Chapter 4

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Volume 5 Chapter 4: A Difficult Battle Against The Serpent King

Translated By: Demenious, GX, Andy, Sara

Edited By: vanagandr, M2t5, LosThantos

Since we were standing next to each other, the Lernaean Hydra only had to focus his attacks on one position. Every attack was concentrated at the frontmost defensive barrier. Of all the attacks, the poisonous gas was the most dangerous, the external earth-element defensive barrier had already begun to corrode.

I suddenly noticed that the yellow snake head which could use earth-element magic had not attacked from the beginning. Its eyes were closed as it swayed and shook its head. I didn’t know what it was doing.

Silvy suddenly cried out in surprise, “Be careful!” A giant stone, similar to a small mountain, suddenly appeared in the sky and was heading towards us. This was a level 7 earth-element offensive magic- Meteor. This magic’s offensive power was immense, its area of effect was huge too. If I tried to block it with my skills, it could only result in me being pressed into meat patty.

In the blink of an eye, I understood the the Lernaean Hydra’s plan. He wanted to use the attacks of his other heads to bind us, while using a high level magic with that yellow head. This was an attempt to annihilate us in one fell swoop. What a ruthless scheme.

There was no way to dodge while resisting his other attacks, so we had to take this one head on. Gin and Silvy furiously roared in unison, and laid out another two layers of golden silver wall of chi defence. I promptly chanted,

“Oh most wondrous God of Darkness, with mine soul as the sacrifice, with mine life as the bridge, grant me thy infinite godly power, form a solid dark barrier, and protect thy servant! Dark Barrier!”

This was a level 4 strengthening type magic -Dark Barrier. Its strength was pretty good, as my Dark Magic had greatly improved.

The meteor landed with a loud bang, heavily slamming against the barrier we set up. I helplessly watched, as layer after layer of the barriers shattered from its force. Silvin’s four legs had already deeply sunk into the soil. The fall of the meteor had naturally protected us from the other attacks of the hydra. I grabbed Gin’s long fur and brought forth my strength to swing Black Sable, sending out a thin stretch of chi which had the intention to use “Hurricane”. With a loud sound the ground exploded right where we stood. I used the force of the recoil to quickly escape the Meteor attack, while pulling Silvin. The enormous meteor abruptly fell, smashing the ground and creating a deep pit.

Blood was seeped out of Silvins’ ears and noses. The two wolf-heads were coarsely gasping for air. They had blocked most of the damage so that I had the time to save the 3 of us. If they hadn’t, our deaths would have been inevitable.

The moment we landed, a huge amount of middle and lower level magics and poisonous gas came towards us, not giving us the slightest chance to grasp for breath. It seemed that the Lernean Hydra was really furious. Silvin arduously chanted incantations and laid out another three layers of defensive barrier.

Silvy asked me, her head inclined, “Lay, what should we do? If we take another attack of that scale, we will be done for.” As expected, the snake head that specialized in earth-element magic was chanting something again.

Only death awaits us if we don’t go all out now.

“Darkness condense in mine soul. To have fallen is to be freed. Awaken! Myriad of magical powers that hath slumbered in mine blood!”

I released my Fallen Angel’s energy, a wide expanse of black mist revolved around me, black wings descended upon the earth once again. My entire body was shrouded in the dark mist. The lion mask on my face turned into ashes under my tyrannical power, “Oh most wondrous God of Darkness, with mine soul as the sacrifice, with mine life as the bridge, grant me thy infinite godly power, form a solid dark barrier, and protect thy servant! Dark Barrier!”

The same magic, but after my transformation the power was hardly the same. For the time being all the attacks had been warded off. Silvin’s body felt lighter, I took advantage of this opportunity to quickly adjust and rest their body’s chi and magic.

Lernean Hydra was dumbfounded seeing the unusual changes on our side, the head in the middle blinked its eyes and cried out in surprise, “Demon Clan.” In his surprise, the attacks of his heads seemed to weaken a little.

While his attacks were slowed, I yelled and rammed Black Sable’s blade into the ground before me with both hands. I shouted, “Prepare to attack” as I controlled my Mad God chi and Dark Magic, which were going completely mad, and launched the two energies at the submerged part of the Hydra.

“Hong!” The two frantic energies exploded on the lower body of the Lernean Hydra. The entire lake looked as if it was boiling. Over 10m high pillars of water were exploding everywhere. The power of my attack threw the Lernean Hydra off guard and sent his entire body flying out of the lake. I was surprised to see that his body was ten feet in diameter, and more than ten feet tall.

I violently shouted, “Go.” Flapping my wings, I shot towards the Lernean Hydra my sword and body as one. Silvin did not dare to be careless in the slightest, he suppressed his body’s inner injuries and rose to pounce. I arrived in front of the worm first and used Black Sable to slash with my full might.

Since it was still in the air, and falling towards the lake, there was no way to dodge my attack. He was forced to use three of his heavily injured melee heads to try and block the attack. But there was no way that those already injured snake heads could sustain my attack. Ka Cha! With three consecutive slashes, the three heads left their main body.

Silvin came just in time, let out a joyful howl and like a golden silver meteor they rammed into the Lernaean Hydra. The hydra fell back into the water. But the Lernean Hydra did not panic, it sent four magical shots and one poisonous gas shot at us as it fell into the lake.

These massive energies collided with, a completely unprotected Silvin in the sky, consecutively producing Hong Hong noises. Due to the threat of the poisonous gas, Silvin was unable to pursue their attacks further, but the static energy still sent the Lernean Hydra flying 10 feet away.

I avoided the aftershock of their collision and kept Black Sable to my back. I shouted loudly, “Hundred Splits of Mad Shadows” My body split into two, two into four, four into eight, eight into sixteen……. Turning into countless shadows which all flew towards the Lernean Hydra. This was the fourth style of the Mad God fist. This was the first time I actually used this move in a real fight.

I didn’t use Black Sable due to two reasons: the first was because I feared I would kill the Lernean Hydra and breed grudges from the snake tribe, and the second being that I hadn’t fully mastered the essence of this technique, so using my fist would display a greater power.

Buffed by the Fallen Angel transformation, the Hundred Splits of Mad Shadows showed tremendous power. While each shadow was illusionary, it could also produce material attacks. The shadows reached the Lernean Hydra as fast as lightning, and successfully broke through the worm’s four layers of magical barriers he had lain out. Peng, Peng……  The Lernean Hydra was consecutively hit more than a hundred times. Of its five heads, the flesh of three of them had been heavily lacerated.

The power of my attack was astounding, the combination of Mad God Chi with Dark Magic was devastating. The Lernean Hydra, who had been inflicted with serious damage by Silvin was unable to resist at all. It’s body became twisted, by the time it had reached the water, the only heads that remained intact were the water-element and the wind-element heads.

Silvin flashed to my side, wanting to pursue and attack, I grabbed Gin’s long fur and said, “We should show mercy while we can, our objective is not to kill him.”

The Lernean Hydra’s blood dyed a large area of the lake red. I hugged Gin’s neck while flapping my wings, lifting us off the ground, into the sky. The surrounding snakeman soldiers were already in an uproar when I chopped off three heads of the Lernean Hydra before, every single one of them had red eyes with the intention to rush over here and get revenge for their lord.

I wielded Black Sable, letting out a black energy which exploded 10 meters away from the snakeman soldiers. It left a 2 meters deep pit. I said, “I do not wish to kill anyone. Even your Nine-Headed Sage fell to my blade, what’s the point of you guys trying to fight us?”

Actually, scaring them was my only option, after the fight with the Lernean Hydra, Silvin and I had exhausted a great amount of our energy. There were simply too many snakemen. We didn’t have the strength anymore to deal with all of them.

The lake water continuously emitted bubbles, the Lernean Hydra slowly surfaced while dragging along his two remaining heads.

Silvin entered a posture that clearly showed  desire to fight. The Lernean Hydra hurriedly flashed and drew back 30 meters. The blue head lamented, “Stop fighting, I concede.” I was stupefied, he was insufferably arrogant just now, why did he become so weak now?

Gin shouted, “Ask your snake people to get lost.”

The Lernean Hydra helplessly roared, “You bunch of trash, get lost now.” He turned to us, “Don’t kill me, I surrender unconditionally, I’ll give you guys whatever you want.” I didn’t know what he used to limit the dispersion of his voice but only we could hear it.  Silvy chuckled, “So the great Nine-Headed Sage of the snake tribe is an imbecile, weak coward who fears death.”

The hydra said furiously, “Puh, can you beat me? If not for this Demon Clan, hmph, I would’ve eaten you two-headed mongrel long ago.” Silvy was angry, she opened her mouth and a silver energy orb shot out, she chided, “You still dare to say that.”

The hydra didn’t dare to take it head on, he swayed and dodged, “Fine, fine, fine, I can’t beat you, we will not talk about it anymore, what do you want?”

I said, “I am not from the Demon Clan, but I will admit, if you had gone all out from the beginning, it would be uncertain whether we could have won.” The hydra proudly lifted his head and glared at Silvy.

Gin said with a deep voice, “Let’s continue at your place, or are you planning to keep us hanging out here?”

The Hydra sighed, he turned around and headed towards the spherical city cleaving through the waves.

I flapped my wings while Silvin closely followed behind. As we caught up to the Lernean Hydra in the air, I transmitted my voice, “You should better not pull out any tricks, or else I will chop off your last two heads.”

The Lernean Hydra hurriedly said, “I’m afraid of you guys. Anyway, who could match you in this territory? I certainly do not want my ‘sons’ to die for nothing.” Silvy complacently said, “Good.”

The Lernean Hydra did not use the main entrance, he went round to the side of the spherical city and entered from a cave. I glanced at Gin and transmitted my voice, “There shouldn’t be any problems, let’s follow. He has lost seven heads, this guy basically doesn’t have any strength left to resist.” I lead Silvin to the ground and revoked my Fallen Angel transformation, Silvin also returned to his werewolf appearance. The Lernean Hydra looked at us and followed us in, his body swayed before turning into a common snakeman. It was amusing to see that out of nine his heads, only two remained upright, three were weakly dangling while the remainder were missing.

His four tiny eyes on his remaining two heads were cautiously watching us, he asked, “Are you really not going to kill me?”

I slightly smiled, and maintained a “kind” manner as best as I could, I said, “Of course we won’t kill you, we have come here to borrow your power.”

The Lernean Hydra’s heads shook and said with slight anger, “You are here to request something from me but you even broke seven of my heads, you guys are too heartless.”

Gin rejoiced in its misfortune, “If we hadn’t done that, would you honestly cooperate with us? Enough nonsense, this isn’t the right place to be discussing about conditions.”

The Lernean Hydra hissed and stuck out his forked tongue at Silvin, he then turned and entered the cave, he said, “Follow me.” Silvin and I smiled at each other and followed. After the implicit recognition during the fight, our friendship had grown to a whole new level.

In the winding damp cave,after an hour’s walk we arrived at a dead end. There the Lernean Hydra pressed on an inconspicuous stone on the wall, the wall at the end of the path became a stone door and rose, “This is the entrance to my palace, let’s go in and talk. I’ve hidden a large amount of explosives here, if you guys try to harm me, hehe…..” This worm was really cunning, although we were very careful, we were still tricked into his hands unknowingly.

Even though I admired his cunningness, I couldn’t back down now. I said with disdain, “Hmph, do you think you will have the chance to set off your explosives? Hurry up and show the way we truly do not have the intention to kill you.”

Going through the stone door, there was a broad tunnel. The tunnel was built with thick stones, two bright torches hung on the walls on both sides. Through the tunnel, we arrived at a palace. That’s right, a palace; the luxury here have greatly exceeded that of the Beat Emperor’s imperial palace. It’s class was even higher than that of the VIP room I once lived in.

I could tell that this place wasn’t just a bedroom, because the large bed that was planked and bedded with a good quality fur cotton padded mattress only occupied ¼ of this place. How come all the ancient beasts have large beds? Are they afraid of transforming when they were sleeping?

Gin knocked on the handrail made of jade and said surprised, “Nine headed worm, you chap, you really know how to enjoy life. This place is even more luxurious than ours in Yuna.”

Silvy stamped her foot on the carpet on the ground, “Could this be a white bear fur? Even though the fur isn’t long, but its gloss and tenaciousness are unrivaled. Looks like you, chap, are very rich.”

The hydra snorted and answered, “Of course! Do you think I would help those commoners farm? I enjoy my life, especially in the winter. How could I sleep well if I can’t keep myself warm? I am the puppet master of the snake tribe! I can get everything I want!” Speaking, he walked to the middle of the room and sat down on a large sofa, “Two headed mongrel, what business do you have, to bring that guy to find me?”

Gin’s face was filled with fiendness as he raged, “Nine headed worm, be careful what you say, if it were not for your ancient heritage , I would have killed you and let your Lernean Worm race go extinct.”

The hydra felt wronged and rebuked, “Hey, kid from the Demon Clan, he keeps calling me nine headed worm, so why can’t I call them two headed mongrel. This is just unfair. If I hadn’t spared them last time, then this bullshit wolf god wouldn’t have existed for a long time already.”

I frowned and said, “I told you, I am not from the Demon Clan and I dislike people calling me kid. We all became friends by exchanging blows. So at least be cordial. How about this, to avoid more arguments, they will call you Hydra, and you will call them Silvin.”

The Lernean Hydra whispered, “What can you be other than a Demon? How could anyone transform into a Fallen Angel if he’s not from the Demon Clan? I don’t believe it no matter what, do you think all beastmen are stupid? But your idea isn’t bad, Hmph… Silvin? Such a tacky name.

Silvy said, “Tacky? At least we have a name, what about you? You’re still being called Lernean Hydra.”

The Hydra seethingly paid no attention to them and said to me, “You said you aren’t from the Demon Clan, then what are you?”

My expression darkeneddimmed, “I am a mixed blood of human, demon and the beast, of course I would possessed some special abilities. Anyway, we came here to discuss something with you.”

The Lernean Hydra said, “Wait I am heavily injured, so let me heal first, then we can talk. You are much more sincere than that …..wolf.” If Silvy hadn’t glared at him he would have said two headed mongrel again.

An old voice rang inside the palace hall, “Oh great sage, I heard that Lord is injured.”

The hydra took a copper tube which, was connecting the tea table with the ground. The voice came from there. The hydra said impatiently, “I am fine, it is only a few friends comparing their skills nothing more. Go pacify my ‘sons’, tell them to guard the ferry properly.”

The voice replied respectfully, “As you wish, your holiness. If Lord needs something else, please order me without hesitation.”

“It’s alright, you go and do what you need to do.” After that the hydra took out a cork from God knows where and stuck it into the copper tube. He raised his head and said to me, “This fucking snakeman tribe chief, if he hadn’t served me so well, I would have already eaten him because he’s so annoying. Ah, no, his meat is too old, he wouldn’t taste good….”

Why do all the races from the ancient times have the habit of talking about endless nonsense? I reminded them, “Didn’t you want to treat your wounds? Do it quickly, I still have things to discuss with you.”

The hydra sat down quickly, crossing its legs it said, “I will start now, do as you please.” After that he started recuperating.

I transmitted my voice to Gin, “Looks like it  really isn’t our enemy. Otherwise he wouldn’t have treated his wounds in front of us. How did you guys become enemies?

Gin and Silvy looked at each other, both somewhat helpless, lost and self blaming.

Gin sighed, “Actually, we were really good friends. Both of us came from that huge forest. But after leaving that forest, we were influenced by the flourishing world and often quarreled about the same thing. After some time the quarrels began changing into fights. But we always lost because he has a higher magical tier than us. Silvy and I left, furious. It was at that time that we met the elder of the werewolf tribe. At that time, the hydra met the elder of this territory. Thus we became the totem of each territory. But this did not stop us from seeking our victory, we would fight him once in a while, of course we didn’t win even once. But the hydra never had the intention of really harming us. To tell you the truth, the main reason that we came down from the mountain was to suppress the hydra with your help,so that we could satisfy our vanity.”

I was a little dissatisfied, “So you were using me! If you regret it now, then just go back to Yuna and be the local tyrant. But I will not allow you to kill the Lernaean Hydra. That would start a civil war among the Beastmen. Is your vanity so important? So what if you were able defeat him? And so what if you couldn’t?”

Gin laughed bitterly, “We will not kill him, and we will not leave you. What you said is right; what happened before was our fault, we were too unforgiving. The Hydra didn’t really hurt us, but today we destroyed seven of its heads, resulting in a substantial decrease of his power. When we were in the air just now, we even had the intention to kill him. You also saw that even when we wanted to kill him he didn’t blame us. You saw it all, that for that trivial matter, that in order to save our face we….. Compared the big Hydra we are too selfish. After his wounds are healed we will apologize. No matter whether he will follow you or not, we will not break the promise we made on the mountain. We still have much much more to learn in the future. But Silvy and I hope that you will not push him too hard, give him a right to choose, ok? Consider this as us begging you.”

I didn’t think that the Lernean Hydra was someone who valued friendship that much. I nodded and said seriously, “Don’t worry, I will not make things difficult for him. We are pretty exhausted too. At first, I was afraid that he would launch a sneak attack, but after listening to you guys, I think we can safely recover here.   

After I said that, I did the same thing that the hydra had done. I sat down and started to circulate the two different energies in my body.

Silvin’s four eyes nodded in agreement.They flashed behind the Hydra and reached their hands out. They began to transfer the remainder of their Qi energy into the Hydra’s body to help it heal its injuries.

The Hydra’s body began to shake and after a while, it gradually calmed down. The remaining two snakeheads started to show a light smile.

The two Energies in my body circulated constantly. With each circulation they produced new energy to replace my used energy.

This was a splendid feeling. After 21 circulations, my Mad God Chi and Dark Magic were fully replenished. I took a deep breath and slowly stopped the circulations.

When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the Hydra. That guy was still cultivating. The thing that made me really curious was that there were four pink heads growing from where his original heads were destroyed. The heads that were beaten senseless started to recover with their eyes closed as well. No wonder this hydra was was hard to deal with. It’s regenerative abilities were actually this strong!

But what surprised me the most was that Silvin was standing behind the hydra, with one golden and silver arm pressed against the Hydra’s back. Their fur was drenched with sweat and vapor was steadily rising from their fur. Silvin’s faces were ashen, they had clearly overworked themselves.

I quickly walked behind Silvin, put both of my hands on them and started to infuse my mad God chi into them. I was shocked to discover, that the so called Wolf God has already run out of power. There was essentially no energy left in his body and yet, he was still transferring his energy to the Hydra.

If I had woken up a little later, I’m afraid that they would have a hard time escaping death. I used my Mad God Chi to first sever the energy transfer between the two and quickly sucked the energy back into Silvin. I quickly sat Silvin down and with a deep breath, I took out a Jade stone and continuously nourish their body with my Mad God Chi.

After being nourished by the Mad God Chi, both Gin and Silvy simultaneously spat out a mouthful of muddy Chi. Their spirits were restored and they had started to recover.

The the gold and silver chi in their body had already started to circulate. Of course, I definitely won’t repeat their mistake and give too much of my own energy to them. I helped them push their Chi circulation once last time and retrieved my own Chi from their body. I left the Jade stone in their hands and allowed them to recover by themselves..

This Silvin really is an idiot. The hydra can clearly regenerate by himself and yet he still went and tried to help him. He should just apologize to the Hydra and it regenerated itself instead of repenting like this.

After four hours, the Hydra finally woke up. He had already restored his nine heads and all eighteen of his eyes glared at me.

I flattered him, “Your regeneration ability is truly astonishing. You were able to recover to your original state in such a short time!””

The Hydra shook his heads and smiled, “That’s for sure! This is my strongest ability afterall. Unless all my heads are chopped off at the same time or my whole body was obliterated, I can regenerate myself easily. Of course, this is nothing compared to the legendary Phoenix who can rise from its own ashes, but it’s not bad. However, it isn’t easy to recover from something like this. Who knows how much I’ll have to eat to restore all my energy. From the fight before, your coordination abilities were not bad at all.  Especially that last attack. It almost got me. It was the two headed dog that… wait . no. It was the two headed wolf that helped me recover before right?

I nodded and said, “Yeah. He feels like he isn’t as tolerant as you and kind of regret it after. Count it as a compensation. He himself was damaged quite a bit but still helped out recover and almost killed himself. Tell me why you’re doing this. You’re too careless. If you started fighting at full strength from the beginning, we wouldn’t have been able to beat you.

The hydra shook the nine heads simultaneously, “Actually we never blamed them, they have always been my eternal friends in my heart.

There are only a few of us left from the ancient races.I really treasure these feelings that I have with them, but I often can’t control myself, and quarrel with them, unfortunately these two are too stubborn.. Oh right, tell me, Why did you guys come to find me?”

I smiled, and told him everything about my plan about the Beast God religion.

The hydra was startled, “You are really ambitious. no it can’t be called ambitious, but your idea is really good. The beastmen are too chaotic, fine, I will agree and support you guys.

But, they must have told you that I am a lazy snake, I am already used to the easy and comfortable life. It’s better to let me stay here and control the snakemen in the end.

I never thought that he would agree so easily. Even though he doesn’t want to come with us, I’m satisfied with the results.“

“I will not force you, everyone has the right to choose how best to live their life, but you need to restrict those snakemen. They are too tyrannical and overbearing. If members of other tribes are even a little disrespectful in their territory, they would be eliminated immediately. “

The hydra was surprised, “Is that true? Why don’t I not know about it? This warrants a thorough investigation, I don’t want to give that two headed … wolf the opportunity to say I can’t discipline my own subordinates. After you leave I will take note on this matter, looks like I’ve been too lazy, it’s time I take care of the Sasi territory. “

“This is not lazy anymore, this is just…” Silvy’s low voice could be heard, they had just finished healing, and the moment they woke up they heard what the hydra said, and couldn’t help but make a comment.

The hydra laughed “Two headed… wolf, so you woke up?”

Gin said angrily, “What, you wished that we wouldn’t wake up again right? Layson, have you spoke to him about your mission?”

I nodded, “I told him, the hydra decided to support me, but he will stay here to watch over his underlings”

Silvy said, “Hmm, this guy is really too lazy. This continent has so many novelties to pursue but he would rather stay in bed and sleep. Layson, thanks for just now. I will return this to you. if it did not supply us with such a great amount of life force we wouldn’t have woken up so easily.”

While saying that, Silvin handed the Turquoise over to me. While strutting passing Hydra, he turned it over a little, making the shine of the Turquoise reflect into his eyes.

When the hydra saw the turquoise, his 18 little eyes shone He snatched it from me and took a closer look at the lush green gem, “Wow, what a pure turquoise, the Beastmen tribe also has this sort of thing?” Silvin gave me a cunning gaze.

I understood his intentions and said, “Sorry but this gem is still useful to me so I can’t give it to you.” the Hydra looked at the gem in his hand greedily before handing it over reluctantly.

I smiled in my heart, and took of the outer clothing, and exposing a crocodile-leather vest, and frowned, “Oh man, I forgot which pocket this gem should be put in, let me search for it.” while saying that I walked over to the teapot, and took out the gems one after another.

In succession it was: 4 black gems, 2 Bloodstones, 3blue diamonds, 3 Orpiment, 1 Turquoise, 1 Amethyst. in total 14 gems. The dazzling shine of the multi-coloured gems reflected off the walls of Hydra’s bedroom, giving it a vibrant hue.. Silvin knew that I had a lot of precious things, but they did not know the specific amount. Suddenly seeing that many high quality gems, they were stupefied. Gin said amazed, “Wow, Layson, unexpectedly you were the richest among us.”

The nine headed hydra was not better, he was drooling from all of the nine heads, the 18 eyes were opened so widely that they almost fell out. Ignoring their surprise,I picked out a bloodstone and gave it to Slivin, “This is for you, it can invigorate the mind, so it is very useful for training and fighting.”

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