Chapter 14

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Volume 1 Chapter 14: Mayor’s daughter

Translated by: Ash, Demenious

Edited by: LosThanatos, Vanagandr

“Boy, you…you….”

Having been hit till he was like a muddy pulp and that in a single breath, the black clothed men’s leader fell down from the sky upon the river bank and rigidly stared at Yang Qi “What is your name?”


Yang Qi once again punched through the air, which thoroughly ended his life, without saying a single word.

“This young master, you have good fist techniques, good QiGong. With just the cultivation of 6th tier, you can efficiently kill a 7th tier cultivator. Even within large sects, such a talent is rare.” The “lady in white” stared blankly at this scene, and then with a sigh, praised “Thanks a lot for saving me, young master. May I know this young master’s honorable name? My humble self is Yan Capital City’s Mayor’s daughter, Yan Fei Xia.”

“I am known as Yang Qi.”

Yang Qi thought that Yan Fei Xia would be greatly shocked when she heard of his name, because he was now a well-known “trash” and a ”hedonistic son of his parents” within the entire city. However, he had not thought that the lady in white would unbelievably not think the same and just mildly laugh “So it was the son of the Yang family, your help this time is really appreciated.”

“Lady Yan Fei Xia, I’m assuming you just recently returned to Yan Capital City, am I right?” Yang Qi was a little nervous.

“Correct, I have been cultivating outside for 10 years, and this is the first time I have returned home, but before I reached home I was ambushed by this group of experts from Shadow Poison sect, I must immediately go home, and check out what exactly happened in the Yan Capital City.” Yan Fei Xia walked forward and looked at the broken body of a black clothed expert, which still had its head. Then she raised her long sword and picked up a small copper bell from his body.

This copper bell was covered all-over with a floral pattern; it seems as if it was made of copper, but it actually consisted of a kind of exotic metal.

“I kept wondering how [The great Golden Bell Shield QiGong] was so strong, that my [Green-edged Sword] was unable to break it open; so it turns out that he had such a treasure on his body. It is a Qi Lord realm expert’s extraterrestrial metal refined Golden Bell. It has a special effect to amplify QiGong. Having this copper bell, had at least doubled the effect of [The Great Golden Bell Shield QiGong].“

Yan Fei Xia fiddled with the copper bell in her hand. After she examined it for a long time while trying to recall something, suddenly, she threw it at Yang Qi.

“For me?” Yang Qi distractedly asked. He looked at the copper bell upon which there was a floral pattern. It also had many minute characters inscribed on it. This unexpectedly was the [The Great Golden Bell Shield QiGong]’s cultivation technique.

This was also a High-level QiGong technique. After one finishing cultivating it, one’s ZhenQi would turn into a bell type Qi Shield that protects him, that 100 demons cannot approach. Even the Poison Qi couldn’t penetrate it.

“This is originally your booty.”Yan Fei Xia laughed, and said, “I’m still at an advantage! Since I got this High-level QiGong cultivation method, I will go back and study it. Then I can take my cultivation one step further. This is a High-level QiGong technique, which is quite rare, if you put it up for auction, you can sell it for a hundred thousand of [Qi Gathering pills] at the least.”

“Several hundreds of thousands of [Qi Gathering pills]….” Yang Qi savored the feel of these words on his tongue.” This was a very huge sum of money.”

“Certainly, a copper bell like this has a price that is also extremely high, not less than that of a High-level QiGong. ”Yan Fei Xia pointed at the black-clothed men’s leader’s body with her [Green-edged sword] and said, ”On his body, there are still some money and valuables, it would be a pity if we don’t find them.”

“His corpse is poisonous, I haven’t cultivated to reach the realm of attaining objects far away without using my hands. I request Miss Yan to personally retrieve the riches from his body and we can split them equally between us.” Yang Qi said calmly.

“Okay.” Yan Fei Xia was also extremely blunt, and balling up her hand, QiGong gradually came from her hand and turned into a vivid and realistic palm. This ZhenQi-palm descended upon the corpse of the black-clothed leader, fumbled for some time and then brought out some items.

A snuff bottle that looked like a medicine bottle, also some exquisite sheets of paper, and an unknown book made from some kind of tanned leather.

“Within this snuff bottle, is the [Detoxification drug], that can remove a majority of Shadow Poison sect’s poisons. These few exquisite sheets of paper are the Sheng Zu Royal Court’s certificates of deposit, which are calculated in Qi Gathering pills. This book, not bad, not bad, is made from human skin and has a written account of some of Shadow Poison sect’s poison techniques’ cultivation.

Yan Fei Xia was apparently proficient in some hidden matters, so experienced and knowledgeable, she made Yang Qi feel inferior, this was the difference between him and someone from a big clan.

Yang Qi, although in Yan Capital City once known as a smart and talented youth, he was only a frog at the bottom of a well; considering how much he knows, it is not even remotely equal to some big clan’s disciple.

“The antidote!” His eyes lit up and he said, “My first brother and second brother were poisoned by the Shadow Poison Sect, having the antidote will make things much easier. As for the certificates of deposit, please distribute half of them to me. I do not want the poison book, because I am unlikely to go and refine poison techniques, so it’s better that I give this to Miss Yan.”

“Very well.” Yan Fei Xia also said without any restraint. Taking the antidote and half of the sheaf of papers, she handed it over to Yang Qi and said, “I do not need to practise the Poison techniques, when i return, I will hand it to a clan, and this can be exchanged for many good stuff. Now it is already late. I have to hurry home, so I will not be able to invite young master to my home. Wait for several days more and I will find an opportunity to go the Yang family and properly thank you.”

“My pleasure.” Yang Qi Said, “However, as for this incident, I hope Miss Yan will not tell other people, do not mention even one word. Just say that you yourself killed and beheaded this group of the Shadow Poison sect’s experts.”

“Oh, I know, you are afraid that if this spreads it will be of disadvantage for your Yang family. I understand that.” Yan Fei Xia’s arms vibrated, and some amount of QiGong from within her palm arose and as soon as it made contact with the air, it unexpectedly combusted and started to burn the corpses of the black-clothed men on the river bank completely to ashes.

“[Raging Inferno QiGong]” Yang Qi looked at this with his eyelids twitching and said, “Hard to imagine, that Miss Yan is already proficient in [Metal Element QiGong sword technique] and surprisingly still cultivates the [Raging inferno element QiGong]. Are these two types of QiGong actually compatible?”

“It is a secret technique passed down in our clan, that is all. We can cultivate in two types of QiGong, they complement each other.” Yan Fei Xia was apparently unwilling to explain much. After all this is a secret art taught by her clan, and telling too much of her clan’s secrets is not a good thing.

According to logic, a person can only cultivate one type of QiGong. Cultivation of two types is extremely dangerous, as the QiGongs will contradict each other.

Although Yang Qi cultivated the QiGong passed down in his clan, but because all of his QIGong was once abolished, the clan’s QiGong techniques he used were all imitated by using [Power of the Divine Elephant that Suppresses Hell].

This cultivation technique is as abstruse as hell. It could conceal anything, imitate anything, and one would be unable to predict anything.

Actually, although Yang Qi obtained [The great Golden Bell Shield QiGong], he was not very excited to cultivate it. Because, if he entered the 7th tier, Qi Imagination realm, then with  [Power of the Divine Elephant that Suppresses Hell] he could cultivate the Qi Shield technique, known as [Protection of the Dark God], and [Devil’s Wings] would appear together with it, its power would be many times stronger compared with [The great Golden Bell Shield].

From this, it could be seen that [Power of the Divine Elephant that Suppresses Hell] was a matchless, invincible martial art from the legends.

The Golden Fairy between his eyebrows had passed on to him about how to cultivate this technique. If he finished cultivating the [Protection of the Dark God], his whole body would be able to condense a pitch-black color egg-shaped Zhen Qi. If he reached the Qi Lord realm, it would be possible to jump straight into magma relying on this protection, and it could be maintained for a long duration of time.

This was already an act not possible for humans to achieve.

Even with the current “Yan Gu Feng”, the Yan Capital City’s Mayor of the Qi Lord realm’s cultivation, and with his extraordinary Qi Shield techniques, he would still immediately turn into ashes if he jumped into magma.

“As a QiGong cultivator, each time i advance a tier, my strength will increase more than a hundredfold! When can I advance to the 7th tier?” Yang Qi thought with anticipation.

When he just recently entered the 6th tier, he awakened the third particle when he fought with the envoy of the black-clothed men, therefore he now possessed the power of 3 Ancient Mammoths within his body.

“Young master Yang, farewell. I will return the favour someday.” Yan Fei Xia suddenly urged her QiGong and once again created the wide [Wings of the White Crane], then jumped several tens of feet high, gliding far away. Her whole being appeared like a huge white crane, it was a wonderful scene under the starlight.

Yang Qi looked at everything he had obtained in his hand, the delicate papers were lists of deposit, on it were written ten thousand [Qi Gathering pills] as deposit.Ten thousand pills, is equivalent to 3 months’ worth of income from the businesses among Yang family properties.

Yang family’s main lineage is nearly going bankrupt, with these ten thousand [Qi Gathering pills], it would be able to ease a bit of tension.

Moreover, the copper bell in his hand was a treasure worth a considerable amount, and along with the cultivation technique, they could be sold for at least 50 thousand [Qi Gathering pills]. Although this amount was still a lot less than the compensation value, it could still help to alleviate the crisis.


He immediately dashed, arriving at the city walls, and like a wild cat he flashed to the top of the tall city walls. The guards on the city walls only sensed a gust of wind but were unable to sense any presence.

Returning to the Yang family’s mansion, he entered the doorway of the private room and knocked on a door.

“Is it Qi-er coming back after cultivating? Come in.”

Yang Zhan’s eloquent voice was delivered. The two private room doors that were cast from refined steel and at least 1 foot thick, slowly opened. Yang Qi immediately walked in and saw his father sitting with crossed legs, each of his hands were pressed on one of his brothers’ backs, he was utilizing his Qi to dispel the poison.

However, by looking at his eldest brother and second brother’s expression, one could easily discern that the dispelling of Poison Qi was not successful.

“Qi-er, your cultivation level did not just rise a little.” As he watched Yang Qi walking in, his two eyes shone out two rays of light, piercing into Yang Qi’s body like a torch.

“Correct, Father, I cultivated today and at long last, finally broke through to 6th tier Qi Armament realm, that is able to condense Qi into weapons. With the current progression, defeating Yang Hong Lie won’t be a problem.” Yang Qi said calmly.

“Don’t be arrogant and self-satisfied. Yang Hong Lie is at the 7th tier, that is no joke. At the 6th tier, one cannot contend against a 7th tier QiGong in normal cases, you must still properly practise”, Yang Zhan immediately warned.

“Yes, Father.” Yang Qi nodded.

“Third brother, you really profited from a disaster.” on Yang Qi’s eldest brother’s face appeared a trace of a bitter smile. “It ‘s a pity that this first brother’s body is now handicapped. Even Father has no way of getting rid of this damned poison.”

“Never mind, if worst comes to worst, I will go seek Qi Lord realm elders of the Elder Council and request them to dispel your poison” Yang Zhan said.

“Father, those Qi Lord elders’ life expectancy is quickly reaching the end. Each and every one of them are trying their utmost to seize control of their fate, and reach the Fate Stealing realm, so that they can prolong the length of their life. Why would they waste their QiGong to dispel the poison from us?” Yang Qi’s eldest brother shook his head. His judgement was very accurate.The family’s Qi Lord Elders no longer battle against other people, so as to avoid wasting their Zhen Qi.

“First Brother, don’t worry.” Yang Qi brought out the antidote from his chest pocket.

(to be continued)

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