V7c2: Congratulations on your new home! (part A)

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Translators: Ash and Raltzero
TLC : Miki
Editors:  Los Thanatos, NarutoKurosaki, Vangandr

When I saw that there is no room for leeway, I could only reluctantly say: “I thank Your Majesty for your favor, this official will spare no effort in fulfilling your requirements.”

The Beast Emperor laughed out loud, “Good, that will be all for today, you may go. Layson, go back and rest well, as long as you don’t fight, then you’ll be the one most at leisure. The rest of the military affairs I will let others handle, that will be fine.”

“Yes, Father-Emperor.”

Originally I had believed that the Beast Emperor was trying to cut down my influence but I did not expect that he would appoint me as the commander-in-chief of the BeastMen Country’s army. In other words, he was handing over the military power to me, I was only beneath one person but will be commanding more than 10000 people. Why did my father resign from this position right now? There appears to be no valid reason. He is still in the prime of his life so why did he give his position to me now itself?


“Mother.” I shouted while my mother was pruning the plants.

“En, you came back! Why did the beast emperor call you?”

I walked to stand beside my mother, “The beast emperor appointed me as the Beastmen Country’s army’s commander-in-chief.”

The garden shears in my mother’s hands fell from her hands and onto the floor, with her expression undergoing massive changes, she asked me hurriedly, “What? You are the Beastmen Country’s army’s commander-in-chief?”

“Mother, you are scaring me. What happened?”

My mother calmed down and said, “I am not trying to scare you. Do you remember the promise you made to me at that time? You swore you would not command soldiers to attack the Dragon Empire. If you are now occupying the position of the chief-commander of the army, how can prevent launching a battle against the Dragon Empire?”

I sighed, and then I explained to my mother, “Mother, be at ease. I will certainly keep my word. This commander-in-chief currently has no authority as the Beastmen Country is now only focused on its growth and it can in no way dispatch its troops for a war. Perhaps, later on it can, however, at that time, we would be far away in the Dragon Empire. Then we can ignore all these matters of war and let them worry about their fate. Today, I originally asked the Beast Emperor to let me resign and be a civilian, but he declined. He said that the current Beastmen Country’s growth is unstable and needs my advice” and ideas. I decided to stay for the time being, wait for when the time is ripe and we could leave without telling anyone. Mother, do not worry, I will never ever betray you.” Frankly, my decision to stay back temporarily is not just because of the Beast Emperor, but the main reason is Jiyan and Jisue. I currently am ashamed to face them and I still have not thought how I would face them. Regarding this matter, I must come to a decision. There is no medicine in the world for regret, so what should I do?.I once tried convincing myself that this matter never happened, but then I simply couldn’t bear my conscience criticizing me..

Hearing my words, my mother’s complexion eased up, “If it is like this, then okay. Mother will surely put all efforts in cultivating the Chi that you taught me, and will not become a burden to you. ”

I stopped my train of thought and said, “Mother, what are you saying? Protecting you is something I ought to do. Rest assured, as long as you are alive, none would harm even the hair on your head. Oh, and where are first brother and the others?”

“Ah, they went out early morning, right after you had left. Gin told me that they are going to find their troops, and make them return to their territory, etc — I am not very clear on what this means!”

I nodded as I thought to myself, I guess that Silvin and Panzen do not want their troops to be incorporated into the army of the Beastmen Country and thus they want their troops to go back. Although these two races of the Werewolves and the Nagas are returning with a lot of benefits, they also lost quite many excellent soldiers, not mentioning ordinary soldiers, just the meadow Viper and the Speed Wolves—these two elite corps—have had a loss of more than 2000 and 1000 respectively, causing that original team of 8,000 to less than 5,000. I know, Silvin and Panzen are very emotional about their subordinates, and I really feel I let these two down.


Beamon King Mansion.

“Why, Father?!” Layhu bellowed in rage in front of the Beamon King Leo. “I’m better in everything compared to Big Brother, why did you let him inherit your title? Even letting that one mixed… (Under Leo’s angry glare, he withdrew the second word) ….third child inherit your position. But I… I have not obtained anything.”

Leo looked at his eyes, and said indifferently: “Why? You should be clearer on this than me. For a long time now, all I saw was you being arrogant and domineering. Although your skills are stronger than your brother’s, but this is the result of me giving you special treatment. I already taught all the skills that you are practicing to your brother, and I believe that he will definitely be an outstanding chief of the Beamon Tribe in the future.”

Layhu’s eyeballs almost seemed to burst, he was so furious. His both fists seemed to be very very tightly clenched and he could only spout some noises, he was that angry.  “Why, Father? Am I not your most favorite son? But why did you not give me anything to inherit, why?”

“What I have already given you is not enough? I have never taught your eldest brother or your younger brother, but I have earlier taught you. I showed more care and concern for you than I did for either of them, but you? When I was your age, I had used my skills to suppress many outstanding heroes, but you, you can’t even defeat that thin and weak uncle of yours  I have not seen you accomplish anything. You do not have the qualifications to question my actions, get out from my sight!”


“Get out!.”

Seeing that Leo was determined, Layhu turned around and had just left when Leo yelled, “Wait a moment.” Layhu believed his father had changed his decision and turned around and said, “Father, you…”

Leo frowned and said, “I must warn you, do not provoke Layson or Laylon. If you do so, I will promptly break your legs, do you hear me ?”

Layhu, who had turned around, was in complete despair and he looked dull and decrepit as he walked away from Leo’s room.

“Why? Why are the Heavens so unfair to me, aarghhhh——” In the courtyard, Layhu looked up at the sky and bellowed. He raised his fist and said with hatred, “Layson, this is all your fault. There is old and new hatred between us, I will keep this in mind clearly.”


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