Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Homecoming!

Translated by: Ash

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Yang Qi had left for the Dark Corpse Mountains to gain experience and to gain wealth as the [Demonic Cores] within the mountains could be worth millions. In this trip he had gotten a lot of items that were worth in excess of 10 million Qi Gathering Pills. Moreover, half of those items he had retrieved from the white ape’s cave dwelling.

However the [Hidden Dragon Pill] was still worth around double the price of the items he had retrieved.

But the greatest benefit of this journey was that Yang Qi had awakened a fifth particle. With the power of 5 Ancient Mammoths he was able to break through to the seventh tier or the “Qi Imagination” realm. Now with the mystical power of [The Power of the Divine Elephant that Suppresses Hell], he could suppress experts of even the eighth tier.

The white ape’s cultivation had reached the peak of 8th tier. Additionally, it was a Demonic Beast and its power exceeded that of humans of same level. But Yang Qi Had been able to attack and defeat it, so facing a human of the same level would be as easy as breaking a dead branch from a tree.

For example, if Yang Qi met Yang Shi, he could defeat him with just an attack. Not to mention what would happen if he were to fight the number one talent, Yang Hong Lie.

“Hmmph! If Yun Hai Lan and Song Hai Shan hadn’t entered the Tian Wei Academy, I would have gone directly to Yun Hai City and slaughtered them.”

The stronger that Yang Qi becomes, the more his hatred for the woman who deceived him grows. However, he could not act recklessly, the other party has entered the Tian Wei Academy, so he was much more careful and considerate of his actions.

Tian Wei Academy was the continent’s number one academy.

For the academy, finding an experts was like finding a cloud. Rumor had it that numerous Qi Lords and even a few Fate Stealing Realm experts existed within the academy. If he was charge in there he would be courting his own death.

Yang Qi knew that he had to plan carefully. He first needed to cultivate in seclusion to increase his strength and revive the Yang family. Afterwards he would slowly plan his enemies’ demise.

Moreover, the situation within the continent was rapidly changing. Once passive vassal states refused to bow their heads and one after another declared independance. Soon there would be a power struggle within the empire, and it was very likely that the Yang family would be destroyed if they didn’t improve their strength.

Immediately, Yang Qi flapped his [Devil’s Wings] and flew to the Yan Capital City. Not long after, a surge of evil wind appeared outside the white ape’s cave. In the center of this wind stood a large ape.

This ape was covered in golden fur.

The ape’s cultivation had reached the “wind walking” realm, this realm was both deep and inconceivable. It’s arms hung almost to the ground. It seems that this ape was the white ape’s elder.

The ape grabbed out at the rocks surrounding the cave, within its five fingers these rocks turned into fine powder.

“Little White! Little White! Who has killed you?…”

Seeing the white ape lying dead on the floor of the cave, the Golden Gibbon issued a mournful cry; it practically sobbed bloody tears as it exclaimed, “I will find the person who killed you and will wipe out 9 generations of his family and reclaim your [Demonic Core]!”

While sobbing, the golden-furred gibbon’s nose suddenly twitched; it had smelled a particular aura coming from the white ape’s body. . .

Infinite evil erupted from the caves–- this Golden Gibbon’s QiGong, had probably reached a 9th tier Qi Lord realm. It felt even more profound …
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A pitch-black shadow descended the city walls of Yan Capital City and it entered the Yang Mansion with almost demonic speed.
This shadow was none other than Yang Qi.

“Young Master, you are back?” The small servant girl was dozing outside Yang Qi’s room, when she looked up and saw the family’s young master holding a cudgel. He walked into his room to change his clothes. She couldn’t help but be pleasantly surprised as she said, “I shall help to make yourself presentable.”

“There is no need, I am already clean, I just need to change my clothes and then meet up with Eldest brother and second brother.” Yang qi repeatedly waved his hand and said, “You just go back to sleep.”

Yang Qi switched his clothes to a nice embroidered robe and then comfortably walked two steps and arrived at the Conference Hall. Sure enough, he found his brother Yang Yunchong checking the account books. Beside him were some bookkeepers, who, when they saw Yang Qi, got up and quickly greeted him.

Yang Qi swept a glance over these men, his expression unvarying. He knew that these men still silently blamed him for the matter of squandering the family resources. Only the fact that his cultivation had broken to the 6th tier and his defeat of Yang Kui had caused most of them to suppress the resentment in their hearts.

After all, in this world, strength was absolute and wealth, contrary to expectations, was only secondary.

If one had enough strength, wealth could be easily obtained.

“If this people got to know that my cultivation has again increased to 7th tier and that I am capable of killing Demonic Beasts at the peak of 8th tier, I fear that they may be so scared that they would swoon.” Secretly think so, Yang Qi waved his hands and said, “You all temporarily go out. I have something to consult with eldest brother.”

“You all can go outside.” Yang Yunchong also dismissed them.

The accountants all withdrew and went out, closing the door.

“Third brother, I heard that you had gone deep within Dark Corpse Mountains by yourself for cultivating. I was worried, but why did you come back so soon?” Yang Yunchong looked up and down at his brother and stated, “Your cultivation has once again progressed.”


Yang Qi placed a bag on the desk with a bang and from within this leather bag out tumbled many [Demonic Cores].

“This is. . . .you killed all these Demonic Beasts?”

Yang Yunchong’s eyeballs bulged as he said, “Surprisingly, among these is the Demonic Core of a [Devil Hunting Spider]? This Demonic Core is. . . . .really great!” His attached had been snatched by the Demonic Core of the white ape.

“This is from a white ape with 8th tier peak QiGong. I killed it. Also, from its den I got these banknotes.”

Holding no less than 5 million [Qi Gathering Pill] in banknotes in his hands, eldest bro Yang Yunchong’s sight became wooden and he quivered all over as he enquired, “3rd brother you really did so? Did you kill a white ape at the peak of 8th tier QiGong all by yourself?”

“Correct. I have already advanced to QiGong 7th tier, Qi Imagination realm.” Yang Qi nodded his head, sat down and drank some tea. “Eldest brother, you immediately inform second brother; we must go and see father. I still got a nice thing that can help father to advance to the Qi Lord realm. ”

“Really?” Listening to all this, Yang Yunchong just gawked and then he suddenly jumped as if he had been scalded, saying, “Quick quick quick, inform your second brother. . .”

Soon after, the second brother, Yang Hualong , having already received the news, immediately came by. Then the two brothers, surprised, headed over to the secluded room of Yang Zhan.

The room’s entrance remained tightly sealed.

Yang Qi stepped forward and knocked on the door. Then his QiGong condensed and permeated the iron door and he could feel the Qi circulation within the room.


The iron door opened, and Yang Zhan, who was inside, opened his eyes and looked surprised at Yang Qi as he said, “Qi-er, unexpectedly, your QiGong can penetrate the iron door. It iss the power of Qi Imagination realm, where Qi becomes like flowing water and there is no hole it cannot pass through. Did you have a breakthrough?”
“Correct, this son broke through. Even a dozen Yang Hong Lie is not sufficient to attack me. This child can even resist and defeat the attack from that Yang Shi.” Yang Qi promptly entered in, “Father, see what I got this time when I entered the Dark Corpse Mountains!”

Saying so, he held the jade box that contained the [Nine Directional Golden Pill] and opened the lid. Immediately a splendid fragrance was released and it permeated the air around; soon it smelled of the orchid grass causing one to be carefree and relaxed.
“[Nine Directional Golden Pill]?”

Yang Zhan’s eyes shone brightly as he asked, “How did you get this?”

“This child defeated and killed a white ape.” Yang Qi then systematically narrated all the details of his battle with the white ape. But, he concealed the fact of how he used his [Devil’s Wings] and the [Spear of the Dark God], and only spoke about how lightning had emerged from his body and killed the white ape.

“But you had better use it for yourself, father doesn’t need it”. Giving the [Nine Directional Golden Pill] a long look, Yang Zhan shook his head.

“Father, this child has already thought through all this. Since my body has been tempered by lightning, it now has a variation and I can cultivate faster. This time, I have gone from 4th tier all the way to 7th tier and by progressing through three levels quickly ,I have not completely stabilised my foundations. But father’s situation is different— you must use this to break through to Qi Lord realm. Once you do so, our Yang family’s status will no longer be the same. Now, every place is continuously becoming a country and the continent is now beginning to look similar to the era of Warring States, with many states arising. Our Yang family must have sufficient strength, only then can we defend and preserve ourselves.”

Yang Qi had already come up with a way to refuse and persuade his father.

“Good! Qi-er, you have already thought far into the future, so this father will not be impolite.” Saying so, Yang Zhan grabbed at the [Nine Directional Golden Pill] and held it in the hollow of his palm.

“Father, this book also has the detailed descriptions on how to consume this [Nine Directional Golden Pill].” Yang Qi handed over the <> .

Yang Zhan took the proffered book, and sat down in a cross-legged fashion. According to the directions written in it, he wrapped a portion of Zhen Qi around this pellet. After that, light of the pellet was seen, then traces of it permeated into Zhen Qi.

Soon after, Yang Zhan’s whole body emitted a glow, and it felt similar to a divine halo.

[Nine Directional Golden Pill] should not be swallowed just like that;if it was done so, the pellet’s strong power would burn the entire digestive system. That white ape had probably only recently obtained this item and had thought to temper its body with Zhen Qi perfectly before consuming this pellet, but, it had been killed by Yang Qi before it could so. This was like letting others reap the benefits for your efforts.

Yang Zhan could now refine the medicine and promote his strength.

The [Nine Directional Golden Pill] gradually became smaller and assimilated into the Zhen Qi. Yang Zhan’s whole body glittered with light–– multi-colored light– and he resembled the Buddha when he was being enlightened.

“I need three days to refine and assimilate the power of this pellet. During this time, i shall be completely secluded,I must not be disturbed even if the sky collapses outside.” Yang Zhan instructed thusly.


The 3 brothers ,of course, knew that this was the crux of breakthrough and they successively retreated and left for the Conference Hall to discuss there. They needed to discuss about the arrangements of all the wealth that Yang Qi had brought back and to get back their family properties.

“Third brother, there are still several days left for the banquet. Please be careful. This time you brought back 6-7 millions’ worth in[Qi Gathering Pills]. We will make arrangements like this . . . .”

Eldest brother, Yang Yunchong was an expert on financial matters.

Originally, the Yang family properties were worth several millions. His assistance this time was very timely. Just as even the cleverest housewife could not cook food without rice, the Yang family were strapped for cash and fortunately, Yang QI had brought back great wealth and they could now slowly dissolve some of the difficult situations they were in.

“Although this wealth is worth 6-7 millions of[Qi Gathering Pills], however, formerly, our properties were worth even more. Hence this is not sufficient. Hmmm. . . . .” Yang Qi previously had no awareness of his family’s properties and their wealth, but now he has come to know how prodigal he had been.

He had been too prodigal.

“To earn money and to make a nice profit! If only the family could be reinstated to its former wealth and glory, it would be perfect!” said Yang Qi secretly. “Killing Demonic Beasts is one way to earn money. It seems that I must once again go out to Dark Corpse Mountains for some mad hunting.”


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