Chapter 6


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Chapter 6: Library Confinement

After recuperating for three more days, Fenwan and I finally left the infirmary. Back in the classroom, all our classmates looked at us in awe, I laughed bitterly inside, getting sent to the clinic on the first day of school, it is not a good sign.

The class lecture was about something basic, just listening to it for a bit and I remembered all of it, but to get an even more firm grip on the subject, I listened earnestly for all of the morning’s lessons.

At noon after class, both the Ho brothers, Fenwan, and I went together to the cafeteria to regain some energy, the school’s dining hall is very large, it can accommodate more than 1000 people. Different stalls sold different dishes, we all bought mid-priced meals,and because I have a big appetite I got 2 portions.

Facing a delicious meal, my hands were tempted, as I sat down I was ready to devour everything, but suddenly from behind me there seemed to be a commotion.

I followed everyone’s heads and took a look, it turns out that the two beauties walked in, no wonder they drew so much attention, “Appetite and lust are only natural,” the old philosophers did not lie.

Amongst them was the girl I rescued from Black Dragon’s hoofs, and at her side was another girl who was a little taller, with long blond hair and a white skirt which was exceptionally charming. She was also fair-skinned with big vivid eyes containing a hint of seduction, and a body much more developed than Jisue’s. Truly an angel’s look but a devil’s body.

They had just entered the dining hall, but someone had already given up their seats for the two beauties , and even worse, they gave up their meals too. At this time, Fenyun also came, squeezing in at our table. His eyes never left the two beauties, his eyes flashing a light of infatuation, he whispered: “The school’s eight big beauties rarely come eat at the cafeteria, how did two end up coming today?”

Fenwan laughed: “You brat, practically a school encyclopedia, quickly do an introduction for us.”

Fenyun immediately displayed his vast knowledge and proudly said: “The purple hair one is Jisue, ranked 6th among the 8 big beauties, Layson rescued her once. The other one is even more amazing, ranked 4th of the school’s 8 big beauties, Jin Lily. Both of them are of noble birth, plus they are peerless beauties, they naturally became the dream pursuit of most of the school’s males. The 8 beauties usually eat at home, rarely coming out to the spotlight.”

Hosin suddenly said: “Quick, look, Jisue is coming over, Jisue is coming over, she is probably looking for me!” Saying so, he immediately put on a pose that he thought was cool.

Indeed, Jisue came over by herself, she was really heading for our table and soon arrived in front of me: “Thank you for rescuing me last time.”

The Ho brothers immediately showed disappointment and looked at me with envy, I lifted my head to see a little girl who looks older than me by a year, and said: “No need, as long as you don’t touch Black Dragon in the future, I can’t promise I’ll be there to protect you every time.”

Jisue became embarrassed from my words and said: “I’m sorry. Then I’ll leave.” Then she turned and went back to her own table.

I was immediately attacked on all sides, the Fen brothers and the Ho brothers looked at me angrily and very apparently shows their dissatisfaction, Fenyun said: “Layson, how can you treat a beautiful woman like this? She politely said sorry to you, can’t you have a better attitude?”

I coldly shot him a glance: “What’s wrong with my attitude? Can it be that even I need to amuse her? If someone has to, then you go. I don’t care about these so called ‘school beauties’.”

A clear and sweet-sounding yet cold voice sounded from behind me, “What game are you playing, quickly apologize to Jisue. Aren’t you ashamed to be so hard on a girl?”

I frowned and looked towards the direction of the voice, it was Jin Lily and killing intent rushed over. Jisue pulled her back with all her strength and kept saying: “Let it be, don’t blame him.”

I coldly snorted: “With such a big temper, be careful of your liver and growing winkles, no one will want you then.”

Jin Lily was a treasure in everyone’s hearts, whether it was at home or at school she had always been praised, standing above all others. A humiliation like this turned her white skin green, and she shouted loudly: “Who will help me teach him a lesson?”

Immediately, the cafeteria became chaotic, everyone was eager to give me a lesson, Hoxin said: “Layson, it’s not that we’re not helping you, but you went and provoke everyone. We’ll go look for the teacher first, you have to hold up.” Having said so, four people disappeared like smoke, I coldly snorted in my heart, this is a friend, when trouble comes they flee, no loyalty at all.

I turned around and stood up. My tall height and a resolute face showed a kind of dominance. I looked coldly at the surrounding male students.

“If you are looking for death, come. Women are always **beep** trouble.” (TL note: Author doesn’t swear, wrote X instead)

My ruthless face stunned Jin Lily, and her heart suddenly felt particularly bad.

I could tell most of the people surrounding me were nobles, all dressed fancily. Halun, the student who wanted to teach me a lesson before, rushed out and said: “This kid insulted Jisue before, everybody, kill him.” And a fist came, more or less it carried battle chi. It seems their three years of going to school was not a waste.

Seeing their holier-than-thou looks I began to feel some kind of disgust, and I immediately grabbed his hand and coldly said: “I don’t even know how you became a third-year. Today I will teach you a lesson for only knowing how to bully others.”

At, these words of mine, most of the normal students immediately decreased their malice for me, usually they take this kind of bullying from the nobles, but they don’t dare say anything back.

I used strength and bent, pulling back once, with a sound of “ka-cha,” I dislocated Halun’s arm, conveniently I used my leg to kick him away. Halun crushed a wooden table and lied on the scattered pieces in pain.

Can’t believe that for a third year he is so useless, he is not even be a match for Fenyun and the rest. I would have never known, the nobles go to school just for the diploma, it’s a standard part of their path to their future career. Some of them will study seriously, but most rely on their family background to do as they like without consequences.

The nobles saw me hit Halun and rushed up with hatred, amongst the group only a few could match up to me, most are rookies who order others around pretty well, but can not fight.

There were only 3 who posed a threat to me, and they all had darkened faces and without a sound came to attack me, in a short time I received 3 punches and 2 kicks, and although I did not get any injuries, their strength still made me uncomfortable. The surrounding tables were all pushed everywhere from our fighting chi, and the damages were not minor.

The strongest of the three yelled: “You trash, you really made us nobles lose face, get lost. Watch us give him a lesson.”

The trashy nobles were already down by 7, 8 thanks to me, and this is while I’m holding back, otherwise, if they’re not dead then they would have at least lost a layer of skin. The trash heard they were free and ran off to the side to watch, and the 3 who were more powerful surrounded me.

I circulated dark chi and put Armor of Heaven Thunders to their peak condition, without anyone to hinder them, all three dashed toward me. I quickly swung 13 Fists of Wild Thunder as a greeting.

If 13 Fists of Wild Thunder could be used on the battlefield, indeed it is extremely strong, but against these experts it’s not useful, completely missing them.

The strongest threw a punch at me, and I also met him with one. He got pushed back 3 steps from shock yet he was unharmed, my heartfelt surprise, he was the one to receive my direct punch but suffer no injuries. While the shock pushed him back, my body took punches and kicks from the other two.

No wonder they were upper grade students, under their constant attack, my whole body rolled in blood. This way, it began the toughest battle since I was born.

The opponents seemed to be from the fighting techniques group, only using battle chi against me. When I take care of one side I can’t the other, a trail of blood flowed down from the corner of my mouth and kept dripping, but I stubbornly stood in the middle and tried my best to resist their attack.

The relatively skinny noble smiled sinisterly: “Admit defeat, if you kneel and give this grandpa three bows I’ll spare you.” The three of the nobles laughed out loud at the same time.

Our strengths truly had a gap, do I really have to lose to these three shameless students? Fury Shift? No, if someone recognizes it then my identity would be revealed, not to mention I still can not control my transformation. Secretly sighing, it’s better to pretend to be a dark magician. I clenched my teeth and focused for my first time, using dark magic, I chanted quietly: “The great God of darkness, with my soul as an offering, with my life as a bridge, grant me your endless power, swallow the enemy in front of your eyes.” This is the strongest dark magic attack I could use – Darkness Swallows the Sky. I am staking all in one blow. This is a strong corrosive magic, if someone is completely hit then they would rot to death.

A dark fog came from my body and from my command traveled to the three nobles. The three were immediately alarmed: “What is this thing?”

Right when the three were lost on how to resist, a commanding voice said: “Who is using such evil magic. God of light, give me your strength, with your sacred brilliance wash away the endless dust of this word – Holy Light.” A golden ray of light covered the dark mist from Darkness Swallows the Sky, and the dark mist immediately vanished like ice meeting fire. The magic caster – me, felt an incredible pressure towards me, a golden flash, and my body became warm with a comfort I don’t know, and then I also don’t know what happened next.

When I woke up I found myself in the infirmary, ah, no, this was probably not the infirmary, the facilities were more complete than there, probably a high level infirmary. This is all the fault of those two whatever school flowers, in the future I must stay away from them.This battle allowed me to understand that my own skill is still not good enough, consecutively losing twice. Only having the strength but not being able to use it is painful to death, when I’m healed from these injuries, I have to spend my time wisely and train, I can not stir up anymore trouble.

My whole body felt limp and I couldn’t gather any strength, but my body was not in any pain, I didn’t think that after I arrived at the Dragon God Empire, I would not be able to steal any knowledge before entering the infirmary twice.

A male doctor, wearing a white coat, walked in at this time, “You’re awake.”

I nodded my head weakly and said: “Doctor, how did I get here? Why can’t I gather any strength?”

The doctor chuckled, lifted my eyelids and took a look: “Young man, this a school-run hospital, you were hit by the vice-principal’s Holy Light, count yourself lucky if you didn’t die. You are really sturdy for waking up in such a short time. Rest well, there’s already no danger and your body will recover slowly. When you’re well, the vice-principal wants to ask you a few things. I’ll leave first, a nurse will come and take care of your later.” When he was finished talking he turned to leave.

Ask me questions? Did he figure out my identity? Probably not, I only used dark magic, in the continent there are also humans who could use dark magic, and I also have a human body which is not the same as those of the Demon Tribe. Then what is he looking for, is it to ask the origins of my magic? Probably not. No matter what, I have to overcome this obstacle, I still have to learn here.

A nurse walked in, not very old, her face was very pale, with big eyes and looked very cute.

She kindly asked: “Is there anywhere uncomfortable?”

I shook my head.

She slightly smiled: “Then I won’t bother your rest, if you have anything call me, I’m just at the doorway.

Suddenly, I thought of something, I shouted: “Nuse, can I bother you to come over for a minute.”

The nurse quickly ran over and asked: “What’s wrong, where are you not feeling well?”

I said: “Nothing uncomfortable, only, I want to make a trip back to school.”

She was clearly confused: “Back to school? For what? You should recover first before anything else.”

I shook my head: “I can’t, it’s very important.”

She asked: “What is it, to be so important?”

I coldly snorted: “It’s none of your business, no matter what I have to make a trip back.”

The nurse frowned: “If you don’t say why, I will definitely not let you go back.” Seems like she sticks by her principles.

I tried my luck, I couldn’t use Armor of Heaven Thunders nor the Demonic Arts, now I’m no different from an ordinary person. When you’re under someone else’s roof, you must lower your head, I sighed: “Alright, I’ll tell you, it’s because my horse is at school, and ever since I’m here I didn’t feed him, he only eats what I feed him, if I don’t go back he will go mad from hunger.”

The nurse giggled: “There’s such a horse, to only eat what one person feed, I don’t believe it.”

I anxiously said: “I’m telling you the truth, let me go back.”

The nurse muttered to herself for a bit and said: “You are like this now, how are you going to go back? How about this, I will go find a wheelchair, but you have to go quick and come back quick, and don’t have any delays.”

This nurse is easy to talk to, I delightedly said: “Definitely, when I finish feeding him, I’ll come back with you.” I couldn’t help but have a good opinion from her willingness to bend the rules.

I don’t know where she got a wheelchair, and helped me sit there.

The hospital was very close to the school, so we arrived very quickly. Currently it is class time and there’s nobody on the field. Under my directions we soon arrived at the horse stable. When we were there I suddenly discovered a small figure squatting and arranging the fodder, then across a wooden fence fed Black Dragon, and the strange part was, Black Dragon was eating with great pleasure. Fine, he became a traitor, to actually eat what others feed. I then thought, I can’t blame him, I reckon he’s very hungry.

The nurse pursed up her lips: “That fat horse whose wildly eating, wilding drinking, he’s not possibly yours right?” Her eyes contained a light of mockery. She actually said the noble Black Dragon was a fat horse, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

I did not reply, with a sullen face she pushed me over to them, and as we got nearer, the one feeding the horse turns out to be Jisue. At the time the sun was very bright, and Jisue’s forehead was covered in sweat. Her exhausted look let my heart be unexplainably shocked. I coldly said: “Who let you feed my horse?”

Jisue was startled and turned to see it was me, her small face revealed a pleasantly surprised expression: “Are you okay now? I’m sorry about that day because if not for me you wouldn’t be hurt, you were in the hospital for several days, I was worried your horse would be hungry and just came to feed him. At first he refused to eat, I coaxed him for half a day before he began to eat.”

I took the fodder from her hands and fed Black Dragon, he saw me and cheerfully whined a few times, the nurse said: “He’s very beautiful up close.”

The nurse saw Black Dragon and became a little excited: “Let me touch him, his fur is so shiny.”

I wanted to refuse her, but my heart had a strange feeling, holding onto Black Dragon’s reins I whispered into his ears and said, let this older sister touch you, she’s not hostile. Then I turned and nodded towards the nurse.

The nurse happily and gently stroked Black Dragon’s big head, although Black Dragon did not resist, his eyes showed an alert expression.

Jisue was secretly dejected at the side. Sadly turning to leave, her petite figure was very lonely, and seeing her desolate look, my heart softened: “You wait a bit.” I called to Jisue.

Jisue turned and forcefully smiled: “Is there anything else? Since you’re back, I won’t need to come feed him anymore.”

I deeply looked into her eyes and said: “Thank you for coming to feed Black Dragon.”

Jisue was shocked towards the change in my attitude, her eyes flashed a look of happiness and spoke quietly: “Don’t mention it, if it wasn’t for me he wouldn’t have to starve.”

“Since he lets you feed him, I’ll have to trouble you to feed him for a few days, my injury is still not healed and I might have to stay in the hospital for some time.”

“Black Dragon, she is also a friend, don’t be mean to her in the future.” Hearing me talk to Black Dragon, Jisue also came over and tried to gently touch Black Dragon, seeing her happy look, my heart was filled with unexpected warmth.

I turned and told the nurse: “We should go back.”

Jisue gave the nurse a bow: “We’ll trouble you to look after him a little more.”

The nurse smiled lightly and said: “You really care for him, don’t worry, this is my duty.”

Seeing Jisue like that, there were ripples in the lake of my heart.


On the way back to the hospital, the nurse kept asking me about who Jisue was and if she was my girlfriend.

I stared at her impatiently but that didn’t stop her, having no other way out from her persistent questioning, I said: “She is a senior one grade above me, when I just arrived at school there was once where she touched Black Dragon and almost got stomped to death, I just rescued her once.”

The nurse said: “Then why did she say your injuries are because of her?”

“You are so annoying, do all the nurses from the hospital cross-examine their patients like this?” I rudely said.

The nurse’s eyes dimmed, keeping silent as she pushed me back, probably because she felt hurt. My heart softened a lot and couldn’t bear to see her this way, then I told her the story of how I got hurt this time.

The nurse smiled and said: “Seems like, this Miss Jisue really fell for you.”

I frowned: “Why do you have so many things to say. Can’t you let me be in peace?”

Finally we were back at the hospital.

I said to her: “I need to rest, you do your thing. If I have anything I’ll call you.” Saying so, I shut my eyes and no longer bother with her. Finally I can escape this constantly buzzing fly.

This way, I stayed at the hospital for 8 days and recovered almost completely. These 8 days the nurse visited everyday, chatted with me, and although she was a little annoying, the shadow of my heart was lifted by her and I was no longer as closed up, and near the end I kind of looked forward to talking with her.

Through these few days my injuries were gone and I needed to go back to school, through this whole time and my contact with the nurse, now that I’m leaving I was a little reluctant.

On the day I returned to school, she came with me until we were at the hospital gate and with red eyes said: “Will you remember me in the future?”

I nodded but did not reply.

She said: “You have to remember, my name is Kelan, you have to come visit me.”

I sighed softly and said: “My name is Layson, if I have time, perhaps I’ll go.” Saying so, I brought my nostalgia and reluctance and left the hospital gate. I found that both Jisue and Kelan leave an unerasable mark in my heart. The human women’s beauty, gentleness is fully reflected in their bodies, letting a young fellow like me gradually open up my heart.

When I walked into the classroom, no one dared to speak to me, since they didn’t want to bother with me, why would I need to bother with them. I walked to my own seat, Hosin next to me said: “Layson, you’re fine now.”

I nodded.

“I’m sorry about last time, but, we really went to get someone, we even invited the vice-principal.” Seems like they don’t know the vice-principal was the one who sent me to the hospital.

I smiled bitterly: “The more you help the worse it gets, I was sent to the hospital from the vice-principal’s Holy Light.”

Hosin awkwardly smiled: “Ah, really sorry about that, but you also helped the ordinary people get rid of their anger, now a lot of first year students see you as an idol.”

I looked around me, then said: “How come I can’t tell? They don’t even say hello, how can you say ‘idol’.”

Hosin quietly said: “You don’t know, ever since you hit the nobles last time, they vowed they would help you get revenge, these students are worried you’ll be dragged into it, that’s why they don’t dare talk to you.”

Oh, I suddenly had a revelation, it appears those nobles won’t let me go, humph, I’m the one who won’t let them go.

At this moment, Teacher Zuang walked in, she noticed me in a glance: “Students should self-study first, Layson come out for a moment.”

It seems it’s about what happened last time. I followed Teacher Zuang and went out.

She brought me to the corridor, her eyes revealed a reproachful expression: “You, didn’t come to school for a few days, you have been to both the school infirmary and the hospital. I heard you used dark magic last time (it’s actually [secret] dark magic), did you not say you don’t know any magic?”

I scratched my head: “Because don’t they say on the continent what dark magic is wicked? I was afraid everyone will misunderstand that’s why I didn’t say anything. On that day when I fought with the nobles, the truth was I had no other way, that’s why I used it.”

Zuangjin sighed: “Forget it, nevermind, you don’t need to explain to me, I’ll take you to see the vice-principal. Do you know ever since you started school, you already entered both the infirmary and hospital once and have become the problem student in all the teachers’ hearts?”

I stared into her eyes and asked: “Then what about you, am I a troublemaker in your eyes?”

Zuangjin’s face turned red: “Of course not, you are my student, how can I see you that way, not to mention, these two times were not your fault.”

I smiled faintly: “If you don’t see that that way, the others can say whatever they want, let’s go, I’ll follow you to the vice-principal’s.”

Teacher Zuang said: “This is the first time I saw you laugh, young people need to keep their smiles otherwise they’ll get old fast.” Then she turned and bring me there. Her words surprised me, is my current self really that bad?

Along with Teacher Zuang we arrived at the top floor of the academic building, which is also the office of the higher up seniors. She brought me to a door and knocked: “Vice-principal, are you in?”

From the room came a low voice: “Come in.”

Teacher Zuang and I entered a rich and extravagant office, in the center behind the desk was a white haired magic instructor, seeing that we came he said: “Sit, you are the student who used dark magic last time.”

Before I could reply, Teacher Zuang snatched the chance: “Vice-principal, it was a misunderstanding…”

The vice-principal’s hand reached out to stop her words: “It’s fine, Teacher Zuang, you can head back to the class first, I’ll ask him.”

Teacher Zuang helplessly stood up, and when she head out she cast a look telling me to deal with this carefully, my heart cannot help but be secretly grateful.

After Teacher Zuang left, the vice-Principal expressed he wanted me to answer his question.

I nodded: “That’s right, last time it was me who used dark magic.”

The vice-principal used his sharp eyes and fixed them on me , then said: “Don’t you know dark magic is very dangerous, and that one mistake will take your life, last time had I not arrived in time we don’t even know what trouble will arise.”

I angrily said: “They had so many people against one of me, if I didn’t use dark magic, perhaps I would have had to give my life, I only used it under the premise to protect myself.”

The vice-principal laughed: “You are quite confident and just, actually, I also know those students of nobility do whatever they want without care, always bullying the common students, but the school cannot do anything. In the future, if you fight with them you’re not allowed to use dark magic, not allowed to maim them, and not allowed to hit them to death, understand? But they do deserve a little punishment.”

I looked at him blankly, is he instigating me to fight?

He then said: “Your body is very strong, because now there aren’t many dark magic users anymore, last time in the cafeteria I thought the Demon spies had infiltrated our school to do harm, that’s why I used such a high level magic. You suffered a hit but only laid in the hospital for 10 days, it’s completely out of my expectations.” Does he mean I should have died?

“Who taught you dark magic?” It came. he entered the main gist of the questioning.

I already thought of a response long ago: “Once I was exploring a valley and accidentally picked up a book of dark magic and learned it from there. Learning dark magic was very difficult, that time in the cafeteria was my first time using it, I didn’t think the aftermath would be so severe.”

The vice-principal did not question my response deeply, he said: “It’s fine, no matter the reason, causing trouble on school grounds is wrong, from your eyes I can tell you cannot be from the Magic Tribe. This is a good lesson, you have to be more careful in the future. This time I’m taking disciplinary action, if in three months you have a good behavior it will be removed. Your punishment is to go to the school’s library’s top floor and meditate for 3 months, do you have any objection?”

Can I have any objection? If I did would you listen to it? Again I would not be able to go to class, where can I steal some techniques. I shook my head: “I have no objection, I’ll follow the school leader’s arrangements.”

The vice-principal smiled: “Actually meditation is not anything difficult, you can browse the library’s books as you wish. This quiet meditation of 3 months will be good for you, and no one will come disturb you.”

Hearing his words, I was suddenly struck with a thought, perhaps the vice-principal is helping me avoid the nobles? If I go do closed doors meditation then I would not have to deal with the nobles’ provocation, that is also to say I can also get rid of the punishment too. Seems like this vice-principal is very clever.

I sincerely said: “Thank you vice-principal, in the future I’ll try to not cause trouble.”

The vice-principal and I both smiled, he said quietly: “When your meditation ends, if the nobles still provoke you, you don’t have to give me any face, but you have to remember the conditions I told you earlier. I forgot to tell you, I am also born a commoner.”

I smiled from amusement. Finally one crisis is resolved.

I asked: “When does the meditation start?”

He said: “It starts now, I’ll take you to the library.”

The library was at the northwest part of the school, a magnificent 8-story high building, I went along with the vice-principal to the top floor. He told me: “Starting from now, you’ll just meditate, there are a few points to remember. First, you can not go below the 6th floor, the other students are also not able to go up to the top 3 floors. Second, you can’t damage the books on the top 3 floors. Third, practicing techniques cannot damage the things inside the library. Three months later I’ll come and let you out. Everyday there will be someone to bring you meals.”

Before he turned to leave he said: “From now on never use dark magic in the school, if you’re going to use it wait until you’re on the battlefield, understand? You can learn some other types of magic. Work hard, lad.”

I said: “Thank you, vice principal. Oh right, can I trouble you to tell second year student Jisue to help me feed my horse for 3 months.”

“You also have a horse, alright, I will go tell her.”

The vice-principal left, and I was the only one left in the 8 story high library, I looked around, it was full of bookshelves at least as tall as a person’s height, and above each were the label classifications. The floor was completely marble-paved, and the whole library appeared very quaint. On the way up, I saw the 6 floors below all had windows, and the top 3 floors were completely closed and relied on magic crystals to circulate air through the ventilators.

Being confined in here is not bad, I only need to collect more information here and won’t that complete my mission? At the same time I can also raise my strength, I’ll start from there. The vice-principal said I’m not allowed to use dark magic, then I’ll just start to learn other types of magic.


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  1. I like that his attitude is clearing up a lot. He has shown himself to be really cold and rude but considering his history its no surprise. I’m

    glad to see him being humanized. I would like to note that it seems like the Demon race and Humans would have more in common as considering what his grandmother said they seem to hold to the same ideals of glory, honor, familial bonds, and similar things like that. I would also note it seems like they have just as much capability for good and evil as humans.Beast tribe seems to be stuck in the whole Strong eat the weak animal kingdom shit. And its destroying their culture. Plus their so animalistic that it actually causes them to kill their own families and crush their hearts. Its sad really.

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  2. Somehow he is getting more human if I may say so xD
    How ever I look at this he is going to be the one to unite all the 3 races isnt he. Because he got some blood from all 3 of them, and he is learning from all 3 races as well.
    Somehow the beast race is only weak because they dont look out for each other but bully the weak and scorn the weak tough the weak could get stronger and add to their army if they go trough training and stuff.
    I wonder how later on the author is going to change the beast tribe and the relations between the 3 races!!

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