Three Chapters

Heyo, M2t5 here. So this may be my last chapter postfor 4-5 weeks 😛 (Gotcha didn’t I… been a while since I pulled one of these). As I said before, I’m leaving for a trip on the twentieth, so I probably won’t have time to edit the next three chapters. Thankfully LosThantos has agreed to take over the chapters that I won’t be able to edit. (He’s pretty good) So you still will get your KS/SW/JS fix. But he may have limited time or anything, so don’t hate on him if he finds work to hard to do.

Again I didn’t work on JS and SW, because of our amazing pseudo-head editors. 😛 Thank them~~.

JS is going pretty smoothly, GX is chugging away at things.

Uhh I’m officially making SW past tense… because present tense is just a pain in the ass. (sorry Demen). I’ll get someone to go back and change all the previous chapters to past tense sometime. (probably our godly converters who are already so good at changing things :P).

On the subject of our converters, there have been a whole lot of CN chapters released, I just haven’t put them up in the menu, or made any posts about that. So I think I will do that sometime this week. (Never fear, thy CN dears, for your seer, M2 is here). <– I’m quite proud of that lol.

Uh there may be some mistakes in the SW and JS chapters, because I only read the beginning and ends of the chapters. (I was lazy) But you get a chapter so don’t go hating on the editors.

On the subject of hating. I am quite amused by it, I find it a great creative break to craft replies which match their style. (You can look for offensive posts around the site if you don’t know what I am talking about, since I approve all of them)


Mmm I’m going to shake it up this time… the links are going to be in the body of the text :P. One paragraph will be about a series, and one period in that paragraph will have a link. There will be a few links that lead nowhere pleasant, so have fun!


28 thoughts on “Three Chapters

  1. I’m glad Its going to be in past tense. Proper English literature should be in past tense even if it is translated from another language that formats it differently. There can be exceptions but in books its pretty much just when people speak that present tense might be used instead.


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