Chapter 76 (JY)

Hey guys this is from a new series we are picking up instead of SSK. I will explain this tomorrow when I release a Jiu Shen chapter. The previous chapters can be found at bingo&corp translations and mecha-mushroom translations. Just google them, I’m too lazy to link them.

Chapter 76


Edit: Ash has added the links, instead of the Lazy Mewtwo 😉


16 thoughts on “Chapter 76 (JY)

  1. “Could it be that my grader was a female?”
    [EN: No idea what this is supposed to mean, I hope it isn’t sexist]”

    He didn’t know the answer so he wrote in a beautiful writing style hoping his examiner would think he was ignorant pretty young miss and would give him a passing grade anyway. But he failed miserably, so he was wondering if his examiner was female and therefore not seduced by the beautiful words.

    “Ning Que didn’t even bother to turn back, calmly replying, “Distinction.”
    [EN: No idea what distinction means, but that was what was provided to me.]”

    He was confident in his exam results. He already knew he failed those tests and was only hoping for a higher grade because of his writing style. As for the other tests, there was no reason to check those results because he knew he’d aced them. That’s why he said ‘Distinction’. There was a clear difference between the tests and also between the examinees. He scored either 0% or 100%. As for the other people they were hoping for a decent score, but he already knew how he did. He was just hoping for a few points on account of his calligraphy and effort writing lots of words. That’s why he did check out the results for those two written tests.


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