Chapter 3

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Volume 3 Chapter 3: Demon City

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Surprised by Jiyan’s words and trembling all over I asked her, “You want me to stay in the Dragon Empire even though I’m a Beastman Spy? Don’t deceive yourself, you and I are from different races. I’m a danger to you and all humans.”

Jiyan stubbornly responded, “How different can we be? Don’t you have human heritage?”

I let out a haggard sigh and said, “Forget it. I no longer want to live wearing a mask. I’m tired…really, really tired.”

Jiyan continued in her attempt to persuade me, “Whayet about Jisue? She’ll miss you. She couldn’t bare for you to leave.”

Helplessly, I conceded, “I feel just as reluctant about leaving Jisue, but this situation is out of my control. Currently, my only option is to return to Beastman country. I can only hope that Jisue will forget about me.” Suddenly, Jiyan’s voluptuous body was pressed tight against me as she embraced my arm. Jiyan’s voice dropped to a soft whisper, “But…I would also hate to part with you.”

The shock I felt made me think I had misheard her, “What?!? What did you say?”

Summoning her courage, Jiyan looked at me while cemented in place and in a very clear and concise tone restated, “I, too, don’t want you to leave.” It felt as if lightning had struck me in that very moment; my muscles were numb and wouldn’t move. Even though I knew Jiyan had a favorable impression of me, I never could’ve imagined that she would confess such heartfelt feelings so boldly.

Eventually, after some time, I was finally able to calm the erupting waves of emotion surging through my body. “Stop saying such silly things. We’re good friends and if I get the opportunity in the future, I’ll return to the Dragon Empire to see you.”

Even though Jiyan’s complexion had turned red, and her face puffy. She adamantly retorted, “Don’t avoid the subject! You know that’s not what I meant. I like you. I like you from the bottom of my heart. Why is Jisue allowed by your side but I’m not? I won’t stop you if you feel that you need to return to the Beastman’s country; a man should do what he wants, but I have one request.”

Absentmindedly I asked, “What is it?”

Jiyan took a deep breath and then calmly replied, “I request that you give me the same opportunity as Jisue. Let me wait for you for three years, all right?”

HONG! My mind exploded; I was dumbfounded by the revelation in front of me. Staring blankly at Jiyan, I couldn’t make a sound. Jiyan’s eyes were again bloodshot. Choking on her sadness, she cried, “Do…do I not even get the chance to wait for you?”

I raised my hand and gently wiped the tears from her face. “Why are you so good to me? I don’t deserve for you to do this!”

Jiyan pursed her lips and glared at me. “Whether you deserve it or not isn’t something you decide for yourself. Let me wait for you, okay? And don’t worry about Liwa. I’ve never liked him. You’re the man who broke down the barriers within my heart and now I’ve shamelessly told you my inner feelings. Couldn’t you even give me the faintest of chances? You’re very cruel.”

“Jiyan, I…alright, if you’re absolutely certain about what you said.”

A beautiful smile once again appeared on Jiyan’s face. She looked like a pear blossom bathed in the rain; I found myself enamored with the scene. “I’m sure. Of course I’m sure. Don’t worry, my sister will also be willing to wait for you. I can definitely convince Jisue to accept me as your girlfriend. I know my sister much better than you do.”

My heart became heavier due to the burden of the additional promise I made, “If I haven’t died after three years, I’ll definitely come back to both of you.”

Jiyan covered my mouth and said: “Don’t say such unlucky things. You’ll definitely be fine, Layson.”

My only answer was, “Ern.”

“Layson, can you hold me?”

When I heard her request, it felt as if all the blood in my body had started boiling. I desperately took her in my arms and, just like that, held her tightly in silence. Jiyan’s soft body fit snugly into my embrace; two pure hearts having an ephemeral rendezvous.

We listened to each others rapid heartbeats. Even the fire beside us seemed to dim as if reacting to the atmosphere. I tilted her face toward mine with a gentle hand beneath her chin, looked at her charming cherry lips, and slowly started closing the distance between us.

Jiyan obediently closed her eyes, waiting for me to imprint myself on her. Just when our lips were about to touch, a strong white light pulsed from Jiyan’s body. “Ping!” I was suddenly sent flying by this force and I crashed into a tree, heavily. Jiyan quickly came running over. I sprayed out a mouthful of blood, my eyes filled with an incredulous expression, “You…you…w……why……” Jiyan cried, calling my name, as if to explain what had happened, but my consciousness had started fading. The divine power of the light element was performing a desperate fight of life and death against the last ditch defense of the Demonic Arts in my body, a battle that will also decide my life and death. As my body went into intense pain, I fell unconscious in Jiyan’s arms.


When I woke up, I was still leaning on Jiyan’s body. She was sitting against a tree, her face streaked with drops of crystal-clear tears. I checked my body and was relieved to discover that my dark magic was still pure. My meridians might have been severely damaged, but they were still doing their jobs by forcing the light element from my body, defending my life.

One blessing in disguise was that in the fight between the two opposing elements, the broken and damaged meridians were actually cleared up a lot.

Stretching my hands and legs I was delighted to discover that the pain had been reduced by quite a fair bit. I patted Jiyan’s face and said, “Wake up.”

Jiyan opened her sleepy eyes and hazily looked at me, “Ah, Layson! You woke up, are you alright?”

I nodded, frowned as I looked at her, and asked, “I’m fine; what happened?

Jiyan looked at me apologetically and said, “I also don’t know how it happened; but when I was born, I had a soft white glow radiating from my body. Father had me checked by an experienced and knowledgeable light-element wizard, who told him that I had an inexplicable divine power, but it had no major effect to my body. A few years later, when I was seven years old, I was playing outside and ran into a pervert, he seemed like a pedophile and when he attempted to kiss me, he was sent flying by a ray of light, just as you were earlier. I could feel a flood of power pouring out, but I was completely unable to control it.  As I grew up, and started to study light magic, I improved rapidly, however even now I’m still unable to control that mysterious power. My teacher said that when my magic power grows stronger, I would be able to control it. I’m sorry that you got hurt again because of me.”

Listening to her explanation, I could only admit that I’ve had bad luck. I didn’t know how to react as I said, “I never thought that I would get the same treatment as a pervert.”

Jiyan blushed and said, “I’ll train harder, and when you… near me again, this will certainly not be the case again.”

I would hope so, no one would wish to marry a wife who one could only see but couldn’t touch. I sighed and said, “All of these apply for later on, I just have to avoid touching you for now. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you can’t be blamed for this. I’ll hurry and concentrate on cultivation, and then I’ll send you back…”

Jiyan nodded silently and from that day onwards, Jiyan took over the managing of my daily diet, as I let her handle the chore of gathering fruit. Jiyan took care of me meticulously, like how a gentle wife would care for her husband, and I could no longer feel the previous frigid arrogance and coldness of Jiyan radiated in the past.

As for me, I wholeheartedly committed myself to cultivation. After having the experience of repairing my meridians once before, I didn’t try to go through any detoursº this time and the recovery was pretty smooth. Half a month later, my body was basically back to normal and I had a definite improvement in my Demonic Arts. The fourth tier of Demonic Arts was actually very easy to cultivate. I had only reached the stage where I am able to transform a few months ago, and my Demonic Arts had already been trained to the middle of the fourth tier.

[TL noteº: Remember the first time he turned into a Fallen Angel and then broke his meridians?   TL note¹: Refer to chapter 1]


“Layson, take a break, and come eat something.” Jiyan called to me to lunch.

“Coming~” I had long ago cast off the mask* and childlike, I ran to her side, “Wow, today’s a generous serving of good fruits.”

Jiyan laughed: “Ah, yes, today Black Dragon and I rode around in a big circle. It seems that we won’t have to go out for two days with this.”

[TL note*: Remember when he was talking about the mask? It refers to faking his identity and his coldhearted gaze and whatnot]

I picked up an unidentified fruit and bit down. Sweet juices poured into my mouth. “Delicious, it’s really delicious. Right, Jiyan. My injuries are almost completely healed, so we’ll be departing soon.”

Jiyan’s expression dimmed, and she said, “Don’t stress, you can relax a few more days. It won’t be too late for us to depart after you are completely recovered.”

How could I not understand her sadness of parting with me, but what needs to separate will separate in the end, this can’t be avoided. I sighed and said, “Don’t be like this, okay? This is the third time you’ve said that. The sooner we part, the sooner we can meet again, am I wrong?”

Jiyan started playing with the fruit in her hands and bit her lips: “Alright then, let’s tidy up a bit and then we can go.”

At this time, a sly expression suddenly flashed in across her face. Following which she said, “But, do you know which direction we should be traveling in…?”

I halted in my tracks. Good question, What is the correct route back? I could still vaguely remember our direction after I chased down Myu, but then I fainted and Jiyan took control over steering Black Dragon. How could I possibly know our coordinates? This could be troublesome.

I scratched my head, “I don’t know. If it’s really impossible, then our only option is to continue walking in one direction. Regardless, we’ll eventually be able to find a village or something. Then we can ask for some directions.” When I had first arrived at Dragon Empire, I had used exactly this tactic whenever I had gotten lost.

Jiyan smiled and said, “It would be best if we never find the correct path, then you’ll never leave my side.”

I lightly stroked her long pale-blue hair and smiled as I said, “I don’t want to part with you either, but……”

Jiyan put a finger on my lips and said, “I understand. Let’s eat something first, then we’ll pack our things and depart.”


Three days later we finally emerged from the central forest and two days after that…… we were met with awe-inspiring sight: before us lay a magnificent city of the Demon race, similar, if not larger, in size than any of those in the Dragon Empire.

“What do we do, should we enter or not?” Jiyan looked at me and asked.

I laughed bitterly, “With our human characteristics, we’ll immediately be caught after entering!”

Jiyan replied, “What characteristics do Demons have?”

I looked at her, then blankly replied, “I think there has to be characteristics, but I’m not too sure.”

Jiyan said with a complacent smile, “You don’t know, but I do.”

“You know?”

“Of course. I’m a talented girl after all. From their outer appearances alone, it’s very difficult to differentiate high level Demons from humans. Only their skin is much whiter than a human’s. The highest class Demon, the royal Demon clan, have purple eyes. Normally high levelled demons aren’t very different from humans.”

I suddenly realized, “You’re so white, pretending to be a Demon shouldn’t be a problem. But I…” My skin just couldn’t be described as white, it was a completely copper color.

Jiyan laughed, “You’re so stupid. Have you forgotten your own Fallen Angel transformation? Even if you don’t transform, your eyes are already a dark purple, even though it’s not very pure. Overcoming such minor complications shouldn’t be that hard.”

Right, I am descended from the blood of the royal Demon clan after all. It seemed like being a mixed-blood also had its advantages. “Then we just enter like this?”

Jiyan replied excitedly, “Of course. To be able to play in the Demon clan, this is too awesome.” Her mannerism was completely like that of a little girl.

“Let’s go, Black Dragon, we’ll go check out the Demon Clan.”

At first glance the Demon city seemed no different than a city of the Dragon Empire, other than the occasional noble demon walking by with leashed Demon beasts. The people around us all looked at us with strange eyes, some were even a little scared. Did I come here to kill the Demon Emperor, what’s there to be afraid of? Jiyan was very excited, as she leaned on strong arm pointing at the surrounding scenery, not having the slightest sense of the danger at being in a foreign country.

“Jiyan, have you noticed that they look kind of scared of us?”

“I noticed long ago, what’s so strange about it? They must have taken you as a Demon Aristocrat. Don’t you know? According to the historical data gathered in the Empire, hierarchy is very important in demon clan. Their sense of hierarchy is even stronger than Dragon Empire’s, even being one rank higher gives you the power to crush people to death. It’s because of this system that the demon clan isn’t very united as a whole, and that’s why they never really developed.”

I looked at the tattered clothing I was wearing and laughed wrily, “With such sorry appearances, what kind of aristocrats could we be.”

Jiyan seemed to remember that even her underwear had been used as bandages for my wounds, and her face blushed red as she leaned against my body, not saying anything.

“Can we use gold coins amongst the Demons?”

Jiyan quietly replied, “It should be ok. Currency isn’t differentiated by race, it should be the same everywhere.”

“Then we should first find a place to stay, and properly clean ourselves up. We can’t possibly pretend to be aristocrats in these rags.”

Jiyan pointed to a the building just ahead of us, and said “Lay-Lay, look. Isn’t that building an inn?

I realized that I had long since gotten used to the way she addressed me Ever since we left the forest, she insisted on calling me like this. Saying it is more endearing, Leaving me no choice, but to give into her request. The way Jiyan now stuck to me didn’t lose in the slightest to how Jisue did, and although I didn’t know what the future held, I really enjoyed the days I spent with her. Somewhere deep in my heart, I was also reluctant to separate from her…

“Welcome, what services do you need, Milord?”

TL note:Ah Xiang is Layson, in a closer way.

I returned to my original, cold appearance, and said plainly, “Give us two rooms.”

The server trembled with fear. “Yes, yes. Please follow me Milord. However, we only have one high class room left. It’s a suite. Milord have a look….”

I furrowed my brows and said, “Am I that frightening? If it’s only one room, then I’ll take one room.” Either way, Jiyan and I couldn’t do anything. Living together would be fine.

Jiyan lightly pinched me, but she didn’t protest.

“No… no of co…course you’re not, Milord..” The waiter looked terrified, so I didn’t say anything, as he brought us to the luxurious suite. The floor of the entire room was carpeted by the fur of some exotic animal that was very soft and comfortable to step on and the walls were hung with a variety of paintings. The suite could only be described as magnificent. As you entered, there is the living room with a large and thick sofa, looking very comfortable to sit on, and on the opposite wall there is a huge decorative fireplace. In the back room, huge beds accounted for about half the space, and decorations made of different colored gemstones adorned the entire room.

Even though she is a Duke’s daughter, Jiyan looked a bit dumbfounded, “Lay-Lay, we don’t need to be so luxurious, do we?”

I laughed, “This is nothing, isn’t living a bit more comfortably a good thing? I don’t care about the money. This will do.”

The server cautiously asked, “Are you satisfied with the place, Milord?”

I nodded, “This will do quite nicely. Do you have any tailor shops nearby? We just returned from the frontlines, as you can tell from our ragged appearances.”

The server hurriedly replied, “Yes, yes, yes. I’ll bring over a tailor later to help Milord make two sets of clothes. Would that be fine, Milord?”

The treatment that nobility receive really isn’t bad at all, everything is so much easier. I think I shall become a master, just this once. In a cold voice I said, “Well then, it’s settled. Get us something to eat, make it delectable, understand?”

“Understood. This servant understands. This one will immediately go and prepare it.”

His attentive and thoughtful services has made me feel very comfortable, so I threw him a gold coin and said, “This is your reward. Move quickly. We’ve come a long way, so we would like to rest early. As for my horse, I put him in your stable. Just throw some good hay beside him, there’s no need to groom him. My horse has a bad temper, thus I will do it myself tomorrow.”

The waiter held the coin and looked at me helplessly “Milord, this one can’t accept this coin, just the honour of being able to serve milord is more than enough reward.”

“Enough nonsense, just accept the coin I gave to you. I’m not like the other nobility, understand?”

The servant was so surprised for a moment that it was obvious he hadn’t seen a nobility like me before. He didn’t dare to say anything else. He turned, and left the room.

Watching him leave, I said to Jiyan, “You were right, the hierarchy here is really noticeable. I didn’t even say any harsh words and the servant was scared out of his wits!”

Jiyan puckered her face in a smile and said, “With your cold look, no one in the Dragon Empire would dare to offend you, don’t even mention here.” She turned and lay down on the large sofa, lazily stretching, and said to me with satisfaction, “Oh, it’s so comfortable, you have to try it too!”

I forcefully held back my urge to kiss her, sat down beside her with a smile, and said, “The environment here is pretty good, I hope our identities aren’t exposed too soon. When I put Black Dragon in the stable just now I asked for directions. The fort is just over 300 miles journey from here. We can take it easy for a couple more days, so let’s rest for two more days before I send you home.”

Jiyan smiled and said “Okay~okay, I also want to learn more about the local customs and practices around here.” I could see that she was happy from the bottom of her heart. KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK. The knocking came from the door. I went to it, and grabbed Black Sable on the way, you need to be careful when you’re in foreign places. Opening the door, I let out a breath of relief: it was room service.

Three people came in, preceded by the previous servant, and put the things down. “Milord, here’s some food and undergarments. These people are the tailors.” the servant said.

The tailors were obviously higher rank than the servant, considering the respectful manner in which he had introduced them. One of the tailors walked forward and said, “My Lord, I would like to take My Lord’s measurements now, if that is agreeable with My Lord?”

I nodded my head and threw Black Sable aside. The tailor was very quick and with deft speed he took our measurements. I reminded him, “Choose high quality cloths for this lady. As for me, I want a warrior’s attire, understand?”

“This servant understands. This servant will now leave your esteemed selves to your rest.”, he said and then left.

Thanks to having clean undergarments to wear, we were finally able to groom ourselves properly, and there is nothing more comfortable than a nice hot bath to accomplish this. After changing into her new, clean undergarments Jiyan merely ate few bites of food before worming her way into the huge bed and fell asleep.

Originally, I also wanted to sleep in the bed, but was driven out by a red-faced Jiyan. Thus, I lay on the couch, eating delicious and delicate desserts, relaxing quite a lot.


Jiyan and I sat in the hall, looking at each other and we could not help but laugh. I was wearing a black warrior’s garment with a cloak attached with a red jewel to my chest, along with a black bandana, which also had the same jewels, but smaller, embedded on it. Jiyan explained black is the most royal color amongst the Demon Clan. It must be because they thought that I am one of the highest ranked of the nobility. The tailor’s eyesight was pretty good, he gave Jiyan a gray sewn dress which complimented her light blue hair. It made her look both noble and elegant, yet simple and natural, and when Jiyan first changed into it I was dumbstruck for a whole minute.

As the saying goes: fine feathers make fine birds, meaning that apparel makes the man. This proved to be true, for after we had changed into our new clothes, we easily passed for a noble Demon couple.

Originally, the innkeeper was ready to give us a private room, but it was decided we’ll dine in the hall under my request. We’re only having a meal; why be so nit picky about it? In order to cater to Jiyan’s tastes, I deliberately ordered some light dishes. After all, being used to eating just fruit, it’s hard to stomach meat and fish.

The quality of this inn could be considered high, and there weren’t too many diners. Only about 20 percent of the available space was being occupied by diners. Most of them were high class Demons, and at the entrance I noticed a sign saying: “Low class Demons may not enter.” With this it can be seen just how deep the sense of hierarchy is embedded into every Demon’s heart.

Compared to the Dragon Empire’s dishes, the Demon city’s dishes weren’t as sophisticated, but compared to Beast clan dishes, they are much better. It’s a different kind of taste. Of course I am still the same as before no matter the cooking; I ate just as a cow would chew goodpasture or like like a tiger or wolf would devour it’s prey: voraciously.

Jiyan had evidently received a high class education since she was young, because although she ate quite a lot, she still looked as elegant and charming from the beginning till the end. “Layson, eat slowly, don’t forget that you’re a noble now.”

“Nobles also eat, maybe I’ll do that after I’m half-full.” While we were eating, a group of people came in, looking about twenty something, well-dressed, domineering, and arrogant. “Innkeeper, give us ten rooms! Also, give us the presidential suite that our Lord stayed in last time, quickly get them ready!”

Seeing their fierce-looking appearances, the innkeeper’s face paled under the illumination of the magic light “I apologize patrons. We still have ten rooms, but the highest class room is being occupied by another honoured guest, you see, can I.…”

“What’s the problem, just tell them to get out, our Lord is a high class noble, an inherited count, is he someone you can dare to offend?”

Jiyan smiled at me and whispered, “I think our room is the one they want, if there’s no other way, let’s give it to them.”

I laughed, “Aren’t you the one who worships power? This is the time when I should protect you, how can I just give it away?”

Jiyan stared angrily, “Layson, this isn’t the Dragon Empire, so we aren’t safe here, try to stay out of trouble as much as possible. Do you think I’m someone that fails to see the bigger picture? You look down on me too much.”

Her cute looks made me a little besotten as I looked at her, “But I can’t give it away either, isn’t this the best chance to show off the power of a noble? Just sit back and watch.”

At this moment, one of the Demons had grabbed the collar of the innkeeper; about to hit him.

I lightly flicked my fingers and a chopstick flew out, stabbing into the hand of the Demon. The Demon let go due to the pain, blood running down his left hand, and cursed “Who dares attack me! Do you not wish to live anymore!?”

I stood up, tidying my clothes, and rumbled,, “It was me. I’m the one who doesn’t wish to live. Why? Will my lord send me to hell?”

“Why, you little……”When he saw my clothes, he stopped cursing and eyed me warily.

I walked up to him, narrowed my eyes at him and suddenly slapped him, sending him flying, “You imbecile, how dare you speak to me in such a disrespectful manner. Where’s your master? Send him out.” I am pretending to be a noble, naturally I should be more arrogant so that it’s worthy of my identity.

A sexless voice called out, “I am his master; you should see who the master is before hitting the dog, are you trying to insult me? Which house are you from?” The guards got out of the way one after another and a bloated middle-aged man with blonde hair walked out. From his appearance, he is definitely a male, but that voice just now…a layer of goosebumps rose on my neck.

When he saw my face, his eyes twinkled, and sweetly he said “Whose son is this, oh, he’s so handsome quick let me get a better look.”

Just as I had thought, he is one those people with weird interest. Jiyan then came to my side and, after seeing how embarrassed I was, she fought back her smile and said: “What do you think you are? How dare you speak to our Lord like that.”

When the middle-aged man saw Jiyan, his face was filled with a combination of envy and disgust. After hearing Jiyan’s rebuke, he puffed out his flabby chest and said, “I am count Swist·Feizen, a count from a noble and distinguished lineage. You’re nothing! I’m speaking to your master, how dare you interrupt me?

When I heard him insult Jiyan in this manner, I couldn’t help but lose my temper. I was about to do something violent, when Jiyan lightly tugged on my sleeve and said with a smile, “I’m not nothing, and neither is my Lord. My Lord’s name is Lay Lucifer. Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of him?”

After listening to Jiyan, the immature middle-aged count had a sudden change in his expression, he muttered “Lay·Lucifer, Lay·Lucifer, you’re royalty?”

Jiyan put on an arrogant look and said, “Now that you know, get lost, if you disturb my Lord’s eating time any further, he will slaughter your entire family, and leave this ‘inherited’ count unable to produce an heir to ‘inherit’.”

Seeing such dramatic changes, I watched to see what he would do. The fat on Swist·Feizen’s  jiggled and he managed to say, “Who here can prove that he is who he says he is?”

As the hero in this drama, I must play my part. I took off my cloak and said with a deep voice, “Jiyan, move out of the way. Darkness condense in thy Soul. To have falled is to have been freed. Awaken! Myriad of magical powers that hath slumbered in mine Blood.” An intense black aura seeped out from my body and the whole inn filled with an eerie feeling.

Jiyan’s face expressed a glimpse of discontent and she took off to take shelter. My long, pale green hair instantly turned pitch-black, a pair of symbolic Fallen Angel’s wings split open my new garments and spread from my back, lightly flapping. A black shadow flashed, and I began squeezing the fat man’s throat. Revealing a sinister smile, I said sombrely “Does this provide the prove you seek?”

All of Swist·Feizen’s underlings prostrated themselves after my transformation, looking at me with eyes begging for mercy, while their bodies trembled non-stop. Due to Swist·Feizen being choked by me, his voice had became a bit hoarse when he spoke with a trembling voice, “I believe you now, I believe you now! Lord Fallen Angel, please have mercy!”

Fallen Angels are extremely rare even among the royals, they have the absolute right to kill any among the Demon Clan. Removing him from him from his position as Count is as easy as pie.

I loosened my hand and threw him aside, as I said coldly, “I just risked my life in the frontline, but a good-for nothing piece of trash like you is trying to dictate me. If you dare offend me again, I will take your life.” Black mist veiled my body. All of the Demons that were present knew: this is the omen before a Fallen Angel is about to take action.

Swist·Feizen did not have the slightest intention of resisting. He kowtowed like a of pound garlic and begged, “Lord, please spare me. Little servant had been both blind and derelict, please spare this little servant’s lowly life. Killing trash like me will only dirty your noble hands…….”

I suddenly felt a burst of dizziness, my injuries was just recently healed and this transformation burdened me greatly. Since it had served its purpose, there’s no need to show off any longer. get up and answer.”

TL note: ‘get up’ and roll share the same character (word). It’s the same for ‘get lost’

“Yes, yes.” Swist·Feizen literally rolled on the floor whilst standing up, making it difficult for me and Jiyan not not to laugh.

I pointed at the clothes on my back and said, “In order to confirm my identity for this “master”, I have ruined the clothes that I just had tailored, as well as my appetite. How will you fix this?”

Swist·Feizen understandingly said in a servile manner, “Little servant will compensate you for it, little servant will compensate you for it, little servant will definitely buy the best set of clothes for you. Ah, no, ten sets, guaranteed to satisfy.”

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      • I agree, the romance aspect of wuxia and xianxia always seems rushed. BTTH is a bit better cause they knew each other for a long time but I felt that it was shallow considering the woman fell in love with the MC cause of the treatment he tried giving to her when they were young. Even the alchemist Yan Lao said it was lucky the MC thought of that, and thereby imprinting the MC onto her heart because otherwise she wouldn’t treat him differently than any other man. That just seemed wrong that she began liking him for that. It must have grown into more than that but still. Well enough of that. Anyway, the romance between Layson and the other sister was way too fast and unrealistic. Though it may be similar to love at first sight, maybe. I wonder if the nurse is gonna make a comeback and add to the growing harem. The teacher is a prospective member too. Hehe, that one thought she had of Layson wanting to eat her tofu was funny as hell. I really hope their plans change and Layson won’t leave for those 3 years. Hmm well it might be a good thing I suppose. Now if they meet Myu again while in the Demon’s territory , what a development that will be!


    • If we think about it, Lay has 3 different royalty on his blood, A heir to the Beamon clan, A Prince for the human kingdom (his mother is a royalty), and also A Prince to the Demon race (his granny was a princess)


    • He’s not kind of royalty, is descended from royalty from all 3 races. His grandmother was a demon princess, this father and grandfather are beast kings and his mother is a human princess (king is his uncle). This brings up what I’ve noticed which seems the MC/author is mixing up how much of each race he is. He’s said he’s 1/4 human a few times but if his mother was all human then that would make him 1/2 human. He’s also said 1/3 demon, which is not possible, the fraction needs to be in 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16’s, etc.


      • It is strange that royalty prefer to marry each other? The Demon and beast marry royals on purpose, and his mother was stolen during a peace conference where royalty attended. It isn’t that coincidental.


      • Don’t remind me of that Bullshit peace conference please. How the hell was she stolen during something so important if she was a member of the royal family? (she was a royal, right? Or am I wrong?) Really, come on. I don’t think that was a spur of the moment thing. I’ll bet my left nut that her family sold her off for some reason. Wouldn’t be the first time something like that happened. I don’t like thinking that a woman was treated like that but there it is. Knowing his mother was essentially raped left a sour taste in my mouth. Screw the Beastmen or whatever, they haven’t shown much deserving of Layson’s efforts to save their asses. There may be a few good ones but as a whole they seem too keen on abandoning those too weak to protect themselves.
        Ok, my bitching is done. I really needed to let that out. Well, time for a snack. KFC, here I come!


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      • No it is stated alot of times that only the people with royal blood can learn to transform into fallen angels, and also only males can do it. In Layson’s case since his grandmother which has royal blood and was used as a political sacrifice to strenghten the ties between beasts and demons Layson has royal blood in his vein like his father and all his brothers.

        And since the grandmother stole one of the manuals for fallen angels to spite her father(if I remember correctly) then gave it to Layson he can learn it but he also had to promise to keep it a secret and never show his father since she doesn’t want any of the other beastmen to gain the fallen angel powers.


      • To be slightly more precise, only male Demon royalty have the inborn potential to transform into a Fallen Angel. And only Lucifer has managed to become a six-wing Fallen Angel (though I bet that’s going to change by the end of the book).

        The only known exception is the princess who is a two-wing Fallen Angel thanks to her father temporarily sacrificing two of his four wings to give her that power.

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  3. The elder sister reminds me of his horse, they both need someone powerful to reign them in. I get the feeling that more than being attracted to power, she’s just looking for someone that can make her feel secure, but because she’s so strong only someone like the MC could give her that feeling.


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    What about Jisue? She’ll miss you. She couldn’t bear you leaving… or something, idk. Anyhow I’m back! Miss me, M2t5? How come you didn’t upload my corrections made when hurraycats was doing it? Checked some of the last ones I edited, and it was full of mistakes. I got this feeling that Jiyan wants someone that makes her feel secure because of the paedophile. All in favor of my theory? A simple ‘aye’ or ‘nay’ will do 😀


    • Haha welcome back Bludflag! I was wondering where you went. I’m kinda lazy… So I never really fixed anything pointed out in the comments. There is a project shelved somewhere to fix the earlier chapters… But then again it is shelved…(just like the CN versions [LOL]) Anyways if you really want to help out, you could become an editor here :P.


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