Ash is AWOL

Hallo people,

sorry for not having informed you all.

I have been busy for a month and more: my house is overrun with pests. Yes, not the big ones, but the ones that are so small and irritating.

So I have had to throw away all papery stuff (cause of silverfish) and my food (cause of the food beetles).

ATM, I’m always eating out and I have to go pretty far for some decent food. And as I live in Germany, most malls close by 8 and restaurants by 10 and transportation to some rural towns stop by 11, so after work, I must go there, eat and then come back home by train. I am pooped and have had no time for translating SW, mostly because SW is too tough to be quickly TL-ed and I have to research on some references, and proverbs to get the exact meanings(mandarin is not my spoken or written language!)

M2T5, GX and Demenious have been inconspicuous for a while, so I dunno what they are upto.

I will TRY to do SW as much as I can. In the meanwhile, if anyone wants to help out, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE …PRETTY PLEASE DO SO!

I can’t think of anything else to say, I am busy looking for those mites to see if there is any I have forgotten to KILL! What wouldn’t I give for a sword flash that can kill all those critters with just one swipe….sigh…..



4 thoughts on “Ash is AWOL

  1. Thanks for the heads-up, and good luck! That sucks to have so many pests. If you don’t have a lot of time/energy to translate, we understand. Hopefully, some people that know Chinese can help out a bit. 🙂

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