Mad God

Mad God (狂神 Kuang Shen)

by Tang Jia San Shao 唐家三少, the author of Duoluo Dalu and SYWZ.


In a world in which humans, beasts, demons, gods, dragons and pixies fight for supremacy; A series of wars started between the great Beamon warriors of the Beast tribe, the Dragon Knights of the Human Empire, and the Fallen Angels of the Demon Clan.

A mixed blood child is born, bearing the blood of humans, demons and beasts, who is destined to restructure the chess pieces of the world. Follow Layson through his many trials and tribulations, as he develops into the greatest warrior the world has ever seen.

English Names:

Mad God (EN)

Chinese Names:

Mad God (CN)

(one chapter of Kuang Shen is 3x longer than common web novels)

15 thoughts on “Mad God

  1. Is this like Coiling Dragon where the author basically used Chinese to write western names, or are you guys localizing it?

    Not especially against either way, but I’ll read the one that the author meant.


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