Chapter 37: Battling a Qi Lord

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Translators: Ash, Demenious

TLC : Demenious (about 80% of this chapter, for the rest = RIP Mandarin!)

Editors: M2T5, Los Thanatos, etc.,

The Flood Dragon Horses were extremely fast.

For these horses, galloping across a mountain path was like a walk in the park.

Flood Dragon Horses were able to float on water, allowing them and their rider to cross both small streams and large rivers with ease. Only the extremely prosperous entities, such as wealthy families, nobles, etc. could possess such extraordinary beasts.

When these dozen or more Flood Dragon Horses reached the foot of the mountain, they suddenly halted. The old man who rode in front seemed to have sensed something as he held his bridle. A large amount of Qi blanketed the group, frightening the horses into submission, allowing the old man to easily control the horse’s’ actions.

This old man was clearly the chief of the Elder Council of the Chen Family. His cultivation was profound and peerless. As he pulled on the reins of his Flood Dragon Horse, he eyed Yang Qi who stood upon the peak of the mountain. The chief elder’s eyes were like that of a tiger’s, glowing like lanterns in the dark of the night.

Yang Qi felt that his soul had been grasped, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to escape, no matter where he travelled on this land.

This was the effect of [Long distance Soul Lockdown].

What was more impressive were this elder’s stare, it possessed a kind of magical power that affected his soul, causing him to feel sleepy. It had practically hypnotized him within seconds.

This was not something that a person at 8th tier of QiGong, ‘Qi Transformation’ could achieve.

Rather, it was only possible for those at the 9th tier — the Qi Lord realm.

There was no mistaking it — the old man who was leading the group, was at the 9th tier, a mighty Qi Lord. He was the Chen Family’s only Qi Lord expert, an old fogey, called Chen Tianxiong.

Sixty years ago, when Chen Tianxiong was still an active member of the Chen Family, he was known as the ‘Hundred hands Magician’. This was because of the demonic QiGong technique which he cultivated in. This technique allowed him to move his hands incredibly quickly, allowing him to strike a hundred times in an instant, dismembering anyone who tried to defend.

He had long since left the sect, and cultivated in seclusion, attempting to enter the ‘Fate Stealing Realm’. Qi Lords could live for at most 200 years, and Chen Tianxiong was already more than 100 years old. Unless he made a breakthrough, he didn’t have much longer to live. He would slowly feel his body start to decay and could only despair as he failed to produce the life essence he so desperately needed..

However now that his Chen Family had been exterminated, he had no choice but to interrupt his cultivation and come out to destroy the Yang Family.

“Who are you? A mere kid of the 7th tier dares stand in our path?” In a split second, Chen Tiansxiong, the ‘Hundred hands Magician’, had seen through Yang Qi’s cultivation.

The 7th tier of QiGong was two levels below that of the Qi Lord realm; the quality and quantity of Zhen Qi possessed between these two realms was like the difference between heaven and earth. Although Yang Qi possessed an extremely vigourous Zhen Qi, he was still limited by his realm. He couldn’t condense his Zhen Qi into humanoid forms and was unable to perform the [Long-Distance Soul Lockdown].

“Are you the Hundred hands Magician, Chen Tianxiong?” Yang Qi inquired in a loud voice, “The sole Qi Lord of the Chen Family?”

“Boy, who are you?” A member of the Chen Family’s Circle of Elders, who had cultivated to the 8th tier, spoke up.

“It seems as though you have come to Yan Capital City to harm my Yang Family. But since I, Yang Qi, am here there is no need for that. I will end your lives before you can cross this desolate mountain, and thus bring an end to the Chen Family.” Yang Qi’s hands were empty, but his aura suddenly became extremely imposing and impressive.


Burst of wild laughters came from on top of the Flood Dragon Horses. These were all the top figures within the Chen family’s Circle of Elders, the laughters contained intense murderous intents.
A burst of wild laughter came from the group who rode the Flood Dragon Horses. These people were all the greatest experts in the Chen Family’s Circle of Elders. Deep killing intent resided inside each burst of laughter.

“Senior Tianxiong, allow me to finish this boy off.”

An elder flew from atop his horse, as fast as a missile and landed on the mountain path and leaped forward, immediately launching a punch. His leaps were as fierce as a tiger pouncing and his punches were furious like thunder. On top of that, he manipulated his Zhen Qi so it spiraled around each punch. Each of these punches could penetrate an iron wall!

This was the Chen Family’s secret QiGong technique, [Rolling Rock Destruction]!

The elder who had leapt forward was named Chen Tianhua. He was Chen DaLei’s paternal uncle and stood at the peak of the eighth tier. Few could resist his ferocious aura. He had once torn apart hundreds of practitioners with just his bare hands. It was as if he was in a league of his own! His technique had been executed to near perfection, it was melded to his fist like gold and was as solid as iron.

Rumor had it that his grasp could turn metal into juice.

But Yang Qi didn’t even look at him, he just palmed the air. The power contained in the palm was as light as a feather, gentle and soft. Chen Tianhua laughed when he saw Yang Qi’s resistance, “Boy, you think you can cut off our path with your measly Qi? You are like a mantis trying to stop a chariot!”

Rumbling noises..

Little did he know that as soon as he finished speaking, the power contained in Yang Qi’s palm suddenly increased dramatically. With a gargantuan roar, Qi engulfed the entire mountain. Seven Ancient Mammoths appeared in the sky, trampling the heavens, and causing all things within 100 meters of Yang Qi to explode.

“Not good!”

Chen Tianxiong, rose into the sky, gliding over to save Chen Tianhua.

But he was too late.

This fierce attack could not be resisted by Chen Tianhua; his Zhen Qi was completely routed; he was palmed in the stomach and sent flying. A large hole appeared in his stomach cavity. This was the attack dealt by Yang Qi.
Chen Tianhua couldn’t resist this fierce attack, his Zhen Qi collapsed and the palm hit him in the stomach, sending him flying. Yang Qi’s attack ripped a large hole in Chen Tianhua’s body.


Chen Tianhua’s corpse fell to the ground. Just a second ago he had been alive and well, and in the next he was just dead meat.

Chen Tianxiong descended from the air, grabbing Chen Tianhua’s corpse from the ground. He tried to circulate his Zhen Qi in Chen Tianhua’s body, but it was too late to save him, the wound he had received was too great.

“It’s useless, he was too full of himself. Didn’t he know that comparing his Zhen Qi with mine was a suicidal move?”

Yang Qi stood with his hands behind his back as he looked at the Qi Lord. He wore the solemn air of a great master. He had come to have a fight with a Qi Lord;so as to have a life and death battle so that he could make a breakthrough to the next realm himself.

The higher that his cultivation was, the better the odds the Yang Family had in surviving the coming storm.

Besides, he still needed to cultivate to the ‘Fate Stealing Realm’ in order to learn the truth about his mother from his father.

“Young man, that was an excessively vicious move. You are quite heartless.” Chen Tianxong’s snowy white eyebrow twitched. His murderous intent was endless. He had already discerned that this young man wasn’t an easy opponent, he would only be able to win if he fought an all out battle.

“This is nothing much; the grudge between our two families can only be settled when one has been completely wiped out.” Yang Qi said, “Your family was doomed to be exterminated the second that it plotted with the shadow poison sect to poison my two brothers.”

“Really?” Chen Tianxiong strode forward, “Young man, you are being possessed by a demon, while you may feel like you possess profound power, but you are just dancing with a calamity. But that doesn’t matter anymore, I’ll kill you now and destroy that evil demon in your body, then go on to destroy Yang Zhan and your Yang Family.”

“Come at me, you are just a stepping stone on my path to true strength. I will fight you and breakthrough to the next realm.”

Yang Qi separated his hands, rapidly circulating his QiGong. His blood flowed along with his Zhen Qi, and the echos of Hell’s furnaces rang from within Yang Qi. Just these sounds were enough to make people feel as if they were drowning in the sulfur and lava of hell.

“What kind of QiGong is this?”

Every elder at the foot of the mountain paled in surprise.

“Prepare yourselves, we will go up the mountain and surround this young man. Stay in formation, at my command we will go all out and beat him to a pulp.”

The experts of the Chen Family acted at the same time, the elders got off their horses, dashing through the forest to surround Yang Qi.

When a family’s life and death were at stake, none of the laws of JiangHu* mattered. Regardless of what means were used, one had to kill the opponent in front of them.

*JiangHu is the name of a society for those who practices martial arts; like an underground society. They have laws of their own that do not apply to people that do not practice martial arts.

Chen Tianxiong finally acted, spreading his fingers and brushing across his head. Oppressive waves of Zhen Qi came out immediately, like a mountain.

Ultimate QiGong technique: “[Landslide Destroyer]!”

Yang Qi flew up, immediately dodging Chen Tianxiang attack and striking at Chen Tianxiong with his own fists. The [Power of the Divine Elephant that Suppresses Hell] was fully activated within Yang Qi as he beat down upon Chen Tianxiong with continuous fists, each containing the power of seven ancient mammoths. The Zhen Qi within each of these attacks scraped away a thick layer of mountain, crushing each layer of rock into fine dust.

These two figures collided with seven consecutive palms.

Each palm was tremendously powerful, it was earth-shattering. After consecutive Qi palms, Chen Tian Hong’s face appeared boiling red, the mountain rocks below his feet have turned into powder.

Each palm was tremendously powerful and earth-shattering. After receiving these consecutive Qi palms, Chen Tianxiong’s face was extremely red, and the ground beneath his feet had turned into powder.

And Yang Qi fell onto the ground too, the circulation of Zhen Qi in his body was even more intense.

They have already exchanged seven consecutive Qi palms, yet nobody could tell who had the upperhand.

“Chen Tianxiong, you have cultivated your rich Zhen Qi for hundreds of years, and you are barely able to fight me, but your body has begun to rot. How many more clashes do you think your meridians can bear?” Yang Qi loudly roared, his Zhen Qi was powerful, f**king powerful. He wasn’t afraid of his enemy’s hundred plus years of cultivation, he was sure that if they continued to fight like this, his opponent’s body would collapse first.

“Even if I’m old and rotting, killing you is a piece of cake.” Chen Tianxiong’s white hair stood up at its roots, and the pressure coming from his body increased as the true power of a Qi Lord appeared. Suddenly a huge whirlwind of Zhen Qi came out of his body and this forceful Zhen Qi condensed into an exact replica of his appearance.

This replica was vaguely transparent, but it’s facial features were exactly like Chen Tianxiong’s it was almost like his double.

However, one could see that within this humanoid Zhen Qi there were meridians channeling Zhen Qi and even a dantian storing vast amounts of Qi.

This replica was like a real human, and seemed to have real intelligence. It was many times better than Yang Zhan’s humanoid Zhen Qi replicas.

This humanoid Zhen Qi seemed to resonate with the Qi of the world. A dense energy emitted from the humanoid figure, causing black clouds to cover the sky

“This is the corporeal transformation! It allows me to gather my Qi within my spirit and steal fate from the heavens. Boy, I attained the Qi Lord realm sixty years ago, and throughout these sixty years, I have been diligently exploring and comprehending the secrets of the fate stealing realm. My QiGong is far more profound than anything you, a young upstart could produce. I will let you truly understand the power of Spirit and Soul Qi.
(TLN: I might have used the wrong term here, the term used in chinese is 气神气灵,气魂气魄. If anyone out there knows how to best express this, please let me know)

While Chen Tianxiong spoke, the humanoid Zhen Qi suddenly attacked. The clouds parted, forming dragons in the air, while the wind howled, condensing into the form of a tiger.

This humanoid replica was not constrained by the shackles of Chen Tianxiong’s body, and every attack was peerless; each strike of the palm was three to four times stronger than Chen Tianxiang’s first attack! Each chop of its hand would cause flames to surge forth, scoarching the earth and air around it!

“[Five Flaming Knife]!”

The flames condensed into the figure of a large knife, enveloping Yang Qi within its’ fiery halo.

Yang Qi let out a long hiss as he quickly circulated his Qi to form the [Protection of the Dark God]. Dark Qi condensed and circulated around body, forming a barrier that was as strong as iron, dispersing the flames.

“[Spear of the Dark God]!”

The aura of the Dark God of hell spread out from Yang Qi’s hands as a spear materialized in his palm. The black Qi enveloped Yang Qi’s body like a suit of armor, forming a tall black horn on his head. Behind Yang Qi appeared a Divine Elephant, rampaging through hell, completing Yang Qi’s sinister and fierce image.

Yang Qi threw the [Spear of the Dark God] in his hand. It penetrated the air like an arrow, accurately aimed at Chen Tianxiong and his Zhen Qi replica.

This throw wasn’t simple at all; it contained numerous spear skills, splitting the air which was laced with Zhen Qi with ease. Even if the Zhen Qi formed a barrier as strong as steel, it wouldn’t stop the penetrating charge of this [Spear of the Dark God].

“[Power of the Heavenly Serpent Silk]!”

Chen Tianxiong shouted as his body continuously poured its’ Qi into the humanoid figure in front of him. Innumerous threads of Zhen Qi shot out from the replica and slowly intertwined with the [Spear of the Dark God].

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