Sheng Wang Chapter 3 Released!

Hey guys, M2t5 here. Unfortunately, despite the influx of editors, KS will have to be delayed. I cannot say how long it will take, as I will have to personally go through the entire chapter. (I don’t really have that much time these days… It may take a week) So sorry for the KS readers who have gone without a chapter for two weeks 😦 .I wasn’t expecting this situation, so I worked on finishing up the next Sheng Wang chapter. I can say that we will definitely get a KS chapter out in the next week. (This may be at the cost of Sheng Wang or our teaser projects though) Again I would like to stress that this isn’t a result of a lack of translator effort, but rather a lack of editing capacity. My standards are pretty strict, and I hold every chapter I release up to them. (I tend to rewrite the entire chapter paragraph by paragraph.)

Anyways, enough of the depressing stuff, Lets move on… A new Sheng Wang Chapter! The (MINOR SPOILER: HIGHLIGHT TO VIEW) new training method name is subject to change, so please don’t be surprised if it changes in later chapters. (we will change it everywhere though)

Demenious here, just to make things clearer, the KS chapter is always ready to be published. The quality isn’t bad but the standard we hold is high, for those who have read vol 3 chapter 6, that is the quality vol 3 chapter 7 currently has. Since chapter 6 wasn’t ideal, so neither is chapter 7. The chapter will be released soon, keep calm and read Sheng Wang.

Now let’s talk about Shen Wang, this chapter has took us quite some time due to the confusing terms and rhymes the author used. Three of us flipped table *cough* So big thanks to GX who has took part in this translation! He is amazing~ Not as amazing as me though 😛 (Joking in case some couldn’t tell)

Other than that, I would like to thank all the people who joined us after our plead for help. You guys are awesome for offering your time to help us out! 😀

Don’t forget to vote for which project we will pick up. (the one with the most votes will be picked up a main project, the other will be picked up as a side project)

And on to the chapter!


11 thoughts on “Sheng Wang Chapter 3 Released!

  1. I appreciate all your efforts, I really do, but I think upholding an insane editing standard for releases is not sustainable. Being able to read chapters on a timely basis brings in donations and page views, as well as keeping a sustained interest in the project. My opinion does not really matter, because it is not my hard work going into this. I just gave my two cents because I think this is a project that can garner a large interest and following if done properly. (Nothing to do with the fact that I need my fix of KS)


    • No, we are no way close to dropping KS, in fact we have translated up to vol 4 chapter 1. The next chapter will be released by tomorrow or sooner.


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