Chapter 11

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Volume 1 Chapter 11: Random Teleportation Scroll

Translated by: Ash, Demenious, GX

Edited by: Cinx, Dana, Vanagandr


The middle aged man smiled and said, “Headmaster Yang, you are indeed worthy of being an expert of Yin-Yang Magical scroll collectors. It seems that I do not need to tell you much at all.”

Yang Bing Tian’s eyes shone, “Even though this sort of thing is unusable, it would be a great research material. Since up until now, in our Yin-Yang wizard world, there are no organizations that are able to use combinatorial magical skills that are assembled by the magical power of all 5 elements.”

The middle aged man said, “This Yin-Yang Magic scroll is actually not completely invaluable, in a key moment, it could save your life.”

Yang Bing Tian broke into laughter, “Would you dare to use it? This thing is called the Random Teleportation Scroll. No one knows where it will teleport you to. Only when you are facing a life and death situation would you dare to try it, after all, being teleported away is nothing, but if one is teleported into the sky, one would die from the impact of falling down. Or what if one is teleported deep under the earth and suffocates, would it not be comparable to suicide? But be at ease, I am still interested in this thing. How much for it?”

The middle aged man raised one finger, “One thousand gold coins.”

“One thousand?” Yang Bing Tian was startled, “Is this not simply gifting it away? There are many more besides me who collect Yin-Yang magic scrolls, and this is also something rare. This could be said to be at least 1000 years old, if this was taken to an auction, it would normally achieve at least 100000 gold coins.”

The middle aged man smiled, “This is the order of the guild. Not only that, but you are also a member of the guild, why should we benefit an outsider instead? The President said only 1000 gold coins. If you pay us this much then it is yours.

Yang Bing Tian was moved, he then shook his head helplessly, “That old man has let you bring me some treasure that I cannot refuse! Now tell me, what does he ask of me?”

The middle aged man walked to Yang Bing Tian’s side, and whispered a few sentences in a low voice. After hearing what he said, Yang Bing Tian said helplessly, “I knew it, it must be this matter. Fine, tell him that I will think about it. But I am afraid that he will still have to wait a little longer, as it is not possible within these few years.”

The middle aged man said, “The President has said that it is also an honour to the South Fire Empire’s Yin-Yang wizard guild to have you considering it. Please think about it carefully.”

Yang Bing Tian nodded whilst contemplating.

After achieving his goal the middle aged man said respectfully, “Then I will take my leave now.”

Yang Bing Tian causally put the scroll on the table, and with a gesture of his hand, “Let’s go, i will send you off.”

The middle aged man said, “There is no need for the trouble. Aren’t you going to store this scroll away?”

Yang Bing Tian smiled, “It is a given that I see you off, you came representing the guild after all. As for the scroll, I’m planning to have a good look at it after I come back later, it’s a given to study it after obtaining such a good thing, and no one will come here anyway. As for the one thousand gold coins, please ask the president of the guild to knock it off from my guild’s welfare. It’s been awhile since I’ve received the welfares from the guild.”

The middle aged man just smiled, and said nothing more. He then left together with Yang Bing Tian.

Although it hasn’t been long since they left, someone was already knocking at Yang Bing Tian’s office door rhythmically. “Headmaster Yang! Are you there?” A head stretched in from the outside.

The one who was extending his head in was of course Ji Dong, who had just become a level one double fire element student. After coming back from Xia Tian, Ji Dong was so excited that after taking a shower, he had wanted to immediately start sensing the two different fire magics. However, because the amount of time it took to absorb both crystal crowns was very long, it was already late, and all the other students had already eaten dinner. And because his body consumed a lot of energy, he was really hungry. But when he remembered the benefits of those two crystal crowns, he decided that he should mix a good cocktail for Yang Bing Tian before going to eat. Thus, he mixed one after he finished showering.

There’s a saying ‘when you drink the water, think of those who dug the well’; Yang Bing Tian giving him two precious Crystal Crowns had caused Ji Dong’s impression of him to increase greatly, in addition to his physical breakthrough and the reformation of this body by the double elements, magical powers have caused his body’s strength to rise greatly, that is why the cocktail he had mixed today was the best one he could ever make with his current body’s condition.

But out of Ji Dong’s expectation, Yang Bing Tain did not come to find Ji Dong when the drinking time had arrived, and who would have known that a guest had visited Yang Bing Tian?

On the same floor, he was just living next to his room, so Ji Dong had naturally brought the cocktail along and came to find him. On the other hand, Yang Bing Tian was used to the fact that he had always lived on the top floor by himself, thus he had forgotten about the little bartender Ji Dong that had only moved in not too long ago.

Ji Dong arrived at Yang Bing Tian’s door and knocked, and the door wasn’t closed. Although he didn’t knock very hard it was still opened. He propped his head in and saw that Yang Bing Tian wasn’t there, so Ji Dong might as well walk in.

“Principal Yang, are you there?” Ji Dong carefully held the cocktail with his left hand, this cocktail was at least at the level of 30%-40% of the cocktails made under his peak condition in his previous world.

It was a glass of golden red fine wine, the rich fruit fragrance rippled in the mouth of the glass, but not the slightest flavour of liquor was diffused. Just by the cautious hand movements of Ji Dong, one could tell that this cocktail was hard to come by. Not just the ingredients, but even more so the skills and techniques.

Ji Dong called out twice without hearing any response, so he couldn’t help but felt strange. “Principal yang is an old drunkard after all, did he forget even the promised drinking time? Never mind, I’ll just place the liquor on his table and wait for his return.”

While thinking, Ji Dong came to the front of a table. When he was about to put down the fine liquor in his hand, a plain old scroll on the table had caught his attention. He was already a lvl 1 Bing-Ding double fire Apprentice; he could now faintly sense the Ying-Yang magical powers, thus he immediately discovered that the scroll was filled with magical powers as vast as an ocean.

“What’s going on?” In Ji Dong’s eyes, the scroll before him resembled a specific painting of his homeland in his previous world, it was called the traditional chinese painting. When a chinese painting was completed, it would be mounted on a scroll for convenient preservation. Although the decorative design of the plain old scroll before his eyes was unfamiliar to him, the stye was no different than the scrolls of chinese paintings. Since this was just a painting, why did it produce wave motion of Yin-Yang magical power?

Under the urge of his curiosity, Ji Dong held the liquor glass with one hand, and took the scroll with the other. He casually flung and opened the Random Teleportation Scroll that was passed down from ancient times. From what Ji Dong could see, this was just a painting, his curiosity urged him to find out what the painting was to be able to actually produce Yin-Yang magical power fluctuation. However, he had never thought that the scroll before his eyes would change his destiny in this world forever.

Buzz——, an intense yin-Yang magical power exploded almost in an instance, green, red, yellow, white and black- the five colors instantaneously expanded like an explosion. The terrifying fluctuation of magical power had not only quaked the entire Li Huo academy, but also every corner of Li Huo city. Nearly all Yin-Yang wizards within Li Huo city looked into the direction of Li Huo academy at the same time. With such an enormous magical power fluctuation, it was practically equivalent to that of the Yin-Yang magical skill used by a Six Coronas Heaven Scholar.

The moment the scroll was opened, Ji Dong found that he could not move; the scroll in his hand also disappeared in a flash, transforming into 5 dazzling colors of light, that enclosed his body in it. Immediately, countless complex symbols that appeared as if they were alive, seemed to fill the whole room. The terrifying Yin-Yang magic made the two Bing and Ding fire element magic that Ji Dong just recently condensed within his chest to violently tremble, as if they could be extinguished at any time.

This……, how on earth did this happen? Ji Dong knew that he had gotten himself in trouble. Previously, he only saw Yang Bing Tian, Xia Tian and Qiu Tian release Yin-Yang crowns and use Yin-Yang magic. Now he could truly and deeply feel how terrifying the Yin-Yang magic was. However, although these 5 types of energy were enormous, they did not cause him any harm, besides the fact that he couldn’t move a muscle, he didn’t felt any trace of pain.

These surrounding strange symbols began to quickly merge into the five-colored energy. Subsequently, this five-colored energy rotated, and transformed into a huge whirlpool, revolving around Ji Dong, who was still standing.

There were only these five strange types of color around him, Ji Dong only felt everything around him becoming illusionary. At first, when it started, he could still faintly see the scene within the room through the light, but gradually he could only see and feel the radiance of the five-colors light.

He felt as if his body was falling from a great height. The extreme weightlessness made him feel as if his heart jumped to his throat, however, his body still remained motionless all along. Even the fine wine in his hand had no ripples rising from it; there was not even a trace of a ripple.

The colored light converged suddenly, and the enormous magical power disappeared with it, Li Huo city became quiet again, as if nothing had happened at all.

Yang Bing Tian had just escorted the middle aged man from the Yin-Yang Wizard guild to the academy’s entrance, when suddenly the two of them sensed a huge wave of magical power and became startled. Looking back towards the Bing-fire department teaching block, it just so happened that a multicoloured light had just blossomed from his room.

Yang Bing Tian was startled and said, “Not good.” Not caring at all about the middle aged man who was beside him, he turned around and ran towards the teaching block. The middle aged man also noticed that something had happened and quickly followed Yang Bing Tian.

When they had returned to Yang Bing Tian’s office, Xia Tian, Qiu Tian and a few other teachers already gathered there.

“Head master, what happened? Did you manage to break through to the sixth crown?” Xia Tian asked curiously. Even though they gathered here due to the huge Yin-Yang magic power wave, the teachers weren’t very shocked because there wasn’t any damage, since the magic power only flashed for a moment. They only felt that it was a bit strange when they saw Yang Bing Tian hurry back to the office from outside.

Yang Bing Tian didn’t answer Xia Tian, instead, he pushed open the door, and quickly entered. it was just like he thought, the Random Teleportation scroll which was put on the table by him was gone, and there weren’t any other changes in the office.

Xia Tian was the one with the most impetuous character, so after following Yang Bing Tian inside, he couldn’t help but ask, “Headmaster what happened?”

Yang Bing Tian stood in front of the table and muttered to himself hesitantly, he then turned around and said to the teachers, “It’s nothing, it was just that one of my Yin-Yang magic scrolls has self-destructed, and the stored magic was released. Luckily there wasn’t any loss. It is already late, everyone go back and rest.”

The teachers of course, wouldn’t question what Yang Bing Tian had said, and after seeing that nothing had really happened, they left the office one, only Xia Tian did not leave.

The middle aged man from the south fire Yin-Yang wizard guild couldn’t help but say, “Headmaster Yang, the scroll couldn’t have self-destructed, before I brought it here, the guild had thoroughly inspected it.”

Yang Bing Tian nodded and sighed, “I know that the scroll wouldn’t have self destructed. It’s all my fault, I’ve forgotten someone. OK, you should go now, no matter what, I will remember the favor. Also, when you go back to the guild, don’t tell the President that the scroll was already used, just say that I received the scroll.”

The middle aged man relaxed. As if he was afraid that Yang Bing Tian would regret it now, he quickly said “Then, headmaster Yang, I will take my leave.”

This time, Yang Bing Tian did not express any intention of seeing him off. Now, only Xia Tian and Yang Bing Tian remained in the office.

“Teacher, what is really going on here?” Xia Tian waited until there was no one else around and asked. His expression had changed to that of caution and respect. He was without a doubt, Yang Bing Tian’s one and only disciple.

Yang Bing Tian smiled bitterly, “I forgot this child Ji Dong, haaa~, it is all my fault.”

“Ji Dong? What does this have to do with Ji Dong?”, asked Xia Tian puzzled, “I already let him absorb the two crystal crowns that you gave me, he is already a level 1 double department student. And he was with me just a moment ago!”

Yang Bing Tian said helplessly, “That’s what I’m talking about. That person just now was from the Guild. That man was sent by the President of the Guild to deliver a Random Teleportation scroll to me. I forgot that Ji Dong and I are living on this floor. At this hour of time, only he could have possibly come to my room to deliver wine. As you are aware, Yin-Yang magic skill scroll will produce an indescribable attractive force towards Yin-Yang wizards. And since JiDong already possesses the ability of a level 1 Apprentice, naturally he would be attracted to the scroll. I’m afraid that this child simply does not know what a Ying Yang magical skill scroll is. The magical fluctuations a moment ago must have been caused by his curiosity. Now, it has become troublesome, and we have no idea where this child has been teleported to.”

Xia Tian was surprised, “Teacher, why are you letting Ji Dong live here? He is only a student, so he is supposed to live in the student dormitory! What is the reason for this? Are you planning on giving me a junior disciple?”

Yang Bing Tian smiled bitterly while shaking his head, “Come, let’s go to Ji Dong’s room to confirm it, if he is not there, then my guess was right. The Random Teleportation scroll could have send him to anywhere on this continent, it could even send him high into the sky, or deep into the earth, I can only pray for this child now, and hope that nothing happened to him.”


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  1. Hmm posting a theory before I continue to read. What if he is perfectly yin and yang. What I mean is he isn’t a fire nor a water but all of them. The rod only tested fire nothing more nothing less. Since he was found in the fire nation it’s immeditly thought to be a fire user. He could feel like fire since fire is prodominet in that country. Of your originally pure white even a drop of red will stand out.


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