1 Chapter (SSK)

Hey guys, second chapter of the week~~! (FRIDAY RELEASE???!??!?!?!) Super Soldier King’s pace is piking up. If you are super confident in our translation speed, you can now Sponsor some chapters by using the button that is visible on the Super Solder King ToC and all SSK chapters. Speaking of the ToC we have a tentative synopsis and picture. I still have to format it, but at least you can get a general idea of what the series is about. Enjoy~!

The going rate right now is $25-$30 per a chapter, depending on what Fahmi is feeling.

Super Soldier King ToC

Super Soldier King Chapter

Updates on KS: Demenious pretty much out until August, he may drop in once in a while and finish a page of KS, but don’t expect any stable releases for a while.

Updates on SW: Ash is still on a trip, not sure what else is happening.

Updates on JS: GX is back (Maybe?) I saw him this week, so there might be a chapter this Sunday, or there may not. I expect one in the next 2-3 weeks

Updates on SSK: Chugging along.

^Those are our novels right now^



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