Chapter 3

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Chapter Three: The power of Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell

Translated By: Demenious, GX

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Help Received from: Deceptioning

“Stand up after failing, and become unmatched under the heavens……”

Yang Qi tries to mentally communicate with the being, but it just continues to chant these ten words in rapid succession from between his eyebrows.

This small golden person came from the lightning, and entered his consciousness from between his eyebrows. He resides within it, like a divine spirit, giving the impression of a vast, irresistible and mysterious being.

This is the existence of an invincible master, who possesses tyrannical force.

Yang Qi has seen the mayor of the Yan Capital before, but his pressure paled when compared to that of the golden being inside his consciousness. The mayor is in no way weak, his Qi had already reached the 9th tier, breaching the “Qi Lord” realm, and word of his fighting prowess spreads across the continent.


Suddenly, when he is communicating with the golden man, a vast amount of words and pictures assault his mind, entering his brain. Unexpectedly, after analysing these pictures, Sheng Wang realizes that these are actually instructions on how to cultivate Qi Gong.

The power of Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell

Use your Qi to attract a divine being, it will form into an elephant and grant you the tremendous power of an elephant. The human body is composed of eight hundred and forty million particles. If one can awaken every single particle of their body every particle will posses the power of an elephant, capable of brewing storms on the rivers and seas, roaring and shatter the heavens, or even plucking the moon and swallowing the sun with a single thought. You will be able to rival even the Divine Elephant……

When the methods enter Yang Qi’s mind, he almost jumps out of his bed.

“What kind of cultivation technique is this? It completely outclasses our Yang Family’s Qi Gong technique, it wouldn’t be too generous to say it is 100 times more advanced!”

The Qi Gong technique that the Yang Family practices is very profound. Yang Qi’s father, Yang Zhan, has already reached the eighth tier. In the Yan Capital, while he can’t be compared to the mayor, he is considered a top class expert.

“Elephant…? Divine Elephant? According to legends, far to the west of the Feng Rao Continent, there is a boundless hell. This hell is scorchingly hot, humans can survive there because of the Divine Elephants, which guard the gates to the hell. This ultimate cultivation technique, The power of Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell, must be from the west!” Yang Qi remembers.

In actuality, Yang Qi is not usually such a fop. He is a talented young man, he studies, and his skills aren’t that bad either. His cultivation had almost reached the fifth, “Qi Explosion” tier, the level where he would be able to produce hundreds of godly fists and use his Qi as a shock wave. But he was troubled by emotions, and he was easily tricked by Hai Lan, and has fallen to his current state.

His knowledge isn’t shallow either.

The cultivation method that he obtained from the tiny golden person in the lightning is completely different from any Qi Gong technique he knows of. Normal Qi Gong methods gather and utilize Qi, making it travel through the meridian channels. But this method, The power of Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell sees the entire body as 840 million particles, and every particle has the potential to posses the power of a Giant Elephant after awakening. If one awakens all 840 million of their particles, a mere roar could make even the stars wish to fall.

‘The Divine Elephant uses its own power to suppress the power of hell, how powerful is it?’ Yang Qi is very excited, ‘This could be a blessing in disguise. If I train according to this technique, I could exceed my previous level of cultivation, I will truly be one who stands up after failing and become unmatched under the heavens!’

He immediately begins to cultivate according to this Qi Gong technique.

The infinite Yuan Qi circles his body, gradually getting absorbed.


As Yang Qi cultivates according to the method, the thunder elephant in his dantian also becomes excited, and a surge of Yuan Qi melts and shrinks, becoming condensed energy and entering Yang Qi’s body, changing it.

Yang Qi closes his eyes, and feels his flesh and body, he hears a xia zi xia zi noise which accompanies the qi as it starts to repair his damaged meridians. The qi even starts to accumulate in his dantian again, solidifying it into a much firmer, and larger container.

Originally, this kind of top cultivation technique would be terrifyingly difficult to cultivate, even the most intelligent and incredibly gifted people would not be able to advance without a moment of enlightenment. But since Yang Qi has been struck by thunder, and a lightning elephant god has condensed in his body, every time he cycles his Qi, the divine elephant would melt a portion of the Qi and help it absorb into his body. This causes Yang Qi to cultivate at an extremely fast speed; a day of cultivating for him could equal the efforts of a normal person cultivating for ten years.

Gradually, the blood and flesh in his body condenses, and the energy surges and flows in waves, Yang Qi is very calm, ‘In the Legends, there were peerless experts who could change the weather while training, calling upon a bombardment of lightning strikes. Could it be that a peerless expert had been hit by lightning and turned into this little golden man, who is currently living in the point between my eyebrows? And this lightning elephant was formed by a part of the Qi Gong that person possessed?’

Yang Qi’s Qi Gong quickly recovers, and he improves speedily. As he improves, he tries to understand why he is cultivating so quickly.

He tries to communicate with the tiny golden person in his consciousness telepathically, but he receives no answer.

The small golden man is a transcendent being, something that exists between the border of life and death, a godly spirit. He is not something that Yang Qi can control. ‘It seems that passing down The power of Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell technique uses up quite a bit of energy. He has become silent and had stopped moving.’

After trying to communicate with the being a few more times without success, Yang Qi gives up and devotes his attention to training his Qi Gong; as he tries to awaken the particles of his body to obtain the power of the divine elephant.

The power that the thunder elephant contains is extremely terrifying. If every particle of his body is cultivated to this level, even Yang Qi has no idea what kind of level of Qi Gong he would enter.

“Young master, are you awake?”

Just when Yang Qi is about to cross his legs and return to cultivating his Qi, the girl outside his room startles him, waking him up from his trance like state. Yesterday she saw him come in, barely alive, carried into the room, barely breathing. But now, although he is bandaged, he seems to have greatly recovered and become quite spirited.

“Xiao Yan, what’s wrong? Your young master isn’t dead yet.” Yang Qi plainly replied.

“Young Master, Master ordered that you meet him after you have recovered your ability to walk.” The little girl, despite her age of 12, has been serving Yang Qi for a long time. She is both obedient and clever. From what she has experienced, Yang Qi can only be called benevolent; he did not bully her despite the gap in their status, and he is one of the most talented cultivators of the Yan Capital. But now he has lost it all, he has caused a great disaster to come upon his family, and his skills are completely crippled.

“Ok, I’ll go see father now.” Yang Qi stands up, all of his pain is gone, and has been replaced with high spirits. However, to not arouse suspicions, he acts weak and fragile.

“Young master, I heard that all your Qi Gong is gone….” Xiao Yan worriedly says, “If you don’t have any power, then……”

“Xiao Yan, don’t worry, has your young master ever been bullied before? I’ll definitely punish those who harmed me, and I’ll also revive this family.” Yang Qi promises.

“Yes, young master, I believe in you.” Xiao Yan heavily nods.

Yang Qi traverses the layers of the maze like courtyard, his sharp ears picking up on the many rumours. All of them are pointed, condemning him for ruining the family, but he isn’t put off one bit.

If Yang Qi really had no chance of recovering his Qi Gong, he may be depressed. However, after cultivating with The power of Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell, Yang Qi realizes that not only does he have a chance of recovering his ability, he could also improve very rapidly. He could become much more powerful than he was in the past, and his life could become easy in the future.

Instead, Yang Qi is excited, he is eagerly anticipating when his cultivation of The power of Divine Elephant that suppresses Hell reaches the peak. Then he can wipe his disgrace off the face of the earth and revive his family.

When he reaches the family meeting hall, he sees his father, Yang Zhan, standing in the center, like a mountain.

Pu Tong!

He knelt down, “This child is disobedient and brought great disaster to this family, please punish me heavily, father.”

“You came so soon? Your injuries recovered so quickly?” Yang Zhan sees that his son is not depressed, and he immediately expresses his pleasure “I already know why you stole the Hidden Dragon Pill. It was for Yun Hai City’s mayor’s daughter, Yun Hai Lan. Am I right? Hmph, her cultivation of Qi has reached the bottleneck and she needed the Hidden Dragon pill to make a breakthrough, so that she can enroll in Tian Wei academy. This isn’t your fault, who isn’t troubled by their emotions when they are young? This experience shall serve as a lesson. This time your father has handled the matter for you, and no matter what your father will help you recover your Qi Gong. Even when your mother left to train all those years ago, you stayed behind and were sensible and obedient. Even though everyone else clamors for your death and punishment, your father understands you.

“Father I will definitely shock the world with my achievements and revive the family!” After hearing what his father said, Yang Qi’s heart grows warm, “Father just watch.”

“Ok, I have informed your big and second brothers of this matter, as we speak they are hurrying back home. I have also written to your aunt who has not returned in a decade, we will definitely get through this calamity. Don’t worry, just focus on recovering and wait for this storm to pass. After that I will think of a way to recover your dantian.

Yang Zhan waves his hands.

Yang Qi stood up and backs out of the room, both of his fists are clenched behind his back in anger, ‘I shall have to keep father in the dark about this cultivation technique, if word of this technique were to spread, it would only bring great bloodshed and trouble to the family and father. I shall have to wait until my cultivation improves.’

Yang Qi is not stupid, nor is he foppish. He knows clearly that because he was hot-headed and immature, he was completely and easily tricked by Yun Hai Lan. Now through this experience he has matured, grown and learned from his mistakes.


Late night, clear cloudless sky, bright moonlight washes the landscape.

Yang Qi stands atop a small mountain, cultivating, completely silent. Cultivating and training one skill after another, slowly perfecting The power of Divine Elephant Suppresses Hell.”

Suddenly, he disappears, leaving only a gust of wind behind. It produces a noise like that of a flowing river. If someone were able to see him, they would see that the muscles of his body shine like iron under the moon, and his skin shines with a fine white tallow jade like aura, not a trace of his burns remain.

His presence is like that of a raging elephant, it could induce fear with just one look.

Hong Long!

Each of the fists and footsteps he practices, is fierce and powerful. So powerful that there are explosions of air which produce pa pa pa pa noises.

A strong wind current surrounds his body and starts to cycle around him, suddenly the Qi in his body concentrates at one point, his fist. A small vortex of air faintly surrounds his fist, swirling at a high speed.

“Hundred steps of divine fists!”

Yang Qi let out a deep roar and the Qi shot out of his fist like a cannonball from a cannon. A thin tree trunk 100 steps away suddenly bursts apart, branches and leaves scattering in the sky.

His Qi Gong exploded out of his body, taking on the form of a hundred spiritual fists that could break both stone and trees. Yang Qi knows that he has broken through and reached the realm of his wildest dreams.

(To be continued)

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