Volume 3 Chapter 4 Released!

Hey guys, M2t5 here with a new Mad God chapter release!  There have been a lot of names introduced in the latest chapter, and we thought we would give you guys, the readers a chance to vote on the name. The one with the most votes will stay! Umm there might be something else I’m supposed to put here… but I forgot. Sooo I’ll leave some space for Demenious to comment and then place the polls. 😛


New Character Name Voting:

New Sword Class voting:

Here is the new chapter!


17 thoughts on “Volume 3 Chapter 4 Released!

  1. When you guys give the option to answer in the comments could you also give the raw text along with a raw translation? I think I used to see this in some form on the other site and it really helps when voting.


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