…? What is this…?

THIS IS UNEXPECTED. AH it is much too radiant! why is there so much light~! I typed in the right web address didn’t I??? This is Dark Translations isn’t it? AHHH the LIGHT. WAT? A Snow Eagle???? WHAT is this!!! Why is it so RADIANT… Why is there a SNOW EAGLE in front of me???? One may even guess it is a SNOW EAGLE LORD… But what is this RADIANT LIGHT doing here at DARK TRANSLATIONS with a SNOW EAGLE LORD…?

That is right folks. You may have guessed, but we are collaborating with Radiant Translations on Snow Eagle Lord by IET!!! Get excited! You may view all the chapters here at Dark Translations, or over at Radiant Translations, as we will both carry the *entire* series. Credit goes to those who translated though. Our current plan is to contribute 1 Snow Eagle Lord chapter a week, while Radiant Translations is planning on doing 1-2 chapters a week. Enjoy!

*Demenious sneaks away*

*M2t5 sneaks away… with a few extra limbs in his mouth*

Demenious: deammit, you beat me…


7 thoughts on “…? What is this…?

  1. I’d just like to say but apparently someone on reddit has chapters of Snow Eagle Lord stocked up and just waiting to create a domain name, not sure if this is true but that’s what the guy said.


    • He contacted us and told us to drop the project. We asked if he wanted to collaborate, but he hasn’t replied and is continuing with his plans. So I assume that he doesn’t want to collab. 😦

      We expressed interest in this series weeks ago, and nobody else had at that point. So logically speaking, we did claim the project before they did. We will continue to translate the series regardless of what they do.


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