Possible Delay in Kuang Shen Chapter

Hey guys M2t5 here. I’m not sure if any of you have noticed, but I have stopped editing Kuang Shen since Volume 3 Chapter 2. This is mostly due to a lack of time on my part. I’m really busy until around January of next year. If you look at our posts, that is also around the time we started asking for more editors. Unfortunately, this week, a lot of our editors had real life problems that took precedence over fan editing. That is totally fine. In fact I would be kinda angry if they didn’t take time off. But this leaves us in a conundrum. We could release the Kuang Shen chapter this Sunday… Our translators have been working really hard. In fact we have up to volume 4 chapter 2 translated… But the quality will drop for sure. You may have noticed this in the teaser (for those of you who have found it). I’m not a fan of releasing low quality chapters, so I’m choosing to delay the chapter in favor of releasing a low quality one. I thought I would inform you ahead of time, just so that you are prepared.

Now there is a way to avoid this, and that is if some of you guys volunteer to become editors, and help out with the next chapter so that we *somehow* get it released by Sunday. While it isn’t ideal, it would help me out tremendously. Our guidelines aren’t strict, and anyone is welcome to join, regardless of how much Chinese/English you know.

Thanks for understanding.

Hello this is Demenious, as you can see editors are a crucial part of the team. We’ve translated as best as we could, but unfortunately the quality could we provide would not be the ideal one. However, the accuracy is kept, and our writing skills are still improving as we speak 😛 I’m really thankful to those who have volunteered to become an editor. Thanks~~


33 thoughts on “Possible Delay in Kuang Shen Chapter

  1. No problem man I prefer quality over quantity for novels as detailed as this one so I’m kinda fine with this delay. Keep doing your best team 😀


  2. I have never volunteered as an editor mainly because I don’t have time to consistently help out. But currently I’m on summer break and only working part time. So, I could likely help edit a few chapters now. If you gave me an email I could contact you to apply, that’d be good.


  3. No worries about waiting. Can you give the gist of what editing comprises of? I have no prior experience, but if you need minions to fill your undead cannon-fodder ranks I’ll volunteer


  4. I don’t know Chinese at all but I am pretty good in English or so I believe. So if its just helping you out with checking some grammatical errors, I can do that with my eyes closed [well not literally].
    And I am online most of the time, well 18hours a day mostly so time shouldn’t be an issue. Though I do get bored easily and may leave the editor post after some time.
    So if its within my bounds I would like to give you a hand.


  5. meatbun wants to help but does that mean that meatbun cant join the First race? 😦
    meatbun is free for around ~1 month before going back to college at meatbun university and be a professor meatbun.. maybe meatbun can ride on a flying wheelchair or have mind-reading powers XD
    (everything after ‘at’ is a meatbun fantasy)


    • well technically the first ‘at’ is in the ‘that’ in the first line… Meaning that this meatbun is an editor forever!!! YESH my meatbun slave that infinantly regenerates… mwahahhahahahaha… I guess I only have one editor on my menu now :P. (Translated text: I emailed you)

      Edit: there never was a first race… The links always commented first 😛


  6. hi guys i can help too. no Chinese as well but English is ok. not much time here till the end of august but can help a few hours a week,


  7. Sooo I am interested in editing and and helping you out but could you tell me how often I have to do it? I am fluent in Englosh and may be helpful.


  8. Hi my name is kenneth and I am a big fan of kuang shen! I know how to correct grammar, spelling, and stuff. If you need an extra hand please email me at kennethralph12345@gmail.com. Also please email it to me as soon as possible, for my term break will only last for 2 more weeks, and after which will be my majors. During that time I’m sure that I can help edit many chapters. Thank you.


  9. Sent you a PM on Reddit. If you need help, I’ll be happy to help out. I have plenty of free time these days. My email on this comment is my real one, but I don’t check my email very often. I will however, check reddit multiple times a day.


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