a small mountain.

(to be continued)

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