Vol 2. Chapter 6: Condensing the Ying-Yang Crown

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Translators: GX

TLC : Ash

Editors: FLameT0ngue, Ash

To be exact, the human body could only support a certain amount of elemental power, and that was the amount of a level 10 Apprentice. Even though the body will be refined by the element through continued training, after one becomes a level 10 Apprentice, the refining process cannot match with the increase of the magic power. If an apprentice forcibly continued cultivating, then it would only backfire on them.

The Yin-Yang Crown is the concentration of one’s magic power, compressed into a bizarre elemental form and condensed over the chest. The compressing and condensing makes it so that the elemental magical power absorbed will not harm one’s body. This was the so called Yin-Yang Crown. Of course, if a Wizard needs to fight, then he will release his Yin-Yang Crown to link it with the elements to which it originally belonged in the external world, and form a Yin-Yang Crown on the the top of his head.

Due to the origin of the Yin-Yang Crown, it has a strong attraction towards elements of the same elemental magic power. That is why, after forming the Yin Yang Crown, a Yin-Yang Wizard will have a layer of Yin-Yang protection barrier. The stronger the Yin-Yang Wizard, the stronger this protection barrier will be and it is deployed by attracting the surrounding element. To put it simply, if a low-level Yin-Yang Wizard sneaks an attack on a high-level Yin-Yang Wizard, the attack would not actually destroy the protection barrier. At the same time, once the Yin-Yang Crown attracts the dissociated elemental power from one’s surroundings into a barrier, these elements can then be easily fused with the same element inside the Wizard’s body and absorbed. That is why after condensing the Yin-Yang Crown, the training speed of the Wizard will greatly increase.

After condensing the Yin-Yang Crown, all Yin-Yang Wizards seek a way to increase their strength. The stronger one’s own source is, the stronger the absorbed energy when the Crown is released, which is also directly proportional to how powerful the Wizard becomes. A Yin-Yang Wizard’s level is also derived from this. At the moment, what Ji Dong needed to do was to condense his Yin-Yang Crown and enter the next stage of cultivation. Only after entering this stage could he be called Yin-Yang Wizard, and only then could he register with a guild, and enjoy the status of a Yin-Yang Wizard.

Of course, a Yin-Yang Wizard usually either condenses a Yin Crown or a Yang Crown, but what Ji Dong needed to condense was a true Yin-Yang Crown: a Bing-Ding Double-Fire Element Yin-Yang Crown.

A normal Yin-Yang Wizard only needs to compress the magic power in his body during the condensation of his Yin-Yang Crown. When the magic power is compressed to a certain degree, then it will automatically form a Crown, containing the magic power inside of it, and finish the leveling process.

But when Ji Dong started the condensing process, he discovered a problem. Being a double element Yin-Yang Apprentice, what he needed to do was not only compress the magic power, but he also needed to keep Yin-Yang in balance. To keep the Bing-fire and Ding-fire in balance during the compressing process was an impossible task.

The fact that there was no dual-attribute Yin-Yang Wizard throughout history was not because there was nobody with balanced Yin-Yang who tried to train. It was not that there was no one with willpower who could put forth great effort, but any who tried couldn’t succeed in the end because they were stopped at the doorway of condensing the Yin-Yang Crown. During the procedure of compressing magic power, it steadily changes its form; how could that be balanced? Even a slight balance couldn’t be maintained. During this time, the absorption speed of the element was constantly changing, and Ji Dong could not control them with his mind. Especially since he possessed the extremely strong, purest Yang Bing-Wu-Yuan-Yang-Sacred-Fire and the extremely flexible, purest Yin Ding-Si-Ming-Yin-Spirit-Fire. These two fires are much more difficult to control in comparison to the normal Bing-fire and Ding-fire. Their attributes are too strong!

Originally, when they were left by themselves, everything was okay, but now they were being compressed. These two different flames needed to be fused in order to be compressed. Under this condition, they were repelling each other, making it very difficult for Ji Dong. The moment he brought the two flames together, a problem arose.
Boom—–, Ji Dong felt as if his chest was going to explode! The Bing-Wu-Yuan-Yang-Sacred-Fire and Ding-Si-Ming-Yin-Spirit-Fire started to unleash heavy attacks on each other, as if they want to make his chest explode. He tried to control it with all he had, but how is it easy to control the chaos after these two ultimate fires collide? The two magic powers coming together was like two enemies meeting: exceptionally furious, wildly attacking each other, and Ji Dong’s chest was their battlefield.

It had been a long time since he felt hot, but at this moment he felt as if his whole body was about burst into flames. His heartbeat was racing, and he was sweating like a pig. The two ultimate fires, having just collided, were now like two magnets attracting each other. Even if he wanted to pull them apart and stop the process of condensing the Yin-Yang Crown, he couldn’t.

But even if it was like this, Ji Dong was not worried. While struggling to maintain control, he could also keep himself calm for no other reason than that Lie Yan was besides him. The master of the 18th Layer of the Earth’s Core, the Empress Lie Yan, was there, so how could he be worried?

At just this moment, Lie Yan interfered. Under these circumstances she could not wait. If the two ultimate fires clash for too long, then Ji Dong would not be able to stop the destructive strike. That is why as soon as Ji Dong felt great pain, Lie Yan placed one of her slender jade-like hands onto his chest.
“Break~~”, a light sound came from Lie Yan’s mouth. Ji Dong could instantly feel that, in his chest, everything stopped. The area where the two ultimate fires had been fighting each other a second before was now bogged down. Immediately following, another even stronger rumble could be heard from his chest.

With that loud sound, Ji Dong didn’t feel any more pain. His head was blank, his six senses were reduced to the minimum, and only with his mind could he tell that the ultimate fire magic power that he gathered over the past four years felt like it was being hit by a gigantic hammer, shattering with a loud bang. It turned into innumerable streams flowing through his whole body.

Every thread of the ultimate fires were burning comfortably in his meridians, flowing rapidly inside his body. Also, the enormous amount of Bing-Wu element and Ding-Si element, which was produced by the Yin-Yang fish made by Lie Yan’s magic power, were entering Ji Dong’s body madly.

Lie Yan’s expression was very calm. She did not even forget to sip the liquor, for the magic power Ji Dong had right then was too weak and could be easily controlled by her. So long as she was there, there would be no problems.

As his six senses slowly returned, an unbearable pain made Ji Dong’s body shake. His skin, meridians, bones, organs — everything felt like it was burning. The seven apertures of his head were spewing either gold or black flames.

This was true purification. This was something that would not happen when a normal Bing-fire or Ding-fire element Yin-Yang Wizard condensed his Crown, else he would be burned to death once he burned all the magic power he had gathered.

But Ji Dong was different. Even though his collected magic power was being rapidly consumed, it was instantly replenished by the Bing-Wu element and the Ding-Si element from outside his body. He was like a metal full of impurities being refined by these two fires. The temperature of the refinement was steadily rising, and the pain was also rising.

At this moment, Lie Yan looked serious, not serious about controlling the energy, but she was watching over the condition of Ji Dong’s body seriously. The moment Ji Dong couldn’t take it anymore, she would stop the process.

Every Yin-Yang Wizard only has one chance in his life to condense the Yin-Yang Crown, and his body will be refined during this process. Laying the absolute best foundation is the most important part, and it would impact Ji Dong’s future training. That is why Lie Yan wanted Ji Dong to bear the refining process to his absolute limit.

Ji Dong’s body refinement quickly reached the condition that Lie Yan wanted, but she discovered to her surprise that, unlike she predicted, Ji Dong’s body still hadn’t reached his limit. Even though he was struggling and in pain, his will was still resolute, and there was not a single sign of it crumbling.

Will power is the greatest strength of humankind. As long as there is the least bit of will, the human body could develop unbelieveable potential. Ji Dong’s whole body was burning. Lie Yan had also experienced that pain and she knew its terror.

No longer drinking the liquor, a serious expression appeared on Lie Yan’s face. Even though Ji Dong could still endure, she needed to pay more attention. According to the normal principle, he should have already gone over his limit, and could collapse any moment.

At the same time, Lie Yan showed an expression of admiration. Four years had passed, and Ji Dong repeated the same training every day, but the cocktail he mixed for her each day had a different taste and brought her a different feeling. Although Lie Yan could feel that a hidden power in the cocktails he mixed for her was silently changing her, she was unwilling to throw away that feeling. Without noticing, it had already been four years. Over the course of these four years a youth had slowly grown up under her care.

Nobody knew better than her how much Ji Dong had invested in these four years. He didn’t slack off for even a single day. How else could he become a level 10 Apprentice after only three years of training from the time she gifted him the two ultimate fire seeds? Just as, in Ji Dong’s eyes, everything about Lie Yan was perfect, Lie Yan could also not find a single fault with everything that Ji Dong did during these four years. There were times when Lie Yan want tell Ji Dong that he should rest for a day, but she could not bring herself to say it because she knew that such perseverance was really good for Ji Dong’s future.

The purification was still continuing. Ji Dong’s body was like a fireball, sometimes golden, sometimes black. And because this process was extremely painful his facial muscles appeared contorted. The impurities within his body had already been purified by the purest Yin and purest Yang flames. These two flames had already thoroughly blended into every part of his body. With Lie Yan controlling this purification process, it allowed his body to become even more purified.

Lie Yan did not help him with his training. The strength achieved by his own effort was the most praiseworthy one, whereas strength provided by external support would only hinder his future. If Ji Dong knew how Lie Yan was guiding his future, then he would be really surprised. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be until much later when he understood what she did for him.

Enough, Lie Yan couldn’t bear to continue watching Ji Dong struggle in pain. He wouldn’t get more advantages by continuing, and what he achieved was already good enough. The hand on his chest slowly rotated, then was pulled back with force. Immediately, Ji Dong could feel that the devastating flames in his body were coagulating in his chest, as if they found a source.

The glass in Lie Yan’s hand floated into the air. Both of her hands were in front of her chest, one higher and one lower, the palms facing each other, forming claws. Her right hand turned golden like that of the Bing-Wu-Yuan-Yang-Sacred-Fire, and her left hand turned black like that of the Ding-Si-Ming-Yin-Spirit-Fire. Strong gold and black energies fluctuated between her palms.

The flames in Ji Dong’s body seemed to be drawn by the strong flames between Lie Yan’s palms. After condensing in front of his chest, the two ultimate flames no longer repelled each other, but were fusing together. They started to rotate, forming a gold and black spiral.

Lie Yan’s voice sounded in Ji Dong’s mind, “The Bing-Wu-Yuan-Yang-Sacred-Fire and the Ding-Si-Ming-Yin-Spirit-Fire, even though one is extremely strong and extremely Yang while the other is extremely soft and extremely Yin, they are not really of different attributes. Both of them are the same fire. This Yin-Yang spiral is the fusion of the origin of the two fires in your body. From now on, you are a Yin-Yang Wizard.”

The two-colored energy in Lie Yan’s hand condensed into a black and gold bead in the form of a Yin-Yang fish. With a flick of her finger, it merged into Ji Dong’s chest, and in that moment the two ultimate fires in his body merged together. A faint special crown condensed in the middle of his chest, the black and gold color forming a spiral.

This crown didn’t have a fixed color. With each of Ji Dong’s breaths it changed colour, once gold and next black, the two flickered alternatively.

Buzz—— all the pain disappeared, and a new strength filled his body instantly. Ji Dong felt as if the heaven and earth were within his palm. Everything inside his body was clearly visible in his mind. Not only did his Ying-Yang Crown shift in color, the entire inside of his body was bathed in the black and gold changing light.
FLameT0ngue: I found this pic of Lie Yan and Ji Dong at the Magma Lake


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