V2C12 – I:The skills of the two great monarchs

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Translators: Ash
TLC : Miki
Editors: Los Thanatos

The moment when Ji Dong stepped forward with a punch, the blue color around his body faded, the red also flashed and vanished and the Yin-Yang Crown above his head became pure white in color.

Liu Jun had not anticipated this: facing my attack, he is retaliating with his magic power? Is he courting death? Huh, just let my Corroding Fireball devour you.

However, Liu Jun quickly had his eyes opened wide. This was because he had been startled by the move of Ji Dong: the forward step by Ji Dong and a half rotation of his body to throw out a punch. This was because a golden flame had been condensed around his fist. At that moment, a golden colored light also flashed through the white Yang Crown upon Ji Dong’s head.

A fourteen-year-old youth’s fist directly meeting the washbowl.sized blue fireball, the result of this jarred the judgments of this level 29 Liu Jun.

With a small *chi* sound, the blue colored flame was put out in a flash; Liu Jun only saw a golden colored flame flash by and Ji Dong was sent flying by the attack.

Liu Jun himself smothered a groan and retreated a step, and the Ding-fire magic power in his body trembled.

“Impossible!” Liu Jun hysterically screamed. “This… this is element suppression. No, it is not possible.”

*Bang!* Ji Dong’s body hit the big tree and he slowly slid to the ground. He then vomited a mouthful of blood. There was, after all, an insurmountable gap between level 13 and level 29. Although he was able to extinguish Liu Jun’s fireball, he was not able to destroy the intense energy within it. But he was fortunate to be able to break its Ding-fire element and nullify the offensive power of that Corroding Fireball, otherwise, he would have been inflicted with heavy injuries.

What Liu Jun said was not incorrect; he had encountered element suppression. A high-level flame can subdue the element of an inferior flame. The punch that Ji Dong had recently thrown was not really that simple. This was what he had trained hard in for two months, the fiery flame sovereign King’s skill — Bite of the Scorching Sun!

When the Bite of the Scorching Sun was displayed, the magic power within Ji Dong’s body would be transmitted to his right arm by the yin-yang spiral in his chest, and it would finally condense on his right fist and would be spiral shaped. Thus, the punch would appear to be simple but is was very profound, even after two months of training in it, Ji Dong had not completely grasped this skill. In other words, this standard skill, under element suppression, forcibly dissolved half of the attack power of Liu Jun’s Corroding Fireball and thus caused Ji Dong to only feel jolted and not let him receive any serious damage.

Facing such a powerful enemy, Ji Dong did not dare to hold back, and he immediately used his Bing-Wu-Yuan-Yang-Sacred Flame.

He slowly stood up from the ground and seeing the shocked Liu Jun, deeply inhaled a mouthful of air and at his extreme urging, the yin-yang spiral rotated and a severe, cold radiance was shot from Ji Dong’s eyes. Even if he was aware that the gap between him and Liu Jun is very large, Ji Dong would still meet Liu Jun’s attack head on.

The Yin-Yang Crown again became dual colored:black and white. Ji Dong hurriedly extended both arms, a black colored flame soared in his left hand, and his right hand formed a fist in which was a golden hue. The Bing-Wu-Yuan-Yang-Sacred Flame and the Ding-Si-Ming-Yin-Spirit Flame’s ultimate attributes completely erupted.

Liu Jun could suppress Ji Dong using the intensity of magic power; it was no doubt due to the disparity in their levels. But when Ji Dong, without holding himself back, released these two kinds of ultimate flames, their(the two flames’) peerless and absolute ability of suppression caused Liu Jun to suffocate.

Previously, just the Bing-Wu-Yuan-Yang-Sacred Flame had caused the Ding-fire magic power i Liu Jun’s body to tremble. Now, adding another fire of similar origin, the Ding-Si-Ming-Yin-Spirit Flame, Liu Jun felt that the Ding-fire magic power in his body had been completely extinguished. There was not even a 50% chance of success for Liu Jun.

Although Ji Dong could completely suppress Liu Jun using the flames’ attributes, but the level disparity between these two was really large. If Liu Jun could still think rationally, he would be able to calmly deal with this problem. By using magic power intensity that exceeded Ji Dong’s, he would have been able to easily defeat Ji Dong.

But, Ji Dong’s punch— which was the martial skill, Bite of the Scorching Sun — and the total suppression attribute of his flames, caused Liu Jun to lose his calm. Looking at the cold radiance of those soaring, one-of-a-kind, gold and black flames in Ji Dong’s hands, the true cowardice in Liu Jun’s personality was revealed. Liu Jun subconsciously retreated and brought up both his hands in front of him, and formed a blue-colored flame shield, attempting to resist Ji Dong’s forward march, but he did attack. With this momentum, the level 29 Liu Jun had been completely suppressed by the level 13 Ji Dong.

Facing Liu Jun’s defense, Ji Dong did not have any intention of stopping, he suddenly took large strides and then attacked with the Bite of the Scorching Sun. he who was only 14 years old, was throwing a punch that reeked an aura of ruthlessness.

At the present, Ji Dong had unleashed his full potential. Ji Dong clearly knew that Liu Jun was only momentarily jolted by his two ultimate flames, and once he was allowed to react, due to the gap between their magic powers, Ji Dong knew that he would not be Liu Jun’s rival. If that happened, Ji Dong would end up dead.

If he died, he would not be able to see Lie Yan anymore. As he thought of this, Ji Dong felt his own blood combusting just like his flame. His Bite of the Scorching Sun punch reached an unprecedented level just after two months of training.

The moment Bing-Wu-Yuan-Yang-Sacred Flame encountered that blue flame shield, the blue Ding-fire present in the shield was put out. After a loud bang, a strange scene occurred then due to Liu Jun’s magic power being greater than Ji Dong’s after the punch Ji Dong wasn’t able to quickly invoke his defense magic skill. But the Bing-Wu-Yuan-Yang Sacred Flame disregarded the situation. The Bite of the Scorching Sun skill’s results burst out and that previously blue colored shield transformed into a golden color. Moreover, Ji Dong’s Bing-Wu-Yuan-Yang Sacred Flame seemed to be relying on its own attributes as it frantically consumed the magic power of that blue shield.

However, Liu Jun also awoke to clarity using this opportunity. He saw that even though this red-hot golden colored flame was terrifying, it had not yet broken through his defense. This made him recall the gap between his and Ji dong’s level. Even if Ji Dong’s flame was unique, he was only level 13 and even with a defensive magic skill he would not be able to defeat Liu Jun. But Liu Jun had level 29 magic power. Even if his flame was being elementally suppressed, it was still not something that Ji Dong could contend against and it was still very formidable.

But the moment Liu Jun got hold of himself, he only saw a hand, a hand with black flames ignited upon it.

That hand passed through his transformed-from-blue-to-golden flame shield and clawed Liu Jun’s body.

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