Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Qi Explosion Realm

Translated by: Demenious, GX

Edited By: M2t5

“I actually broke through the realm I was struggling with so quickly… I have reached the fifth tier of QiGong.. the Qi Explosion realm…”

Yang Qi punches the air, the shockwave breaking a tree 50 feet away. He looks at his own palm, feeling the pulse of his Qi through his body, and for a short moment, he forgets all about the outside world.

In this one day and night, he has been lifted from hell to heaven. At first, he was tricked into stealing the Hidden Dragon Pill by Yun Hai Lan. Immediately afterwards, his Qi Gong was crippled and he was struck by lightning.

But then his fortune changed, he met the small golden person in the lightning, and from him learned the QiGong cultivation technique “The power of the Divine Elephant suppresses Hell”. Additionally, he also acquired the Qi of the lighting elephant, and now he has broken through to the “Qi Explosion Realm”

Yang Qi can feel the Qi circulating in his dantain has become quite thick, far surpassing the initial level of the “Qi Explosion” tier.

Ordinarily, when a common expert steps into the “Qi Explosion” tier, the QiGong they release is very weak, at most they can only shake a large tree with the gusts of wind generated by their fists. There is no way that they can snap the tree apart with a single punch.

Forget about beginners, this level can only be reached if a practitioner has reached the peak of the “Qi Explosion” tier and is about to leap into the sixth tier, “Qi Armament”.

Yang Qi can feel that his body’s strength has also improved dramatically. It is almost as if he had been reborn. With a single step, his Qi swirled around his legs violently, and the rocks beneath his feet collapse and crack open.

“Those who mocked me, and were delighted that I lost my power would never have thought that these events didn’t turn me into trash, but increased my cultivation! In three days, a family gathering will be held, at that time there will be a lot of pressure for my dad to abdicate his position. I must improve my strength further.”

Yang Qi promises to himself.

Yang Qi knows that although he has reached the “Qi Explosion” tier, he is a weakling compared to the other experts of the Yan Capital. For example, the man who crippled his cultivation, “Luo Hun”, is at least at the seventh tier “Qi Materialization”.

“It is never wise to reveal one’s true strength, I shouldn’t reveal the QiGong techniques of the Divine Elephant. Instead I should display the Yang Families, QiGong. My aunt can answer all the questions about my recovery.

Yang Qi suddenly thinks about a scene from 10 years ago, a girl, slightly older than himself, her hair arranged into a ram’s horn braid, was teaching herself how to write.

In reality, Yang Qi’s aunt isn’t a descendant of the Yang family, but an orphan that was adopted by his grandfather. Even though he calls her his aunt, she is just three years older than him, more like an elder sister than an aunt.

Yang Qi played with this little aunt since they were young. But one day, when they reached the age of 10, an eccentric man passed through the Yan Capital, and took his aunt away. Only afterwards was it known that the eccentric man was actually an elder of the Tian Wei Academy.

After Yang Qi’s aunt entered the Tian Wei Academy, she contacted the family occasionally through letters, but in the past five or six years, there had been no news at all. Even then, all of the citizens of the Yan Capital knew that the Yang family possessed a great pillar of support.

Within the Feng Rao continent, the Tian Wei Academy, is one of the peak existences, it’s prestige and power is only exceeded by the ruling dynasty, the Sheng Zu Dynasty

The Sheng Zu Dynasty implements a feudal system, however it’s power is not centralized. Each feudal vassal can administer to their land differently, choosing to enact whichever lands they want. They must only pay tribute to and respect the Sheng Zu Dynasty every year.

The Yan Capital is one of these vassal states. The mayor can hide any truth from the masses with ease, and is able to administer anything he wants. All the aristocratic families in the cities are controlled by him, and even the lands surrounding the capital fall under his jurisdiction.

In fact, the Yan Capital could be called a small country.

However, Yan Capital City is no match for the Tian Wei Academy, it is far too small. It is like comparing the power of a tiger and a rabbit.

This is also the same reason why Yang Qi hadn’t been killed for stealing the Hidden Dragon Pill. The mayor did not wish to have any troubles with the Tian Wei Academy.


“Golden Toad Devours Moon”

“Leap of Ferocious Tiger”

“Grieved Heart”

“White Tiger Carrying Corpse”

Using the thick QiGong inside his body, Yang Qi practices one technique after another. His body turns into a flash of light, appearing in all directions. The QiGong in his body moves faster and faster, and the thunder elephant in the depths of his dantain, starts to merge its power into Yang Qi’s body, bit by bit, producing even more Qi.

His origin of the essence of life continuously expands.

With every technique he practices, his muscles and bones become denser, almost like they are made of steel.

Yang Qi’s body has reached an unfathomable toughness; it had been forged by lightning, and further refined by his cultivation.

He repeatedly punched the air, every fist produced a gale of wind that reached a hundred steps away, piercing a large tree. Even the stones in the way are shattered into pieces by the extremely strong and violent force of his fists.

Even if common experts of the “Qi Explosion” tier could crush rocks from a distance, there is no way for them to execute so many punches in such a short amount of time; the Qi in their body would just run out.

But Yang Qi is different. He cultivates with the “Power of the Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell”, the rumors say that it is a divine technique that can suppress all kinds of demons from hell. Not only is this technique inexhaustibly powerful, it is also the one with the most endurance.

The thunder elephant is actually the essence of a peerless expert’s life and thunder combined. Not to mention completely merging into Yang Qi’s body, even refining a little of it is enough to make his cultivation reach the peak.

So even when other would become exhausted after performing more than 10 Hundred Step Divine Fists, Yang Qi would be able to perform far more because of the Qi stored in his body. He could perform it more than 100 times, even thousands of times, yet the Qi would continue to flow.

This is the disparity.

Even then Yang Qi is not satisfied, he needs to become even stronger. Cultivating to the sixth, seventh, eighth, no even the ninth tier; reaching the realm of qi lord. He wishes to surpass the lord of the Yan Capital and make the Yang Family, the greatest family in the Yan Capital.

In the past, this kind of thinking was unrealistic, but right now it is not impossible.


A huge cry, like that of a gigantic elephant roaring, bursts from within Yang Qi’s body. His fists sending out a tremendous surge of power. Suddenly, he withholds his QiGong, redirecting the flow of qi behind him, forming a faint shadow of a tremendous elephant. It holds for a second, before collapsing with a loud Hong! And a wild wind swept across the small mountain top, the leaves in the trees around him rustling.

He sits upright, closing his eyes and starting to meditate. The thunder elephant wandering in his energy channels. Yang Qi continued to train according to the techniques described in the “Power of the Divine Elephant that Suppresses hell”. As he meditates, he pictures himself changing into 840 million tiny particles, each an embryo of a gigantic elephant which has yet to awaken and form into one divine elephant.

The divine elephant has a head like a mountain, a nose that is countless millions of kilometers long, and sweeps across the stars.

Under the feet of the divine elephant stands the cage of a boundless hell, densely packed with dust like raging evil gods, devils, and evil spirits; all angrily trying to escape the confinement.

These scenes and meditation techniques are all taught to Yang Qi by the little golden man who lives between his eyebrows.

It is part of the training of the power of Divine elephant that suppresses hell.

While slowly training, a tiny particle bursts inside his body, producing a loud noise, and a immemorial portion of Qi, like a gigantic beast awakening, flows slowly out of his body.

After a short while, the birds in the small mountain, resume flapping their wings, one after another. Some have been so inactive that they at first fell from their branches.

At first, in this flourishing forest, there are noises from all kinds of insects and animals, there are non-stop birdsongs and crickets. But when the presence of the Divine Elephant that suppresses hell awakens inside of Yang Qi’s body, all the insects feel an immense threat, and one after another, they stopped making a sound, completely silent, as if they are dead.

The Divine Elephant is the great spirit of the western part of the continent. It possesses the tremendous power to suppress hell, and its’ oppressive aura is also very heavy. A roar could make countless beasts surrender, even dragons and tigers will acknowledge allegiance to the Divine Elephant.

Now that Yang Qi has finally awakened one particle, he possesses a trace of the power of the Divine Elephant.

Right now, his strength and QiGong, all exploded, it is almost equivalent to an ancient tremendous elephant.

When Yang Qi awakens all eight hundred and forty million particles, he can posses the power of the divine elephant that’s described in the myth, and suppress hell itself.

Power to suppress the hell.

Yang Qi finally made the first step towards this unimaginable godly technique.

As he mastered the first step of this godly technique, Yang Qi felt that this is a technique that is truly matchless and invincable. Without the help of the thunder elephant in his body, he wouldn’t have reached the realm he is right now in just one night. In fact, he may not have reached this tier after ten years of training.

The Yang Qi now could be said as an ancient gigantic elephant in a form of human, the killing power emitted from his powerful figure is truly frightening.

After awakening one tiny particle inside ones body, and possessing the power of a gigantic ancient elephant, Yan Qi once again slowly stands straight up, and restrains his presence, the violent presence of a primitive gigantic beast, vanished completely, as he keeps it all in his body

Immediately, in the forest of the whole mountain, those trembling birds and insects, begin to sing and make noise again, regaining their former spirit.

Yang qi’s both eyes shone in the night, like flickering lights. After condensing the qi, the pitch black surroundings are as clear as day to him, he could even see the contour of the feather of a flying bird clearly.

The enhancement goes so far that he could precisely catch the noises of two ants fighting from 100 feets away.

He could hear ants fighting

his eyes and ears are at least ten times better than before, his body’s potential also has completely emerged .

“Awakening one particle made me this strong… What will happen if I awaken all of them? Moreover, I am advancing by leaps and bounds, all due to the thunder elephant merging with my body… If the thunder elephant completely merges, how advanced would my QiGong be?”

On one hand, Yang Qi is glad that his body became powerful, on the other hand he is deeply terrified by this godly technique, he cannot imagine why there such fearful godly technique like this one, is it really something a human could train with?

No this technique is not suited for human to train, but for the Gods.

Only gods can train this godly technique to the uttermost, it is impossible for a mere human to do that.

Yang Qi is a talented youth, he may be a tad bit arrogant, but he is actually a smart person, he often thought there is nothing he can’t do, because of this he is troubled by his feelings and how he was tricked by Yun Hai Lan, leading to him taking unnecessary pains for unimportant matter. He thought that if he stole that Hidden Dragon Pill, he could elope with her somewhere far away, but thinking about it now, he seemed really stupid. He is very lucky that father forgave him.

Right now, in the front of this unmatched godly technique, Yang Qi becomes humble from the depths of his heart.

Once, he has thought there was no method cultivation that he can’t cultivate, but in face of this godly technique, he feels that he is insignificant and his previous assumptions were foolish.

Bit by bit the 18 year old Yang Qi becomes mature.

(to be continued)

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