V2C9 – I : Amazing everyone with a brilliant feat!

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Translators: Ash
TLC : Miki
Editors: LosThanatos, vanagandr

“Boss, where were you? I couldn’t find you for couple of days and I thought that you went missing.” Seeing Ji Dong, Bi Su and Karl immediately welcomed him back with great furor.

Ji Dong smiled and said, “Let’s not talk about these matters. Have you both made your breakthroughs? And when will it be our year’s examination?”

Karl said with a sad smile, “Right now it is our year’s turn. We have already made our breakthroughs and so we need to leave this academy at the year’s end. But Boss, you….”

Ji Dong patted Karl’s shoulder, “Making a breakthrough is good. Also, I have already been here for four years. Where will you go? I will accompany you there. Do you think that with my bartending abilities, I wouldn’t be able to survive in any city? The requirements of a higher educational institute should not be so strict as to prevent you from going out into the city!”

Karl and Bi Su were elated. Bi Su said with a smile, “That’s great, Boss, we were just dreading the thought of not being able to drink the liquor you make in the future. Stop mentioning earning money and just give those liquors you make to me.”

Over these past four years, Ji dong always knew that Karl and Bi Su had been defending him. No matter whether it was someone of the Bing-Fire Department or the Ding-Fire Department, if anyone talked ill about him, they would secretly avenge him. By relying on their outstanding talent and their identities as the student-representatives of their year, there was no one among the students who could call him a trash. These brotherly feelings, Ji dong remembered them deep inside his heart. Right when he was about to tell these good brothers of his about his own breakthrough, teacher Xia Tian’s voice could be heard from the school building.

“Fourth year students, come up to take your exam script.”

There was not enough time to explain as they were all told to go forth and take up their exams. The 4th year students, in an orderly fashion, marched towards the school building and Ji Dong naturally walked at the head of the line with Bi Su and Karl.

When Xia Tian saw him he frowned and asked, “Ji Dong, where were you these past few days? Even if you are just an audit student, you should comply with the academy’s rules. After the end of the exam, you’re to head to my place for your punishment.”

“Yes.” Ji Dong agreed respectfully. Even though Teacher Xia Tian had a bad temper, these past years, every student knew that he was defensive of his students. He also treated his students exceptionally well. He had obtained the love and respect of his fourth year students.

When he entered the assembly hall behind Xia Tian, Ji Dong felt rather excited ( TL: excited/emotionally moved is actually the literal translation of Ji Dong’s name. The chinese sentence can be literally translated as Ji Dong was feeling the same sensation as his own name.). Four years had passed by and today was the time to put an end to this chapter of his live.

Yang Bing Tian also saw Ji dong walking along with the students and couldn’t help sending him a discontented look. These past few days, upon noticing Ji Dong being missing it had caused the dean of the academy to be highly worried.

After the usual speech, the examinations began in the same way it had in the past and the first to go on the stage was naturally the fourth year Bing-Fire Department’s student rep., Karl.

Seeing his own complacent disciple, Xia Tian was unable to keep a solemn expression and smilingly nodded at Karl, “Begin.”

Unlike what he did in the previous examinations, Karl did not extend both his hands to release his flame. Everyone only saw a red light appear on his body, a gaudy radiance that seemed to distort all the air in the surroundings, a red light could be clearly seen to be condensing upon his head, transforming into a white colored Yang Crown with red flames upon the crown peaks. The half of a crown star in his crown ring completely explained his current level. A one corona level 1 Bing-fire Scholar or, it could be said that he was a level 11 Bing-fire Scholar.

Surprised exclamations could be heard among the students. Although they all knew of Karl’s strength, but personally seeing that he had condensed his Yin-Yang Crown still roused some exclamations and gasps of amazement. One should know that the leap from being a level 10 Apprentice to being a level 11 Scholar was the most important breakthrough for Yin-Yang Wizards. This was because having a Yin-Yang Crown was the most basic proof of being a Yin-Yang Wizard.

All the teachers on the platform were not surprised; it was clear that they had already gotten the news of Karl’s breakthrough.

Teacher Xia Tian’s voice became especially loud and clear as he said, “Karl, Level 11 Bing-fire element Scholar has successfully condensed his Yin-Yang Crown. Grade: Excellent.”

Karl, undoubtedly, became the focus of attention of everyone present, as he walked off the stage. After this, the Bing-Fire Department’s exams became commonplace, the next strongest person seen was only a level 7 Apprentice. This was until Bi Su, the student rep. of the Ding-Fire Department went on to the stage. Then the atmosphere in the assembly hall became lively and excited with him being the same as Karl, a Level 11 Scholar with a one Corona half-star Yin-Yang Crown.

Bi Su proudly walked down the platform. He and Karl had put in a lot of efforts over these past four years and that had finally been well rewarded. Having condensed their Yin-Yang Crowns, they both already possessed the qualifications to graduate. With their present ages, they would be bound to be ranked high in the recommendations to high level educational establishment.

The Ding-Fire Department’s examination also quickly got over, and Yang Bing Tian, sitting up on the platform, smiled and said, “Today, you fourth year students’ examination brought me some nice surprises. Bing-Fire Department’s Karl and Ding-Fire Department’s Bi Su have already condensed their Yin-Yang Crowns. Their achievements are obvious and they would immediately be recommended to most high-level educational institutions to continue their studies. The other students, if you use them as role-models and put in great efforts, you too can quickly reach the Scholar level and become a proper Yin-Yang Wizard. Alright, let us end the fourth year’s year-end exams now…”

Just when Yang Bing Tian was about to declare the end of the exams, a voice was suddenly heard, “Wait a moment!”

If one interrupted the Dean of the school, it was disrespectful to the teacher and would be punished. All the teachers couldn’t help frowning and the students looked to the direction from whence the voice was heard.

Ji Dong calmly stood up among the students of the back-row, his two eyes met the somewhat-strict gaze of teacher Xia Tian and said, “I would like to participate in the exam as well.”

“You…” Xia Tian frowned, “Ji Dong, you are just an audit student, you do not need to take the exam.”

Ji Dong’s eyes expressed a bit of disdain as he strode toward the platform and confronted the teachers, “I remember that 3 years ago, when I was unable to pass the first year year-end exam, I became an audit student and the teachers told me that if in these 6 years of schooling I can make a breakthrough then I can officially become a graduate of Li Huo Academy.”

Xia Tian stared at him blankly and said, “Do you think you have the qualifications to take the exam now?”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. God I hope the next part isn’t just everyone arguing back and forth endlessly about whether he should be allowed to take the exam or not.


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