Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: The Mayor’s hostility.

Translated by: Ash, Demenious

Editors: some ppl edited

“How unfortunate.”

Yang Qi knew that the battle was over the instant Yan Feixia appeared.

However, this was for the best. Had he proceeded to kill Luo Hun in this battle, he would have drawn the Mayor’s wrath, leading to a war between the Yang and Yan Families.

Obviously, the Yang family would be destroyed in such a war. The Yan Family, backed by the Mayor, had established a tremendous and solid power. The Yang Family, meanwhile, was been scattered across multiple regions, and were far from united. Should a war break out, the Yang family would entirely depend on its main branch to fight, and currently the main family was incapable of contending against the current Yan Family.

“Wait till I advance to a higher realm. Once I reach the 8th tier ‘Qi Transformation’ realm, I need not worry anymore. By that time, I should be able to even resist against even Qi Lords. For now I will put them off with fair words. Since I have saved miss Fei Yanxia, the mayor will not harm my family.”

Yang Qi came up with another route to escape.

Since he had started cultivating in the divine techniques, his brain had become more agile and he could consider more options for each situation; allowing him to make better decisions.

“Miss, this is how it happened…” Upon the young miss’s inquiry, Luo Hun immediately lowered his head and explained what had happened, “This fellow Yang Qi, destroyed aristocratic disciples and undermined the Yan Capital City’s reputation, therefore this humble servant was about to teach him a lesson.”

Yan Feixia listened very carefully, as if she was pondering upon something, after Luo Hun ended his speech, she said indifferently, “Alright, this matter will end here. You may leave. This battle is between the Chen and Yang families. The grievances between two big families are not something that we, the Mayor’s Mansion, should interfere with. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss.”

When her words reached Luo Hun’s ear, he immediately knew her reasoning: she wished to let the Yang and Chen Families fight amongst themselves. This conflict would weaken both of the involved families and allow the Yan Family seize more power within the Yan Capital City.

“As expected of a disciple of the Zhen Long Academy.” Yang Qi nodded to himself. He didn’t look down on Yang Feixia in the slightest.

Although he had saved her life once, if she had to choose between her family and the Yang family, it was very natural that she would choose to benefit her own family. The disciples that came from an ancient academy like Zhen Long Academy were by no means ordinary.

Today, he had crippled many of the youths from the Chen Family. He believed this incident had been secretly reported by someone from the Chen Family, so today would very likely be the day, the Chen family would launch a full force attack on the Yang family.

“Everyone, the conflicts in this banquet were due to the inconsideration of the mayor’s mansion. So then, everyone please enter the mansion.” Yan Feixia waved her hand, “Luo Hun, you will lead the guards and escort the disciples of the Chen family back.”


Luo Hun gave a deep glance towards Yang Qi and licked his lips; his eyes shone with his thirst for blood. Soon, he rushed to the guards and escorted the Chen family’s disciples back to their home.

The remaining disciples all swarmed into the Mayor’s Mansion.

“Elder brother Yang’s cultivation has progressed well, congratulations!” said Yan Feixia, as she and Yang Qi stood side by side. They were leading the entire group, together, while they were speaking frankly with each other. She was inwardly very much amazed; on that day, with his cultivation at the 6th tier he could kill the 7th tier black-clothed emissaries of the Shadow Poison Sect and now, he could resist against even the 8th tier Luo Hun. This kind of growth was as if a ‘Fate Stealing Realm’ expert was injecting power into him every day and night .

“It is just mediocre, breaking through to next realm occasionally is something that is not rare.” Yang Qi waved his hand, “More importantly, Miss Yan, did you find out anything about the main culprit behind the Shadow Poison Sect? My family was also attacked by the Shadow Poison Sect a few weeks ago, and it is very possible that the Shadow Poison Sect has colluded with the Chen family. I think they want to overturn the regime of the Yan family within the Yan capital.”

“Is there such a matter?” Yan Feixia’s eyes shone brightly and then dimmed. She nodded and said, “I will certainly report this matter to father and let him investigate this thoroughly. All matters in Yan Capital City are presided over by my father. I will still need to return to Zhen Long Academy to study.”

“This Yan Feixia has deep thoughts.” Yang Qi faintly smiled. He knew that even if the Shadow Poison Sect and the Chen Family had colluded, the Mayor’s Mansion would not do anything about it. They would wait until both the Chen and Yang families fight each other and suffer losses, then they would show up to clear the mess and thus acquire the two families’ life force, wealth and manpower.

In Feng Rao Country, many mayoral influences had consecutively founded countries; even Yun Hai City became Yun Hai Country and Yang Qi thought that even Yan Gufeng wanted to found a country by turning Yan Capital City into Yan Country and thus make the Yan Family into a royal family.

He laughed and no longer mentioned the Chen Family’s matters.

The other disciples that were invited saw Yang Qi and Yan Feixia chatting with each other as if they were the best of friends for a long time, and from his magnificent display of a divine power, they all knew that they themselves paled in contrast to Yang Qi. Each person inwardly sighed, and some proud disciples were green with envy as they looked at Yang Qi.

Soon, they all arrived at the banquet area within the Mayor’s Mansion, and as expected, it was very lively, celebrating with music and dancing as more and more fine liquor and delicious food was being brought over.

The ruler of Yan Capital City, Yan Gufeng, was sitting upright, rather like an emperor viewing his subjects, calmly looking as several hundred talented disciples entered one by one.

His eyes raked up and down each disciple and that person, no matter how proud and arrogant he was, would lower his head and appear very humble.

Seeing all this, he was satisfied and nodded his head, when suddenly, he caught sight of Yang Qi among these disciples. Then his glance tried to penetrate deep into Yang Qi’s body to see the methods of his Zhen Qi circulation, just like a sharp sword piercing his body.

Yang Qi was slightly alarmed and he lifted his head and met the eyes of Yan Gufeng.

In that split second, he felt the dazzling essence of the sun and moon, and all the meridians within his body felt a stab of pain. This was not a mental pressure, but an oppression using QiGong.

“The deeply hidden underworld is very hard to figure out. . . . . . . . . .”

The skill [Power of the Divine Elephant that Suppresses Hell] was secretly activated, and when Yan Gufeng’s eyes bored through Yang Qi’s flesh and into his body, he could only sense hollow abyss and was simply incapable of discovering the methods of Qi circulation.


Suddenly, a clap of thunder-like noise echoed within Yang Qi’s ears and his head was trembling from the aftereffects — this was from Yan Gufeng’s cold snort. He was brimming with enmity and this was his f****** killing intent.

Yang Qi knew that his power caused this animosity from Yan Gufeng.

However, he feigned ignorance and, as if nothing had happened, he talked very freely under the fixed stare of Yan Gufeng.

A good while later, Yan Gufeng finally withdrew his stare and, upon seeing that all of the guests had arrived at this area, he waved his big hand and said, “Everyone. . .”

“We pay our formal respects to the Mayor. . .”

This was uttered by everyone . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

This was the unrivalled ability of a 9th tier Qi Lord.

His every motion could influence a man mentally, even while lifting a hand or moving a leg was all done with the dignity of a leader, all of which represented the fact that his QiGong cultivation had reached its peak.

“A Qi Lord is really tyrannical! How much more frightening would the Fate Stealing Realm, which is above the Qi Lord realm, be? There are rumors that even above Fate Stealing Realm, there are further realms. Then, how much stronger would those unknown realms be?” Yang Qi was inwardly shocked. When he and Yan Gufeng glanced at each other, he had already sensed the Mayor’s hostility and at the same time he had more than perceived the unfathomable depths of the other person’s QiGong cultivation.

He was able to prevail over 8th tier ‘Qi Transformation’ realm experts. However, the 9th tier Qi Lords were as deep and unfathomable as large oceans. There was an obvious difference between these two ranks.

The esteemed experts of QiGong.

“At this banquet, let me take a look at how strong you talented youths of my Yan Capital City are! You all need not restrain yourselves.” Yan Gufeng swept his gaze over everyone then he once again focused his gaze upon Yang Qi’s face. Up until now, as far as he had seen, there was noone who could compare with the outstanding Yang Qi.

Originally, he had planned to have a competition for the youths, but now, it was no longer necessary.

“Feixia, now you shall take charge of the banquet, as father has some matters to attend to.” Yan Gufeng stood up, called out a salutation, and quickly left the place.

“We respectfully see off the Mayor!” Many talented disciples stated their salutations, but inwardly they all felt void of emotions. The banquet still hadn’t begun but the spotlight had already been stolen by Yang Qi. They only served as pale comparisons, there was nothing gloomier in the whole world.

A few of the talented disciples, after the banquet had been going on for some time, stood up and took their leave from Yan Feixia, citing that they had to help with their family businesses.

Yang Qi just sat aright motionless, and calmly took in the scene in front of him.

Yan Feixia also appeared motionless. When some people said their farewells, she respectfully saw them off. Soon, this banquet had ended and everyone parted on bad terms.

“Brother Yang Qi, this time you were very much in the limelight and all the talented youths were very much resigned to the fact that they could not contend against you. Thus, they all left one by one. Soon, you will be the top-notch talent in the whole Yan Capital City.” Yan Feixia brought over a wine cup to Yang Qi and proposed a toast.

“Yan Capital City is just a small place, nothing more. I am like the frog at the bottom of a well, I have not seen the big wide world. Actually, Miss Yan Feixia, you are studying at what is one among the top-notch academies of the Feng Rao Continent — the Zhen Long Academy. How many talented people are there within it? I actually want to gather some information.”

Yang Qi made a little deprecating shrug and meanwhile he tried to probe by asking some questions.

“Oh? Elder Brother Yang is very talented, and likewise, there are some talents at Zhen Long Academy. It’s where talented students come forth in large numbers and each of them is an unparalleled paragon that can go about anywhere in the world unhindered. If you have the opportunity, Brother Yang must go and take a look to see whether he can get into the quota of new enrollments.”

Pride could be heard in her tone — this was an arrogance that could not be concealed.

A Zhen Long Academy’s student really thought arrogantly.

Just as Yang Qi was thinking to ask about what goes on inside the academy, he heard hurried footsteps approaching them and an old man came into his view — this was the old housekeeper of the Yang Family.

“Third Young Master, there is bad news. The Chen Family has already dispatched a large group of aggressive experts who then arrived at our Mansion. The First and Second Young Masters are finding it difficult to hold them back. The Patriarch has reached a critical juncture in his closed-doors cultivation. Please return to take charge of this matter.”

The old housekeeper anxiously said.

“What? The Chen Family has already started to take action? This is a confrontation with my family, thus I must not tarry here.” He cupped his hands in front of Yan Feixia, in a submissive gesture, and continued, “I have some family matter to take care of, and hence would not be able to accompany you further. Let us say our farewells here.”

On Yan Feixia’s face, there appeared a faint smile as she said, “Brother Yang, harmony must be treasured.”


Yang Qi’s shadow disappeared with nary a trace.


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