V7 C1 The triumphant return. (part A)

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Translators: Ash
Editors:  Los Thanatos

Although we accomplished great things, I, however, didn’t have the slightest feeling of joy. The matter regarding Myu was like a large stone that weighed down upon my heart.

When Griffin and Gwynn saw me, they were not very surprised; as they gazed at me inquiringly, I could only return them a look of helplessness. They stood behind Grichen, not saying anything. But I saw that their gazes on me were filled with half anger and half disappointment. As for these sentimental brothers, I still had a good opinion of them, and if I have an opportunity in the future, I must explain everything clearly to them.

Grichen had plenty of misgivings as he looked at me and then turned around to look at his two sons, who kept their heads lowered — it was evident that Gwynn and Griffin greatly feared this father of theirs.

Grichen then asked my father, “Does this Human race’s man have any relation to you Beastmen? ”

Father stared and then said, “Didn’t Suchar tell you?He is not of the Human race, he is known as Layson and is my third son. Because his mother is of the Human race, he has Human blood and also their appearance. But he also possesses the lineage of my Beamon Clan.”

Grichen was amazed, he looked over at me from head to toe. It was easy to see in his expression that he had suspicious thoughts, and he said,“So he is your son. Hearing what Suchar’s defeated troops said, it seems that previously, he had played a great role in causing the defeat of our great army of 200000.”

Father nodded and said, “Of course, my Beamon Clan are the bravest warriors. I do not need to fear to tell you this: this time’s surprise attack was executed under Layson’s command. I am old, henceforth, he will take over my position as the supreme commander of the Beastmen.” Saying this, father’s expression showed his tiredness.

Not only was Grichen startled, but I, too, was gobsmacked. I stepped forward and quickly said, “Father, you…”

Father raised his hands to prevent me from asking any questions, and said to Grichen, “Brother Gu, let us begin.” Saying this, he took out from his chest a long-ago-prepared treaty.

Grichen took the treaty, roughly glanced all over and nodded. Then he said, “Okay, all the living things in Heaven and Earth as witnesses, I, Grichen, representative of the Demon race…”

“I, Leo, representing the Beastmen…”

These two then chorused, “We are signing the peace treaty between the two races. May the Heaven come down upon us if we violate it.” then these two bit their fingers and formed a blood seals in mid-air. These two blood seals then blended in midair and then flickered with a white radiance. Father and Grichen simultaneously raised the treaty in their hands and the white light imprinted itself onto this treaty, forming a complicated imprint.

This radiance gradually faded and Grichen extended his hand to Father and Father also bent his waist and extended his right-hand and then they both shook hands.

“Well, my army is already prepared. After we return, we will immediately withdraw by 50Li.”

Father nodded and said, “We Beastmen will certainly follow up on our promise. I will let that Governor be in his mansion, you can handle him yourselves.”

Grichen said with a satisfied smile, “The greenhills do not change and the clear water flows constantly. Brother Gu, I am sure we will meet again someday.” Having said this, Grichen and his sons turned around and went in the direction of their camp. Just as they were leaving, Griffin and Gwynn looked at me attentively and I transmitted a message to Griffin, “Brother Gu, if there is an opportunity in the future, I will explain everything to you.” When I said this, I saw Grichen’s ears twitching, could it be that that the message I had transmitted as a thread to Griffin was overheard by Grichen?

Father said, “We also will go back.”

Panzen sighed, “Finally, it is all over. From the time I was born till now, I have never been so tired as I was these past two months.”

Gin smiled and said, “But I feel that this all got over too quickly, I did not have any fun.”

Father looked at Gin and said, “There will plenty of opportunities in the future, the wars in the continents will not cease.” Then he went to Stanla City. Previously, after Father had helped Silvin and Panzen to recover their strength, Silvin no longer looked at him with hatred. Having heard what was said, excited raised their hackles, and Gin put his hand on my shoulder as he said, “Let’s go home now.”

I looked at the Demon race’s big camp. It seemed as if Myu who was within that black military camp, was looking at me with resentment. Ai…….an intense feeling of guilt and shame spread from my heart to all over my body.  Perhaps I did the same thing to Myu that my father did to my mother?No, absolutely not. Even though she is my enemy, I should not have harmed Myu in such a way. However, what should I do now?

“Let’s go.”


The Tigermen, Mayuks, Chimas, and centaurs — the four great races that hadn’t engaged themselves in the war were ordered to retreat. Naturally, they were a bit dissatisfied but with father pressuring them, they were unable to say anything. In this way, we four elite corps and the four great races evacuated from Stanla City.

Father called to me who was beside him and said, “Layson, based on your complexion today it seems like you are ill. Where did you go yesterday evening?”

I lowered my head and said, “I went outside the city to walk. I did not sleep yesterday night, so I am mentally feeling exhausted.”

“Raise your head and speak to me,” Father said in a dignified and powerful voice.

I raised my head and my father  looked at me strictly and said, “Do you have any contact with Grichen and his two sons? Today, while signing the treaty, you and they had been looking at each other in the eyes, and before they left, you even sent them a sound transmission.”

“Ah!” Father’s insight made me amazed. “I do not have any relation with them. I only saw them before in the Dragon empire. While we are on this topic, I even saved them once. I also told them some lies, so naturally, they are familiar with me.”

“This matter I can pretend to have no knowledge of, however, in future, you must not have any association with the Demon race. Our two races have already become enemies and His Majesty is very sensitive, and although he is very good to you now, but if you get him involved in some troublesome and harmful matters, he would not be lenient and will eliminate you. For the time being, due to my relationship with him, he won’t touch you. Everyday, the Beastmen are becoming powerful, and the power that His Majesty holds in his hands is also increasing. After I die, there are not many people who can obstruct him. He will rule the all of the Beastmen just like how the Emperor of the Dragon Empire rules his lands. At that time, you must be very careful. Please keep this in mind.”

“Father, speak out whatever is deep in your heart. If possible, I can help you.”

Father nodded and said, “You will know it all later. Alright, we should also return to our family.”


Demon race’s large camp.

“I announce: the Beastmen have already started to leave.”


Grichen waved for the scout to retreat, “The Beamon are people who keep their promises, it is not something that we need to worry about. We have finally finished the mission that His Majesty gave us. Gwynn, Griffin, did you two recognize that youngster called Layson?”

“Eh? No, we do not know him.”

Grichen’s eyes emitted a cold glare. He frowned and said, “Is that so? Don’t think I do not know. When I and the Beamon King were conducting the peace talks, you two and that youth were exchanging glances, so tell me, what is going on? Although you are my sons, if you two were to endanger the Demon race’s safety or even cause harm to His Majesty, I will not hesitate to punish my family in the name of justice.”

Having been strongly intimidated and disciplined by him since their childhood, Griffin and Gwynn feared their father, Grichen. Under his interrogation, Griffin, trembling with fear, said, “It is like this…We have previously met him. Do you remember, that we once told you about how a mysterious youth helped us to kill the 4 Fallen Angels sent by Suchar? That youth was him, and after we returned he asked us not to divulge his identity. That is why we did not tell you until now, however, we really did not know that he was a Beastman. That is why when we just saw him, we were very surprised, and we wanted to ask him what happened, but since you were talking with the Beamon King, we found it hard to intervene…”

Grichen’s complexion eased and he said, “I hope what you said is the truth. I feel that youth is very terrifying. Just now I carefully sized him up and I couldn’t probe him deeply. If later on we again fight with the Beastmen, he will inevitably be our greatest threat. Since he is capable of killing four Fallen Angels, his power is…….. Alright, you make our preparations to leave. We are going to receive the Dunder province.”

“Yes, Father.” Griffin and Gwynn both sighed; they would rather face a magnificent army with thousands of infantry and cavalry than face their strict father.


When we returned to the Imperial City, the entire Beastmen’s capital city was surging; everywhere in the city was crowded, all to welcome our triumphant return. I and my father walked at the front  and behind us were more than 900 giant Beamon warriors. We were the first squadron to enter the Imperial City. Behind us was Mink leading the Wild Lion corps, Panzen leading the Meadow Viper corps and Silvin leading the Speed Wolf corps. Although the 4 great corps suffered some losses, but all the soldiers who returned triumphantly puffed their chests and held their head high, all of them were filled with pride and self-confidence.

Loud cheers echoed from both sides of the streets we passed through.

An inhabitant asked the person beside him, “Ai, who is that person beside the Beamon King, he seems like he is a human.”

“Do you not know? That is the third son of the Beamon King. As a result of his having some human blood, he looks like the humans, but he is a born and bred Beamon. Listening to what my friend said, this time, our victorious return was due to his leadership, he has surpassed his own father, by them defeating those Demon race’s Fallen Angels it has made us capable of weeping with joy, this is really delightful.”

“Really? However, I had heard that this time’s army commander was the Beamon King!”


“That is in name, but, Lord Layson was the overall advisor. I heard that many matters were by his decision. His Majesty has already taken Lord Layson as his godson and that he has been bestowed with the title of [Astute Prince]. With the Beamon King and Lord layson, our Beastman Country will continue to prosper and flourish. Long live the Beamon King! Long live Lord Layson!”

“Long live the Beamon King! Long live Lord Layson!”


“Ah, who is that person with 9 heads, who is leading the Nagas? He is very frightening.”

“You know nothing! That is the nine- headed Sage of the Nagas. I heard that he alone made the 10000-soldier army of the Demon race retreat!”

“Is he so fierce?”

“Of course! Also, that two-headed wolf behind them is the Wolf God of the Wolf race, they are also fierce experts. They each led the the Meadow Viper corps and Speed Wolf corps and helped the other two corps: the: Beamons under the Beamon King and the Wild Lion corps in the attack on the Demon race’s Dunder province, thus helping us emerge victoriously. We Beastmen now have our own experts, we no longer need to fear the human race and their Dragon Knights, nor the Demon race and their Fallen Angels.”

“Oh! Very good! I will also enlist into the army…”


Sighing my Father emotionally said to me, “I remember the first time I got such cheers. It was when I inherited the kingship of Beamons. This victory, to us Beastmen, is very significant.”


I nodded and said, “Yes. Only these continuous victories can allow us Beastmen to develop progressively. Later on, we need not be worried about the Demon race’s oppression.”



“I have made a decision.”

“Oh?! What is it?”

Father said to me solemnly, “I have decided to agree to your suggestion: I will give the position of the King of the Beamons to your eldest brother, Laylon. Not at the present, naturally, but I will request His Majesty that as soon as I die, to let Laylon inherit my position.”

I was inwardly pleased. I said, “What made you come to such a decision so soon?”

Father looked at me profoundly and said, “You.”


“Yes, you. This is because I am convinced by your insight. Previously, I had never thought that you — the one without the appearance of a beamon— would become the most outstanding of my sons. But this time, after returning from the military front, I understand that just strength alone is incapable of allowing the beastmen to reign supreme. After your brother ascends to the throne, you must properly assist him.,”

I nodded and said, “I will, Father. But what about Layhu?”

A trace of cold light flashed through Father’s eyes, and he said, “If he can get rid of his shortcomings, I would be very happy. He is currently the deputy Commander of the Beamon army, otherwise,… You need not currently worry about him, I will handle it. He has already made me very disappointed.”

“Last time, I killed his mother. I now regret it, but back then, I was very impulsive.”

Father looked at me and did not say anything.


Outside the Beast Imperial Palace’s palace gate, a long, red carpet, more than one li long, was laid out and on both sides of the carpet, there were lanterns hanging along with colorful banners and loud music being played on the drums. The Wild Lion corps’ soldiers stood neatly on both sides and raised their long blades as they greeted us.

“Heroes of the Beastmen, we welcome your triumphant return.” The Beast Emperor had personally come to the palace gate along with a hundred officials to greet us.

We quickly stepped up and then kneeled down. Beast Emperor reached out and took me and Father by our arms and said, “No need to be too polite. I cannot accept the kneeling of our heroes. Ha ha, let us go , we will continue to talk inside.” Our victory had caused the Beast Emperor to be unusually excited; he had finally nearly achieved his heart’s desire.

The Beast Emperor personally welcomed us war heroes into the main hall, where he had already prepared a sumptuous feast for us. The entire main hall was full of a festive mood. The Beast Emperor made me, Father, Silvin, Panzen, Mink, and those chiefs of the four great races, who supported us on the front line, to sit at a table. The other low-level but high-ranking military officials accompanied the other civil and military officials at their tables.

The Beast Emperor stood up, carrying a goblet and said in a loud voice, “Come let us all toast these heroes who have returned triumphantly!”

We all hastily stood up and saluted and downed a goblet of wine. The Beast Emperor continuously announced the dishes, and his appearance was like that of a just-married man, and his excitement showed in his speech.

When the feast was halfway in progress, father, in a low voice, said to the Beast Emperor, “Your Majesty, this servant is somewhat tired. I would like to first return home and rest. Let Layson and the others accompany you here.”

The Beast Emperor was startled, set down his wine cup and said, “Brother, today is a day of great celebration for everyone. Since it is such a joyous occasion, why don’t you drink to your merry?”

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