New Series! New Chapter Release!

Hello guys, M2t5 here (I know it has been a while) and I’m pleased to say we have another chapter release. Now before you all go running off trying to find the Kuang Shen chapter (that doesn’t exist), I suggest you read through the post.

As some of you guys know(aka. select reddit users), Demenious and I have been working on a new project named Sheng Wang. This series is pretty difficult to translate, so please thank Demenious for all the hard work he has put in on this. It is 1600 chapters long, I have looked around and I have not seen anybody translating this before, so please give it a shot! I should probably put more stuff here, but I can’t think of anything…

Hello, this is Demenious. Welcome back, M2t5!

For those who thought  ‘Er’ should follow ‘Lan’ in the chapter: this does not make sense to me. “Er” is a back sound of a name when you address someone close to you. Her full name is Yun Hai Lan. Calling someone Lan seems close enough, adding the ‘Er’ will be a cultured thing.

If you wish to learn about it, leave a comment and I will decide if we will put “Er” “Ah” “Xiao” etc with the names in he future chapter. 😛

Here is the chapter!


10 thoughts on “New Series! New Chapter Release!

  1. manhwa translation was also started this week and i was looking around to see if there was any novel translation
    thanks for picking up this series M2t5 ans Demenious 🙂


  2. your beautiful I just saw the first chapter of this and I wondered if the light novel was translated anywhere but it wasn’t but here you are in full glory thankyou very much


  3. thanks for the new series, but is this going to slow down the translation of kuang shen ?? thanks again for your hard work.


  4. This new serie remains me the web novel desolated era, probably for the Qi level things but yea i expect some awersone qi battles.


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