酒神 (Jiu Shen)


Original name: 阴阳冕 (Yin Yang Crown)

By: Tang Jia San Shao 唐家三少

Mixing cocktails at a level beyond anyone else in the world, a sommelier, the one known as the liquor god Li Jie Dong. He died at the age of thirty in order to taste the recently excavated wine from the Han Dynasty.

When he awoke, he found himself in the world of the Five Element Continents as Ji Dong the little beggar. In this place, there was a special occupation known as the Yin Yang Spiritual Masters who control the the 10 elements of the sexagenary cycle. These bizarre 10 elemental techniques could make anyone gasp in amazement. Each and every Yin Yang Spiritual Master has their own Ying Yang crown that is condensed by one’s own attribute.

Due to the abundant love the people held for their wine and liquor, bartenders gradually gathered together to form a guild. This guild is named the Bartender Guild, and is respected by all.

Volume 1 <<Yin-Yang Wizard>>

Death by alcohol can be overcome. The five element continent, the Yin-Yang Wizard, also Bacchus1the Yin-Yang Crown which symbolize
s the Yin-Yang Wizard. What fate awaits the Liquor God upon his arrival to this place? Please remember, this is a magical fantasy novel and absolutely not a metropolis or Xian Xia ect…


||Chapter·001 || Chapter·002 || Chapter·003 ||

|| Chapter·004 || Chapter·005 || Chapter·006 ||

|| Chapter·007 || Chapter·008 || Chapter·009 ||

|| Chapter·010 || Chapter·011 || Chapter·012 ||

|| Chapter·013 || Chapter·014 || Chapter·015||

Volume 2 <<The two ultimate fires>>

Lie Yan gave Ji Dong two new fires as present, theJS_Book 2 most Yan and the  strongest Bing-Wu Yuan-Yang holy fire and the most Yin and the most flexible Ding-Si Ming-Yin spirit fire. What change will these two ultimate fire bring Ji Dong? Will he be able to condense his Yin-Yang Crown? How does a Yin-yang Double-Fire crown look like? All this will be told in this Volume.


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    • Sry but our current head editor for this project who is not m2 has real life problems that is why this project is so slow when she is back we will release at least one per week


  1. no offense but i really found this really interesting to read than
    most of your(DarkTranslations) other hosted translated novels
    since it has a unique feel to it and it’s refreshing to read unlike
    most of the stories that are almost the same except they have different MC’s ..

    so please keep up the good work.. we hope the translation pace improved..
    thanks and happy holidays to you all 🙂


  2. I say this is the best! Really really great~! lol.
    I’ll be waiting for the weekly update~! ^^

    — Thanks for the read~! And taking it on~?


  3. Isn’t the first picture on the cover up above (the one that is blue with the large halo behind him) copied off google images and photoshopped? Sort of lazy you know, lol.

    Look at this, I found a part of the pic because I remembered it. Come on son.

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  4. Great novel, but lazy translator… IT’S BEEN 8 MONTHS since you guys started translating it and you are still only at 18 chapters… i haven’ts seen so damn lazy people before… most people do a chapter a day, some do a chapter every second day, they are even some lazier who do only 1-2 chapters per week, but here i see around 2 chapters a fucking MONTH… please drop it and let someone else do it, after all i would prefer someone who doesn’t know how to write the word “know” instead writes “now” rather than someone who only sits there looking at the computer… i don’t know what you do in real life and why it’s so slow(raw is already completed with 600 and something chapters), but if you plan to continuing like this better allow someone who will do it for real, not as a way to just kill time

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    • As we have said before, the translator for this series is busy with real life issues.

      But your whole rant really enlightens me, it makes me want to respond, and so I shall:

      You’re a great leacher, but a lousy reader… IT’S BEEN 6 MINUTES since I have looked at your comment and I’m still marveling at the minuscule pea shaped thing you call your brain… I mean I haven’t seen anyone this stupid since I last went on /r/the_donald… I mean most people look at free things and appreciate them, and some of the ruder ones just leech, but here I see you raging at us for our FREE PRODUCT… please just drop dead and do the world a favor, or just leave the raging to someone else, after all I would prefer someone who actually does something for the community to rage at me than some god forsaken entitled random piece of shit who sits behind his computer… I mean I don’t know what you do in real life and why your brain is so slow (I mean the explanation for our lack of releases has been posted at least 10 times across this website already), but if you plan to continue like this you better be prepared to be flamed back, as contrary to popular belief, some of us on the internet are actually decent people.

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      • You really know how to make people laugh, i think you should go start doing something more usefull for the world and go become comedian in your local teater. I want from you to only drop this novel so that someone else can do it(who is faster than you guys… a snail should do), because i really like this novel, but some people don’t even know how to walk faster than my new turtle. And yes my brain was slow while writing my previous comment(what do you expect from a person who hasn’t slept for 50 hours?). I don’t remember “online translations of novels” becoming “PRODUCTS” and more over “FREE”, get your brain out of your ass and think about what you write “Gen1Dz”. Do you know any other words except “I mean”? you just repeat it like a parrot with broken whistle in it’s neck. Why do “I” have to be like “Most” people? I can be whoever i want and act however i FUCKING what! If i don’t do the raging, then who… i don’t know…. MAYBE THE PEOPLE WHO ALREADY DID IT? If other people can rage, then i can rage too! I sit behind my computer, otherwise how would have i been able to write this? Did you think about this with your brain in your ass and your shit in your head? No, i expected it from you! Why do i have to do something for the community to be able to sit here and read? As a human i have more than enough rights to sit on my ass and write this shit for you as much as i want! I know better than you that there are decent people on the internet, after all that’s how i live my life, USING INTERNET to do most of my work, so don’t talk about belief’s because i’m not a believer


        • Oh boy, this is going to be fun, I haven’t had someone reply to one of my ‘counter-comments’.

          So usually I just copy your format and just replace your words with my own content, just to allow you to see your comment in a new light. But now I think I’ll just refute you using bullet points. I hope you don’t mind me changing the format.

          > *Theater, I assume that is what you meant, if you didn’t then feel free to correct me. I actually do like productions and theater, though sometimes the community gets a ‘little’ too intense for me. In fact currently I’m acting in a play that requires me to stay at school from 8 am to 9 pm for this week. So funny that you mention theater.

          > I understand that you are frustrated with the speed of releases, but it is unrealistic for us to drop it, when we have said that we will continue on it once the translator recovers from ‘real life’. In fact if a group really wished to translate this series at a fast rate, a group could contact us, and given our situation right now, I would be happy to let them translate, and we could provide some assistance editing and etc. We wish to be involved in the process somehow. (Hey it could end up being like LXY where we decided it wasn’t our best interest to continue contributing to the series, but until that point, we do wish to play an active part in the translations.)

          > You should probably think about posting things on the internet, and consider if that is the way you wish to represent yourself. One bad comment while you are drunk or just tired can get you fired, or in a lot of trouble. Just good life advice, if you feel shitty, don’t go online and take it out on people who you don’t know because you don’t know how it could come back to bite you.

          > No matter how you define it, anything in life is product, as there is a cost for every action you take. You reading my comment has the cost of your time, thus my comment could technically be called a product. But that aside, I do think that our chapters are products because we market them to a wide audience of readers in hopes of driving up traffic, and enjoying reader reactions.

          > Not really sure what gen1dz is, but feel free to inform me.

          > I said “I mean” four times. Not really parroting, but whatever. Word choice, damn, got me there! (/s if you couldn’t tell)

          > Well logically you can’t be anyone who you want. Contrary to what you think, you aren’t really free to do whatever you think. There is a large article on Wikipedia about the ‘social contract’, it explains a lot about shit that I don’t want to get into. It explains the whole “You can’t yell fire in a theater” scenario.

          > Again, you can rage all you want, but if you are justifying raging because other people do it, you’re heading down a deep dark road.

          > Not sure where you are going with the whole internet comment, I never said you weren’t on the internet…?

          > I never said you couldn’t read? Just said to do something for the community before criticizing what someone who is working for the community is doing…?

          > I’m inclined to think that you aren’t a decent person, as you are using the internet to flame others but whatever.


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  5. Just a quick question, do you have any rough estimate when the translator is going to be active? And if he’s already active what’s the rate of release?
    I’m really a fan of the author and kind of want to read his novels but I really don’t know where to buy a hard english translated version of his novels. Anyway, great job and I hope the translator will be ready soon! 🙂

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    • It needs to be edited, but it should be up at some point in the next two weeks. (I’ll post it if it hasn’t been released by the time I get back from Japan.)


  6. To M2t5.
    I am a huge fan of Bacchus and am wondering when the next chapter is? Im having huge trouble keeping up with updates as the chapters are not linked in the index? Im currently up to Volume 2 Chapter 4. Is there any more after this? Im highly enticipating the next chapter. I want more! It is an enticing read and many complements to the author/s and translator/s for all the hard work they put in.


    • Hey there Zena. You are caught up to the current chapter. Sorry for all the difficulties you have encountered while visiting the site. There may be one more chapter of Bacchus released soon, but the chapter requires editing before posting. I’m currently vacationing in Japan so I do not know what the schedule for the chapter’s release is, but I’ll try to post it as soon as possible. Thanks for dealing with the delays. I’m glad you enjoy the series!


  7. I read until 2;4 about, I don’t know, 5 months ago? Now I read the whole thing again, hoping some progress was made. The result: 2;5
    sry, I don’t know your translator circumstances, so could you maybe tell me, why is it so slow?
    Pls ;-P


  8. Why do you have active links for chapters that haven’t even been released yet? Volume 2 – Chapters 6+. They all link to the Volume 1 chapters.


  9. Is there a problem with the links? I dunno… Link to Volume 2 Chapter 15 seems to be an earlier chapter… and Volume 2 Chapter 12 seems to be the latest… if I’m not wrong.
    I came back after waiting for bulk releases… and was just clicking on ‘Next chapter’ the whole time, might want to check if if you have the time. Sorry for not helping more.
    Thanks in advance.


  10. Umm the links on this page for Volume 2 chapter 7 to 15 still pointing to the Volume 1 chapters… thought you might want to know… But the links in the menu bar are alright. I can go up to Vol2 Chapter 12-1.

    Thanks for translating! This has been a very interesting story so far.


  11. Hello !

    I’d like to pick up the translation of this project, can someone confirm me that this project is dead and that anyone can pick it up ?


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