Kuang Shen Chapter Released

Hey Guys. I got around to editing half the chapter and then Demenious started pestering me to release it… So I decided to hell with it! Release it half edited 😛 (also all the comments telling me that quality is pointless ruined my mood already). So this has been edited by others, and I have gone through half of it, so it should be fine for most of you… I just will be sobbing in my corner with some of my comfort food (editor limbs)…

Uhmm this is the first Kuang Shen chapter I have read in a while and wow the pace has gone up tremendously. Jiyan really improved the story imo…


ANYWAYS, I would like to thank all the editors who joined last friday/saturday/sunday,  they really helped out and pushed the release schedule up from some time later this week to today. So lots of claps for them~~~

*clap* *clap* *clap*

Anyways… Its late, I gotta work tomorrow… So here is the chapter link.


-M2t5 claims no responsibility for unedited mistakes as he wanted to delay the chapter even further 😛


13 thoughts on “Kuang Shen Chapter Released

  1. curious how the king will react when he finds out there hasn’t been one drop in the amount of dragon knights after so long besides the ones who have been killed…


  2. i really appreciated for this release
    I’ve been waiting for this continuation since I’ve read half of it on light translation work 😀

    thank you for your hard work, I’m looking forward to the next chapter (;


  3. Hey M2t5, I was wondering if you would ever release the chinese names rather than the EN ones. I like the chinese names better so I was just wondering if you would do that. If you don’t it’s fine I guess, the names in EN just feel too wierd for me since I read the Chinese raws (I can understand the general plot but because bad vocab I don’t get some details) and it really is difficult to connect the EN names to the Chinese names I’m so used to. So was just wondering if you would ever do that.


    • It has started the proccess, I will release the rest of volume two in CN next Sunday and half of volume 3. Look forward to it. Also would you be interested in Translating?


      • I would like to translate but unfortunately KS is kinda on the boundary where I can only roughly understand it while using google translate on the side. Unfortunately, KS is one of the more difficult ones that I have tried to read so I’m sorry to say I can’t really help.


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