Chapter 8

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Volume 3 Chapter 8: Offenders Must Die

Translated By: Demenious, GX

Edited By: Ring~Master,khan, Kidyeon, Zach, Sad Horse, Verslint, Boon, Meatbun, betel, raltzero, Speedy, M2t5

My father, as always, didn’t show any affection for me. His cold treatment returned my heart back to its state before it had met Jisure; ice-cold. I swiftly left the tent, found my elder brother, and led him back to the tent.

Laylon went in and said, “Father, you called for me?”

“Yes. Go pick some guards to accompany your brother back to the Imperial Capital.”

“But father, brother just returned; how about letting him rest here for a day?” Laylon’s words warmed my heart; he was the only person in my family that I felt some kinship with.

Father frowned, “No, he has some urgent matters to attend to. Obey my orders. You guys can leave now. Layson, when you leave, there is no need to return. After you’re back home…nevermind. Hurry up and go.”

I quietly followed elder brother out of the tent. Laylon rested his hand on my shoulders and said, “We have to part again, even though you’ve just returned. Little brother, be careful on your way to the Imperial Capital. Brother will find you some skilled clansmen.”

I bluntly asked, “Is the road still chaotic?”

Laylon sighed and said, “Our Beastmen country has always been like this, with bandits everywhere. Don’t worry, with the guards protecting you, nothing will happen.”

I tightly clenched my fist and said in an ice-cold voice: “Bandits? Crossing paths with me would be their worst misfortune. Big brother, don’t worry, I am not a kid anymore. This is for you: keep it on your body, it will bring some good fortune to you.” While saying this, I took out a turquoise stone from my vest. After the life and death struggle last time, I noticed that the thing that kept me alive was this inconspicuous green stone. Without the stones, I could not have lasted long enough to obtain victory in the end.

Laylon held the turquoise between his fingers and asked, “What is this thing?”

I smiled and said, “Don’t ask, just take it. And don’t let others see it; It will help you on the battlefield.”

Laylon frowned and looked at the tiny turquoise stone, and said, “Alright then, since you’re the one who said it, I’ll definitely hold on to it properly.”

“Just now, someone told me that a vice general returned, so I wondered who it was, and I find out it was you, little hybrid*.” A familiar but hateful voice rang beside my ears. Big brother and I turned our heads back at the same time, and we saw Layhu, who was as tall and big as big brother. Layhu was still the same and had the same hideous face. “Little hybrid” was the nickname he had come up with, and as far back as I can remember, he had always called me this.

I coldly snorted, “Hmph, who are you calling ‘little hybrid’?”

Layhu clenched his fist and produced some clack clack noise between his knuckles. He spoke while his mouth twitched, “Who do you think? We haven’t seen each other only for a while and now the little hybrid even has a temper. It even dares to resist too.”

Laylon stood in front of me and angrily said: “Second brother, stop with your nonsense. He’s also your brother, how can you call him a hybrid?”

Layhu shot a glance of disdain at his elder brother.

“I say, big brother, how is he considered our brother? Look at him, does he look even a little like us Beamon? If he isn’t a hybrid, then what is he, that worthless human gave birth to this lowly hybrid. I really don’t know what father was thinking. What’s the point of letting him stay here? If it were me, I would have strangled him in the cradle, so that I wouldn’t have to feel hatred every time I see him.”

Laylon suddenly felt a chill on his back, turning back to look, he was so terrified that he was forced to take a few steps back.

“Father made a mistake by letting me live?”

Father’s cold attitude and Layhu’s insult angered me, after having just returned from the Dragon Empire. I stared at Layhu hatefully with my crimson eyes. The hair that had turned red fluttered in the still air. After my berserk transformation, my muscles bulged and most of my clothes were torn. Father’s cold attitude and Layhu’s insult made me go mad after having just returned from the Dragon Empire. I stared hatefully at Layhu with crimson eyes.

Layhu seeing me in that state, was stupefied: “What, is that hybrid going crazy?”

Emitting a dangerous and awe-inspiring aura, I walked toward Layhu step by step, while continuously muttering. “Who did you say is a hybrid?! Who are you calling a hybrid!? …”

Laylon grabbed my shoulder and frantically said: “Third brother, stop this. Let the three of us have a nice chat.”

With a shrug of my shoulder, I shook off Laylon, squeezing out the words from between my teeth: “What nice chat? Whoever insults me must die.”

Because of our argument, there was a big crowd around us. Most of them were either from the Wild Lion Army or the Beamon Army. Due to our ranks as vice generals, nobody dared to stop us, but a few smart soldiers went to fetch my father.

Laylon looked at his hand, not believing that a mere shrug of my shoulder made his hand numb and murmured: “But, but, you are still his elder brother after all!”

Layhu raged: “Who is his elder brother? He is a hybrid. Stinking hybrid, don’t think that just because you look like this I will fear you, today I will show you the true power of a Beamon!”

After saying that, he roared loudly and took a step forward to send a punch through the air.

It was just as big brother had said, Layhu’s Armor of Heavenly Thunders had already reached the third tier, with a lump of faint white chi coming from his fist he violently rushed towards me. If I was not in Berserk mode, I might not have been a match for him, but while being in Berserk I dare to fight even dragon knights. I didn’t even know the meaning of fear. I abruptly rushed forward, greeting his chi. Layhu laughed coldly and snorted, “Time for you to die.”

Charging forward I  abruptly threw a punch. A stream of red chi came from the punch and clashed with the white chi from Layhu. hong! Layhu was forced two steps back, his expression changing slightly, my speed had barely slowed as I continued charging at him.

My valour triggered Layhu’s aggression, he charged at me roaring furiously. I leaped into the sky with one touch of my foot on the ground, I roared, “Heavenly Berserk.” Berserk Fist could only unleash it’s full potential while in berserk mode. A crimson pillar of chi covered the sky, but Layhu  continued to charge at me without any hesitation, continuously throwing his fists. “hong, hong, hong, hong, hong, hong.” The mad god chi released from Heavenly Berserk clashed with Layhu’s heavenly armour six times, and Layhu’s gigantic body, more than five meters tall, was sent flying. He landed on a tent, destroying it.

Watching the bragger Layhu, who was always boasting he would become the new Beamon King,  being sent flying by me, the soldiers of the two tribes were shocked. All of them began to murmur.

One soldier of the Wild Lion said, “Who is this person? He’s so impressively powerful, even vice general Layhu cannot keep up with him.”

“You don’t know? He is the youngest son of our Beamon king, also a vice general. Although he is not as big in stature and not as tall, he looks a bit like a human too, but he is the only Beamon in the past hundreds of years who can go berserk.”

A Beamon soldier who stood beside answered proudly, “Hehe, this time vice general Layhu can no longer brag, he always seemed like his eyes were placed on the top of his head; this time he bit off more than he could chew, even defeated by the hands of his own younger brother.”

Layhu shoved aside the tent, tottering as he stood, even though he has a tyrannical defense, he had suffered some injuries. “Hybrid, you are ruthless. Good. Today I will go all out on you.” And with a roar, he charged forward again.

He wasn’t even a match for me after I went berserk in his normal state, much less after getting injured. When facing this person, who had always bullied mother and I since I was young, I was full of killing intent. Ever since I had completed the Fallen angel transformation  my speed even when untransformed had substantially increased.  On top of that I also casted float magic on myself and used the advantage of my smaller body and speed to avoid all of his hits while landing heavy punches on him. Big brother Laylon was panicking at the side, he wanted to interfere quite a few times, but he wasn’t able to catch up to our fast figures.  He was only able to observe Layhu getting punched here and there like a sandbag. With my superior speed, I didn’t even give him the chance to land on the ground. With Every fist hitting his body  Layhu wildly sprayed out blood. After throwing ten punches, I knew I had broken at least ten of his bones. But the Heavenly Armour is indeed a brilliant protection technique, and coupled with his innate tyrannical defense, even after taking so many heavy hits, he surprisingly survived.

I roared, “Wild Dance of the Mad Dragon!” My body turned into a crimson dragon, and the force behind it was no less than what it was whilst wielding Black Sable. If I had compared this skill to the time I used it in Fallen Angel transformation, I would say that it was probably even more powerful. This was my trump card I had saved for Layhu. Even if his defenses are stronger, I will turn him into a pile of minced meat, just like I did to White Skye.

After berserking, I had no qualms about killing. When facing the target that had caused me to go berserk, my mind only shouted KILL, KILL, KILL!

“Stop.” Seeing the moment Layhu was about lose his life, a heaven-shaking roar rang, and Layhu’s eyes flashed with a glint of happiness. A gigantic white light appeared in front of Layhu, stopping all the power of my Wild dance of the Mad Dragon. The crimson dragon rammed into the white luminophore, producing Pi! Pi! Pa! Pa! noises, with a hong! noise in the end. The long dragon that I had formed vanished as I turned back into my original form, with a pale face I flew backwards, my crimson hair gradually dimming.

The white light slowly faded, revealing father’s angered and surprised face. In the face of his imposing regal countenance, all of the soldiers that were present prostrated themselves on the ground, then shouted in unison, “Long live the Beamon King, long live, long live.”

Father lowered his head and glanced at the moaning Layhu, “Father, save me. Kill that little hybrid.”

After listening to that, Leo naturally understood why we clashed.

Father coldly snorted and bellowed, “You made me lose face, you can’t even fight against your own younger brother. Someone come, lug him away and find a doctor to treat him.” When Father finished speaking, he took giant steps towards me.

Looking at father closing in step by step, I tried to accumulate more power; if he blamed me for my actions I would fight him with everything I had, I had no way to contain the anger in my heart. But I had exhausted almost all of my berserking energy, and as a result my body gradually returned to it’s original form; Layhu was, after all, a powerful warrior among the Beamons. There’s a saying, There is no glory without sacrifice. To have beaten him into that state I had to spend a great amount of chi.

Weakness overtook me, and I knelt to the floor on one knee, using my palm to support my body. At this time, Father had arrived in front of me and raised his hand to stop Laylon from speaking and hurled me up.

I discovered that his expression was surprisingly gentle. From his big hand, he sent some of his chi towards me. With the help of his chi, my mental state was refreshed and I stood up straight.

Father’s ice-cold gaze swept across the soldiers who were prostrating on the ground and loudly said, “All of you, listen carefully. Today, I, as the Beamon King, will announce that my third son Layson will now have the same respected and honored position as my other sons in this Beastman country; all of my sons are the Beamon troop’s vice-generals. If I ever hear an insult against Layson in the future, that will mean that it is an insult towards me, Leo. No matter who it is, I will not take it lightly.”

“Long live the Beamon King, long live vice-general Layson.”

Father nodded with satisfaction and shouted, “What are you kneeling here for, go back to your own positions.”

After dismissing the soldiers father looked at me deeply. I would not feel happy nor excited because of what he just said; I used my own strength to protect my position. Without backing down the slightest I stared back at him.

“Good, you are finally worthy of being my, Leo’s, son. After staying in the Dragon Empire for a year, your improvements are great, especially that skill just now; it was pretty good. Keep that up, Berserk mode spends a lot of power so you don’t have to leave today, rest for a day. Laylon, arrange a place for your brother to stay and depart tomorrow morning.” As he finished speaking, father turned and left.

Big brother stepped forward and supported me, saying softly, “Third brother, how come you became so agitated today? Let’s go, I will arrange a place for you to stay.” As he said that, he dragged my exhausted body towards his own tent.

The next day I was riding on Black Dragon and slowly heading towards the Beastman country, with eight giant Beamons walking behind me. Due to my performance yesterday, they were very revering towards me, even if they were very tired due to running they didn’t make a noise. With them following me, it was very different from when I left for the Dragon Empire; this time, there isn’t even one bandit. I guess they all hid in fear after seeing these eight giant Beamon beasts.

On the way there I rarely spoke, my mood was gloomy from the start, whenever I thought about  Jiyan and Jisue only then would my mood soften a little. Without the disturbance of the bandits, we advanced very quickly, and within 10 days we arrived at the territory of the Beast Empire city.

A beamon guard asked: “Sir vice general, shall we go back to the mansion first or…..”

“Back to the mansion”


First I need to go see my mother; after being gone for such a long time I was worried about how she fared. After meeting the duke, my hatred against my mother has weakened a lot. She had never been good to me but that could only be blamed on fate. I need to tell her about meeting my with the duke.

When I entered the Beamon King’s mansion, which had not changed in the slightest, still wide and majestic, I coldly said, “You lot, go find a place to rest, there is no need to follow me. Wait for me at the entrance tomorrow morning.”
“Yes, Sir vice-general.” Looking at the unchanged courtyard that seemed both familiar and unfamiliar, my heart was at a loss; was this my home? After a long sigh, I went into the courtyard with Black Dragon, charging straight to my mother’s residence.

I noticed the servants hiding far away from us; it seems that I am still like a piece of ice stuck in their hearts, from the beginning till the end.

When I arrived at the door I heard a sharp toned voice coming from inside, “Pa! you lowly human, this midwife will beat you to death, that devil’s son of yours and that little beastly bastard Laylon are gone, let’s see who will defend you now, how was that? Did you feel great after being hit? HAHAHA, you dare to stare at me? Are you tired of living?! Pa! Hmph! Don’t worry, I will not beat you to death, if i beat you to death, where would be the fun in that? Where would I get another plaything later on…….”

After listening up to there I could no longer restrain myself, bursting into my mother’s room like an arrow. The room is in an incredible state, things scattered everywhere. At this moment a 50 year old lionwoman held my mother by her hair, her fat fierce looking face was disgusting. This person is Layhu’s mother, the third wife of my father and also the cousin of the Beast Emperor.

There is no one in the family who would dare to provoke her, but a rather flattering adjective is generally used to describe her——bitch.

There was blood on the edge of mothers’ mouth; overall she looked far worse than she had before I had left. Her clothes were torn and she was staring ruthlessly at the ugly bitch.

“Let go of her.” My voice was an ice-cold whisper straight out of hell.

When the ugly bitch vixen lifted her head and saw that it was me her expression changed a little and she let go of my mother: “Oh. I thought it was someone calling for a funeral but looks like it’s just a lowly hybrid; look at yourself all skinny and weak. Compared to my Layhu, the difference between you and Layhu was as if heavens and earth–”

I stepped forward and with a swing of my right arm I sent the ugly bitch flying, she rammed into the wall of the room heavily. Looking at my mother who is in such a bad condition, my eyes became wet.

I reached out my hand and propped up her thin and weak body: “Mother, I am back, you have endured a lot.” mother looked at me with a trace of liveliness, but did not speak.

The body of the ugly bitch is pretty sturdy, although she was thrown out, she didn’t sustain much damage after the fall. She let out a shrill scream and with that scream she stormed toward me: “You little animal dare to hit me, this old woman will tear you apart.” she looked like a bitch* that had finally gone rabid.

I kicked her away without using much strength, with my back to her I said “No need to struggle, today is when your life ends.” After saying that I gently put mother on the bed, and covered her properly with a quilt. “Mother, you can rest here for the moment. I will take care of that vixen now and will be back soon. You must take care of your body. I have finished the request you gave properly, wait for a few moments and I will give you all the details, Ok?”

Hearing my sentence, mother’s eyes clearly displayed more spirit, pulling at my clothes: “Is that true? He, is he still well?”

I gave a light smile: “Wait a moment and I will answer all your questions soon. But please rest for the moment; otherwise you won’t have the strength to listen to my story well, right?”

A tear rolled down mother’s cheek, with a voice choking of emotion: “Thank you.”

Hearing her thanking me made my heart ache, “You shouldn’t be thanking me, I am your son, and will forever be.”

After finishing my speech I took a deep breath, then I stood up. The vixen glared at me fiercely, “You, you dare to do anything to me?”

“Wait a little longer, and you will know.” I grabbed her collar and lifting her up without effort I dragged her outside.

How could a vixen like her not resist? As I dragged her towards the big courtyard she struggled as if her life was on the line, scratching and biting. But how could she hope to injure my sturdy Beamon body like that? As the servants around us saw what was happening they noiselessly hid far away; clearly they knew what was happening.

I called the closest person: “You, come over here.” If I remember correctly, this snakeman is in charge of cleaning the courtyard. The snakeman came up to me trembling, shooting glances at the bitch. With a shaky voice he said, “Third young master, you called?”

I ordered with a heavy voice: “Go and gather everyone out of their residences, regardless of age or gender. Also call the eight Beamon guards that arrived with me, I have something to announce.”

The snake man tentatively asked: “Even the first Ms?” the first Ms was Laylon’s mother, who has been bedridden for the past years.

“Except the first Ms and her servant, gather everyone else, act quickly or I will break your legs.”

“Yes, yes, this lowly servant will go immediately.”

The ugly bitch hissed, “What do you want to do, if you dare touch me and my Hu-er comes back, you will be minced into ten thousand pieces.”

I snorted coldly: “Mince me into ten thousand pieces? I don’t know whether he’ll be able to do so in the future, but at the moment he doesn’t have what it takes. I am afraid that he’ll need to wait for more than half a year before he can even hope to stand up and walk. I took care of him before coming home.”

Layhu is this vixen’s treasure, she shuddered: “You, what did you do to Hu-er? No, thats not possible. you are no match for Hu-er. Liar! Liar!”

“Hmpf, wait a moment longer and I will show you the truth. Don’t worry, he’s not dead, no, he just has a few broken bones. But I don’t think you’ll be as lucky, because this time father won’t appear to save you again.”

The ugly bitch experienced fear for the first time, she shivered: “You…. you want to kill me?”

I snorted without answering. Shortly, all the people who live in the mansion came, father, eldest brother and second brother weren’t home, so I am the master right now, I was no longer the Layson everyone looked down upon since young, when I killed the first beamon guard, my position inside the family had started to change since then.

The snakeman came up to me bowed: “Third young master, everybody, who is at home, is here, you may look….” I replied coldly: “Alright, stand aside.”

I looked around, besides my few step mothers, most of them are servants and guards, including the guards I brought with me.

I pointed at a beamon guard who came back with me from the frontline: “You, come here.”

“Vice general, your order.”

“Tell this vixen, what her son, who is also my second brother, is doing right now.”

The beamon guard looked at the ugly bitch blankly and said, “Vice general Layhu is recuperating right now.”

This one is really like a log, I ranged, “Tell him how Layhu was injured, do you need me to teach you how to speak?”

That beamon guard was so terrified of me that he took a step backwards, after remembering about the day I beat up Layhu, his eyes displayed a trace of terror, “That day vice general Layhu in-insulted vice general Layson, because of that vice general Layson had beaten and injured vice general Layhu. After that, king Leo intervened and saved vice general Layhu. This is the reason vice general Layhu is recuperating right now. King Leo also announced in front of everyone, that if anyone else insults vice general Layson in the future, there will be no way of letting them off lightly.”

Although this Beamon guard was a bit inarticulate and a little silly, he had described the base of the situation crudely, I waved with my hand, “step down.”

“Did you hear that clearly? Your son is not invincible, anyone who insults me and my mother will not end well. If that day father did not interfere, your son would already be in hell. Since father said those who insult me will not be let off lightly, then today I will punish you for him.”

The vixen had lost her previous flame and arrogance, she said blankly: “But, but  he is your brother and I am your stepmother.”

I laughed sadly, “Bother? That mongrel a brother? Has he ever seen me as a brother? From childhood till now, even once? In his eyes I am nothing but a hybrid. And you, who has insulted and beaten up my mother, today I will let you pay back a hundredfold.”

I suddenly lifted my head, with my eyes bloodshot, terrifying everyone around me so much that they unconsciously took a few steps backwards.

“Today I called you all out here because I want to let all of you know. If one of you dares to bully my mother, this one here will be your example. Unless I die, no matter who it is, even if it’s my own father I will fight him to the very end. Do you guys understand?” My voice is filled with dense killing Intent, the temperature of the whole courtyard seemed to have sunk under zero degrees, everyone could feel the ice-cold chilling in their heart.

A stepmother who normally had good terms with that vixen oppened her mouth and spoke, “She is your step mother; you cannot do this to her. Let’s wait ‘till your father is back to discuss this matter, ok?”

I snorted heavily, narrowing my eyes to a slit; with a cold gaze I looked at this step mother who dared to come forward: “Stop blabbering nonsense over there, you’re nothing better. However, you are right; she is my step mother, Sigh…” While saying that, I nodded.

Everyone sighed in relief, believing that I had changed my mind. Just as they relaxed, with a furious look I roared: “DIE—!!!” My right hand struck down rapidly; Mad God Chi bursting forth.


I struck the vixen’s body squarely on the head, was reduced to a pile of minced meat with blood splattering everywhere; My entire body and face were covered with the blood of my mother’s tormentor.

The step mother who had defended the ugly vixen fainted on the spot, some women with an ash pale face started to vomit, all the others are trembling while looking at me. With my whole body reeking in fresh blood I stood in the middle of the courtyard; like an Asura who just walked out of hell.

“This is your example, did all of you see that clearly?”Nobody dared to answer under the pressure of my imposing manner.

I repeated with a loud voice, “Did all of you see that clearly?”

The servants fearfully stuttered, “We-we saw it clearly.”

My expression eased, “Clean this place, pick up these minced meat and find a place to bury all these rotten things. Those with nothing to do can disperse. And don’t forget what I said today.”

After this speech I did not directly visit mother… well you can not visit her with the whole body reeking of blood, right? Changing into new clothes I felt more relaxed.

Coming back to mother’s room, which was cleaned by servants. Mother was like before I left, lying on the bed, “Mother, I am back.”

I walked to her and sat beside her bed. Mother turned around, struggling to sit. I hurriedly supported her body, putting a pillow behind her. Mother took a deep breath and said, “Tell me, tell me everything.”

Looking at mothers aged and withered face, I could not help but feel a burst of sourness in my heart, If this continues, I am afraid she will not last for more than a few years.

I reached into my pocket and took out a Bloodstone and a Turquoise, handed it over to her. Mother was stunned, “This is Bloodstone and Turquoise. Why do you have these things? They are of the best quality, and price is sky high!”

Mother doesn’t look like that she will keep this, with a move of heart I said, “He gave me these so that I can bring them to you or why would I have such valuable things ”

Mother’s body shivered, reaching out she grabbed the two gems, with teary eyes she muttered: “Oh Linden, oh Linden, have you not forgotten about me?”

“Not only that he did not forget you, he still missed you a lot”

Suddenly my mother grabbed my hand asking me with haste: “Hurry, hurry tell me, how is he.”

I held back at the ice-cold hands of my mother and gently said: “Don’t be hasty, I will slowly tell you everything. ”

Supporting her so that she could lean back again, seeing her calmed down a little I continued: “It is like this, when I arrived at the Dragon Empire, I entered the Sky City Academy to learn martial arts and magic”

“Sky City Academy?”

“Yes! Why do you ask?”

“Sigh……” mother let out a long sigh and said, “I  studied at that academy too.”

I smiled and nodded: “I know.”

“Did he, he tell you this?”

I nodded and said, “Yes, after a short time studying there I met an admirable girl. We tried to hang out. She is very gentle and cute, and was very kind to me; her name is Jisue.”

Mother frowned: “You are a beastman. How can you have that sort of relation with a human girl; this will ruin her.” My heart ached, am I forever only a beast like my father in my mother’s heart?

“Hear me out, ok? Without this girl, I would have never found the Linden you talked about.”

“Why?”, mother was unable to hold in the question.

I gave a plain smile: “Because Jisue is Linden’s daughter, and Linden is now the duke of the  Dragon Empire with power over all levels of society.”

This sentence had a great impact on my mother, “Duke? He still married another person all along, he really forgot me, should I be happy?” Mother mockingly laughed, but her tears were uncontrollably rolling down.

“No, he didn’t forget about you, Linden….. Ah, no he… became part of the royal family, now he change his name to Jiden, in his heart you are still the most precious one to him. He only married another person because there was no other choice, like my grandma and grandpa, they also had a political marriage.”

“Political marriage?”

I nodded, “Yes, otherwise, even if he had more talent, Jiden wouldn’t have achieved such high position before reaching the age of forty-something. When he saw the item you gave me last time, he looked just like you; he couldn’t suppress his excitement. He told me that he has been to the beastmen territory to find you countless times, but he never found anything.”

Mother was stupefied: “He came to find me? He was here to find me? How could he possibly find me?”

I sighed: “Yeah, if you are here, he will never find you, but he had great hope of seeing you again.”

I could see that mother was suffering terribly in her heart. Her tears kept flowing non-stop. I held her ice-cold hand. “Don’t be like this mother. The duke said that no matter what you have become, as long as you are still alive, he would give up everything in order to find you.”

With a vivid expression in her eyes, mother said, “Did, did he really say that?”

I nodded, “Although we haven’t had much contact since childhood, I haven’t lied to you a single time, have I? Duke Jiden told me everything about the past between you two; he really has been missing you from the bottom of his heart.”

With a bitter smile mother shook her head: “Let him keep this delusion, it is impossible for me to see him again. Right now, I probably look more like his mother.”

Suddenly, I made up my mind, resolutely saying: “Mother, do you wish to go back to the Dragon Empire and see Duke Jiden again?”

Mother didn’t answer me directly, she plainly asked: “You will betray your father, betray your clansmen, just to let me go home? Don’t joke with me!”

It was hard to suppress the sorrow in my heart; I laughed violently, tears dripping unceasingly as I said: “Clansmen? Who are my clansmen? In almost everyone’s eyes I am just ‘a hybrid’. Mother, you have a home. Your home is the Dragon Empire; that is where you belong. But, what about me? Do I have a home? I don’t have a home! I am alone; I am a hybrid of human, demon, and beastman. I don’t have a home! I don’t have a home!”

With a sweetness in my throat, the intense grief and indignation made me spew out a mouthful of fresh blood. Mother had a change of expression when she heard me say that I didn’t have a home. She reached out to grab me, but halted halfway and withdrew her hand. I laughed bitterly: “As long as you wish for it, will I take you back to the Dragon Empire, but of course not right now.”

Mother with a lifeless look in her eyes,mumbling: “I can no longer go back, I already have no face to see them.”

“The duke doesn’t mind how you look or anything else.”

Mother was almost shouting: “But, I care. I can’t go back to him the way that I look; I will only bring him trouble.”

Now that mother only cared about the duke, who is left to care about me? Perhaps Jiyan and Jisue? Are they thinking of me? Jiyan’s refined, clear and attractive style, Jisue’s sweet-tempered, pleasant and charming style was constantly bubbling up in my mind. Right. If they are still thinking of me, then I am no longer alone in this world anymore, right? Thinking about this I felt a lot more at ease in my heart. I plainly said, “Mother, what if I have a way to restore your youth and beauty?”

Hearing this sentence, mother’s eyes shined as the dawn, her hope rekindled by the sweet words. If, if…… Mother really didn’t dare to think any further, but her heartbeat was still rising. “If I have a way to restore your youth and beauty, will you be willing to go back to the Dragon Empire?”

Mother smiled bitterly: “Do you think you are a sage? I fear that not even a sage can restore my youth and beauty.”

I put up three fingers: “Give me three years. You already waited so long, you won’t mind waiting for another 3 years, will you? Within these three years I will restore your beauty, and then take you back then to the Dragon Empire. You don’t have to worry about unnecessary things, just follow what I say.”

Mother sat up straight, staring straight at me: “Is-is that true?” I nodded seriously: “First, I want you to eat three meals a day, everyday on time. I will also tell them to bring you more nutritious medicine. Secondly, since you recognize the two stones that the duke gave you, you should already know how to use them. You must keep them close to you every day. And lastly, wait for my news. What you should do now is to fill your heart with hope, like hope during the spring; only with this will you get your youth back. ”

Hearing what I said, mother was silent for a long time. Then she said arduously, “Thank you, why are you so good to me?

I was a little agitated and said, “Didn’t I tell you not to thank me?”

After I was finished speaking, I walked with big steps towards the door. As I reached the entrance I turned my head around, “I am not being good to you but rather I only wish for your happiness*, because you are my mother no matter what; even if you don’t love me.” With that said, I turned around and left the place which made my heart grieve.


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