Chapter 22

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Volume 1 Chapter 22: Making a Fortune!

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“Then we can no longer co-exist. One of us must die.”
Yang Qi’s murderous intent surged; the [Spear of the Dark God] in his hands shook as it transformed into layers of spear images. It was as if a peacock had spread its tail, as if a single tree had been transformed into a densely packed grove.
Yang Qi attacked with his spear. The strength of the attack caused a dreadful cacophony to arise and once again the illusion of the Dark God appeared, turning the stone room into hell on earth.
The white ape didn’t dare neglect the fierce power of Yang Qi’s attack.It brandished the steel cudgel in its palms while executing cudgel techniques.
The metal cudgel in his hands was made of some unknown metal; this metal was actually able to supplement Zhen Qi. This cudgel caused the the white ape’s techniques to rise to a whole new level. The ape ignited its cudgel with his QiGong. The ape circulated his QiGong around the cudgel at a high speed, creating enough friction to increase the temperature around the cudgel, allowing it to ignite the oxygen in the air.
Their first strike created a huge shockwave.
The impact of the strike pushed the ape’s body back three steps and disorganized the Zhen Qi within Yang Qi’s body.
But Yang Qi had was extremely strong; his Zhen Qi was vigorous, additionally he held the power of five Ancient Mammoths. He held on as the cave dwelling collapsed to ruins around him. Afterwards he quickly circulated his QiGong, restoring his Zhen Qi, making his aura even more imposing than before.
The spear vibrated as Yang Qi attacked again.
Electricty crackled across the [Spear of the Dark God]. As soon as the spear and the cudgel met, the electricity spread onto the ape’s weapon.
zi zi zi zi . . . . .
The cudgel was metallic, so naturally the energy was able to constantly flow through it, attacking the white ape who was holding it. A burnt scent filled the cave, as the white ape’s fur was burnt by the dark energy.
In just one move, the situation reversed, now white ape was in a pinch.
“[Lightning QiGong]…”
A confused look appeared on Yang Qi’s face.
The ability to manipulate lightning QiGong was a terrifying ability because thunder was the most tyrannical force in the heavens and on earth. Normally anyone who attempted to manipulate lightning would tear their body out of shape and crush their bones to dust.
However, Yang Qi had been struck by lightning before and the Lightning Mammoth resided inside his body, so he had developed the ability to manipulate his QiGong into lightning. Yang Qi’s lighting QiGong dominated every other QiGong manipulation that existed.
It goes without saying: since the metallic cudgel was made from metals, it conducted electricity. Therefore, every time it collided against Yang Qi’s attack, the white ape suffered and it could only display half the power of its QIGong.
Several collisions later, all its meridians had been cauterized.
As Yang Qi became stronger and stronger, the QiGong circulated quicker and quicker within his body and the [Spear of the Dark God]’s power was displayed to its utmost. It was as if the God of Lightning had descended and there were flashes of lightning and sounds of thunder within the cave.
At the last possible moment, the white ape sent a strong attack. It inhaled deeply and swelled its entire body to double its size. All the blood within its body seeped out and suddenly the metallic cudgel exploded at Yang Qi through the lightning.
Under this unusual attack and the prowess of the white ape, even a man as strong as iron would become a meat patty.
With a heavy heart, Yang Qi exerted almost all of his power to activate his QiGong to the [Spear of the Dark God]. He then used his remaining QiGong to move the air currents within a 10 feet radius of him, making them condense to form a steel wall made of Qi.
Boom, boom , boom. . .
Continuous explosions rang out as the metallic cudgel struck the [Steel Qi Wall]. The wall broke apart, piece by piece as the the cudgel slowly approached Yang Qi.
Only then did Yang Qi strike out at full force. The QiGong behind him actually formed five ancient elephants which roared constantly. The divine elephant power congealed in his palm, as he struck at the big cudgel.
The momentum of the golden cudgel stopped, and it actually bent a little. On the other side of the cudgel, the white ape’s thumb webbing split open and fresh blood spilled out. Its massive body was sent flying, only stopping when it hit the cave wall, where large pieces granite fell down ontop of him.
Although the strength of the white ape was great, he was still somewhat inferior to Yang Qi who had the strength of 5 Ancient Mammoths..
Especially Yang Qi’s physical body which had been reconstructed. There was a thin membrane that connected his veins and bones, and its power was tremendous. He was no longer a simple human. The muscles and blood were incredibly dense, and when he used his QiGong, even blades and axes would find it difficult to wound him. His body was stronger than the ape despite their disparate sizes.
When the white ape was knocked flying, it struggled to get up, but Yang Qi did not give it the chance to restore itself. He swung his arm, and the [Spear of the Dark God] ]shot out, piercing through its chest.
The white ape was a savage demonic beast. In its critical state, it exerted its QiGong once more and opened its mouth. It spewed out a whirlwind of fire, like a wheel of fire, and blocked the [Spear of the Dark God].
However, Yang Qi grabbed the thick metalic cudgel with his hands. He stepped forward with both hands holding the cudgel. It was actually a martial technique called [Cleaving Mountains].
The cudgel which weighed at least several thousand jin brought with it a tornado and hacked at the head, shrouding the white ape’s figure under the cudgel strike.
The white ape seemed rather unaccustomed to the huge cudgel, as if it was too heavy for it, however, it was a piece of cake for Yang Qi. The combined strength of the 5 ancient elephants could even move a house, not to mention this huge cudgel.
“Damn it! I’ll stake my all!” The cudgel slammed down and the white ape could not resist, and it slapped with both its hands, reducing the pressure of the huge cudgel. However, every smash from Yang Qi was extremely ferocious. At the end, he seemed to become a pinwheel, and the huge cudgel seemed to be as light as a wooden rod.
Bam bam bam bam. . . . . . . .
A succession of attacks chipped away at the Zhen Qi Shield of the white ape. Finally, an attack totally annihilated it.
The white ape was hit squarely, and his veins and bones were torn, with its internal organs ruptured. It stared at Yang Qi, and before it could roar, it breathed its last.
“Good!” Yang Qi had a severe shock and the metallic cudgel was inserted into the rock. He stepped forward to examine the white ape’s state of affairs and found that the white ape was already dead and only then he let loose his breath and sighed.
Then, he pushed aside the flesh of the white ape and from its Dantian, positioned beneath its belly, he took out a small fist-sized [Demonic Core].
This [Demonic Core] was extremely magnificent, and on it were twinkles of handwriting. The magnanimous Qi congealed within was formed from the white ape’s lifetime of QiGong blood.
“Good stuff. . . . . .I now have the [Demonic Core] of a beast approaching 9th tier Qi Lord realm. It is worth millions, even perhaps may be several millions. Let me take a look at this white ape’s cave– it may have some more valuables objects in it.” Saying so, he began to look around. His first target was that pill furnace.
This pill furnace was forged from stone, from a kind of a strange stone. It was gentle as jade, and it had a sparkling and transluscent blue-colored appearance.It felt icy-cold to the touch and its interior was as if it had suffered from cold Qi.
In addition to this, next to the pill furnace the ground was of a completely different color. Yang Qi saw this odd coloration and circulated his QIGong and slapped the ground. It split open and there appeared to a cave-like cellar. Inside it was concealed a jade box.Inside the box were many grain-sized golden medicines. Besides it, there was also a book. This book did not talk of QiGong cultivation tecgniques, but rather, it contained knowledge of refining medicines. Yang Qi had no idea where the ape had gotten this book.
“Nine Directional Scriptures?”
The book’s name, it is called “Nine Directional Scriptures”. It was voluminous and had many characters in it which described many herbal formulations, various refining methods, complex and ever-changing. But there is only a method of refining an elixir, that is “Nine Directional Golden Pill.”
The efficacy of this elixir is written down in many books as – The Qi flowing through Heaven and Earth, all source returns to its origins. Those whose cultivation has reached peak of 8th tier and who have not yet broken through to the Qi Lord realm should take this elixir and will be hopeful of breaking through!”
The meaning behind it is to specially breakthrough to Qi Lord realm.
“Excellent!” thought Yang Qi, exultantly. “Father has already reached the peak of QiGong 8th tier, has not yet broken through to 9th tier Qi Lord realm. Once he takes this elixir, all the Qi would return to its origins. As for me , I have the [Power of Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell]. Later on, breaking through is not a difficult matter for me, I won’t need this elixir.”
If Yang Qi’s father, Yang Zhan, broke through to the 9th tier Qi Lord , then in the whole of Yan Capital City, there is no one who could gainsay him.
That Yan Gu Feng also has the cultivation of 9th tier Qi Lord and he subdues the whole city with his power.
Yang Qi became extremely elated. Thankfully the white ape did not consume this pill, if it had reached the Qi Lord realm, he would most likely be the one who would perish here. Yang Qi had gained a better idea of the dangers that lurked in Dark Corpse Mountains.
Pocketing this Nine Directional Golden Pill, he once again moved through the cave, going over some cultivation books. There were even books from some academies, it could be seen that the ape had stolen it from other regions.
These books were not very valuable, but only for referencing purposes during cultivation only.
Besides the books, Yang Qi found that the white ape’s collection also had a small box for banknotes. The box contained money deposits of the imperial court of Sheng Zu and valued in [Spirit Congregating Pills].
Demonic Beasts require [Spirit Congregating Pills] to cultivate. With these, they could cultivate even more quickly.
In fact, the reason why humanity rose abruptly upon the continent and the notable spread of the [Spirit Congregating Pills] was because a very long time ago, when people still ate rice and meat to survive, their bodies were frail, and qigong cultivators found it very difficult to reach the Qi Exploding realm. But ever since the [Spirit Congregating Pill] had become a form of currency, people’s bodies became much stronger.
This white ape’s wealth was worth a lot of [Spirit Congregating Pills] currency, which it had definitely stolen after murdering people. If people could kill monsters, then monsters could definitely kill people as well.
“This stuff is worth no less than 4-5 millions of Qi Gathering Pills! How many men did this white ape kill?,” thought Yang Qi, a bit shocked. He was inwardly delighted because, with these banknotes, he could help to ease his family’s situation and then his family’s revival would no longer be just boastful words.
After taking all the wealth, he saw that there was nothing left for him to bring back with him.
It is unknown as to what material was the metallic cudgel forged from, but it was certainly a treasure and must be brought back.
Yang Qi could fly high up into the sky using his [Devil’s Wings] skill. Compared to when he came here, his speed had increased by tenfold.
Bringing along his wealth and possessions, he flew high up the forests of the Dark Corpse Mountains. After confirming his directions, Yang Qi directly glided over it.
After an intense battle, the thunderstorm ceased. The sky turned dark, and the darkness within the forest seemed even more desolate. However the darkness of the night gave Yang Qi a better concealment. If not, gliding across the forest would attract the attention of many existences, which would be somewhat troublesome.