V7 C1 The triumphant return. (part B)

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Translators: Ash
TLC : Miki
Editors:  Los Thanatos

Father sighed and said, “This campaign lasted for many years , and now I feel very exhausted. Please forgive me, Sire!”

The Beast Emperor was relieved, and he said, “Brother, these past years, it has been very hard on you. You have invested a lot of effort for the Beastmen. Alright, you may leave earlier and return to rest. Later, I will send people to bring you some tonics. ”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Father turned to me and said, “Keep His Majesty company and drink a lot with Him. I will return.”


Father waved his hands and stood up. The Beast emperor also followed and got to his feet, then he shouted, “In order for the Beastmen to be victorious, Brother Leo invested a lot of time and effort. If not for him, there will not be the Beastmen of today. The many years of the campaign have made our hero feel exhausted. Everyone, together let us send off our Beamon King.”

“We bid a courteous farewell to His Grace, the Beamon King!”


The feast lasted a long time and ended only late night. The rather tipsy Beast Emperor pulled me and said, “Layson, wait a while longer. This Father-Emperor has something to say to you.”

“Yes, Father-Emperor. First Brother, you all please return first.”

Panzen looked at me, his eyes seemed to be telling me something, and then, grabbing the dead drunk Silvin, he went ahead.

I lent my arm to the Beast Emperor and went with him to his imperial sleeping quarters. The Beast emperor then sat down on a chair, grabbed my hands and said, “Child, you have performed a great heroic contribution to the Beastman. Tell this Father-Emperor, is there anything that you want?  Father-Emperor will satisfy all your demands.”

“Father-Emperor, you are a little inebriated, please rest sooner. All matters can be discussed tomorrow.”

The bleary-eyed, intoxicated Emperor said, “Who says I am drunk? Can that little amount of wine get me drunk? Originally, today I also wanted to invite your mother to come here, but she said she did not want to meet your father. I also did not force her. Child, thank you. I have already ordered a palace to be built  to the northern side of the Imperial Palace, for you, the [Astute Prince]. Later on, you will have your own place to live there. It will probably still take some more time to complete the construction.”

“Thank you, Father-Emperor. But I already have a nice place, there is no need to spend more…..”

“Hey! This is something you must receive. I am really a little drunk, I will discuss the rest tomorrow. Tomorrow early morning, come to the imperial study to see me.”

“Yes, Father-Emperor. You also take rest soon, I will leave first.”


I then went out of the imperial sleeping quarters. It had already been two months since I saw my mother. I wondered how she was.

After I left, the Beast Emperor stood up, and his eyes became sober and sharp. It was as if his recent intoxicated look had instantly vanished and looking in the direction that I had left, he called out in a low voice, “Shadow!”

A shadow flashed by and said, “Your Majesty!”

“How did the investigation go? Were there any changes to Layson?”

“I checked him out. There were no changes to him. But, he seems to be very popular and well.received among the citizens. When he had returned to the Imperial City, all the people on the streets yelled out his and His Grace, the Beamon King’s names. Moreover, hearing what our people say, it seems that during the negotiations with the Demon race, His Grace, the Beamon King had already announced that Layson would inherit his position as the commander of the Beastmen. ”

The Beast emperor snorted and said, “Is this something that he can decide? However, I see that this child, Layson, is not bad, he is really the pillar of our Beastmen, the position of the commander will sooner or later be his. With him here, maybe I can unify the entire continent!”

“I also believe Layson is a genius. With just 60 000 people he could trample the 200 000 armies of  the Demon race’s Prince Suchar. He certainly is outstanding and also very loyal. However, you had better not give him currently a great amount of power otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to easily control him in the future.”

“En! This I have already considered, I know what to do. I trust Layson. I will strive my hardest to get him to serve my Beastmen effectively. Even the Dragon empire may not have many that are as talented as him, such geniuses are rare. For the time being, he is still under my control, and I will put him in an important position. What I most like about him is that he has no ambition, however, his heart is too heavy. He has already proposed to me that he will leave after we unify the Beastmen Country.”


“En! I will not let him easily leave, otherwise, if he was used by other countries, it will be terrible.”


Returning to the courtyard of my mother’s residence, the quietness, the familiar smell of the plants and flowers gave me the feeling of coming home. My mother was just sitting in the courtyard, waiting for me.

I quickly went in front of my mother and said, “Ma, I am home”

“En!” my mother brushed back some hair that was out of place and said, “I already heard, my heroic son! Are you tired? Compared to when you left, you look thinner now.” the warm and caring words from my mother, made my eyes turn red-rimmed with unshed tears.

“Mother, I am not tired. While I was away, how were you? How is your health?”

My mother slightly smiled and said, “I am fine, you see this.” Saying this, my mother waved her palm and a faint white light appeared on her palm. Although the Qi waves were very faint, it was clear that my mother’s cultivation has been successful.

I said, surprised: “Ma, you are really a martial arts genius. You made so much progress in just under a year!”

My mother proudly smiled and said, “Now I know that this cultivation thing is not very hard if you can clearly understand the essentials of the martial arts and keeping in mind that the key to cultivation is to take it slow,you would naturally make fast progress..”

“Congrats to you, Mother. Oh, that’s right, where are first brother and the others?”

“Them, huh, they had all many drinks and have already gone to bed, it is now so late into the night, you also go to sleep soon.”

“Mother, I have a small matter to tell you.”

“Okay. Tell me.”

“During this time’s surprise attack of the Demon race, I observed Father seemed a bit abnormal…”

My mother swiftly raised her head and glowered at me and raising her voice, she shouted, “Don’t mention him to me. I do not want to know anything related to him.”

“Mother, I ….”

“Go, do not speak. You should go to bed very soon.” Having said this, my mother turned around and left abruptly and went to her own room. It seemed that her hatred towards my father had not decreased even a little. Sighing, I went to my own room to lie down.

Early morning, I went to the Beast Emperor’s imperial study to see him.

“This lowly son pays his respects to Father-Emperor.”

The Beast Emperor said kindly, “Come and sit.”

“How can I sit in front of Your Majesty? Yesterday, you said there was something for which you were looking for me, please tell it to this lowly son.”

The Beast Emperor was clearly very satisfied with my behavior and he nodded and said, “It is like this… you have recently worked very hard, and the Beast God religion is on good track and majority of the regions within the country have started farming and manufacturing of goods. I have already consulted with the Mayuks, Chimas, Centaurs and Tigermen — the four great races — and they have decided to support me in propagating the Beast God religion. I have decided to announce later that the national religion of the country will be the Beast God religion and that every province should set up a Beast God shrine. What do you think of all these?”

I thought and said, “I think there is no problem in doing these. This time, after defeating the Demon race, your reputation has reached an unprecedented height. Taking advantage of this opportunity to speed up the propagation of the Beast God religion is a very good tactic. Having the support of the four great races, plus the Werewolves and Nagas, you can already control most of the power within the Beast Empire.”

“Yes. Thanks to this incredible plan of yours previously, I whom has never before felt the control over the Beastmen Country finally has a chance. I think the Beastmen Country will be powerful, but it is just a question of time. Your contribution to these present circumstances is the highest. You have worked very hard and now please take a long rest. The matter about destroying the bandits, I will have someone else undertake it.”

I was alarmed….is it possible that the Beast Emperor has become wary of me? If not, why else would he stop my mission?  Then I immediately understood the reason— all of this was because of my rapidly increasing popularity within the country.

I then coolly stated, “I am grateful that Father-Emperor shows great concern towards this lowly son. I want to spend more time with my mother too. If you need anything, please do let me know.”

The Beast Emperor smiled, “You are the most outstanding talent of our Beastmen Country, there are plenty of things that require one with your skills. Do not doubt this father-emperor’s aim. This father-emperor only feels you are too overqualified to deal with mere bandits. I ask you to be in charge of those who are building your mansion. They say that in two months they will complete it. After it is done, you can bring your mother and stay there. Oh, and how is that subordinate, called Mink, of yours?”

“Mink? He is a very simple and honest person, his skills are also pretty good. He is not my subordinate, we have now become sworn brothers, he is my third brother. Why, is Father-Emperor thinking to give him an important position?”

The Beast Emperor muttered, “Previously, he showed good results in the secret training and now he has your recommendation. I was thinking to let him take your place and go to eliminate the bandits. What do you think?”

That the Beast Emperor givens an important task to Mink is a good deed. I knew, that after I return with my mother to the Dragon Empire, I cannot bring Mink along. I can let him take this opportunity to show his skills and he would certainly experience a meteoric growth in the future. I felt that if Mink did not run into enemies of the same caliber as a first brother or second brother, then he is entirely qualified for the mission of eliminating the bandits.

“Good, that is a very good decision.”

“Father-Emperor, since there is nothing for me to do, would you let me bring my mother along with me when I leave? To tell the truth, if not for letting Beastmen Country to become strong, I really do not want to enter the imperial court. I am a wild and rough kind of man.”

The Beast Emperor frowned,“Ah, Layson, are you still angry with this Father-Emperor? Whether or not you are dissatisfied with this Father-Emperor’s decisions, how can you leave Beastman Country at this crucial moment? Did I not say earlier? There are still many things for you to do here. ”

I hurriedly shook my head, “Father-Emperor, I am not angry with you. Those were my heartfelt words, I am really not suited to be an official. ”

The Beast Emperor said, “Since you do not want to be a court official, what about your prince’s mansion later on, is that also not good for you? Why do you insist on wanting to leave? Do not mention this matter now, I will not approve. Everything that needs is mentioned should wait until the entire Beastmen Country is stabilized.”The

The Beastmen Country was currently still in turmoil. Moreover, I and my mother had agreed to wait for three years, now it is still very early. Therefore, I too did not insist on this matter and just bowed, “Yes, Father-Emperor.”

Upon hearing my agreement, the Beast Emperor immediately smiled and said, “Come, follow Father-Emperor to the imperial court. I am going to announce a few matters.”


“Long live His Majesty! Long live His Majesty!”

The Beast Emperor sat on the throne, and I stood beside him. Originally, I too ought to have been kneeling in front of him, but His Majesty insisted that I be beside him and I reluctantly complied with that as I had no other choice.

“My many loyal subjects, please rise. Yesterday, our Beastmen heroes returned triumphantly and I am in a very cheerful mood. From now on, we Beastmen no longer need to be subservient to the Demon race. Today, I will declare several matters. First, starting from today, Beast God religion will be the national religion of Beastmen Country. And there will be a shrine at every province so that civilians can pay their worships there. I will be the first founder of this religion, and Layson and Mink will be deputy-founders, and Mink will be in charge of the day-to-day sermons. Does anyone have any comments? ” I was a bit alarmed as I did not expect that the Beast Emperor would so suddenly thrust Mink into such a high position.

Those here are all the trusted aides of the Beast Emperor, and the four great races who had just recently surrendered their allegiance to the Beast Emperor, thus it was only natural that no one here opposed these proclamations. It seemed that the Beast Emperor had bestowed some great profits to the four great races, otherwise how would they have kept their peace?

The Beast Emperor was satisfied seeing how the officials were behaving below. “Good. The second declaration is: from now on, every Beastmen race will put all their efforts into the development of farming and manufacturing. I will order the Beast God Sect to dispatch technical staff to help you all. The Tigermen, the Chimas, the Mayuks and the Cenaturs, these four great races’ Chieftains, you will oversee the situation surrounding the Imperial City. If you want your tribe to grow and thrive, you must first make your people prosperous.”

The chieftains of the four great races advanced forward all together and bowed as they replied, “Yes, Your Majesty!”

In an instant, I understood the Beast Emperor’s intention. He was thinking to win the 4 great races of the Beastmen Country and the Nagas and the Werewolves’ power. He would then be in control of an overwhelming amount of power within the Beastman country. Then he would use the four great races to eliminate those who did not obey orders, subdue people into obedience, and so on, and thus within a short term , unify the entire Beastmen Country. Although this can achieve their aim within a short period, but I felt that it would be better to do things slowly and painstakingly. Doing like this will only result in an increase of power, and not many would have genuinely converted. And Since the Beast Emperor had already done it in this way, there is no use even if I rebel against this method, ah, let it be. Anyway, the unification of Beastmen Country is a good thing, the Beast Emperor was also a good  monarch, and later on, he would establish a benevolent government under my advice.

“Yesterday, our respected Beamon King told me, that he wished for his eldest son Laylon to inherit his position after his lifetime. At the same time, he also decided to formally give to his third son, my godson, Layson, his current position — the general commander of the Beastmen army. From now on, all the wars will be under the leadership of Layson.”

The words spoken by the Beast Emperor were akin to bolts of thunder from the sky; they caused me a severe shock. After calming myself mentally, I hurried forward, knelt down on the ground and said, “Father-Emperor, this matter is not at all possible.” When did my father and the Beast Emperor talk to each other? I had been completely ignorant. Why would such an important position be given to me?

The Beast Emperor frowned as he asked, “Why?”

I explained : “First of all, this lowly son is young and inexperienced and thus lacks the ability to be accepted by the people. Secondly, I…”

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