Chapter 20

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Volume 1 Chapter 20:

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“It’s a pity that I haven’t obtained any [Demonic Cores] that are valued in the millions. I also haven’t come across any Demonic Beasts of the 8th tier.

Studying the [Demonic Core] of a [Devil Hunting Spider], Yang Qi sighed, “I have killed a lot of Demonic Beasts and experienced a lot of combat. Additionally this amount of cores will be enough to pay for my family’s expenses. My cultivation is still at the sixth tier, however I don’t need to worry about common experts of the seventh tier. Only experts who have the power of an 8th tier practitioner can pressure me. But if I venture farther into the [Dark Corpse Mountains], I could encounter a group of Demonic Beasts of the eighth tier and die.

At this point, Yang Qi didn’t fear facing a solitary Demonic Beast.

But if he came across a group of Demonic Beasts such as the [Devil Hunting Spider], Yang Qi would flee as fast as he could. Even if they were of the seventh tier, he wasn’t confident in facing 17-18 at the same time.

Yang Qi wasn’t sure if he would even be able to escape such a large group. it was well known that [Devil Hunting Spider]’s threads could entangle even eagles flying high in the sky.

“Regardless, I must once again venture deep into the forest. If I can capture a Demonic Beast of the 8th tier, it’s [Demonic Core] would be worth a million [Qi Gathering Pills] alone. These pills will allow first and second brother to take a small break from managing the family business.”

Thus, Yang Qi resolved himself and once again entered the jungle.

In the sky, the thunderstorm became even more severe; claps of thunder sounded through the [Dark Corpse Mountains], like the beat of a war drum, shaking the mountains vigorously. As if the storm had come straight from mountain, flash floods erupted from within the jungle. At this very moment, Yang Qi was located deep within the [Dark Corpse Mountains] in an area frequented by people. In fact, normally only experts of the Qi Lord realm could penetrate this area.


A gigantic roar suddenly came from within the flash flood.

“What kind of creature is this? Its roar is quite robust.” Yang Qi was surprised. The roar was strong enough to cause ripples in the air around him, dazing him. It was as if the roar had beaten him with a large sledge-hammer.

Immediately an indistinct figure bound past him, supported by its QiGong. It jumped into the sky cautiously evading the dangerous rapids that had appeared all over the mountains. In a flash it had appeared at the top of a large precipice. A large waterfall flowed, covering the precipice. The waterfall appeared mighty and impressive as it surged through the water surged down the slope.

However, there was a Magical Beast bathing itself at the bottom of this waterfall.

If he wasn’t mistaken, this beast was either bathing under the waterfall or ….practicing its skills.

That loud roar he had just heard, had been issued by this Magical Beast.

This Magical Beast was a large ape, so large that it stood taller than two men. It had white fur and a pair of cyan colored eyes. It looked like a malicious spirit as it stood on a bolder below the waterfall, splashing water all about as it struck the waterfall with both of its hands.

At this moment, the thunderstorm was in full swing; Thunder and lightning raged throughout jungle. The flash floods had caused a waterfall to appear from a cliff 110 feet above the ground. The momentum of the water falling from this cliff would be enough to grind a small mountain into fine dust. Yet this large, white-furred, ape was able to resist its force with pure QiGong! Zhen Qi condensed within the hollows of the Ape’s outstretched palms; transforming its palms into tray-sized, metal-like hands that appeared to be strong enough to reverse the waterfall’s flow.


Just as Yang Qi’s gaze moved away from the white ape, it’s body moved. The ape had immediately sensed him and turned its head around. Its eyes stared at wherever Yang Qi hid.

It seemed as if no matter how he concealed himself, it would just see through foliage and find him.

The moment the white ape’s eyes fell on his body, Yang Qi suddenly felt a profound sensation that his soul was locked down. He felt that even if he escaped and fled to a faraway location, he still would not be able to escape this white ape’s attention.

“[Long-distance Soul Lockdown]? Bloody hell, this is an expert,it is definitely an expert! This white ape’s QiGong cultivation has reached great heights, it is almost at the point of perfection. Just its realm of cultivation is perhaps greater than father’s. Moreover, its QiGong’s profoundness has far surpassed that of father. I am not its match. I wonder, if it has reached the Qi Lord realm.”

Although Yang Qi did not want to do so, he turned around to leave.

He was not capable of resisting this kind of Demonic Beast. Even his father had not achieved the realm to use [Long-distance Soul Lockdown].

The so-called [Long-distance Soul Lockdown] can be used by those with a cultivation of Qigong which has reached an extreme stage. These practitioners have developed a sense of Qi and after locking down on a person, they could sense that person even if he escaped over a thousand miles and thus not being to escape the control of the practitioner.

The ape’s QiGong was at the peak of the eighth tier, a half step into the 9th tier. Its cultivation was vastly different than Yang Qi’s current cultivation. If Yang Qi had reached the seventh tier, he may be able to hold of the ape if he gave his all, but at his current cultivation, he would just die if he attempted to fight him.

Moreover, this was not a human but a large ape. Just looking at the physical form of the ape, one should know that the Zhen Qi within its body was atleast 3-4 times more vigourous than that of an expert.

However, even if Yang Qi wanted to run away, that great ape was not going to let him.

With a bellow, the white ape raised its palm, using its QiGong to create a stream of water from the pool below the waterfall. The stream of water gathered to form a long dragon that flowed through the air; immediately traversing 3000 steps and arriving in front of Yang Qi. The flood dragon opened its huge mouth wide, sucking in the air and preparing to bite.

“Not good.”

Yang Qi’s body moved aside, dodging faster than a shot from a catapult.

The flood dragon ‘bit’ the huge tree that Yang Qi was on. The tree immediately became sawdust and swirled in the air.

Looking at this turn of events, if that had been his body that was bitten, his body would be torna and his bones crushed.

“In one strike, it can reach 3000 steps! This is very terrible.” Yang Qi was stunned.

The [Hundred Steps Divine Fists] was named so because one could use QiGong for 100 steps to split wood and crush stones. However, if one exceeds 100 steps, the Zhen Qi would dissipate and the power would be greatly reduced.

Even with Yang Qi’s current QiGong cultivation, he could only use that move for 500 steps. This distance was further than the arrows from bows and arrows. Yang Qi couldn’t even fathom using a attack over 3000 steps. But this white ape was able to do so with just a jolt of his QiGong; it was awfully terrifying.


Seeing that Yang Qi had evaded its attack, that white ape was slightly astonished. Soon after, however, a merciless grin appeared on its face and it bared its huge and fierce canines. The white fur on its densely furred faced appeared wind-blown; the water sluiced from the fur without sticking to it.

Its huge body jumped up, rising above the waterfall. It condensed its QiGong and formed two golden colored wings on its back, like that of a roc. These wings were wider bolder and more powerful than the [Wings of the White Crane].

“[Roc QiGong]?”

Yang Qi had barely avoided the previous hit, when the white ape landed and Qi drifted out frantically from its raised palm, making a grab at him.

Suddenly, his body’s Qi circulation became a fierce whirlpool. His whole body felt like it was restricted by dark spirit, like a boat only drifting around in a rainstorm, he couldn’t leave this restriction.

The calamity of drowning had come.

He confronted the white ape’s attack using his QiGong, but was unexpectedly unable to move even a single step. Thus, it was obvious on how fierce the white ape was. Perhaps in Yan Capital City, only with Yan Capital City’s Mayor, Yan Gu Feng could compare to it.

“Shaaaaa!” (a battle cry)

In the face of this restriction, he could only desperately fight.

Yang Qi roused his fighting intent; since it had come to this situation, he would not act cowardly. His body swelled like a drum; his muscles, bones and flesh all expanded. He used his full strength to circulate the QiGong of [Power of Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell]. An aura, similar to that of the evil spirits from Hell, that could intimidate all demons and ghosts for thousands of miles.


The [Spear of Dark God] appeared in his hand; he did not dodge the attack of the white ape but also wanted to take it down along with him. With no flashy attack, he sent the spear straight towards the throat of the white ape.

The white ape was flabbergasted; there was clearly shock written all over its face. It sensed the destructive aura of this [Spear of Dark God], the Zhen Qi felt as if it could restrict its soul.


Floods appear from his hand, forming a thick, big cudgel which attacked the [Spear of Dark God].

Suddenly, a large power shook Yang Qi and made him recoil. The [Spear of Dark God] in his hand, dissipated and that big cudgel’s power unexpectedly seeped into his meridians and rushed into his Qi ocean. There were sounds of crackling and rattling, as if it wanted to destroy his body.

“Lightning Mammoth!”

Yang QI secretly bellowed; the Lightning Mammoth within his body circulated and dispelled the injuries within his meridians.

Under this kind of heavy pressure, he who had not been able to break through to the next level of [], now broke through. Within his body, 4 particles awakened and boundless Zhen Qi circulated through all his limbs and bones, and the power of 4 ancient Mammoths was added to his body.


As his palm made a grabbing motion, once again the [Spear of Dark God] appeared in his hand. Within the Qi ocean in his Dantian, there formed the “Hell’s Whirlpool”. It rushed into the spear and  launched it. The spear, like an illusion, appeared at the white ape’s throat.

The white ape did not anticipate that this rival of his would make a breakthrough. Its QiGong rose sharply; it also would not let Yang Qi get away. In its eyes, Yang Qi was a valuable opponent whom it wanted to capture and then question him about his QiGong cultivation techniques. It also wanted to directly absorb the Zhen Qi within Yang Qi’s body.

With the white ape’s cultivation, its intelligence had far surpassed that of the ordinary humans.

The large, water cudgel in its hand rotated like a pinwheel. It shook and trembled and a stream burst open and again attacked the [Spear of Dark God]. Under this attack,the spear dissolved and became formless, but the profound aura of the evil spirits from Hell entered his soul, making the circulation of Zhen Qi rather ineffective.

Yang Qi could finally catch his breath and he continuously circulation his QiGong and produced 10 [Spears of Dark God]. These spears formed an array which shot towards the white ape.

Meanwhile, the ape’s body soared upwards like a large bird. The 6 moves of  [Undefeatable King Fist] became the crucial attack that was aimed at the white ape’s body.


The white ape had apparently never felt so stifled before. With a ferocious roar, it heaved its large cudgel and spurred its QiGong. Countless tons of water condensed to form steel-like walls, each one both strong and gentle at the same time. When the [Spear of Dark God] was thrust at these walls, it split into ten spears and tried to penetrate it. But, these water walls were incessantly squirming;  they were as strong as steel and yet were also as soft as cotton (TL note: imagine a rubber jelly preventing the darts from penetrating through). With a flash, these several tens of powerful layers dispersed all of the power of the spears, and finally caused the [Spear of Dark God] to fade away into these walls.


A barely audible bellow came from the white ape, which had finally broken down the  [Spear of Dark God] array.The QiGong in its body went berserk and suddenly the entire pond and the waterfall all flew into the air and transformed into a huge mountain made of water and was aimed at Yang Qi.

There was no mistake; even if this was a mountain made of water, it was still infused with condensed flood QiGong. And when flying high in the sky, it was oppressive, covering a circumference of several tens of feet. The rumbling sounds restricted Yang Qi, and he was  unable to escape.

“What will your next means of attack be? Let me see it.”

Yang Qi also remained fearless. Going all-out, using the [Power of the Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell], he struck out with both of his hands against the water-mountain; his iron-like fists were quick as wind. It was the power within his body vs. the power of the mountain.

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