V2C10 – I: The examination admit card

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Translators:  Ash
TLC : WYN — a friend of mine who doesn’t want to be credited
Editors: Los Thanatos

Ji Dong closed both his eyes and when he focused on his origin Yin-Yang Crown located in the black gold spiral within his chest, he immediately realised that it felt different from before.

There was no need for him to initiate the process; the Yin-Yang Crown suddenly emitted a unique aura and its magic power was silently released. A special magnetic field was formed around him in an instant and the Bing-fire and Ding-fire elements in the air immediately rushed into his body and began to condense there.

These fire elements that entered Ji Dong’s body were attracted by the spiral that was inside his chest, just like a moth attracted to a flame they entered the spiral. Then, they were assimilated by the yin yang spiral, becoming a part of his cultivation. And when comparing all this to before, not only had the speed of absorption of fire elements become faster, but the speed of assimilation had also increased proportionally. After just a half hour of cultivation, Ji Dong that this was on par with the several days of cultivation that he had done in the past. Of course, this comparison was done by not taking into account the cultivation he did at the geocentric lake.

Just when Ji Dong had prepared to continue his cultivation, his doorbell rang. Then Ji Dong was brought back to reality; he still hadn’t mixed cocktails for Dean Yang yet. Moreover, now that Dean Yang knew about his strength, he would definitely make some enquiries.

When he opened the door, sure enough, outside it was Dean Yang Bing Tian. Seeing Ji Dong, there flickered an indescribable and complex emotion in Yang Bing Tian’s eyes and he beckoned Ji Dong, “Ji Dong, come to my office at once. There is no need to bring any cocktail today. I have something to say to you.”

“Ah, okay!” Ji Dong closed the door behind him and followed Yang Bing Tian into his office.

Yang Bing Tian pointed toward the sofa, hinting at Ji Dong to take a seat. He himself pulled up a chair beside him and sat down opposite to Ji Dong. With fiery gaze, he stared intensely at this fourteen-year-old youth in front of him.

Ji Dong, see that Yang Bing Tian’s gaze upon his was unnatural, said, “Dean Yang, is there any matter for which you came to find me?”

Yang Bing Tian gently sighed, “Ji Dong, I called you here, so that I can apologize to you.”

“EH? Why? You have taken care of me all along.” Ji Dong gazed at him, puzzled.
Yang Bing Tian shook his head. “Until now, the care I had shown for you was very less. Since the time you did not pass the first year year-end exam because you have balanced yin-yang physique, I had long ago given up any concern regarding your cultivation. I had highly underestimated your resolve. I truly did not expect that today you would give me such a huge surprise. Being a balanced yin-yang dual fire elemental Wizard, within the Yin-Yang Wizards Guild, you are the first! You have already surmounted the most difficult aspect of your cultivation. I was wrong, I was not able to assist you in your cultivation. For the past four years, you have mixed cocktails for me, allowed me to sip some of your best cocktails. And the promise I made at that time, I was not able to keep it.  These past few days you were missing; you had probably gone alone to condense your yin-yang crown, ah, all this is because I did not do my duty to you properly!”

Suddenly a flash of understanding appeared in Ji Dong’s mind; so it was because of this reason that Yang Bing Tian had sought him out. Actually, he was still grateful in his heart to Yang Bing Tian. If at that time, Yang Bing Tian had not brought him back, he — who disdained to beg — would have found it difficult to even get a meal, not to speak of becoming a Yin-Yang Wizard. It was also due to a less likely coincidence that he opened the Random Teleportation scroll and thus met Lie Yan. During these four years, he had sincerely mixed cocktails for Yang Bing Tian and thus this could be considered Ji Dong’s payment to him.

“Dean Yang, at that time if you hadn’t brought me here and hadn’t taken care of me for all these years, I still wouldn’t have my present achievements. You have already done a lot for me. Just saying thanks is not sufficient.”

Yang Bing Tian, with a faint smile, said, “On hearing, you say such words, I feel very relieved. You are a good and sensible child. Although I do not know how you got your accomplishments, but with your yin-yang balanced physique, having condensed a Yin-Yang Crown, it is clear how much effort you have put in for these past four years. We will not talk of past matters, what do you plan to do henceforth?”

Ji Dong said, “I already broke through level 10, and reached the Scholar level. I wish for you to give me also a recommendation, and allow me to officially graduate from Li Huo Academy and to go together with Karl and Bi Su to same higher educational institute and continue our studies.”

Yang Bing Tian nodded and said, “I have also thought about this matter in the afternoon. With your current strength, you can graduate with no problems. I have already put Xia Tian in charge of handling you three guys’ graduation procedure. Now I have here two options for you. One is to immediately enter into one of the 3 most important fire element higher education institutes of our Southern Fire Empire — you can choose any of these three institutes, with you being such an outstanding student, those three institutes will certainly fight over you. The other option has both opportunities and risks. Once you have established yourself at that place, your future prospects would be immeasurable.”

On hearing Yang Bing Tian’s first option, Ji Dong felt very satisfied, but his latter words evoked Ji Dong’s interest.

“Dean Yang, what is the second option? Is it possible that there is a risk to attending higher education?”

Yang Bing Tian nodded his head and said, “That institute is one with one of the highest drop-outs in the entire continent. Thus it is also one of the elite institutes. It doesn’t even belong to any country. It was jointly established by the five great empires of the continent. Those that study there are invariably the best talents of each element. If you do not pass their exam, they will immediately, without even giving you the slightest benefit of the doubt, expel you. Moreover, even if you go there with a recommendation from Li Huo Academy, you still have to take their entrance exam and only after you pass that exam will you officially become a member of that institute.”

Ji Dong thoughtfully asked, “Is the quality of education there of a very high standard?”

Yang Bing Tian nodded, then said, “It is worthy of being ranked first in the entire continent. In the situation where we Yin-Yang Wizards hold the balance of power, their status is more detached. In the high-level institutes of each country, they can at most instruct on only some standard skill type of magic skills, and even if it is was an outstanding learning, it is possible for him to learn one or two critical strike skills. But at this special institute, if your strength is sufficient, you can casually choose among standard skills and critical strike skills. If you pass their final exam, you will even be rewarded with sure-kill skills. If a student can smoothly graduate from this institute, he would get the highest acknowledgement in any country. And if you select that option it is no doubt a big challenge. At that place, you will encounter the most outstanding youths of each element, and thus be under huge pressure. At any point, it’s possible for someone to drop-out. To be honest, if you wish to smoothly improve, I would rather that you do not select this institute. But if you wish to be a person that plays a decisive role in our Yin-Yang wizarding world, that institute would actually be the best stage for you.”

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