Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: A Blessing in Disguise

TL’ed By: Arron, Demenious

Edited By: M2t5

Yang Qi is dispirited,

Yang Qi loses all of his QiGong when Lou Hou cripples his dantain. With a single pat of his hand, Yang Qi has lost any hope of cultivating in the future.

However, he never in his wildest dreams did he expect to actually get hit by lightning afterwards.

There is an explosion of light and he feels the suffocating power of the lightning tear through the air, causing him to close his eyes. “Am I going to die? I might as well. All that awaits me in my life was the relentless mocking of others; I would rather die.”

The terrifyingly violent lightning madly enters his body, and he experiences a excruciating pain, more agonizing than anything he has ever felt before. It is like tens of millions of small knives, slowly carving away at his flesh and piercing his bones.

However, he remains alive. The lightning transforms into a savage energy that races through the gaps of his flesh, bones and veins. Finally, it comes to a rest, swirling in the deep recesses of his dantain.

His once broken dantain, suddenly experiences a strange change. The electric current in his dantain is like a earth-shakingly large wild elephant. The elephant is as powerful as a dragon, and can create miracles on the scale of overturning storms on rivers and the seas.

If there is someone who can see the scene inside Yang Qi’s Dantian, they would see that this electric elephant is letting out a long ‘trumpet’ inside of Yang Qi’s Dantian.


The lightning continues onward, splitting downward, and burning the large tree.

Yang Qi notices a tiny, golden, fairy-like thing deep inside the lightning. It flies into the space between his eyebrows and breaches his consciousness. Causing an explosion of pain inside Yang Qi, and he immediately faintes.

“What should we do now?”

The Guards stand outside the forest, utterly silent. They saw as the lightning fell from the sky, splitting the air as it rushes downwards, and coincidentally strike the tree Yang Qi is tied to. As the lightning passes through him, his body is quickly burnt until a layer of carbon covers him, and he rolls to the ground, apparently dead.

“His being struck by lightning had nothing to do with us.” One of the guards suddenly said, he continues, commanding “You! Go report this to Lord Luo Hou. Although this brat deserves to die, he is the young master of the Yang family. If word spreads of his death without proper preparations, there could be some instability in the capital.”

A guard immediately turns and dashes off into the distance, galloping like a strong horse.

However, he only dashes for half a kilometer before he turns back, leading a person wearing large steel armor.

The guard is covered in cold perspiration the closer the iron clad figure gets. Once the person is in clear focus, Pu Tong, the guard drops to his knees in the muddy water, and says “Lord Luo Hou.”

“He actually got struck by lightning…” Luo Hou walks to the body of Yang Qi, like a huge steel monster. He reaches out, grabbing Yang Qi and sends waves of energy into his body. Only after discovering nothing unusual with Yang Qi does he say, “His body was struck by lightning, and is badly injured, but he lives. But his Dantian and veins remain completely crippled.


After Luo Hou examines Yang Qi, a few men wearing beautiful silk clothes appear right behind Luo Hou. It is obvious that they are high ranking members in the capital. The eldest amongst them seems to be in charge. He observes Yang Qi’s body from afar and nods, “Since it is like this, we no longer can bring him back to the palace for questioning. It would only bring us unnecessary trouble if he died. Send him to his family and relay this order; This brat has stolen the Hidden Dragon Pill. Even if the Yang family is to go bankrupt, it shall still pay me compensation.”

“As you command.”

The guards lift Yang Qi from the ground and dash towards the Capital.


The sky is bright and the night is over.

It is not known how many men, beasts, and trees the storm destroyed. The water level of the Yan river, which flows just outside the capital, has risen drastically. Currently, the sun is hanging high in the sky, beating down upon the earth; truly a day in the middle of summer.

One of the wealthy families of the Yan Capital City, the Yang Family

At the moment, the atmosphere surrounding the Yang family is tense. Servants bustle about. The guards gazes are alert. In the corner, a group of maids and servants huddle around each other, talking in hushed tones.

“Something big happened to the Yang Family. I heard that last night, the young master, Yang Qi son of master Yang Zhan, stole a treasure from the city governor’s mansion. I heard they beat him half to death, and after that they crippled his Qi Gong and he got struck by lightning after being tied to a tree. He was barely alive when they dragged him back to the mansion last night. He’s now lying in bed, his life hanging by a thread. He may die at a moments notice!” The old maid hurriedly said. While her tone was soft, she couldn’t hide the glee she felt from finding such a juicy piece of news.

“Yes, I also heard that the city governor issued an ultimatum. In just three days, the Yang Family must compensate him for the treasure that he stole. If this is true, then the Yang Family may lose more than half of it’s wealth!” A serious looking servant says, concerned.

Instantly, the other servants began to chatter, spreading rumors like a plague, instantly a large clammer began in the courtyard, “Losing more than half of their wealth!? Won’t the Yang Family go into a period of decline??”

“This is like cutting one’s own flesh…”

“Especially since there are other influential and wealthy families in the Capital. The Chen, Wang, Li and Hong families already dislike the Yang Family, and will definitely try to add to the families’ woes.”

“It looks like the Yang Family is in deep trouble. That Yang Qi really messed up this time; trying to be cool, he created such an enormous mess. Hehe, I think that it may even go so far as to destabilize his father’s position as family head.”

“An acquaintance of mine who works in the governor’s mansion told me that Yang Qi stole the treasure for some woman.” Another servant said.

“Pfft, acting cool, he is the root of all our problems, always causing trouble for others.” A servant secretly gloats, “With his dantian crippled, he will never again be able to train in Qi Gong. Even if he recovers, he will be nothing but a cripple.”

Amongst the servants, some are gleeful, happy about the situation that has befallen the Yang Family. Others are worried about their and the Yang Family’s future. While another group curses Yang Qi for landing them in this situation.

At this moment, a tall burly man wearing a silk dress is standing inside the middle of a spacious meeting room. This meeting room is deep inside the Yang Family mansion, located in the center of the courtyard, and to reach it, one has to pass through a series of maze-like corridors. The man is currently standing in the middle of the room, listening to a report.

“Family Head, Young Master Yang Qi’s life is no longer in danger. However, his body has been burnt badly by the lightning strike, and all of his meridian channels are badly damaged, his Qi reservoir is broken and his Qi Gong is gone. From now on, he can only remain a cripple.”

An elderly housekeeper with a physician is slowly reporting the condition.

“Qi Gong is gone. Dantain is crippled.” Yang Zhan repeats these two sentences.


His huge palm slams down upon the table.

The table, made from metal and wood immediately shatters.

Large splinters of wood flew up into the air, madly spinning. they whistle through the air emitting a woosh sound and embed themselves into the ground.

“Our family can compensate the loss of the Hidden Dragon pill, so why did they cripple my son’s Qi Gong? It would be fine if he lost a hand or leg. At least that way he could still cultivate his Qi Gong in the future. But now, there is no way in which he can become an expert.” Yang Zhan roars, enraged.

“Master, now that it has come to this point, there is nothing that we can do.” The elderly housekeeper bows and says, “Right now, the landlord is requiring is to compensate for the loss of the Hidden Dragon pill. If we are to pay him off, we would need to sell off at least half of our family property. The elders won’t easily agree to this, they will probably use this opportunity to seize some power for themselves.”

Hmph, how do you think that I, Yang Zhan, was able to become the head of the family? It is because of my strength as a Qi Gong cultivator. In this world, connections and allies can only bring you so far, in the end, strength triumphs over all.” Yang Zhan coldly snickers, “Go inform the elders that there will be a family meeting in three days. We will discuss the repayment strategy. The mayor has given is one month, there is still time to slowly raise money.”

“Yes” the elderly housekeeper nods and is about to leave, but he pauses in the doorway, “What about Young Master Yang? The elders will definitely want to punish him for creating such a large incident for our family.”

“His Dantain is crippled and he has been struck by lightning! Even the mayor didn’t dare do anything more to him. What else do those elders want to do to my son? Kill him?” Yang Zhan eyes flare with rage, “Anyone who dares to mention harming my son will have to face my wrath! Hmph. I’ll also write a letter, immediately deliver it to his Aunt at Tan Wei Academy.”

“Right? How did I forget about young lady?” The eyes of the elderly housekeeper brighten.

The young lady whom the housekeeper spoke of is Yang Zhan’s sister, and Yang Qi’s aunt. She is a student of the no. 1 clan of the Feng Rao Continent, Tian Wei Academy. Her status is no small thing, but she left the Yang Family ten years ago, her talent is so extraordinary that she was taken to train under an elder of the Academy.

Yang Zhan then asks the doctor, “How is Qi-er? What is his condition? Do you know when he will wake up? Chao you are a highly skilled doctor, your medical skill is renowned throughout Yan Capital City, if anyone, you would be able to treat Qi-er’s injuries.”

The doctor who stood beside the elderly housekeeper immediately replies, “I have applied cream to the surface of his skin, and since I used my Qi Gong to perform naprapathy, I believe that he will recover in days. There isn’t much damage to his internal organs, only his dantain is crippled and all his meridians are abrogated, it is impossible for him to cultivate again.”

EN: Naprapathy:

“Reward this highly-skilled doctor with some Qi Gathering Pills.” Yang Zhan waved his hand, “When Qi-er wakes up, bring him to see me.”

“Qi Gathering pills” is a product used all over the Feng Rao Continent. If a Qi cultivator takes a Qi Gathering pill, one could rapidly accumulate Qi and break through bottlenecks. It also has a nourishing effect on the meridian channels and widens one’s Dantain.

“Yes” The elderly housekeeper and doctor both left the room.

“Qi-er, your mother left you early, and now you have to meet such misfortune I will definetly think of a way to restore your Dantian and restart your cultivation. But right now I do not have enough power… “ Yang Zhen tightens his fist as he stares at the wall.

Deep inside the courtyard, in a room, Yang Qi lies on his bed, his eyes open.

The room floor is covered with scarlet carpet, expensive ancient paintings haing from the walls, while valuable spices burn from copper crane and turtle incense burners. The room is filled with wealth and riches.

The weather outside is hot, but inside the room it is cool. This is due to the fact that the room overlooks an expansive lake, its misty waters receding out into the distance. Bordering the lake stand large trees, shading the surrounding area. Huge basins of ice cubes lay outside the room, relieving its’ occupants from the heat. A 11-12 year old girl serves others in the distance, dozing off like a chick that is pecking rice.

Yang Qi’s body has stopped hurting. He is currently examining the changes which the lightning strike has brought about in his body. He closes his eyes and inspects his Dantain and sees a fist-sized lightning elephant galloping around the sea of Qi. But whenever it detects a change outside of Yang Qi’s body, the lightning elephant immediately shrank to a speck of energy.

This is also probably why so many experts could not feel any abnormality when they diagnose his body with Qigong.

Yang Qi feels that this lightning Elephant contains enormous destructive power. If he lets it burst out of his body, it could probably destroy the entire mansion.

“Why did I survive after being struck by lightning? How did this lightning elephant condense inside my body?” Yang Qi ponders, but cannot think of an answer.

While Yang Qi is examining his dantain, he remembers the golden shining fairy that disappeared into his forehead. As he is searching for it, the fairy appears within his consciousness.

The fairy says something in a sonorous voice, shocking his consciousness, and making a weng weng weng sound. Despite how loud it sounds, only Yang QI could hear it, as it is purely a mental shockwave.

That voice says nine words.

“Stand up after falling, become unmatched under the heavens…”

(to be continued)

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