Chapter 5

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Volume 5 Chapter 5: The Secrets of the Serpent King

Translated by: GX, Demenious

Editors: M2t5, Vangandr, Charlee, Octavian, Hydramon

Silvy took the gem unashamedly, taking a closer look, she gasped with admiration, “What a pure Bloodstone, it’s so beautiful! Thank you Lay, I will take good care of it.”

Gin said, “What did you mean by taking good care of it? It was clearly given to both of us.”

I chose another crystal jelly-like Orpiment and threw it to Gin, “What are you fighting for, this one is for you. I don’t know its exact use, if anything you could use it as a seal.”

Gin widened his eyes, “What? To make a stamp out of such a high quality Orpiment? That is such a waste. This treasure has a great use, it can prevent qigong deviation and also has a great calming effect. Its price is certainly much higher than that of any bloodstone.

In exchange for two gems, I learned how to use Orpiments. Not a bad deal at all.

Silvy pouted, “No, let’s exchange, I want the Orpiment.”

Gin quickly withdrew the Orpiment to the side and shook his head like a child, “No, I don’t wanna exchange.”

I laughed, “What are you quarreling for? Both of the gems will be on your body anyway, it doesn’t matter who owns which. Or does the power of the gems only apply to one of you? Then Gin, you are a man, let Silvy have it, be elegant.”

Silvy laughed evilly, “Right!” Chopping gin’s hand she seized the Orpiment, then stuffed the bloodstone in his hand, she gazed at the Orpiment, satisfied.

”The Hydra was drooling and asked dumbly, “Hey, that er… whatever Lay, you are giving such expensive gems away so easily, don’t you know their value?”

I glanced at him and lightly smiled, “Value? Of course I know. But Silvin will be following me from now on, in order to receive their help, I have to invest a little. Also how can the value of gems be compared to the value of friendship, right Silvin? ”

Gin and Silvy wore grateful expressions on their faces and Silvy mumbled as she lowered her head, “Yeah, what is more valuable than friendship…”

The Lernean Hydra awkwardly looked at me and said, “Then aren’t we friends as well? You just said, we wouldn’t know each other if we hadn’t fought. And doesn’t it also…….” As he spoke, he rubbed his palms together.

Silvy said, “Sigh, Hydra, don’t you know any shame, how embarrassing~, now you want others’ things.”

All the Hydra’s heads turned red at the same time, he raged, “What do you know?  You know, I can buy it with money!”

Gin ridiculed, “Buy? With your infamously poor Sasi, what do you have to offer in exchange? Every gem here costs at least a million or more, do you have so much money?”

The hydra roared, “I do!…… not.” Speaking, he withered like a deflated rubber ball.

They are really foes. We were doing fine when we were alone, but when they met, no one was willing to concede.

I slightly smiled and said to Hydra, “Lernean brother, it’s not that I’m stingy, but these things are still quite useful for me, I still have many things to do, and I might have lots of comrades. In order to allow my comrades to grow stronger, I must keep these in order to give them in the future. In any case there isn’t any danger which you have to guard against here, since they have no use for you, I will neither give them to you nor will I sell them. Forgive me.”

The hydra was at a loss for words, I had a point, he had lost the argument.

Silvy teased, “Why? You wanted things of others without making an effort? Just stay here lazily, your body will rust one day, compared to the last time I met you, you haven’t improved much. You aren’t even good friends with Lay, even if you were, he wouldn’t be willing to give you these precious things.”

The Lernean Hydra glared at Silvy, his heads were shivering and his fists were clenched tightly, he yelled very agitatedly, “Shut your stinky mouth, what do you know? Do you know how useful these gems are to me? Putting them aside they will only help you a little. But if it was given to me, I would be able to…….”

The Lernean Hydra did not use such agitated tone towards Silvin even when he was threatened by his own death just now, but he fell out with Silvin just because of a few gems, the importance of these things to the Hydra could clearly be seen.

Gin glared at Silvy and stopped her from continuing, Silvy also knew that it was wrong to belittle the Hydra in this manner, she snorted and did not utter anything else.

I suddenly felt ashamed to fool Silvin and this honest Hydra to leave the mountains for my own personal gain, I sighed and secretly decided, I might not necessarily fail without the Lernean Hydra.

I looked at him and said, “Hydra, don’t be mad, I do not wish to see you guys fight due a few stones. How about this, if you can give a decent reason, I’ll pick one from these stones and give it to you.”

The Hydra exulted after listening, he walked two steps forward and grabbed my shoulders, “Really?”

I nodded and took a glance at Silvin, I said, “I will not force you to leave this place to help me, if these gems are truly so important to you, I will give one to you.”

The hydra’s eighteen small eyes blinked together, all of them revealing gratitude,  “Useful, far more than just useful, there’s nothing to hide at this point, not even the Twin-Headed Wolf knows about this, I will tell you. Silvin and I have different ways of training. Although they are inferior to me, they have their advantages: they can train like humans, constantly rising their own power. But I cannot, I must depend on outside assistance.”

Gin asked curiously, “Outside help? How can one help? I’ve never seen you aided by anyone.”

The hydra bitterly smiled, “You have actually seen it. Do you still remember what I liked to do the most when I was in the forest?”

Gin and Silvy nodded at the same time and said, “Eat.”

The Hydra turned around and strolled to the exit, he stoked the jaded handrail and sighed, “Yes, eat. I need to eat more than 20 times the amount of what you eat, do you really think it was just to satisfy my appetite? No it’s not, it is because I cannot develop the potential to hasten the ability to circulate and increase my energy, I must eat, even if I cannot eat anymore, I will still eat.”

He was beginning to become a little incoherent, I asked, “Can you say it a little more clearly?”

The Hydra turned around and slowly walked back, he said,

“The method of training my ancestors have passed down is to rely on the external energy to initiate my own power, harmonise it and train. Why do you eat? It is to provide your body with various kinds of necessary nutritions. But for me it’s different, after consuming food, I receive a huge amount of heat energy. I rely on this heat energy to stimulate the energy in my body to incite my training potential.

Silvin, have you ever tried eating ten mayuk tribesmen in a day? Do you know how it feels? I have tried it. I could barely move after finishing them, I didn’t even dare breath. Compared to you guys, my training is a hundred times more painful. In order to maintain the activity of energy in my body, I have to spend one third of my time just eating. This is the reason why I make my underlings bring me some bearman to eat everyday. Nasty, isn’t it? But this is the method my ancestors have passed down to me, in order to pass on the linage of the Lernean Hydra race, this is all I can do.”

[E/N: We are changing the tribe names, in case you haven’t read the announcement. Now go read the announcement to figure out what is what.]

His nine heads painfully tangled with together, it was clear that he had an implacable hatred towards eating, something which that I originally thought was what he enjoyed the most.

Silvy asked, “Then what do these gems have to do with it? Can they provide the energy you need?”

The Lernea Hydra was somewhat surprised, “You are very smart! If I eat just one of those gems, I can become a normal beastman like you; there would no longer be any need for me to eat so much.”

I suddenly understood, “Which means, the energy which is radiated by the gems can stimulate the energy which is contained in your body, allowing you to train without relying on the intake of the heat energy, am I right?”

The Lernean Hydra looked at me pitifully and nodded.

I lightly smiled and pointed at the gems on the table, “So that no beastman is ever eaten by a hydra again, and to continue to the lineage of the Lernean Hydra, choose one gem my friend.”

The Hydra hugged me, and his nine heads wound around my neck. He almost suffocated me with his huge strength.

I could feel the joy from the bottom of his heart. I wish that every gem can be used to be exchanged for a sincere friend. Even if he could not be of use, he would definitely not do anything that would bring me harm in the future.

I struggled a little and said with a hoarse voice, “Quickly choose the one you like.”

Hearing that he could choose a gem, the Hydra finally let go of me and happily squatted beside the coffee table and carefully selected one.

Looking at his happinnes, a warm current flowed into my heart.  

Silvin walked to my side, Gin transmitted his voice, “Lay, are you truly going to give him a gem for free?”

I nodded and said, “Yeah, look at how happy he is. If he is your friend, then he is also a friend of mine. I got these gems for free, so why wouldn’t I give him one? It can also stop him from eating other beastman in the future, consider it a good deed, I guess.”

Gin looked at my eyes, trying to verify my sincerity.

My pupils were limpid, there wasn’t a trace of selfishness or desire, “What? Do you not trust me? Are you worried that I might trick your friend?”

Gin said, “Thank you, Lay. You are the best beastman I have ever met.”

I snickered and said, “Hehe, don’t mention it, just put more effort in assisting me in the future.”

Silvy shouted at Hydra, “Hydra, are you done picking? Stop nitpicking, hurry up. We have more things to do.”

The Hydra rebukingly glanced at Silvy then chose a diamond and said to me, “Can I have this?”

“Of course you can, can it aid you in your training?”

“Yes, the energy of this gem is very pure, it’s the one that’s suitable for me. Thank you, Lay.”

“You’re welcome, my friend. But I still have something to request from you.”

After receiving a gem the Hydra was in a great mood, he smiled, “I know, you want to talk about the Beast God religion am I right? Don’t worry, leave it to me. There’s no real Beast God anyway. In addition, it’s about time I help the Sasi territory develop. I will not let Yuna get all the good things. You guys can rest here, Silvin, you are exhausted, it’s better that you rest and leave tomorrow. I will handle this matter as soon as possible.

I nodded, “Then you have my thanks, brother Hydra.”

The Lernean Hydra carefully cupped the Diamond in his hands and said, “There’s no need for thanks, compared to this precious gems, such a small matter is nothing. You can rest here first, I will send someone over with some food shortly.”

He is an impetuous person contrariwise, if he says he will do it, he will do it. Looks like the diamond is a good catalyst.

That night, Silvin and I stayed in the Lernean Hydra’s palace and trained together, the Hydra said that he has already ordered his underlings not to make things difficult for the beastmen that pass by or stay. At the same time, he had announced that he was an Oracle of the Beast God. The Lernean Hydra had an absolute supremacy over the naga tribe, if he said it, it was law. Nobody would dare to oppose it, and nobody would oppose it. The members of the snake race believed that he is the Sage, and that whatever he did was right.

This…… is probably the so called blind worshipping.

I have acquired the support of the Sasi territory. So far, I have succeeded in winning over two large tribes for the Beast Emperor……

Early in the morning, the Lernean Hydra excitedly woke me up.

“Lay, thank you, thank you.” His words made me somewhat puzzled, “What are you doing? Hydra, why are you thanking me again? I haven’t done anything.”

The hydra said with excitement, “Why haven’t you done anything? Look, look at my head!”

I stared at him, the four heads that were destroyed yesterday were actually restored and were thriving lively, the few damaged heads were also returned to their former appearance.

I smiled, “Congrats, did your power recover?”

The Hydra said, “Although my power hasn’t recover, now that my heads have been restored, recovering my power will be twice as fast. You should know, my heads are the origin of my power. To be able to restore so quickly was all thanks to that gem you gave me, too magical! It was simply too magical! It was like it was one with my body, my body’ energy was aroused by it and was surging abnormally, compared to eating in the past, this was much more powerful, I believe, without long, I will be able to reach the Zenith realm.”

I questioned, curious, “The Zenith? What’s that?”

“Let me answer this question.” Gin said, awakened by our conversation.
The Hydra smiled, “He has woke up as well, how is your recovery progressing?”

Silvy grumbled, “You’re so noisy, it would be a wonder if I didn’t wake up. How can our powers be restored so quickly? Although my meridian channels weren’t that damaged, they still need another day to fully recover.”

Hydra said, “No worries, you guys can just stay here for another day. You can leave tomorrow.”

I shook my head and said, “Sorry, I can’t stay. I’m a little concerned about my escorts, I must hurry back and meet them. Besides Silvin’s power can gradually recover on the road. Right, Silvin, you haven’t explained what this Zenith is.”

Suddenly, as I spoke about the escorts, I had a bad premonition.

Gin glanced at the Hydra, after he nodded, Gin said, “This Zenith is not a thing, but rather a realm of cultivation for us ancient races. We use realms to describe our powers, generally our powers are ordered like this: Beginner, Proficient, Small Time, Fundamental, Fathom, Zenith, Heaven, Luminous, and Ash. Silvy and I are in the Fundamental Realm, but this guy is already in the Fathom Realm. He is about to enter the Zenith realm. Each increase in level increases one’s power immensely; but consequently, raising even a single level is very difficult.”

Silvy interrupted, “When the hydra enters the Zenith realm, I am afraid that even together we could not beat him. Lay, how about we take him down before that?” Silvy’s mischevous made us laugh, while the hydra pretended to be afraid.

I asked, “When you reach the Ash Realm, how strong will you become?”

Silvin and the hydra glared at each other, and both their faces expressed a deep yearning.

The hydra acted as if he was muttering in his dreams. “If I could achieve that level, then I could turn into a nine headed Sacred Dragon; it’s a level that even a normal dragon cannot match. Even the beast god would not be a match for me.”

Silvy asked Gin, “What will we look like when we achieve that level?”

Gin smiled bitterly. “We never have separated, so how could I know anything that you don’t know?”

The hydra glared at me. “Lay, do you know that the so called Beast God of the beastmen is a Xun who trained until he reached the Luminous realm? But now, even that race is extinct; so, can you just imagine how powerful the Ashes will be? By that time, I’m afraid one can match the Mythological Beasts in the heavens.”

I was really surprised. So it was that powerful… Then does that mean i have to train the Fallen Angel to the six-winged state to stand a chance to fight them?

Actually, what I thought was wrong. The six-winged Fallen Angel was the king of hell-Hades’ number 1 servant, the Demon God- Lucifer’s realm, it was not something a mere Mythological Beast could rival.

“Then congratulations Hydra, two tiers till you achieve the level of what the Beast God was. When you achieve that, I will introduce you to the Beast Emperor to become the new Beast God.”

The Hydra sighed deeply. “You think that is so easy? Even though I am one of the the fastest prodigies among the Hydras, the Transcend realm is probably my limit. If I could reach the Heaven realm by stuffing food to death, I should be laughing in my sleeves already. This is the highest that we nine headed Hydra can achieve. But Silvin is a bit worse than me, the best that they can achieve is only the Zenith realm. He is one tier lower than me because their highest possible tier is one tier lower than mine.

I was startled. “Isn’t there anything that could change this condition?”

The hydra and Silvin shook their heads simultaneously. “Among our ancestors, the ones who achieved the Heaven realm are less than 5, but they had no way to go further towards the Luminous realm afterwards, and we have never heard of how we could break through it.”

Gin said, “Ours are even worse. Only three of our ancestors broke through to the Zenith realm, and that is traced back to the time when the two headed wolf was at its strongest. As for us two, to even achieve this tier is already quite something. This is also why we don’t know what will happen when we achieve that tier.”

“Oh, so it was like this? Then is there any race passed down from the ancients who is able to achieve Ashes? I think there aren’t any, if even the hydra couldn’t achieve it.”

Gin said, “I think not, the races that could have survived until today are very few, so we and the Hydra can count as the well-known races among them.”

The hydra first stared at Silvin, then he glared at me, and then nodded seriously. “Silvin, you are wrong, that race still exists.”

Silvin was really surprised, and Silvy said, “What do you mean? Is there a race that could achieve that realm!?”

The Hydra said, “The possibility that they could train to that level is extremely low, but there are still some, they are truly the upper limit of the Ashes realm.”

Silvin and I asked at the same time, “What race?”

The Hydra said, “Dragons, the king of the dragons. Among those who live in the Dragon Empire, normal dragons could never achieve that realm. But the Dragon King is something else. It has a single inheritance, as we do. It can raise its upper limit to the realm of Ashes. Sigh… even if I reached the Ashes realm, I am still not a match for the Dragon King, as the Dragon King can soar into the heavens after reaching that realm and become the Divine Dragon of the generation, with the position of a god. I can only become an inferior Divine Dragon at best upon reaching this level.”

Gin said, “You are still pretty good, feel content. After all, you still have hopes of breaking through and advancing upwards, unlike us. Our parents reached the Zenith realm when they were just 200 years old, but until the day they died at the age of 542, they still remained at that realm. I hadn’t had any hopes since long ago.”

“Are there really gods in the heavens?” I asked curiously.

The Hydra answered, “Of course, there is even a story passed from my ancestors. Not only about the Realm of Gods, but also the underworld. They exist in different dimensions, and our world is between these two spaces. “Rising into the heaven” after becoming a God is nothing more than reaching a certain tier of strength and breaking through the binding of spaces and travelling to the Realm of Gods with one’s own power.”

Realm of Gods, what sort of place will it be! I was looking forward to it. “In order to achieve that state, we need to make efforts and give it our all, and perhaps, we could really achieve it one day.”

Silvy couldn’t help but laugh, “We still have hope, you don’t need to worry about that. But you are cultivating the Dark magic, and after death, you will go to the underworld and become a Demon God; there is no chance that you could enter the Realm of Gods.”

I smiled nonchalantly and said, “Underworld isn’t bad either, maybe there aren’t as many rules as in the Realm of Gods. By that time, I’ll invite you there to be my guests, how does that sound?”

Gin said, “Then this is decided, don’t regret it later!”

“That will not happen, we are still daydreaming right now. Only by reaching the highest r realm on the continent and becoming the strongest of all could one even hope to go there! Ok enough now, my bro hydra. Take care!”

The hydra was reluctant to part. “Why leave in such a hurry? Stay for one more day.”

I shook my head. “No, there are still many things that I need to do, but when I have time later, I will come and visit you. You must train hard to achieve your goal of becoming the 9 Headed Divine Dragon. I will trust you with the snakemen tribe, and after sometime, I’ll send some people from the Beast God religion to assist Sasi’s people in the development of farming and industry. Support them; aren’t you wishing for the growth of your own territory too?” I stood up. “Then we’ll be going. You don’t have to send us off. I know the way out.”

The venom head in the middle suddenly emitted light, and he nodded, “OK, have a pleasant journey.”

Silvin looked at the hydra and still wanted to say something, but I dragged them out of the palace. After we entered the tunnel, I said to them, “Didn’t you say we shouldn’t force him? Why are you going to do it now?”

Gin sighed, “We were just about to make up with that guy, and now we don’t want to leave him.”

I smiled, “Forget it, everyone has their kind of living style; like you, you guys like new things, but the hydra likes living a stable life. I’ve already decided not to ask him to become our helper, how can you not see it? Fate will let us meet again.”

Gin said helplessly, “We already left, what is there that we cannot see?” While saying that, we already left the tunnel.

The spherical city lake was serene. On the surface of the lake, the gleaming reflection of waves in the sunlight of the rising sun was clear and crystalline. I bitterly smiled, “I forgot to ask of a boat from the Hydra, we cannot swim through such a long distance.”

Silvy laughed mysteriously, “Who said we should swim through? Did you forget the wind element magic?”

Hearing what they said, I was startled. “You can fly with the wind element magic? The so called “flight spell” could only speed up oneself.”

Silvy said, “Then you haven’t trained enough. With the Soaring Clouds spell of the sixth tier wind element, you can fly.”

Soaring Clouds spell? I vaguely remember it, “Sister, aren’t you making it difficult for me? The highest tier I can use is only the fifth tier and that exhausts all of my magic. I don’t even dare to think about using the sixth tier.” I could barely use some sixth tier dark magic, while every other element is below fifth tier.

Hearing me calling her big sister, Silvy was very pleased. “You are really stupid… If you can’t use it, does that mean we can’t use it either?”

“It is not that I’m stupid. I know what you are capable of, but you haven’t restored to your peak condition, and a spell that exhausts so much energy is too straining. Besides, you’d have to bring me along too.”

Gin said in high spirit, “Just a sixth tier magic, pah, it’s nothing. Such a short distance will not stop us.”

Just when we were in the heat of the discussion, the hydra interrupted us, “Stop fighting Silvin, your “eager to win”-attitude still hasn’t changed a bit. In your current condition, you definitely can’t fly past my spherical city lake while bringing a person with you.”

Gin and Silvy spoke in union, “You damn worm, don’t look down on us.”

The familiar figure of the hydra appeared in front of us. The only difference: there was a big cloak covering his whole body now. “I am really afraid of you, my bad, Ok? But after you came to my place, I need to see you off properly as the land-lord, so let me bring you to the other side.”

Gin said, “Then we will be relying on you again, sorry for the trouble.”

The hydra smiled bitterly, “Really, you guys…. Let’s go.” His green head chanted, “Oh mighty wind, please hear my summon, come together by my side, interrupt our higgs-field!”

I remembered then that this was the incantation of Soaring Clouds magic; I had the feeling of needing to test it out later.

A gust of brise blew past, the body of the hydra began to float, and his blue head chanted, “Oh mighty water, please follow my summon, and do according to my instruction, freeze.”

I know this one, it is the 4th tier water element magic—– Freezing.

Blue light was continuously emitted from the Lernean Hydra’s blue head. A layer of thin ice immediately emerged from the Spherical City Lake, and the Hydra hugged my waist with one hand and Silvin with the other one, then he shouted, “Rise!”

Due to the effects of the Soaring Cloud-magic, with the spur of the Hydra, our weight became very light.

The three of us soared into the sky and constantly borrowed power from the ice. The ice surface was very thin, as after each step it would shatter, but the amount of power was high enough, allowing us to gain enough momentum to start flying. The Hydra really knows how to save energy.

After a dozen of ups and downs, we successfully arrived under a tree at the opposite side.

Gin was dissatisfied. “I thought that you would take us and fly straight towards this place. I didn’t think you would use this sort of method, we could have done that too.”

The Hydra slapped the wolf head of Gin. “You can! You can do everything! Don’t you know that I still haven’t fully recovered? Where do I get the strength to carry three stone weighted guys?”

When Gin was about to retort, I stopped him. “You should stop. Hydra, thank you for seeing us off. The blue mountains never grow old and the green waters flow on forever. We will meet in the future.” Finished speaking, I pulled Silvin and was about to leave.

The Hydra suddenly stopped me and murmured, “Ehm, ehm, Layson, I want to go with you guys.”

Silvin and I were both startled, then they were overjoyed by the good news, and the three of us asked at the same time, “Really?”

The Hydra stuck out his chest. “Of course it’s true. I have decided. Little sister Silvy was right, I can’t stay here all the time. Now that I don’t need to train while eating tons of food anymore, isn’t it better to go with you guys? Perhaps it would even help with my training. At the same time, I think Layson is someone who I can trust, which is why I decided to go with you guys and see the world out there. However, I have two conditions.”

I smiled. “Tell me.”

The hydra submerged into deep thoughts. “First, give me a good name. I don’t want to be called Hydra by you guys all the time; secondly, if there is an opportunity in the future, I hope that you can……” While saying so, the nine heads simultaneously turned red. I knew that he was embarrassed. “I hope that you could help me find a wife.”

Gin and Silvy were both startled. “Wife(Waifu)?” Then they started laughing wildly and Silvy said, “So it is mating time for you, wahahaha, I’m dying from laughing.”

I tried hard not to laugh out loud. “I can help you with the first condition right now, but the second….. I’ve never been a match-maker. So how can I help you out there?”

The Hydra said to Silvin with hatred in his voice, “Do you think we are all hermaphrodites like you? If I don’t find a wife, how could I continue my lineage of the Lernean Hydra?”


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