Chapter 29

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Volume 1 Chapter 29: Defeating the Chen Family

Translated By: Ash

Edited By: The Delinquent, (Others?)

With his killing intent increasing, Yang Qi no longer remained courteous to the Chen Family members.

The current situation showed clearly that the Chen Family and Shadow Poison Sect had joined hands. This was disadvantageous to the Yang Family and now the two families were like fire and water, prepared to thoroughly kill each other without any regrets.

Thus Yang Qi came up and used his QiGong to launch the locust-like, spiralling crossbow arrows.

His usage of the crossbow arrows was in actuality a screen for the Zhen Qi technique [Hell’s Whirlpool]. Previously, when he had reached the 6th tier of QiGong, just one rock under the usage of [Hell’s Whirlpool] could break a rock cliff, causing it to explode. Not to mention that at this moment, his body also possessed the power of 5 Ancient Mammoths!

Thud! Thud!…

Continuous noises were heard when the arrows were shot at the soldiers of the Chen Family’s personal army. Their steel shields were all destroyed and the armors on the soldiers’ bodies were penetrated, causing 40-50 people to all fall down in one fell swoop!


The chief soldier of the Chen Family’s private army, who had reached QiGong 6th tier, thought to catch the arrow with his palm, but the arrow just penetrated through his hand, causing all his bones to fracture. Furthermore, the rampant momentum of the arrow even caused his meridians to be injured.

He kept on miserably shrieking, just as if he had met a ghost that wanted to take away his life.

Since the arrow contained the strength to suppress Hell, the Zhen Qi inside it had the Dark God’s Willpower and could thus destroy one’s sea of consciousness.

“Abominable. . .” While Chen Dalei and many other people of authority within the family looked at the continuously screaming leader, each brave soldier halted at once, and all their eyes appeared bloodshot.

Every one of the soldiers in the private army had been carefully nurtured with innumerable [Qi Gathering Pills], and even one death was a great loss to the Chen Family. Relying on these personal soldiers is how the family was able to be tyrannical and abusive, and thus become prosperous. Now, in a short while, 40-50 men had died. This caused a heart wrenching pain for all the higher-ups within the Chen Family.

“Slay him!”

“Behead him!”

“All of the honored members of the Shadow Poison Sect, please exert yourself and use your poison techniques to kill this youngster. Also, after we destroy the Yang Family, sweep the place from top to bottom and do not leave even the fowl and the dogs!”

“Kill them all, do not spare even the chickens and the dogs!”

Rumble rumble. .

As the Chen Family’s dozen or more experts all bellowed together, they all rushed to kill Yang Qi. Among them, an elder at the 7th tier of QiGong, known as Chen Dahong charged ahead, holding the [Ghost Head Sword] in his hand. In a flash, a blue-coloured, gleaming poison appeared to be flowing on the sharp edge of the sword. The intense Qi, which contained the concentrated mixture of poison and sword Qi, sprayed forth from the sword tip.

“[Ghost Poison Sword].”

Chen Dahong was the first to approach Yang Qi; his eyes giving a sinister feeling. His sword hacked at him and the downward slash seemed so blurred it was hard to make out distinctly. The sword also reflected the scorching sun high up in the sky and this reflection seemed to stab Yang Qi in the eyes.

His [Ghost Poison Sword] technique utilized QiGong — not only did the sword have a poisonous Sword Qi which could unknowingly injure anyone, it could also reflect brilliant rays of light that could stab at a person’s eyes and cause all kinds of illusions and the sword would finally behead that person while he was under the illusion.

“[Ghost Hits the Wall]!”

The reflected light was like a wall, as it besieged Yang Qi.


Yang Qi hardly took notice of the sword coming down upon him. His palm shot out and grabbed at the sword, and that [Ghost Head Sword] was like tofu in his hands; in just a wink it was turned into a steel cake.

Pu. . .

Chen Dahong spat out some blood due to the force transmitted through the sword and his bones developed hairline fractures.

Yang Qi stepped forward and again attacked with a fist.

It was the move belonging to [Undefeatable King Fist] — [Unbeatable]!

His palm appeared rather like the paw of a tiger or like an eagle’s claw, or a bear’s paw or a dragon’s foot. All of his muscles were trembling and the Zhen Qi below was boiling, as if it was the hottest lava found in the abyss of hell. All the people could hear a noise like that of the lava of hell bubbling up and everyone seemed to feel a terrifying sensation.


Chen Dahong could absolutely not evade and was hit in the stomach. A blood-curdling scream sounded, and everyone saw an enormous Zhen Qi palm crush him into the ground, where he turned into a fleshy paste and died.

“Dahong!” Chen Dalei, Chen Dalong and the dozen or so other 7th tier and even 8th tier experts, they all exploded their power and rushed over to kill Yang Qi. All of their QiGong converged together and condensed to form a mountain of Qi and the green tiles on the floor all flew up into the air as if it had been shaken loose by an earthquake.

Some of those green tiles were shattered due to the [Tornado QiGong].

“All of the Chen Family’s experts come forth. I shall soon see how you can get out of this difficult situation.” Yang Qi, who stood at the centre of the effects of the QiGong, did not move even a muscle. His QIGong started to circulate and the aura of a devil arose from him. A black waterfall that seemed to cover the skies enveloped him and all of the QiGongs, swords, spears, crossbows etc. that were ten steps in front of him were all reduced to fine dust.

He used the concentrated power of 5 Ancient Mammoths.

All of the QiGong attacks that were rained upon Yang Qi by the Chen Family’s experts, were scattered and disappeared without a trace. Including the patriarch Chen Dalei, all of the 8 tier experts were trembling as they recoiled several steps.

“How is this possible?”

“Our Chen Family’s combined attack that uses 100% of our strength, even Qi Lords avoid being targeted by it and it could even cause a mountain to explode. How was it possible for him to resist such an attack?”

“Could it be that he isn’t a human? Even if Yang Zhan has escaped, this kid is still just Yang Zhan’s prodigal son. It is impossible that he has such freakish QiGong cultivation.”

“This is either an illusion or he has some defense technique on his body. . . .”

Seeing this curtain-like shield, all the experts of the Shadow Poison Sect were gobsmacked — it had never occurred to them that Yang Qi was such a ruthless person who was able to resist the Chen Family’s attack.

“[The Hundred Poisons QiGong]!”

An expert of the Shadow Poison Sect shouted, his shadow flickered and a chain of phantom images became visible. They were all humanoid Zhen Qi and he was of the same level as Yang Zhan — an expert at the peak of QiGong 8th tier!

This attack showed what a “fanatic” he was!

This humanoid Zhen Qi was full of poison, and known as Mannequin Poison. It was immensely powerful and if it spread and came into contact with a person it would explode immediately. The poison emitted after the explosion could corrode every life, even that of a blade of grass, within a 1000 step radius. Even the mud would corrode and form bubbles, this was a great and unique skill of the Shadow poison Sect.

“Little bastard! Let me see how you can resist this!” The Shadow Poison Sect’s member who released the humanoid Zhen Qi was extremely crazy and seized the opportunity to attack Yang Qi. The moment he came into contact with the shield around Yang Qi, there was an earth-shattering explosion and on the ground appeared a huge pit.

The Chen Family’s experts all paused and seeing the huge pit with the poison circulating within it, they all let loose their breaths and asked “Has he finally been killed?”

“Third brother!”

This was shouted by the two elder brothers : Yang Yunchong and Yang Hualong!

“Haha. . . You little bastard! How will it be possible for you to resist my Shadow Poison Sect’s QiGong, the [Exploding Poison QiGong]?” Several Shadow poison Sect members laughed.

“Is that so? Then the Shadow Poison Sect’s QiGong is really something insignificant!” A voice from within the poison cloud floated out — that was Yang Qi!

He blew fiercely and the poisonous miasma was pushed away from him and onto them. The poison floated back quickly and sharply like a cloud of arrows.

“This is not good. . .  quickly hold your breath. . .”

All of the Shadow Poison Sect members heard a loud voice shout out the warning but it was too late, the poisonous fog invaded the group of soldiers and each one of them collapsed — due to the poison fog at least a hundred soldiers fell dead onto the ground. They all issued painful moans and frothed at their mouths, as the poison instantly attacked their cores.

Fortunately, some of the Chen Family experts had already enshrouded themselves with their Zhen Qi shield otherwise they too would have found it difficult to escape alive.

“How can such a thing happen? Quick, quickly rescue the Shadow Poison Sect members and treat them!” Chen Dalei was in a great fluster and let out a low hiss; the situation had worsened now. Previously, with great fanfare, the Chen Family had arrived with the Shadow Poison Sect members, and they believed that even if Yang Zhan came and fought, they still would have been able to eliminate the whole Yang Family. But now, just a single person, Yang Qi, had withstood all of these experts and had further killed a hundred more!

“They are all going to die, so you need not treat them.”

Yang Qi said, coldly. He stepped forward, and till now it was not known how many people he had killed by blowing the poison fog back. He had killed elder Chen Dahong by beating him into a meat patty. The brutal aura felt within the Zhen Qi left people trembling in fear.


An expert from the Shadow Poison Sect said, “Don’t you know how great the power of our sect is?”


Before he finished speaking, Yang Qi dashed forward, like a charging pack of ancient elephants. The stone flooring was broken and sent flying. The Chen Family experts wanted to block him, but even ten steps away from him they were already blown off by his wild Zhen Qi shield.

This poison sect expert who had just spoken had his sight blurred as a finger appeared in front of him. This finger pierced through between his eyebrows before moving ahead.

Bang! All of his brain exploded, and the sturdy skull was pierced through by a finger from Yang Qi.

“Sir Green Poison?”

The leader of the Shadow Poison Sect’s group, who had earlier produced the humanoid Zhen Qi was startled and exclaimed, “You. .you. . .you. . .  you actually killed Sir Green Poison? Do you know what the huge consequences of such an action are?”

“You will also be dead, soon.” Yang Qi turned around and once again those 6 Zhen Qi arms appeared behind his back, those hands formed various hand seals and thus produced large waves of Zhen Qi which then attacked the leader of the Shadow Poison Sect’s envoy.

    “The peak state of the [Hundred Poison Battle Armour]…” The leader stamped on the ground. The Zhen Qi within his body quickly rose and condensed on the surface of his body to form a membrane. This membrane was as black as ink, and on it there were some bony outgrowth which appeared sinister. This was an armour condensed from a highly toxic Zhen Qi. It was only an armor, but it was similar to [The Great Golden Bell Shield QiGong].

This [Hundred Poison Battle Armour], when condensed, was impervious to swords and spears and had a great, long durability. Not only that, but during battles, it would also release Hundred Poison Zhen Qi.

“Come, you little bastard.” The Shadow Poison Sect’s envoy’s leader madly beckoned.

However, just as he had finished speaking, Yang Qi made his move; his speed increased drastically. The Zhen Qi palm that created multiple blurry after-images was only to fool the people. His real killing move was the use of a long spear — which was a spear from the underworld, wielded by the Dark God. This spear straightaway broke through the [Hundred Poison Battle Armour] and penetrated his heart.

Ka cha! Ka cha! The [Hundred Poison Battle Armor] disintegrated into pieces, and the life force that was burning within his body was extinguished by the [Spear of the Dark God].

“How. . .is this possible. . .  how can I die. . . . like this?”

Seeing that the Zhen Qi spear had entered his body, the expression on this leader’s face showed his disbelief. Soon after, the aura of the Dark God of the underworld pervaded his thoroughly wrecked soul.

“Go to hell,” said Yang Qi and he dispersed the [Spear of the Dark God] formed from Zhen Qi. Then with one leg, he crushed the head of that leader of the group of Shadow Poison Sect members!


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