Chapter 34: The Four Seasons Sword Technique

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Translators: Ash, Demenious

TLC : Demenious, Miki

Editors: M2t5, the darkness

“In that case, I’ll force these two women to tell us the method of cultivating this king level [Four Seasons Sword] technique.”

Yang Qi nodded.

Like the saying ‘one counters soldiers with arms, and water with an earth weir’, different situations call for different reactions. What has been done cannot be undone, there was no need to agonize over the mistake. The right way to adjust to the situation was to maintain a positive attitude.

Their top priority was to increase their strength.

The Four Season Sword Technique, was an authentic king-level QiGong technique, and was incomparable to the [Undefeatable King Fist]. If Yang Zhan was able to learn this technique, he would be able to stabilize his cultivation.

Moreover, only by cultivating King-level or higher Qigong techniques was it possible to reach the Fate Stealing Realm. Without the proper cultivation technique it was impossible to breakthrough past the realm of Qi Lord and seize your fate from the heavens.

As for Yang Qi, he didn’t thirst after the [Four Seasons Sword] technique. He already had the [Power of the Divine Elephant Suppresses Hell] which had all kinds of techniques which he didn’t have time to learn. Just recently he had awakened a second Ancient Mammoth, which expanded his qi reserves farther than Yang Zhan’s. But he was still in the 7th tier, the qi imagination realm.

This was because Yang Qi hadn’t sufficiently comprehended the qi imagination realm.

In the seventh tier, one could condense their Qi and form any shape they desired: tigers, dragons, giant palms or huge mountains. But the eighth tier was even more wondrous: you could use Zhen Qi to form humanoid forms and use powerful techniques like [Long Distance Soul Lockdown].

But to achieve this transformation in Zhen Qi and spirit, one had to undergo heavy self-tempering.

However, Yang Qi wasn’t in a hurry.

As long as the life essence of the Lightning Mammoth did not disappear, Yang Qi’s cultivation would soar and breakthroughs could happen at any moment. However, if he completely refined the life essence, then he would find it difficult to improve the [Power of the Divine Elephant that Suppresses Hell] at the rate of others in the same realm, let alone his previous rate.

But this was a matter for the distant future.

Right now, he can only grasp the opportunities that came his way.

With a kick to the two females’ bodies, a warm Zhen Qi was inserted into their bodies and gently entered their meridians, causing them to recover consciousness.

“You audacious monsters of the Yang Family. . .”

The two females woke up and struggled to stand up. They glared fiercely at Yang Zhan, Yang Qi and the rest as they cursed, “You all think that now that our martial arts are crippled, everything will be alright? Then let me you that you are only deluding yourself. We have an Fate Seizing Realm expert in our Four Seasons Sect, who can help us restore our damaged Dantians.”

“What?! Fate Seizing experts can restore destroyed Dantians?” Yang Qi was startled, but now that the two females had fallen in his hands, how could they resist?

Yang Qi didn’t speak further, instead, he made a grabbing motion with his palm, and searched the bodies of the three males using his Zhen Qi. Silver banknotes, medicinal pellets and pages from a book appeared from various places on their bodies and arrived in Yang Qi’s hand.

These book pages did indeed pertain to the [Four Seasons Sword] technique, but they didn’t contain the direct knowledge to be able to practice it, instead these pages seemed to be some sort of diary which contained their scattered understandings of the [Four Seasons Sword] technique.

“Speak, where is the cultivation manual for your King Level QiGong technique, the [Four Seasons Sword]? If I’m not satisfied, then I will ensure that you suffer a fate worse than death.” Yang Qi examined the objects in his hand. The banknotes alone were worth 2-3 million [Qi Gathering Pills].

Additionally, Yang Qi had found many [Demonic Beast Cores] mixed among the objects from the three males. These cores’ value equaled that of the white ape that he had previously killed.

Yang Qi had stumbled upon a huge amount of wealth.

The loot that the Yang family had confiscated from the Chen Family Manor would more than make up for what the Yang Family had lost due to Yang Qi’s actions. In fact, with this wealth, the Yang Family would be richer than they were at the peak of their flourishing period. While they still weren’t as rich as the Mayor’s Yan Family, they would be able to expand their business and expand their powers.

“Stop dreaming! The [Four Seasons Sword] technique is a secret QiGong technique. Yet you small-countryside’s nobility and merchants dare to peek at it?” one of the females said disdainfully.

“Qi-er, although your Qi is profound, your realm is insufficient to force them to talk. I have recently advanced to the Qi Lord realm, along the way gaining some insights into how the soul interacts with Qi. I will use this to try and interrogate them.” Yang Zhan suddenly moved, and two humanoids made of Zhen Qi entered the females’ bodies.

These two females suddenly looked as if they had been hypnotized, the splendor in their eyes dying out.

“How can one cultivate the [Four Seasons Sword] technique?” Utilizing the Qi hypnosis, Yang Zhan extracted the information that he needed from the two women, “Don’t rush, take your time to clearly tell us the method to cultivate this [Four Seasons Sword]”

“Okay. . .”

The two females robotically spoke, “The [Four Seasons Sword] technique consists of the four seasons based techniques — the [Poignant Spring Rain], the [Fast and Savage Summer Lightning], the [Autumn Frost Shrouds the Region] and the [Extensive Winter Snow]. Take the changes in the four seasons and transform them through the yin and yang meridians. The Yuan Qi in reserve transforms it into spirit. It will then gather and congeal in the Qi ocean within the dantian. Observe the descent of the spring — where all living beings sprout life —, and the growth of spirit . . .”

Yang Qi, Yang Hualon, Yang Yunchong and Yang Zhan payed close attention to what the two women said.

Especially Yang Zhan, as he listened to these methods of cultivating the king level QiGong technique, the Zhen Qi within his body was boiling. His face lit up like a lightbulb as if he had gained some sort of insight from what the two females said.

Yang Qi also listened carefully to their explanation, following along with his qi. He was convinced that if he carefully cultivated this for a period of time, he would be able to breakthrough to the eighth tier without a problem.

While Yang Qi and his family were learning the four techniques of the King level QiGong technique, Yan Gufeng was urgently gathering his subordinates in the Mayor’s mansion; devising countermeasures for the currently developing situation.

If two families fought in the Yan Capital City, how could the mayor act unconcerned. He knew that he had to resolve their conflicts as soon as possible.

However, he was waiting to appear only when the battle between the two families had been severely hurt from the battle.

Yan Gufeng wore a sinister smile.

“Mayor, now that the Chen and Yang Families have started fighting I shall go and observe the battle and then report back.” Luo Hun stood up and head outside.

“Mayor, I have already readied our troops. As soon as you give the order, we will instantly move to capture the experts of both families.”

A guard walked in, and his Qi could be seen flickering and rippling around him. It wasn’t inferior to Luo Hun. He was one of the 8 important people within the Yan Capital City Mano Mansion’s house.
A guard walked in, his Qi flickered and rippled around him. His cultivation wasn’t inferior to Luo Hun’s. He was one of the eight pillars of Yan Capital City,

In other words, there were a total of 8 experts within the Yan Capital City who were as strong as the armored devil Luo Hun.

“First, gather the troops prepared for deployment. Afterwards, await for my orders,” Yan Gufeng ordered.


The guard went outside.

“Mister Shun, what do you advise I do? Today’s incident could be a perfect opportunity to eliminate some thorns in our sides, the Chen and Yang families. The Chen Family has been colluding with the Shadow Poison Sect, which has been a great threat to our Yan family. While the Yang Family has miraculously risen from its ashes with the help of that Yang Qi, he is even able to contend against Luo Hun. If we don’t pluck this grass from its roots, he could ruin our Yan Family’s thousand years of rule.”

Yan Gufeng asked the old man who stood beside him.

This old man was mysterious and unfathomable, at first glance he appeared to be an advisory staff member, who specialized in bureaucracy. He bore the appearance of a scholar while occasional flashes of craftiness flicked across his eyes.

But since he was addressed with the title of ‘Mister’ it was clear that his status wasn’t low, and to top that off, his cultivation was unfathomable.

“I have secretly observed that child.” Mister Shun said as he brandished the goose-feather fan in his hand. He continued, “He has definitely had a fortuitous encounter when he was struck by that lightning, causing his martial arts to increase by leaps and bounds. He is extremely dangerous and his potential is unlimited, if we cannot use him then me must eliminate him so that he cannot blossom any further. Mayor is it possible for us to recruit him?”

“That’s impossible.” Yan Gufeng shook his head, “He stole my [Hidden Dragon Pill] and I already destroyed his cultivation once. Even if that hadn’t occurred, a mountain cannot have two tigers; how could the Yang family bear to become our servants should we found a country. That Yang Zhan is especially ambitious, and he will absolutely refuse to be our servant.”


Mister Shun waved the feathered fan again before saying, “That Yang Family won’t submit to our authority, thus we, the Mayor’s mansion, must decide whether they should survive. If allying with them is not possible, the only route we have left is their eradication.”

“I am currently able to kill this child.” Yan Gufeng massaged his temples; he finally appeared determined.” However, if I wait a year, it will be impossible to kill this child. Furthermore, Yang Zhan is currently on the edge of the Qi Lord realm.”

“Haha, you should rest assured. Breaking through to the Qi Lord realm is extremely difficult, one must simultaneously transform both their Zhen Qi and their soul.” Mister Shun burst out laughing as he said, “In just this short time it should be impossible for Yang Zhan to breakthrough.”

Yan Gufeng slowly rotated the ring on his finger, “At the moment, the Chen and Yang Families ought to be in the middle of an intense fight. But Since the Chen Family has the support of the Shadow Poison Sect, it is possible that they have come out ahead.”

This ring was a treasured item — it could aid with the circulation of Zhen Qi, but more importantly, it could store Zhen Qi within it! It was known as the “Blood Soul Thumb Ring”, which meant that the ring was similar to a human body.

Even if it was a Qi Lord, the Zhen Qi within his body was limited. During a fight, there would be moment when their Zhen Qi became insufficient. But with the ‘Blood Soul Thumb Ring’, one could use the stored Zhen Qi inside it to replenish their used Zhen Qi. One’s physical strength that was prolonged would be inconceivable.

Therefore, Yan Gufeng wouldn’t be threatened even when facing two Qi Lords, not to mention in a one on one battle.

This ring was a priceless treasure to even the wealthiest of families and Academies, the entirety of the Yan Capital City wasn’t as valuable as this single ring.

“Not good, not good.”

At this moment, a soldier hurriedly ran through the doors and kneeled before them. Luo Hun who stood at his side also had a displeased expression on his face.

“What is the matter? Don’t tell me that the battle has already been finished?” Yan Gufeng slammed his fist on the table and stood up.

“Not only has the victor been decided, it was a total victory. That Yang Qi, that youth, single-handedly slaughtered all of the Chen family’s experts and their thousand men army. He had also killed all of the dozen or so experts of the QiGong 7th and 8th tier from the Shadow Poison Sect. In addition, he had destroyed the martial arts of Chen Dalei and made him his captive.” Luo Hun reported word by word, his complexion appeared extremely ashamed. “Moreover, just a few moments back, Yang Zhan broke through to the Qi Lord realm. Now the Yang family has already entered the Chen Family’s Mansion and begun raiding and exterminating their family.”

“What did you say?”

Yan Gufeng thought that he didn’t hear correctly, his body trembled as he asked, “That youth, Yang Qi, defeated the Chen Family and the Shadow Poison Sect’s experts alone? Has he been possessed by a Millennium Demon?”

When facing with this kind of event, it was the only explanation that he could think of.

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