New Chapter Released! Volume 3 Chapter 3

Hey this is Demenious. As m2 had said, we cannot release more than one bonus chapter a month, but with our amazing League of Editors right now, I think we can release one every two weeks! So when the amount hits the target we will release the bonus chapter two weeks after the previous bonus chapter released!

For those who wondered what is leak, leak means part of the chapter leaked before the official release. If you can find it, you can read it. 😛

Please thank the editors for providing quality translation!

What is Jiyan’s pet name for Layson?

If you have a better name for him, leave a comment below! I might make a poll. Here’s our discussion,


Ah Xiang

It’s the same for Ah Xue

Just a closer way of addressing someone

Andriette Brittz

How would it sound in the EN?

I was thinking Lay-Lay.


Since it’s Ah Xiang, Layson





Andriette Brittz

….I think it will be disturbing if Jiyan were to call him Son


Son, I just realized what I suggested

Andriette Brittz


Whether it’s Son or Lay, find out in this chapter!


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