Chapter 16

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Volume 1 Chapter 16: A huge shock

Translated by: Ash, Miki

Edited by: LosThantos, Tig

“Fortunately, my daughter had an honored person to help  and killed those evil men of the Shadow Poison Sect. Who helped you? Do I know him? I must really thank him for that.Which wealthy family’s genius disciple is he? Or perhaps he is a renowned older generation elder?”

Yan Gu feng continued to ask.

“Perhaps father knows of this man.He is a genius of the Yang family with a profound QiGong that is beyond mine. Although he is only at QiGong 6th tier, it is in no way inferior to that of a 7th tier expert. If he can enter my Zhen Long Academy, then he would surpass all the top-quality geniuses.” Yan Fei Xia really admired Yang Qi. She had personally seen this youngster’s greatness,as he used his vigorous QiGong to forcibly jolt and break the [great golden bell..]. It was as if a God had descended, with one punch he knocked the black-clothed men’s leader flying. His bold and powerful silhouette had flickered within her thoughts from time to time.

She had never come across such a mighty youngster until now.

That [power of divine elephant…] surpassed every QiGong,because it can suppress Hell’s supreme power. It was capable of shocking the souls of anyone that faced it.

Yang Qi still hadn’t cultivated to reach the highest realm. If he had thousands of devils would serve him and he could command the countless devil spirits of the world, and become the most powerful force.

“A genius of the Yang family? Who is that?”

As Yan Gu Feng listened, his complexion abruptly changed and his gazes showed a queer expression

“Yang Qi.”

Those words came out from Yan Fei Xia’s lips.

“What? Yang Qi? Are you certain it was him?” Yan Gu Feng was so surprised  that his Qi Gong had almost surged out from his body.He said, “That’s Impossible,his QiGong was already abolished by Luo Hun; moreover he was struck by lightning. Now he should be crippled, how can he be the one that had helped you?”

“Such a thing happened? Why did father abolish his QiGong?”Yan Fei Xia immediately asked. She just recently returned, thus she is unaware of all the recent changes.

“Humph! This youngster had unexpectedly stolen my [hidden dragon pill]. You are also aware that when father once travelled, he got a Fu Long master’s inheritance, who had also left him two [H D pills]. I ate one pill,and was able to advance to the Qi Lord realm. I had set the other pill aside for you. After you finished your studies and returned back, then i would give it to you so that you could increase your QiGong and obtain an advantageous position in Zhen Long Academy. But it was stolen by that brat! I was very furious! I did not kill him on the spot. If not,I would have to keep a look out for Yang Su Su , due to their relationship with Tian Wei Academy.”

Yan Gu Feng’s tone revealed murderous intentions.

“Father? Although I had seen Yang Qi briefly once,he has such an extraordinary imposing manner, did he really steal the[h d pill] ? Have you gotten your facts wrongly?Besides, the[h d pill] was inside father’s private room,with tight security. How was he able to steal it?”Yang Fei Xia repeatedly asked curiously.

“There is someone who is very familiar with my private cell’s mechanisms, after using all kinds of tricks, he entered it. I currently have already investigated, that it was Yun Hai City’s Yun Hai Lan, that small devilish woman,who enticed Yang Qi. Seeing that my Mayor’s mansion and Yang family have some business dealings, she instigated Yang Qi to infiltrate deeply into these dealings. In short, this youngster is a moron/blockhead, stupid and ignorant.”

Yan Gu Feng was in a rage, as he cursed.

“How did his QiGong restored? Not only that, it became so vigorous?” Yan Fei Xia also frowned as she asked.

“Let’s try to find that out!”

Yan Gu Feng swung his hand and his QiGong surged out, surging outside of the study room, like explosions from fireworks, alarming the entire Mayor’s Mansion.

Immediately ,swishing noises sou sou sou were heard, as innumerable silhouettes assembled. Soon after, several people wearing splendid embroidered clothes knelt outside the study, on the steps and said, “We pay our respects to the Master and the young Miss.”

“I heard that the Yang family’s youngster had regained his power. How did that happen? You must investigate and report back to me.” Yan Gu Feng waved his hand and the countless people, who had readied themselves, surged out their powers.

These experts kowtowed in succession and vanished into the air. After about half an hour later, all of them had assembled at the entrance of the study.This time, it was Luon Hun, wearing the cold-iron armor that was like a steel giant, who came up to them and knelt down before he said, “Mayor, young Miss,i have already made some thorough enquiries. It was after that youngster Yang Qi was struck by a lightning that day and his body had unknowingly mutated/transformed, and became strong with his Zhen Qi becoming robust as well. I heard that with his cultivation of 5th tier QiGong, during the Yang family conference, he defeated a 6th tier Yang Kui of the older generation and displayed outstanding performance and was praised by the Council of Elders.”

The Mayor mansion’s power was really formidable. Their information-gathering was accurate. Many wealthy families were unaware about the specific events that occurred during the Yang family’s conference, but the people of Mayor mansion had already found out about everything within half an hour.

“.Struck by lightning, which then caused his body to mutate? How did that youngster have  such luck?”Yan Gu Feng sank into contemplation, and he said, “He had unexpectedly reached the 6th Tier from the 4th tier of Qi Gong. Daughter, are you certain that he is of a 6th tier?”

“I am certain.Otherwise, he would not be capable of defeating the 7th tier experts of the Shadow Poison Sect.”Yan Fei Xia once again recounted all the detailed events of the battle to Yan Gu Feng.

The more Yan Gu feng heard, the more apprehensive he became,”Are you saying that with his 6th tier of QiGong, he was able to break open the 7th tier’s [ great golden …] ? Moreover, that QiGong has been amplified by the treasured copper bell? This is totally against common sense.”

How profound his cultivation was to have reached the Qi Lord realm. With regards to QiGong cultivation ,he clearly understood about it  down to the smallest detail of a realm.According to his  knowledge, a 6th tier QiGong cultivator being able to withstand the attack of a 7th tier QiGong cultivator is hardly possible. Even if one was an exceptional genius, one could only manage to tie. Not to mention, that [great golden….QiGong] had an amplification effect from the copper bell.

This was already not something that an ordinary person was capable of accomplishing.

“Perhaps this youngster’s body contains a secret. It is not as simple as a body tempered by  lightning… ” That thought had flashed in Yan Gu Feng’s  mind.

“Father,it doesn’t matter how he did it, he had saved me. I’ll always remember this friendship. As for the matter of his theft of [h d pill], it was due to being deceived by other people.Isn’t the Yang family compensating us for loss of the pill?”Yan Fei Xia seeing that her father was still very furious, could not help but try to dissuade him.

“Well, then I will not look into this matter. Originally,I definitely won’t have let the Yang family  get away with what Yang Qi did and step-by-step I wanted to expel the Yang family from Yan Capital City!” Yan Gu Feng’s anger was alleviated by some extent as he said, “Luo Hun.”


The steel giant Luo Hun stood up,“ Mayor, I await your command ”

“Go again and investigate the Shadow Poison Sect’s footsteps. You are to use every resource you have. I want to  find out what the Shadow Poison Sect is up to, why they came to my Yan Capital City and even unexpectedly dared to attempt to hurt my daughter.” This time, Yan Gu feng was truly angered.

“Also, daughter, you must take rest at home for a couple of days and meet up with your brothers and sisters and give them pointers about the Zhen Long Academy’s QiGong. You are to check if  their aptitude is sufficient to be able to go to the Zhen Long Academy and study there.”

Zhen Long Academy, was previously the first giant Academy in  Feng Rao continent. Even though it doesn’t have as long a history as Tian Wei Academy, it could be compared with the currently ranked-first giant Academy. Among the large sects in the entire Feng Rao continent, it is ranked in the top 5 and its powerful strength that is beyond that of the Shadow Poison Sect.


Yan Fei Xia was also apparently rather exhausted and needed some rest. After the fight between her and the SHadow Poison Sect,her Zhen Qi consumption was not shallow.

Waiting for his daughter to go, Yan Gu Feng sat upright on his chair and was very still, as if he was pondering over something. A good while later, a hint of a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and he said, “In the Yang family, there appeared such a freak, a youngster who profited from a misfortune and has a lightning tempered physique.In the Feng Rao continent, I have also heard some matters,where in the past someone who was struck by lightning did not die , whichcaused his cultivation to advance by leaps and bounds. Yang family has always been a huge threat.If this youngster is allowed to mature, 10 years later,perhaps he will also reach 9th tier Qi Lord realm. Yang Zhan’s cultivation is also infinitely close to Qi Lord realm. If  this goes on, I am afraid that I cannot defend my Yan family’s mayoral position. On the Feng Rao continent, there were a lot of cases where the  wealthy and powerful noble families used their troops to revolt and to kill Mayors in order to replace them.”

On the Feng Rao continent, each city was like a vasal state, only following the Sheng Zu imperial court’s emperor, but actually they only paid the taxes each year and were independent with regards to everything else.

However, in every city there were also many rich and powerful noble families who had a huge authority apart from the mayor. sometimes they would send troops and rise in revolt and assassinate the mayor.

In the whole of Feng Rao continent, it was unknown how many vassal cities were there. Such things happened daily,and as a Mayor, one must be sufficiently on guard against these matters.Sheng Zu court generally would not manage such matters;as long as the mayor  offered a tribute each year, that would suffice.

Moreover, Sheng Zu court’s power had also gradually declined.Upon Feng Rao continent,there were thousands  countries contending for supremacy, more powerful QiGong cultivators emerging after another, and innumerous “rebels and traitors” would also abound.

Currently, all within 1000 miles radius of Yan Capital City was under the rule of Yan family and not just in name but also in reality it could be addressed as “Yan Country”. Although Yan Capital City could only be regarded as being inferior among all the cities on the continent and was only counted to be third rate, it was also a very affluent and populous area.If one understood and utilized it well, one could enjoy all kinds of endless resources, position, wealth and glory.

“Pass down my orders: a fortnight from now, invite each and every great noble and wealthy families’ talented disciples to come for a feast at my mansion. Just say that my daughter Yan Fei Xia has returned from Zhen Long academy  to visit her parents, the feast is to welcome her home. At the same time, we would see if there are any youthful geniuses and if he is to my daughter’s liking and receives her favor, then he would become our son-in-law!”

He knocked on the table.

Luo Hun immediately understood and said, “Mayor, it is a nice idea.the first reason is that we want to take and look and find out how the outstanding disciples of each of the wealthy and noble families are. The second reason perhaps is to eliminate Yang Qi with the help of others’ hand and to trigger civil unrest among these huge noble and wealthy families, thus further strengthening the Mayor’s power. ”

“Not bad,Luo Hun you are a bright person.If you already understand  what I meant, then quickly go and make some progress on it.Also, these days you must pay attention to Yang Zhan. This man was exceptional  during his adolescent years when he took in the [Air Absorption grass]. If his cultivation reaches Qi Lord realm, it will be a huge threat to my Yan family. Furthermore, wait till I have thoroughly integrated every large wealthy family’s power within Yan Capital City, and if Zhen Long Academy agrees to help us, then I will change its name to ‘Yan Country’.”Yan Gu Feng coldly said.

Luo Hun shuddered before he replied, “To change the city’s name to Yan Country, this means it is going to break away from Sheng Zu court’s rule.”

“Correct,my Yan City is an independent country. In the future we will gradually annex other cities and nibble away at the continent and continuously expand. Throughout the ages, we would have unified Feng Rao continent, and becoming emperor of the realm is also not impossible”, Yan Gu Feng coldly said. “My current cultivation has already reached the peak of Qi Lord realm, if there is an opportunity then I can breakthrough to Fate Stealing realm and my lifespan will increase by several fold. With just the power of hundred years lifespan, will I decide to accomplish this 1000 years’ great undertaking? This great ambition of mine is my Yan family’s past ancestors’ desire,you must assist me properly.”


Luo Hun nodded his head.

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