Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: The Yin Yang Crown of Wizards

Translators: GX, Demenious

Editors, Verslint, Lumi, M2t5

In light of his status as a beggar, Ji Dong could obviously not go into the Flaming Passion bar to taste their liquors; he could only watch carefully, smell keenly and listen attentively. He had to solely rely on his keen senses and his accumulated experiences as the God of Liquor. By smelling the flavours of the cocktails when bartenders are mixing and observing the changes in expression and bearing of the customers who were drinking these cocktails, as well as carefully scrutinising their comments, after spending a whole month Ji Dong was able to figure out the taste of most of these cocktails, and was able to compare them to the cocktails of his old world.  

If anyone knew that he could analyze the cocktails’ attributes as well as mixing them from just this, their jaw would hit the floor from astonishment. Moreover, the recipe of the Flaming Passion extremely strict, after arriving to a new world, Ji Dong could already rely on his observational skills to accurately adjust the amounts of the ingredients used, further affirming his worthiness of the title ‘God of Liquor’.  

As for Yang-lao, he was Ji Dong’s main object of observation. If he wanted to secure his future subsistence needs, he naturally needed a decent plan. Moreover, thanks to his pride and self-esteem as the God of Liquor, he would never be able to settle for a normal bartender’s position. And that’s the reason why Ji Dong chose Yang-lao.   

Yang-lao visited the Flaming Passion daily, and with Ji Dong’s accurate discerning judgment he could tell that this regular patron not only had a rich sommelier experience coupled with an extreme attachment towards good liquor but also held an extraordinary social status. Ji Dong’s appearance today was not random, but an act derived from a carefully thought out plan. The precise infiltration into the outdoor plaza, the moment he chose to raise his voice; all of it was thoroughly orchestrated by Ji Dong. Even the precise moment he left the bar was calculated, everything with the intent of loosening the reins in order to grasp them better.   

The sigh Ji Dong heaved was not entirely thanks to his status being reduced to that of a beggar, but rather due to the state of his body. In his old world he was tall and handsome, but in this world he was not only a thin and small child according to his young age but also very weak from malnourishment.

He had decided on the mixing technique Three Suns Reflects The Moon after giving careful consideration to his body’s condition. This technique would be considered easy for his old self, but because of this weak body he almost lost control today; even though the three suns had appeared, the moon didn’t.

The mixing was barely a success, but of course, no one could tell.  

The high level of concentration required for the mixing procedure caused his body to consume a great deal of strength. Feeling a strong sense of fatigue, even his steps are unstable. An outstanding Bartender needs an outstanding body. Otherwise, no matter how good their techniques were, it could never be displayed to the fullest. Ji Dong is now facing this helpless awkwardness.

“Little brother, please wait a moment.” Ji Dong only sees a red shadow flashes pass and suddenly Yang-lao has stood in front of him.

This speed, is it even possible for a human being? Ji Dong looks at Yang-lao and can not help but feel greatly surprised. He is sure, the speed Yang-lao flashed to him easily surpassed the world cup winner of the 100 meter run of his old world. With Ji Dong’s exceptional hearing, he could determine that Yang-lao was still tens of meters away from him when he initially called out to him. It was simply unbelievable how he just appeared in front of him in an instant! However, from how Yang-lao has addressed him, Ji Dong knows that he had accomplished his goal.

Yang-lao looks at the small and weak stature child with dirt-covered face who stands in front of him. He can still hardly believe that this malnourished little beggar is the one that has mixed the cocktail from before. But the truth has played out in front of his own eyes, there’s nothing he can do but to believe it.

“Little brother, why are you in such a hurry?”

Ji Dong glanced at him for a moment, “The cocktail has been mixed. Why shouldn’t I leave?”.

Yang-lao sighs in admiration, “The Burning Passion that you mixed is the most highlighted cocktail that I have had in so many years of drinking. But I am curious, since you have such skill, why are you still……”  

Ji Dong naturally picks up on the meaning behind his words. His inner arrogance subconsciously kicks in, making him stand tall, “Liquor is an art, to measure it with money is a stain on it. Even if I’ve already lost my family, even if I’ve lost my home and became a beggar, do not presume that simply anyone can drink the cocktails I’ve mixed. I made that cocktail today only because I can see that you are someone who loves drinking, and with hopes that you will no longer be charmed by that trash.”   

Although these words are spoken by a child of merely eleven-twelve years old, but due to the glass of Flaming Passion previously, Yang-lao does not have the slightest doubt in him. He rubs his hands together, and with a slight fluctuation in his expression he seems to have come to a decision, saying, “Little brother, I will not beat around the bush. I hope to drink cocktails mixed by you every day, but I don’t know if I have the honor for this.”   

“You? What makes you worthy?” Ji Dong raises his chin, looking up at Yang lao, his eyes are not apprehensive in the least.  

Yang-lao meets his gaze head on, “I am worthy because I live my life solely in the pursuit of fine liquor, and also this,” while speaking, his eyes start to shine and his body released an indescribably enormous amount of pressure. Ji Dong’s chest feels a burst of constraint/numbness, and he unconsciously takes a step back.   

A garishly bright light abruptly bursts with Yang-lao’s body as the core, and under his control, this red light only boils within a meter surrounding his body. The air within a radius of three meters around Yang-lao shows distortion like rippling water waves, and an enormous flaming red phantom appears behind him. The phantom took the shape of a gigantic bird, the flaming red wings spread open, displaying the form of the motion of flying sky high. The red glow around Yang-lao’s body is also cast with golden edge. This god-like aura surrounding him gave off a presence akin to a deity descending upon the world. The pressure that Ji Dong feels is precisely coming from this formless prestige.  

Immediately after, a red light converges at the top of Yang-lao’s head, materializing into a crown-like thing, which has a blinding white. The moment that crown appears, it becomes the core of Yang-lao’s presence that he has previously emitted, surpassing even the presence of the gigantic flaming bird phantom behind him by leaps and bounds. The crown looks abnormally dazzling; its 5 cm wide cylindrical base was topped with nine sharp triangles, and the peak of each of these triangles was adorned with a perfectly round ruby like tiny balls. And right below that circle facing front, there are three whole red pentagrams as well as one half pentagram, shining beautifully with the same luster of the nine balls at the peaks of the crown. And the most eye-catching feature is the undulating flame blazon inscribed on the peak of the crown’s triangle, that flame is as if it’s alive, flatuating at the sharp point if the crown. Ji Dong can only see the front of the crown, and as such can not tell if each of the triangles have this marvellous living flame blazon, but he can vividly notice, that this crown-like thing contains an extremely terrifying energy.   

Ji Dong is dumbfounded, staring idly, did he just perform magic?  

Yang-lao’s transformation caused the temperature in the surrounding air to rise sharply, the surging waves of heat caused Li Dong’s vision of the surroundings to weaken.  

Yang-lao is very satisfied with Ji Dong’s shocked expression and says with a smile, “How is it? Do I have the right to taste your fine liquor now? But rest assure, I am not threatening you, I just want to tell you that I have the ability to change your fate. My name is Yang Bing Tian, I am the principal of Lihuo city’s Lihuo Academy. I am the Five coronas of the Yang Crown-Bing, Fire Element, Seventh Ranked Grandmaster.”   

TL: “Bing” is one of the sexagenary cycle. It’s an ancient calendar and each “stems” has its element. For exp: “Bing” and “Ting” is fire element. It is something like zodiac.

While saying that, he lifted his right hand, the white crown slowly floated down, landed on his hand without making contact and slowly started to rotate. Only now could Ji Dong see, that the crown has nine sharp triangles. The five in the front were branded with flame-like patterns, but the ones behind them were plain. Could it be that these patterns are the five coronas he mentioned just now?  

Ji Ding pointed at the crown on Yang-lao’s hand and asked with a dull voice, “Can you tell me what that is? Also what is the meaning of Five coronas of the Yang Crown-Bing, Fire Element, seventh ranked grandmaster? I don’t understand what you are saying.”

This time it’s Yan Bing Tians’ turn to be surprised. He stares at Ji Dong with wide eyed astonishment, “You, it can’t be that you don’t even know what a Wizard of Yin Yang Crown is?”    

So Hot, so hot, his thoughts and focus involuntarily spun around these words. The immense heat made Ji Dong’s vision blur, his head felt heavy, his legs felt light causing his body to sway slightly, but he somehow mustered his energy to shake his head and mutter, “I don’t know.”   

A flash of understanding goes through Yang Bing Tian’s eyes, “It’s no wonder that you do not know; as a beggar you’d have no interaction with this neck of the woods. Hm? What’s wrong, little brother….”    

Ji Dong was weak and malnourished to begin with, coupled with not eating properly for a month resulted in almost complete exhaustion after he mixed the cocktail. After being thoroughly roasted by the scorching heat in front of him and buffeted from all sides with that extreme aura, Ji Dong’s body finally gave out on him. His vision blacked out as his consciousness slipped away. The last thing he remembered was something that felt like an arm supporting him, stopping him from falling to the ground.  

When Yang Bing Tian caught Ji Dong his appearance had already reverted back to normal. He sensed Ji Dong’s weakened pulse and lightly sighed, “How could such a pitiful child mix such a special cocktail, and at such a young age? Perhaps he comes from a rich family that went bankrupt? First things first, I’ll take him with me.” He picked Ji Dong up without hesitation, and with light steps vanished from the bridge in the blink of an eye.   

Ji Dong slowly regained consciousness amidst a feeling of extreme disorientation. How long has he been asleep? Breathing deeply, an intense aroma filled his sharp sense of smell and made his breath catch. Is this…. the smell of chicken soup?   

Even after sleeping for what seemed to be a long time, the weak and powerless feeling had not left his body. He opened his eyes slowly, and after a glance at his surroundings Ji Dong realized that he was in an unfamiliar location.   

The room was bright and tidy, only about 20 qm big. It was not overly luxurious, with a few simple ornaments. The most eye-catching ornament for Ji Dong was the fresco lining the roof which depicted an extremely realistic Fire Phoenix, its body ablaze and its wings stretched in flight. The longer you looked at it, the more lifelike it became. A golden color surrounded the image of the Fire Phoenix, reminding Ji Dong of the golden aura that Yang Bing Tian emitted before. At that moment Ji Dong finally recognized the bright figure behind Yang Bing Tian. It’s a Fire Phoenix!  

“You’re awake.” Yang Bing Tian said with a gentle voice. Ji Dong propped himself up, looking at Yang Bing Tian sitting on the other side of the table next to the bed. There was a casserole on the table as well as some pasted meat and two buns. He looked at himself and discovered that he had been bathed and clothed, leaving him feeling relaxed and refreshed, albeit a bit shaken.    

Looking at the food on the table Ji Dong asked, “Are these for me?”

Yang Bing Tian Smiled and nodded, “Eat first, your body is very weak.”

Ji Dong unceremoniously picked up the empty bowl and opened the casserole filled with what his nose had undoubtedly confirmed as chicken soup.   

Different to what Yang Bing Tian had expected, the starving Ji Dong did not wolf down the entire meal in a matter of seconds. He ate one bun by tearing it and slowly chewing it piece by piece, of the pasted meat he only had three to four slices, but chicken soup he drank two bowls. His eating style was not as elegant and noble as the nobility’s but his natural movements gives off a harmonious feeling.    

“Why don’t you eat more?” Yang Bing Tian asked.

Ji Dong shook his head, “I haven’t had a decent meal in a long time, so my stomach isn’t used to it anymore. If I eat too much it will be bad for my body.”   

Yang Bing Tian was startled, he could not help but be astonished by Ji Dong’s overly mature reaction. “Are you willing to tell me your story?”    

After the two bowls of chicken soup settled in his stomach, Ji Dong felt some strength return, comfortable warmth spreading through his limbs. He looked at Yang Bing Tian, “There isn’t much to tell, really. I came from a liquor loving family that went bankrupt, leaving me destitute and orphaned; I eventually wandered to this city. You want to know why I can mix cocktails right? The answer is simple; it was a family tradition.”       

Long before he implemented his plan at the Flaming Passion bar, Ji Dong had thought of what to answer to such a question; keeping it simple and without embellishment would make the lie harder to see through, and so he said as little as possible. He reckoned that such a simple explanation wouldn’t arouse Yang Bing Tian’s suspicion, but even if it did, so what? Yang Bing Tian was ultimately not interested in his identity, but in his ability.     

As Ji Dong expected, after hearing his explanation Yang Bing Tian brows wrinkled a little. He looked at Ji Dong long and hard, but could not further discern anything from his placid expression with a little arrogance and sadness.    

“It seems like you are a child with a bitter fate.”

His hands resting on the table, Ji Dong said with a low voice, “I don’t need your pity. You took me in to mix cocktails for you, nothing more.”    

Yang Bing Tian looked at him with a smile that was not quite a smile, “Are you willing?”

Ji Dong answered, “First you need to tell me what the transformation you went through was all about, and secondly, what is a Yin-Yang Wizard?” 

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