Chapter 6

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Volume 1 Chapter 6: Special School Opening Ceremony

Translated By: GX, Demenious

Edited By: M2t5, Lumi

“Right now, I am 10 years and 9 months old, which means I still have about 7 years to condense my Yin-Yang crown. Even if I do not succeed, you could still introduce me to the Bartender Guild later on. Until then, I will mix even better Cocktails.”,  Ji Dong resolutely and decisively said. Age, is the memory left in this body.

Yang Bing Tian asked with a serious expression, “Are you sure?”

Ji Dong firmly answered, “If you do not try, how will you know if you will succeed?” He has never been a person who easily admits defeat.

Yang Bing Tian nodded, “Ok, I will do my uttermost to help you. I will not drink your cocktails for nothing. If you really can train two attributes at the same time and condense a Yin-Yang Crown, no matter what happens in the future, you will already have made a new path in the Yin-Yang world. Go and take a rest first, I’ll go back and think about this thoroughly.”

Walking out of Ji Dong’s room, Yang Bing Tian murmured to himself while closing the door, “What kind of family was able to raise this sort of child? Not only does he have bartending and mixing skills that are not the slightest bit inferior to an advanced bartender, but he also possesses such a firm and persistent will. Perhaps he really can turn waste into treasure…”

Early morning, the first thread of sun shone into a room, but Ji Dong was already awake. Ji Dong had developed the habit of sleeping and getting up early. Furthermore, this day was the first day of school. Ji Dong quickly ran down the building, and decided to jog a few rounds to exercise.

But as soon as he left the building, he discovered that he would not be able to jog today. Even though the sun just rose, the academy, which was still empty yesterday, had turned abnormally lively. A lot of kids his age, or older had come to the academy with their parents, making the dormitory building even livelier.

Even though he couldn’t go for a jog, Ji Dong still felt the need to exercise. He started stretching right where he stood. There was an advantage of being young: even though the body was weak, its flexibility was high. After exercising a little, he had warmed up, and he felt as if he grew a little stronger.

“Hey, are you one of this year’s newbies as well?” A melodious voice sounded behind Ji Dong.
Ji Dong turned around, only to see a youngster, who was about his age, wearing somewhat average clothes. Even though he had the same plain clothes as Ji Dong, his appearance was much more appealing; he had a pinkish tender and delicate face from which water might leak from a pinch and two black shining eyes that were teeming with life. While his short and neat hair added vigor to his appearance.

“I am a Ding-fire element first year, what about you?” Asked the young kid, while naturally walking up to Ji Dong’s side, and hugging his arm putting on an intimate face.

“You are from the Ding-fire department? Are you a girl?”, replied Ji Dong a bit shocked. Since ten-year-old children haven’t really developed yet, it was hard to differentiate between males and females.

“Rubbish, brother, I’m a pure male. Do I need to pull down my trousers to show you? Who told you that you must be female to posses the Ding-fire attribute?” said the youngster angrily.

Ji Dong frowned, he wanted to say something, but a bright voice interrupted him. “Hey, Bi Su you sissy, are you here? I’ll surely beat you to death this time around.”

An aggressive youngster who is one head taller than Ji Dong and the youngster beside him, ran in his direction. The youngster’s hair was so red that it dazzled the eyes, and his broad shoulders were like that of a small calf. His target was apparently the one beside Ji Dong, he dashed to them with large steps.
“Good brother, quick help me out here a little, I will not forget your good deed.”, said Bi Su, as he hid  himself behind Ji Dong. He peaked out from behind Ji Dong with half of his head and shouted at the red haired boy, “Karl, don’t think that I am afraid of you, didn’t I just kick your ass? I made you fall down and eat soil during the entrance exam? I still haven’t forgotten it! This is my boss, if you can beat him we can talk.”

“Who cares if he’s your boss or your brother, I’ll beat both of you at the same time.”, stated the red haired youngster, as he dashed at Ji Dong is standing. Since Ji Dong is in front, the punch comes right at him.

He instantly knows that he is being used. But the youngster named Bi Su is holding onto his clothes tightly, so he can’t dodge it even if he wanted to. In his former world Ji Dong was a fighting master. Since at that time he was tall and handsome he was liked by all the girls in his school, and he couldn’t avoid the jealous rage of the other boys. Due to them, he had a lot of fighting experience, and even though he doesn’t know any martial-arts, he can hold his own in fights.

Seeing the fist of the red haired youngster approaching, Ji Dong knew that he would be hit. Even though it wouldn’t knock him out, it would still be very uncomfortable. So Ji Dong acted before the punch hit him, being used is still better than being beaten. He lifted his right leg, and performed a straight forward kick. While you are bigger than me, my leg is still longer than your arm.

Peng, accurately and unmistakably Ji Dong’s foot hit the lower abdomen of the red haired youngster, who is really valiant. As a result of Ji Dong’s body not being in a very good condition, he falls over from the powerful impact, but he successfully repels his opponent.

“Ouch, that hurt!” Ji Dong did fall down, but he wasn’t the one who shrieked miserably. Bi Su who held onto his clothes from behind, ended up being used as a cushion for Ji Dong..

Ji Dong stood up quickly, and threw himself at the red haired youngster. Attack is the best defence. He knew that the red haired youngster was not an easy opponent, since he made Ji Dong fall. Ji Dong continued to fight even though he knew that he was being used by Bi Su since the red haired youth believed that they were working together.

Bi Su seeing Ji Dong throw himself at the red haired youngster, was startled at first. But he didn’t run away, and soon after, he joined the fight.

Now that it was a 2 vs. 1; even though that red haired youngster was bigger, he couldn’t gain an advantage. Ji Dong was constantly coming from the front, while Bisu, very trickily, always was looking to always hit his weak points. While they were still very young, and didn’t have much strength in their fists, the red haired youngster doesn’t dare to let them hit him. He ended up defending his ‘jewel’ from all the attacks, only occasionally fighting back.

“What are you guys doing?! Stop right now!” an angry voice thundered over the sports ground. Before Ji Dong even realized that he was sent flying, he found that he had solid ground under his feet again. He saw a big, tall guy holding him and Bi Su in each hand, while Karl was standing up again.

Bi Su was very proud of being ahead and he stared at Karl with disdain. Karl on the other hand was so angry he was shooting flames from his eyes as he charged forward but was stopped by the tall sturdy man who held him by the shoulder so that he couldn’t even take a single step forward.

“You guys are not bad! It’s the first day of school and you are already fighting. Stand steedly.” Said the big and tall guy. His short red hair resembled Karl’s, but compared to him Karl was like a small dog. From this guy’s look he was about 30, and if you described Karl as a small calf then this guy would be the strongest bull, leopard head, ring eyes, he was intimidating without anger.

“You guys like to fight? Very good, a Yin-Yang wizard who doesn’t like to fight is not worthy being one. But the three of you are quite brave, daring to openly fight on the sports ground, and break the school rules! You will have enough opportunities to fight later on! The three of you don’t need to take part of the term opening ceremony, instead you will run 20 laps around the sports field. The last one to finish, will run 5 additional rounds and if you can’t do it, you can go home to your mothers. This is your opening ceremony, starting now!”

Bi Su was the first one to start, and without the slightest hesitation. Ji Dong is secretly cursing his bad luck, but he had already clearly decided; it was impossible to turn back time, since it’s an entirely new start of his life, the make it one. He helplessly started running. The red haired Karl stared at the two with a furious expression, and also began running.

Li Huo academy has two sport fields, one for the Bing-fire department and another for the Ding-fire department. They were running on the Bing-fire department’s sports field, which isn’t big. Each lap is around 200 meters long, but 20 laps totaled to 4000 meters. This is a great challenge for a 10 year old child, especially for someone with a weak and small body like Ji Dong.

Meanwhile, a lot of old and new students saw the whole scene. The older ones were smirking secretly, while the new students were staring at the doughy middle aged man with fear.

Looking around angrily, the middle aged man roared furiously, “What are you looking at? Are you also interested in running laps? Otherwise, scram to the hall in teaching block and take part in the term opening ceremony. Now! Hurry up! I will count to ten, and anyone who is left will join them.”

Hong—–, every student no matter of which year, immediately dispersing. Everyone scrambled towards the teaching building, creating a scene of chaos; nobody want to be punished.

The strong man touched his face, “Am I really that scary? My face is just a little more fierce-looking. Hmph”

While saying that he watched the three people running, paying close attention to Ji Dong’s condition. He smiled and murmured, “These three little guys aren’t bad. Fighting on the first day of the new school term, they really remind me of my own charisma back then. Very good. Especially that small weak guy, throwing a fierce kick like that, he doesn’t seem tough, but the he way he fights is the opposite. Hmm… Why didn’t I see this student during the entrance exam last term?

While running, the difference of their body’s inner quality was shown perfectly. Without question, the red haired Karl had a calf like body wasn’t just for looks. Each of his steps was filled with a lot of strength, making his body shoot forward like a bullet. He initially started last, but he quickly overtook Ji Dong and Bi Su.
Even though Bi Su couldn’t compare to Karl, Bi Su’s light steps allowed him to follow Karl very easily.

While Ji Dong followed last, his performance could only be described as awful. At the beginning everything was ok, since in the past few days he was steadily training. For him, running three or four laps was no problem, and he could just about follow the other two.

But after five rounds later, Ji Dong started to breath heavily. Both legs felt like being filled with lead and became heavier and heavier, sweat began soaked his clothes. Slowly the distance between Karl and Bi Su began to pull further and further away.

After nine rounds, Karl had already lapped Ji Dong once, but instead of slowing down, he steadily increased his speed even further.

Bi Su also overtook Ji Dong once, but Bi Su continued following Ji Dong. Looking at him curiously, he asked, “Brother, your body is almost at its limit! How did you pass the stamina test at the entrance exam? Anyway, thank you for helping me out back them.”

Ji Dong glanced at him while gasping for air, “I will forgive you since you didn’t run away when we were fighting, just forget about it.”

Bi Su slaps at his own not so strong chest, “Me run away? Do I look like that sort of person?”

Ji Dong was in a bad mood and replied snappily, “A little.”

“Uh… come, let me help you a bit.” said Bi Su, reaching to support Ji Dong’s right shoulder, trying to carry some of his bodyweight.

With a move of his body, Ji Dong avoided Bi Su’s hand, “No need, I still can keep going. Continue at your speed, you don’t need to mind me.”

The middle aged strong man stood in the middle of the sport field, clearly having seen the situation, “What are you guys doing? Hurry up and run, or do you want me to add more to your punishment?”

Bi Su puts out his tongue, and sped up, once again following Karl.

After fifteen rounds, Ji Ding’s stamina was clearly used up. As a result, his pace was steadily decreasing, but he showed no signs of giving up. If he wanted to become a Yin-Yang wizard, he needed to work 32 times harder than a genius, and Ji Dong plans to start working hard with this punishment.

The middle aged strong man in the middle of the sport field watched the three running, at the beginning he was most pleased by Ji Dong, who fought with direct and valiant movements.

However, just as he started to run, he could see Ji Dong’s problem very clearly. Karl and Bi Su have very fit bodies, and running 20 laps is no problem for them. But on the other hand, that small and weak student is clearly having trouble finishing the laps. How did he pass the entrance exam?

But shortly after, the middle aged man changed his opinion. His experience told him,  that Ji Dong had run out of stamina long ago, but he was continuing, without complaint.

What a great persistence and willpower. Even though he has terrible stamina that can’t compare to the other two, his persistency made the middle aged strong man approve.

When Ji Dong finished his sixteenth lap, Karl and Bi Su had already finished their twentieth lap. Unexpectedly Bi Su sped up at the end, finishing at almost at the same time as Karl.

Ji Dong continuously and persistently took a step after another, and suddenly he he discovered that his body had become lighter, and running was not as hard as before.

A divine light flashed through my mind, could I have broken through the limit?

He knew that in this sort of exercise, the human body would encounter a limit, and if you broke through this limit, it was like overcoming oneself. Afterwards, his steps become a lot lighter, and breathing was no longer a problem. The run from the 17th through 20th laps was much easier, he stubbornly persisted and finished the 20th lap.

But the punishment was not finished yet, after all, the last one to finish had to run 5 additional laps. Suddenly, when Ji Dong had just started his 21st lap he saw a shadow following him.

“What do you want?”, asked Ji Dong, after turning his head and seeing Bi Su.

Bi Su smiles,“All this happened because of, how could I leave you to shoulder the punishment  alone? Let’s do it together.”

Even before he finished speaking, Ji Dong discovered that the readhead Karl was running beside him.  Karl said while running, “I am not accompanying you, I only want to prove that can run as many rounds as you can. ”

Even saying that, but the speed of Karl was still the same as those of Ji Dong. Bi Su also maintained Ji Dong’s speed, as the three of them headed forward together.


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  1. “But shortly after the middle aged man changed his opinion. His experience tpld him,”

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