Chapter 7

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Volume 1 Chapter 7: Teacher Xia Tian

Translated By: GX, Demenious

Edited By: M2t5, Hydramon, Vangandr, LosThantos, Charlee (and probably more who didn’t put their names here)

“That is enough, all three of you come here.” The teacher waved his hand at Ji Dong’s group. The three of them looked at each other and rushed over to him.

When he stopped, Ji Dong felt as if his whole body was floating. It was almost as if his two legs didn’t belong to him. After all, the feeling of dripping water was really comfortable.

The valiant teacher looked at the three of them and grumbled, “Today, I taught you a lesson, so remember this clearly: Fighting is fine, but before fighting, you need to come to me. I will find a place for you where you can fight to your heart’s content.”

Bi Su put on a sweet smile and quickly said, “Teacher we won’t dare fight in the future.”

“Not dare? Weren’t you enjoying the fight just now? I don’t dislike naughty and mischievous students, rather I hate lazy students. If you wish to win every fight, then train harder in the future. My name is Xia Tian, like the blazing Summer. I am the head instructor of the Bing-fire department, and I am also the headteacher of the first year Bing-fire department. You better remember my name. You youngsters are from the Ding-fire department, right? I hate sissy talk the most, so from now on, speak more resonantly. Do you understand?”
TL: The teacher’s name is Xia Tian, which means Summer.

“We understand.” Bi Su hurriedly answered loudly, but in his heart, he cursed. This guy in front of him was an older and bigger version of Karl.

Xian Tian snorted, “Get lost. There’s no need to go to that boring term opening ceremony. After receiving your school uniform, you can go back to your dorm rooms and stay there. Let me remind you that one of the academy’s strictest rules is to stay on the academy grounds at all times.”

“Yes sir.” the three of them answered at the same time. They looked at each other and clearly saw the happiness in their eyes. They were all pleased that they didn’t have to go to the boring opening ceremony. Bi Su and Karl even cheered, pulling Ji Dong while running towards the teaching blocks.

Seeing them running off, a smile showed up on the fierce-looking face of Xia Tian. “These three little brats are still full of vigor. I hope they are astute students.”

Just as the three of them were about half the distance to the teaching blocks, Bi Su coughed and said as his eyes flickered from Ji Dong to Karl, “Hey… Karl, how about we end today’s incident here?”

Karl snorted, “Sissy, you want to run after gaining an advantage? You kicked me during the entrance exam when I ran ahead of you, and you took first place from me in the sports section. I haven’t paid you back for that. Anyway, today you guys beat me up, and you want it all with just that?”

Bi Su smiled, “Hehe, those are things of the past. Also, who doesn’t want to win? You can only blame yourself for your carelessness. You can’t beat the two of us!”

Ji Dong glanced at him and said plainly, “Don’t drag me into this. I only got to know you a second before he ran at us.”

Even though Karl had a valiant appearance, he was absolutely not a feeble-minded person, and he understood Ji Dong instantly. But just when he was about to go after Bi Su, Ji Dong stopped him by grabbing his arm, and continued, “But, one could say we would not have come to know each other if we didn’t fight, so how about this? If he kicked you, you can kick him now. As for the fight today, you started it so the responsibility falls on you. So after you kick him, those things will be of the past and we can be friends.”

“What? Brother, how could you sell me out!” Bi Su turned around and tried to run, but his shoulder was firmly grasped by Ji Dong.

“You need to take the responsibility for what you have done. Do you want to have Karl as a friend or an enemy in the future?”

Seeing such a calm Ji Dong, Bi Su was startled for a moment, but then he saw that Karl eager to get into action. He said helplessly, “Ok, I was unlucky today. I originally wanted to use you, but I never thought that I would just become your cushion and still end up being kicked. Big brother Karl, please be gentle with me.”
[E/N: Cushion is referring to when Ji Dong fell in the previous chapter]
While speaking, Bi Su hugged his head with both hands and rascally turned and squatted on the ground with his butt facing Karl and Ji Dong. Ji Dong felt both amused and embarrassed. This guy really was a buffoon…

Karl’s leg was already raised up, but he could not bring down his leg. He ended up stretching his leg under Bi Su’s butt and lifting it hard, making him stand again.

“Doesn’t matter anymore, I’m too lazy to care about it.” said Karl, a little angry, while glaring at Bi Su.

Upon not receiving a kick, Bi Su immediately straightened, like a snake that slithered up the stick. “Then does that mean we will be friends from now on?”

Karl snorted. “Who is friends with a sissy?”

Bi Su was furious. “Even a sissy has rights. A sissy is also a human, do you think I want this! Who let my Yin attribute occupy more than eighty percent of my Yin-Yang attribute? Because of the Yin-Qi, my voice is higher pitched, but I am definitely a man.”
Tl: imagine this be said with a feminine voice.

Karl was surprised. “You are a 2:8 Ding-fire element?”

Bi Su’s expression changed quickly after hearing Karl ask, he was very pleased. “Of course. To be exact, my Ding-fire occupies eight and a half. To describe it with a few words, that is to say I am a genius. In this year’s newbies, I’m probably the one with the best talent among the Ding-fire class.”
Tl: 8.5:1.5

Karl feels too disdained to care about it. “Isn’t it just 8.5 Ding-fire attribute? I am also of the 8.5 Bing-fire attribute. Look, what is there to brag about?”

Hearing them quarrel, Ji Dong couldn’t help but smile. “Then what are you two doing now?” Even though he was calm on the outside, he was actually really surprised. According to headmaster Yang Bing Tian, the two kids in front of him were, without question, truly genius-level Yin-Yang wizards. It was almost certain that they would condense their Yin-Yang crowns.

Karl redend. “I only dislike his manner. Oh right, I still don’t know your name. Are you from the Bing-fire department or from the Ding-fire department?”

“I am called Ji Dong. To be exact, both of you are my fellow students. I am cultivating in Bing and Ding simultaneously.”

“That can’t be possible.” Karl and Bi Su said at the same time.

Ji Dong said plainly, “Never heard of Yin-Yang in balance? If one allowed you guys to say that you are geniuses, could it be that I am not allowed to say that I am a waste-genius?” While saying that, he had already entered the teaching block first.

Bi Su and Karl looked at each other and there was no longer hostility in their eyes, but seeing the bleak figure of Ji Dong, they hurried to catch up.

Bi Su couldn’t help but ask, “Ji Dong, are you really Yin-Yang in balance? But how did you get accepted into the academy with your attributes?”

Ji Dong answered naturally, “From the back door. I am a servitor. I only hope to test it with my own strength. Who said that you can’t become a Yin-Yang wizard with Yin-Yang in balance? I only need to train with 32 times the effort.”

“32 fold? And only? You are not a lunatic, right?” Bi Su stared at Ji Dong stupidly.

Karl glared at Bi Su. “You are the lunatic. Ji Dong, I support you. My mom once said, ‘If you tried your hardest, you will have no regrets even if you fail.’ If you need help, just tell me.”

Bi Su said in order to not be outdone, “Same with me. We are brothers from now on.”

Ji Dong looked at both of them. He did not speak but stretched out his right hand, while Karl and Bi Su almost placed their hands on top of his at the same time, though Bi Su was slightly quicker to respond. Three hands of different sizes were stacked together. Their gazes met, and they laughed together.

When they came to the dean’s office to get their school uniforms and time-tables, there was a brief interlude. Bi Su and Karl had agreed in advance that they would get it according to their own attributes. However, Ji Dong was going to receive two attributes. When Yang Bing Tian specially made an entrance notification for him, the teachers in the Dean offices looked at him as if they were looking at a monster.

“Opening ceremony in the morning and class in the afternoon? The school is inhuman! They don’t even let us rest!” Bi Su cried as he looked at the time-table.

Ji Dong swept his eyes across him. “If you dare, shout even louder.”

Bi Su mumbled to himself, “I was just whining a bit. But, this afternoon class isn’t bad, it’s a rare Bing-fire element and Ding-fire element combined class. There aren’t more than a few classes like this for an entire year. Then what should we do now?”

Karl said, “Go to my dorm, nobody is there now anyway.”

Bi Su twisted his mouth. “Forget it, you Bing-fire elements are all male students, it’s no fun. My dorm is better. Our Ding-fire element consists mostly of female students, and many of them are beautiful too! I’m the only one in my room, unlike you guys who squeeze four into a room.”

Karl said, “Sissy, you can forget about it. If we go to your Ding-fire department, even I am going to be tainted by your Yin-Qi.”

“I say, Karl, if you call me a sissy again, I’ll fight you with everything I got.”

“Enough, stop fighting. Let’s go to my place. My place is most peaceful. I’ll treat you both to drinks.” Ji Dong’s words caused Bi Su and Karl to quiet down, and both of them looked at each other and asked in a low voice, “You can drink at your place?”

Ji Dong asked puzzled, “What’s wrong?”

Karl mysteriously said, “Liquor is forbidden in the school, and before we entered the school gate, we were all searched. I was lucky though and because of my young age, they did not search me thoroughly., But the higher graded students, they were very strictly searched! If you really have liquor, you’ll be my boss starting from today! My father has taught me to drink since I was five, but since coming to school, I’ve been deprived of alcohol.”

Bi Su pulled Ji Dong’s left arm. “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go.”

Ji Dong brought Karl and Bi Su to his room, which was on the top floor of the Bing-fire department teaching block. He conquered their hearts the moment they noticed the liquor cabinet that was filled with hundreds of fine wines. Of course, there was also some soya sauced meat that Yang Bing Tian had prepared for him. While Ji Dong absolutely disapproved of eating while drinking a cocktail, since it was during his lunch he didn’t make a fuss.

As afternoon came, the scorching sun burned high in the sky. Li Huo academy’s first classes had just now started. Karl and Bi Su both sat at the back of the classroom, and as expected. They were both smiling foolishly while listening, and if one looked closely at either one of them, they would definitely notice that these two boys were disoriented. Ji Dong decided not to sit with them, and instead, he sat the front so that he could hear the teacher better. After all, putting in 32 times the effort was not an easy feat.

Bi Su said in a low voice, “Karl, after we drank that liquor, big brother said that the teachers will not be able to tell if we had drunk. Is that true?”

Karl said annoyed, “Smell yourself and you will know. Can big brother lie to you!? But I have never drunk such a good cocktail. The flaming sensation…

Bi Su said, “Say, big brother, will we be sober soon? I am still a little shaky.”

Karl was a little sober now. “That is because you cannot hold your liquor as well as me. Look, I am fine already. I’ve decided that from now on, I will follow brother Ji Dong, so I may eat meat and drink good liquor.”

“You two, be silent at once! If you still dare to whisper among each other, then you can go outside and run rounds under the sun.” A resonant voice resounded in the medium sized classroom, and the disordered class quieted down immediately. Without looking, Ji Dong knew who came in by his manner of speaking.

The students of the Bing-fire and Ding-fire department consisted of 61 people altogether, and of course, Ji Dong was an additional student. The rest of the classes consisted of 30 students for each department, and the same happened for the other grades. Therefore, the whole Liho academy has about 360 students.

Even though Ji Dong had two uniforms and two timetables, he wore the Bing-fire department uniform today. The Bing-fire department uniform was red while the Ding-fire element uniform was blue, but they didn’t have any differences other than that. They both looked a little tacky; with the words “Lihuo Academy” printed on the back. The uniforms were clearly not refined. Karl and Bisu said that the school fee was 50 gold coins for a single academic year. So if one were to pass the entrance exam, some could not afford the high cost to even attend the school. Additionally, they had to cover for their own living expenses.

The Five Elements continent’s main currency was the gold coin, but every country had their own way of producing the gold coin. 1 gold coin was equal to 10 silver coins or 100 copper coins. It was said that there were also interchangeable coins throughout the continent. These coins were named Five Elements Coins; one Five Elements Coin was equal to 100 gold coins.

Teacher Xia Tian walked up to the podium. He was wearing a red robe, the same as headmaster Yang Bing Tian’s robe. But his bulking muscles couldn’t be concealed by the robe, and he emitted a valiant atmosphere. Intimidating these kids, who were around ten years old, was not a problem.

Another teacher walked up to the podium alongside Xia Tian; she was tall and only half a head shorter than Xia Tian, while a long blue dress outlined her beautiful stature perfectly. She looked to be around 27-28 years old, but her expression was somewhat cold.

Xia Tian’s radiant gaze fell upon the 61 Students. Suddenly, he slammed the table strongly, producing a thunder-like rumble and causing the thick wooden podium to groan. All the students were surprised by the teacher’s sudden action. The teacher with the blue dress couldn’t help but wrinkle her brow.

– end –

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