V2C10 – II: Exam admit card

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Translators: Ash
TLC : Miki
Editors: ——no one edited 

Ji Dong silently nodded, his eyes shining. “Pressure is the drive. Dean Yang, I pick the second path. What is the name of that institute?”

Yan Bing Tian said with a slight grin, “I knew you would pick this option. With your bone-deep arrogance, you would not easily surrender to anyone. That institute uses the Yin-Yang Wizards’ ten elements in its name. It goes by the name: The Ten Heavenly Stems Academy. I have already told you all I can, and The Ten Heavenly Stems Academy still has many more secrets. Whether or not you will get to know of all those depends on how far you can reach within that institute. ”

Ji Dong thought to himself, In an institute co-founded by the 5 great empires of the continent, it would be strange if it was not filled with secrets as just the reason behind its establishment is enough to make people ponder deeply about that. Moreover, dean Yang knows something about it but because it was a taboo topic, he wasn’t able to tell me.

Yang Bing Tian continued, “The Ten Heavenly Stems Academy’s enrollment method is very special. It does not publicly recruit students. Instead, every year, The Ten Heavenly Stems Academy has allocated a quota of 30 students for each of the 5 great Empires. And each empire’s foundational academies would fill up some of this quota. This recommendation is just like an exam admit card. With that recommendation, one has the qualifications to take part in the entrance test. Speaking of this, your luck is pretty good! The Ten Heavenly Stems Academy’s recommendation quota varies every year. Because Zhu Tian and Zhu Gui had, some years ago, successfully entered into The Ten Heavenly Stems Academy, currently, our academy’s recommendation quota is 3 people, thus taking up one tenth of the quota allocated for our Southern Fire Empire. Also, it just happens that you three youngsters have condensed your Yin-Yang Crowns and you’re still young. Bi Su and Karl had made the same choice as you did. As for whether you three can continue training together or not, that will depend on your own abilities.”

Ji Dong said, “We will definitely live up to dean Yang’s expectations.”

Yang Bing Tian said, “Tomorrow will be a holiday. Karl and Bi Su will always head home to visit with their families. If you are staying here, you must use this time to cultivate and perhaps make an increase in your cultivation before heading to the exam at The Ten Heavenly Stems Academy in three months’ time. Actually, I am not in the slightest worried about you passing the exam. Your yin and yang dual fire element is sufficient to knock open the doors of The Ten Heavenly Stems Academy. Tomorrow, I’ve to head out to settle some matters. I will come by to hand over the recommendation letter to you three prior to that. Then you, Karl and Bi Su can disembark on the journey together then. We have known each other for four years, and I have been enjoying your cocktail service for those four years. This bracelet shall be a keepsake for you to remember your time here. ”

While speaking, Yang Bing Tian took off the ruby sculpted bracelet from his own wrist and stuffed it into Ji Dong’s hands.

Ji Dong, on more than one occasion, had seen Yang Bing Tian brought out things magically from this bracelet and naturally understood that this was a precious item as he said, “Dean Yang, you have already given me many items, I do not want to receive any more gifts from you.”

Yang Bing Tian’s expression sunk, and he insistently pushed the bracelet into Ji Dong’s hands. “Don’t decline! You can treat this as your salary for these four years. This bracelet has storage ability. It has a space of 10 cubic metres in it. This means that it will be more convenient for you on your journey. Don’t forget, you’re the most outstanding bartender I’ve seen. What kind of a bartender is does not carry cocktail equipment and good liquor? I will gift all those liquors in your room to you for you to take them along. Inside the bracelet, I have also left 500 gold coins for your expenditure. The usage of the bracelet is very simple; all you have to do is pour your Bing-fire magic power into the bracelet. It will then naturally activate that space for you to be able to store or retrieve your items.”

Ji Dong still wanted to decline but was stopped by Yang Bing Tian, who said, “Stop declining it. If only you remember about the Li Huo Academy in the future after you become well-known, that is sufficient. I have many such storage items with me, this bracelet is also not a very precious item. Well, as we are about to part from each other, aren’t you going to mix me a farewell cocktail for me?”

After that red bracelet was on his wrist, that bracelet automatically adjusted to fit snugly with his skin, giving off faint warmth with it. Ji Dong did not say further, but he deeply entrenched this memory of the affection from Yang Bing Tian into his heart.

Looking at Ji Dong leaving his office, there was a hint of a smile on Yang Bing Tian’s face. He muttered: “Foolish boy, you were duped! These past four years, after drinking your handmade cocktails, how would I be willing to part with such a talented bartender? We will once again meet each other in the near future.”

As for Ji Dong’s choice of Ten Heavenly Stems Academy, Karl and Bi Su were not surprised about that. The next day, the academic year ended and sure enough, dean Yang had also already gone out from the academy. Ji Dong and his two friends had also received the recommendation letter and a map to The Ten Heavenly Stems Academy by Teacher Xia Tian. The great Li Huo Academy serene as it always was during the past years’ annual break.

Two months flashed by quickly. Ji Dong’s life, compared to before, was now more full and enriched. These two months, apart from striving to increase his magic power, he also trained in a new thing and that was — magic skill. The fiery flame sovereign king and the gloomy flame devil king had bestowed upon him the memories of the most basic of two standard skills. In the wake of these standard skills, Ji Dong’s training method also underwent a transformation.

Ji Dong spent four hours daily at the geocentric lake for his specialised magic power cultivation, and when in Li Huo Academy, he specifically trained in that two magic skills. This was simply because cultivating these two skills was just to help advance his magic power. In the human world, when he is training in his magic skills, the rate at which his magic power advances is not less than when he does his specialised magic power cultivation. Since he can refine his magic skills and also increase his magic power by doing so, why would he not go for it?

After taking a bath, Ji Dong walked out from his room. Two months of monotonously doing the same tasks every day was getting rather dry for him. At least, during the academic year, he had Karl and Bi Su for his company, but in these two months, he was all alone. Although this kind of situation could increase the rate of his cultivation, but as Lie Yan had previously mentioned, too much rigidity makes it easy to break, so he must be coupled with strength and gentleness. Coincidentally, he lacked a liquor that was required in making the cocktail for Lie Yan today. He could conveniently go out and procure it while easing his tension.

After greeting to the academy’s teachers that were on guard duty, Ji Dong walked out from the academy. After being in the academy for four years, the number of times that he had left the academy could be counted using his ten fingers. Just when Ji Dong stepped out from the academy, a beggar seated at the front corner of the gate of Li Huo Academy quietly stood up and went in the opposite direction.

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