Chapter 2

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Volume 2 Chapter 2: The two Ultimate Fires

Translated By: GX

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Ji Dong settled into a tranquil, perhaps even dry and dull, life at the Li Huo Academy. Every morning when the Yin and Yang energies were harmonizing, he would cultivate for 30 minutes. After breakfast he would attend the daily lesson and learn about Yin-Yang magic. In the evening he would cultivate for another 30 minutes, then he would mix a cocktail for Yang Bing Tian. After dinner, he would return to his room and make another cocktail for Lie Yan, bring it to the earth’s core, and start the most important 6 hours of cultivation. This was the pattern of his daily routine.

After being provoked by Zhu Gui, both the sissy Bi Su and the hulking Karl threw themselves wholeheartedly into cultivation, so much so that they didn’t even come to Ji Dong to have a drink. Also their cultivation was really fast. Not only had they become level one apprentices, they even became the best in most subjects, second only to Zhu Gui.

The teacher was not really concerned about Ji Dong. Even Yang Bing Tian would only occasionally ask about his cultivation process. Ji Dong couldn’t expose the fact that he trained at the earth’s core lake as he pleased. That is why nobody knew about his cultivation process.

In a flash, a whole school year had already passed, and the year end exams were coming.

“Lie Yan.” Putting his hand on his chest, Ji Dong once again evoked that name by which he was captivated. The familiar Red Lotus quietly and slowly surrounded him, then disappeared with him in it.

Ji Dong already experienced this procedure more than 300 times, and it couldn’t be more familiar. The fiery red world was the same as always. The Red Lotus transformed into a red bubble supporting Ji Dong’s body.

“You came.” The smiling Lie Yan took the cocktail from Ji Dong’s hands. Ji Dong only nodded, but his eyes were locked another face.

Almost a year passed, and the only time when Ji Dong could see Lie Yan was only this short moment. After receiving the cocktail, Lie Yan would leave in order to let him cultivate. It was already more than 300 nights, but the the admiration in Ji Dong’s heart for Lie Yan didn’t decrease one bit, in fact it increased. Although he didn’t really understand Lie Yan and could only speak a few sentences with her, the feelings he put  into his cocktails became thicker and thicker with each passing day. Ji Dong didn’t know if Lie Yan could sense this, but he was certain that his cocktail mixing ability has recovered 50%. If the liquor in this world had been completely the same as his former world, then he would have recovered his skills faster. Lie Yan was always pleased with his drinks and never complained.

“This liquor is called Gently Blowing Sea Breeze. It tastes like waves. You will have a feeling constantly sensing new things, but at the same time you will have a feeling of interruption……” As usual, Ji Dong presented Lie Yan with today’s fine liquor.

While listening to his depiction, Lie Yan slowly tasted this glass of Gently Blowing Sea Breeze. Between the two of them there was a silent agreement. While Ji Dong was describing the drink, Lie Yan would sip it at her pleasure. For Ji dong it was also fun to describe his creation to this absolutely perfect, beautiful woman and see her drink the cocktail he mixed. When he could see Lie Yan’s expression change after drinking his cocktail, it would fill his heart with great joy.

By the time Ji Dong finished his explanation, the cocktail would already be finished. Just as Ji Dong was preparing to be sent to the cave wall by Lie Yan to start his cultivation as usual, Lie Yan spoke up.

“Little Ji Dong, tomorrow will be your last day of your first school year. Do You want to be an overnight celebrity?” Lie Yan asked Ji Dong with a big smile as she returned the glass..

Actually the Ji Dong now, compared a year earlier, has already grown a lot. Of course it’s not only his age. With this past year’s cultivation, he has already gotten rid of his thin, frail body. Even though he’s not as big and strong as Karl, he now looks like a normal 11 year old child. He has grown a little taller, his bronze skin is brimming with vitality, and he had the short hair that was the academy standard for male students. His gaze was even more resolute, steady, and brimming with spirit. Even though he wouldn’t be considered handsome, his calm personality could easily leave a deep impression.

Ji Dong was startled, “How did you know that I will be having my end-of-term exams tomorrow?”

Lie Yan Smiled, “Actually I know everything about you. The Red Lotus can not only bring you here and back, it is also my eyes and ears. This is the secret I mentioned before.”

Ji Dong suddenly understood, “So that is how. No wonder.” Remembering the first time he came here for cultivation, Lie Yan already knew he was coming. It turns out she was always observing him.

“You Still haven’t answered my questions.” Lie Yan was a little annoyed. It was the first time that Ji Dong saw her with a tender scolding expression. One could say that the times when he saw Lie Yan were the times when his willpower was at its weakest.

“Being an overnight celebrity never crossed my mind. I only want to cultivate in order to become a Yin-Yang wizard.”

Lie Yan seemed to be lost in her thoughts, “Are you that thirsty for strength?”

Ji Dong said, “Yes, I am longing for strength, because without strength you are nothing in this world. Also, since I chose this profession, I will be the best, and I will put forth my uttermost effort to do it.”

Lie Yan nodded, “I believe you. It has been almost a year, and I have observed your cultivation each day. From the time you first started cultivating, you never wasted a second. Even though the six hours of cultivation I offer here is dozens of times more efficient than the two half-hours above ground, you never abandon that hour of cultivation. Continuing like this each day for 300 days is very difficult to maintain. If you don’t care what your classmates think of you, then I have something to teach you in exchange for drinking your cocktails for a year. It will benefit your cultivation in the future.”

“You want to teach me?” asked Ji Dong, pleasantly surprised. His thoughts were 80% happy. But this wasn’t because Lie Yan was going to teach him new things but because he could spend more time together with her. Only when he sees her and listens to her voice, will his hormones significantly speed up . Although it was not as humiliating as his first nosebleed, but that kind of indescribable bewitchment is Ji Dong’s only entertainment for this academic year.  Even if his cultivation practice was as dry as dust and exhausting, however every time he saw her, his mind would be more steady and firm. Lie Yan was the reason he pursued this strength.  He knew that his current strength is nowhere near hers and that only by becoming strong will he have the qualifications to woo Lie Yan. At this point of time, cultivation had become his sole activity in life.

Lie Yan  nodded  lightly, “Look.” She put her right hand in front of Ji Dong. With a flicker of light, two tiny flames appeared in her palm.

One was a dazzling golden flame. It emitted a Bing-fire magic aura, but it was different from what he normally felt. This golden flame contained an incomparably rich Bing-Fire magical energy. Even though it looked so small, he did not know how much stronger the Yang-qi was compared to his own Bing-fire magic power..

The other flame was black, a peaceful darkness. That dull black flame gave off an even stronger feeling, gloomy and furtive, as if it was a flame that came from the deepest part of hell. Compared to it, his eclipse-like Ding-Fire magic was not so bad in the amount of energy, but in the attribute of Yin-qi it was much worse.

“These two seeds are my compensation for you mixing cocktails for me. I will fuse them with the Bing-Ding fire in your body, which will lead to some changes. You should also be able to feel that although these two flames are Yin-fire and Yang-fire, they are much purer than the two magic powers you are cultivating. These are the flames I am using. The golden one is named Bing-Wu-Yuan-Yang Holy Fire, and the black one is Ding-Si-Ming-Yin Spirit Fire. By fusing with these two seeds, you will posses the same fire as me. But I have to tell you that the one year’s worth of magic power that you have saved up will be concentrated and burned, which will lead to a big decline in magic power. This is why you need to think clearly about whether you want to do it or not.

“Of course I am willing. Lie Yan, you can start now.” Ji Dong said without the slightest hesitation. Actually Lie Yan only needed to say that she also possessed these flames, and Ji Dong would not have any hesitation in his heart. To be able to posses the same flame as Lie Yan was happiness itself for Ji Dong.

Lie Yan said, “Don’t be too impulsive. There will be almost nothing left of your cultivation from this entire year. Are you willing to waste a whole year’s worth of effort?”

Ji Dong looked Lie Yan while deep in thought, then a thread of pride appeared in his eyes. “If I can work hard for one year then I can do it again for another year. To restore something after breaking it is a concept I’m very familiar with. Besides, using one year’s hard-earned cultivation to exchange for an increase in quality is something completely worthwhile.”

“Restore after breaking? That phrase is really good!” Lie Yan looked at Ji Dong with surprise, “You are really making me see you in a new light, as someone worthy of having a body with Yin-Yang balance. Believe me, you will be grateful you made this choice today.”

A ray of mild golden light shot out from Lie Yan’s eyes. Ji Dong could only feel a sudden dizziness, and was not aware of anything around him. A layer of red light wrapped around his body, so he could not fall down.

Lie Yan stroked his head softly, “Little Ji Dong, you really didn’t disappoint me. I am starting to get more and more interested in you, did you know? Actually I didn’t want to see you again. Because of you, I became all too aware of the two words ‘daily routine.’ This is a constraint that I have no desire for. If you hesitated for even a moment just now, I could have hardened my heart and expelled you. Or if you didn’t say ‘Restore after breaking,’ I wouldn’t have continued to drink your cocktails. But now it looks like my ‘daily routine’ must continue. ‘Restore after breaking.’ What a great statement! Since we’ve already established a ‘daily routine,’ I suppose I need to do something about this ‘daily routine.’ What a weird feeling: on the one hand I want you to disappoint me and make me expel you; on the other hand I am hoping to be able to drink your cocktails forever! This is the first time in my whole life that I’ve had such a feeling. Let me see how much longer you can make me continue, and how determined you are.”

While saying that, her hand with the two flames quietly turned over, marking the front of Ji Dong’s chest. Ji Dong’s body trembled slightly, and immediately two essences, red and blue, came seeping out of Ji Dong’s pores.   

Pu—– The gold and black flames were momentarily ignited. The two surging flames abruptly swelled up in the red-colored bubble which was wrapped around Lie Yan and Ji Dong. It felt as if the Bing-fire and Ding-fire magic flowing out from Ji Dong’s body was fuel for the gold and black flames. At that very moment, on Ji Dong’s forehead, two crown stars in two colors appeared.

One crown star was in the middle, but it was not half blue and half red like when he was a level one apprentice. Now the red and blue lights flickered on the crown star, but they were throughout whole star! To the right of this crown star, on the right side of Ji Dong’s forehead, there is a double vision of a crown star, red on the outer layer and blue on the inner layer, also a full crown star!

Which of the teachers in Li -Huo academy could have thought that Ji Dong, with his balanced Yin-Yang body condition, a seemingly rubbish double attribute, was already a level 4 double fire apprentice?  One needs to know that a second year student who becomes a level 4 apprentice will achieve top results in the end-of-term exam, and it is a standard result for third year students!

The conditions at the earth’s core lake was the best for his cultivation, but the four words ‘diligent, capable, invigorating, humble’ could be use on him without overexaggerating. This is also why Lie Yan asked him if he wants to be famous or wants to absorb her two special flame seeds. How could an eleven year old student with the strength of a Bing-Ding double-fire level 4 apprentice not cause a sensation?

While he was unconscious, Lie Yan’s voice sounded in his heart. This voice directly burned into his innermost heart, “While Bing-fire is also Yang-fire, my Bing-Wu-Yuan-Yang Holy Fire is the purest Yang-fire, the ultimate Bing-fire. While Ding-fire is Yin-fire, my Ding-Si-Ming-Yin Spirit Fire is the purest Yin-fire, the ultimate Ding-fire. They are the lords of fire, having the ability to rule over all fires. Only reveal it if it is absolutely necessary to give you a better chance at surviving. Now I will teach you a skill to moderate these two ultimate fires, the Godly Yin-Yang Seal. Using this, you will be able to contain these two ultimate fires’ pure Yin and Yang strengths in your body, and only release their true might when you absolutely need it.”


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